Prince William on racism (in *just* football): ‘I’m fed up with it. I’m so bored of it’

The Duke Of Cambridge Visits Hendon FC As Part Of The Heads Up Campaign

Here are some photos of Prince William last Friday, during a visit to Hendon Football Club. He was there as president of the Football Association, and as part of the Heads Up campaign, where William has been trying to carve out the issue of “men discussing their mental health.” He met with various officials and owners involved with football clubs. The focus was on… racism in football. I sh-t you not. These are exactly the kind of photos I would have pictured for “Prince William talks about racism.” The photos: William sitting down with a bunch of middle-aged white guys. And considering William’s gleeful smearing of his sister-in-law, f–king spare me with his thoughts on racism. This kind of conversation would have been better started within his own family for William to have any authenticity.

The Duke of Cambridge has said he is “fed up” with racism in football and said recent incidents had given the impression that progress on the issue was being reversed. Speaking on a visit to Hendon football club in north London, Prince William said racist abuse directed at Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham and Romelu Lukaku, who plays for Inter Milan, was “outrageous”.

William, who is president of the Football Association, met staff, coaches and fans at the non-league club on Friday to learn about their mental health outreach activities. During a conversation with coaches, he highlighted how abuse might be a difficult issue for players to discuss and said racism needed to be tackled.

“People are now talking a little bit about mental health issues but I imagine talking about racism is still quite a difficult subject, especially when it’s happening in such a public fashion with Premier League matches or [in the] Champions League. We’ve got to do something about it. I’m fed up with it. I’m so bored of it,” William said. Despite saying it felt as though the issue had been brought under control, the prince said recent incidents of abuse had made it feel as though “we’re back there”.

The prince’s visit is part of efforts to promote the Heads Up campaign, a joint initiative from the FA and the Heads Together charity, which seeks to raise awareness and encourage conversations around mental health, particularly among men.

William said: “Heads Up is about mental health but we are going to start doing stuff on racism as well because it is affecting mental health. Not just the players, but also fans.”

[From The Guardian]

“We’ve got to do something about it. I’m fed up with it. I’m so bored of it.” William: Bored With Racism (In Football). But is he bored with racism anywhere else? Who knows. I mean… let’s take him at his word that he cares about the racist abuse being hurled at football players. Let’s take him at his word that he cares about how racism and racist abuse affects mental health. Is it really so much of a stretch to ask him to care about or speak about the vile racism directed at his sister-in-law, and mother to his only nephew?

The Duke Of Cambridge Visits Hendon FC As Part Of The Heads Up Campaign

The Duke Of Cambridge Visits Hendon FC As Part Of The Heads Up Campaign

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Loretta says:

    Only a white person can say “I’m bored of racism” and I’m a white woman. This man is so dumb and ignorant.

    • StarGreek says:

      I couldn’t have said better.
      I am also white.
      He’s peak Dumb and Privileged.

    • Nev says:

      Word up.

    • Jinjie says:

      If you’re British, saying “I’m bored with it” is another way of saying ‘I’m fed up with it/Stop it already”. Perhaps a bit of cultural knowledge on how the English use the language will help in understanding the context.

      • Athyrmose says:

        What difference does it make when the person claiming to be over it is doing nothing to dismantle it?


        And for context, I’m alluding to his lack of action around the racist attacks directed at his sister in law.

      • StarGreek says:

        Well I am British and yes it means fed up with it, but because the subject is boring to the one listening.

        I know this very well, when my husband wants to stop listening to something that annoys him, he says “oh bored with it now”.

        If the topic is racism, you can see what sort of issues such an attitude and comment create #whiteprivilege

      • Lady D says:

        Thank you Jinjie. I didn’t realize that.

      • Sally says:

        He IS racist……………………………..just saying. in my opinion.

      • LeaTheFrench says:

        Thank you, Jinjie. I did not know “bored” could be used that way in the UK.

        It would have been nice if prince William had not made racism about himself, though.

        Racism is not a problem because it annoys William. Racism is a problem because it’s racism. Independently from His Majesty’s feelings toward it.

      • mirage says:

        Still, it isn’t appropriate to be ‘bored’ with this subject matter in other words, merely having enough of it.
        Being a victim of racism is hard, brings back painful legacies. It is a complex issue and being bored with the subject matter isn’t helping anyone.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        @Sally – that whole family is, including the beloved queen. It’s how they were raised.

      • Megbot2000 says:

        I’m British. What he said was tone deaf.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        He is a damn fool and should have used the queen’s english. If her Maj said I am bored we would not assume she meant she is disgusted.

    • Taneesha says:

      Exactly what Kaiser said. Isn’t it awesome when a bunch of white privileged guys get together to discuss how racism is affecting THEM and THEIR feelings? Emphasis is on a bunch of white folks discussing racism, hahaha. And William needs to stop, period. Him and his family and all their minions have waged a racist war against Meghan without a care in the world of how their smear racist campaign is affecting Meghan. But now we supposed to stop and think about how racism makes William feel? Spare me please.

    • Madelaine says:

      Underworked, racially exclusive, jealous William is but ‘dumb and ignorant’. Since he ‘declares war on racists’, he must be suicidal.

  2. Maria says:

    He’s only fed up with racism in football. He’s happy to throw his sister-in-law under the bus, though.

    • Anna says:

      My first thought too. Why is he only speaking out against racism in football? This would have been a great opportunity to correct some past wrongs and come out strong against the racist treatment of his sister in law. No wonder he and Harry no longer get along.

      • Megan says:

        Racism in football is a huge issue and he is at a meeting with members of the football community. It makes sense that he is talking about racism as it relates to football, but he certainly could and should have contextualized it. Like racism in football is a reflection of the need to address racism at every level in the UK.

  3. Flying Fish says:

    What?! Where has he been, under a rock? Is he “bored” with what his sister in law has been subjected to. Oh I am sorry, they were only discussing football.
    STFU William.

  4. Becks1 says:

    Wow. They couldn’t have prepped him for this better? HT is going to start “doing stuff on racism” because he ha decided that racism is bad? And he, one of the most elite white people in the world, is bored of racism????

    If he starts protecting Meghan, I’ll take him more seriously here.

    • CuriousCole says:

      I believe William is known to be smugly averse to being prepped. He’s admitted to not even reading briefing notes prior to scheduled events. Combine that with being in a family whose power is rooted in oppression/colonialism, and I sincerely doubt his views can be appropriately heeled for conversations like these.

  5. OriginalLala says:

    “I’m so bored with racism” = something only a super privileged white dude would say.

  6. Cidy says:

    This is white privilege at its finest. Just being able to be “bored” with something and not afraid, not angry not hurt – bored. If he didnt mean actually bored then he used a very, very poor choice of words. I think that the royal family at this point is so out of touch with reality, all of them, there are these top 1%ers who are never going to touch the ground on these issues, which is a shame because movements need their backing. They have a great opportunity to talk about racism from a place of privilege and they dont. Its exhausting.

    From a gossip only standpoint: I’m not in the opinion that the Cambridges are behind the smear campaign. THIS IS NOT TO SAY there isnt one, I just dont think that they are behind it. I think that there is a lot of assuming and tossing going on, I think the entire royal family throws each other under the bus all the time. I think the amount in narcissism all of these people doing this ridiculous pseudo job must have keeps them from ever admitting they are wrong. I also think it’s part of a larger conspiracy to continue to draw attention away from Pedo Andy, who we should all be laser focused on right now.

    Also, Abolish the Monarchy.

    **this has been my TED talk**

    • StarGreek says:

      To add to your comment: indeed we need to abolish the monarchy.

    • OriginalLala says:

      #abolishthemonarchy #abolishtheBRF

      I’m done with these fools

    • grumpy says:

      “..if he didnt mean actually bored then he used a very, very poor choice of words..”. He’s a cretin but no, he doesn’t have to alter his way of speaking in the UK to British people so that foreigners don’t get offended when they misunderstand. That’s your problem, not his.

  7. Seraphina says:

    He’s bored of it? And the stellar PR team let this out. What an imbecile. He’s bored of it because he doesn’t give a crap about it. Wills has no iota what racism means. None. He needs to have a talk with Meghan to get clues in, but wait that may bore him. Trivial crap usually does bore people. Privileged and entitled people. This man will never be an instrument for chance. He wants all the perks and none of the responsibility. Idiot.

  8. Digital Unicorn says:

    Those comments can be viewed as racism in of themselves, esp when show with those photos of him surrounded by white men. And yeah maybe he should start with the racism directed as his SIL, maybe then he can talk to us about it.

    Also, what ‘stuff’ are you going to do about it? The way in which he even talks about the issue is problematic for me – to me it doesn’t seem that he really cares and this is just a ham fisted PR soundbite. What next is he or Kate going to explain feminism to us plebs!

    • Seraphina says:

      @DU, Tone deaf. This story has really gotten under my skin. To say he is “bored” of the it. My God. This is who he is and I’ve learned people show you who they are and we should believe it.

      • Linda says:

        Have you read what people on this blog who live in the UK are saying about the use of the word “bored”? I think it means something different in this context.

      • Derriere says:

        @Linda, I still don’t think he used the right words. If he feels fed up/annoyed it’s because the issue is a nuisance for him. A frustrating problem that you’d rather ignore. Kind of Freudian way of expressing himself, no?

        If he’s so concerned, start with family first.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @Linda – I’m British. When we say we are ‘bored’ with something its used to say that we don’t want to deal with it. Using the term ‘bored’ to describe being fed up enough to do something about it is more of a North American manner of speech – its not a normal British manner of speech, although it is creeping into that kind of usage over here with the younger generation. So he’s trying to be ‘down with the kids’ when speaking like this.

    • shelley says:

      He is the wrong person to be promoting anti-racism and mental health. Not credible, not genuine, not committed. Didn’t any of Diana’s qualities rub off on him?

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Open mouth and insert foot. That is William in a nutshell. Every time he opens his mouth he reveals just how insulated he is by the bubble of extreme privilege that he lives in.

      As a white person (from an overwhelmingly white country), I try to think very hard about what I’ll say and how I’m going to formulate my thoughts when it comes to racism – because in relation to this issue I am protected by white privilege. I wish that more white people would realize this and acknowledge it in regard to this subject. First of all, we need to shut up and actually listen to the people who are targeted by racism. We need to listen and to examine your own unconscious bias – and then support people when they talk about their experiences.

      • Vava says:

        Absolutely, AH. Well said! I don’t see you post too often in here, so I’m delighted to see you weigh in on this today!

      • Some chick says:

        White people can also call out other white people when they say or do something racist. “I’m sorry, what do you mean by that?” is a fine start.

  9. Chile says:

    My brother is a (black) footballer in the UK, not the premier league but he aspires to reach that level one day. Racism in football is an old problem and now it seems we are regressing to worse and more frequent incidents all over Europe (also homophobia btw). He talks about how this affects young footballers mentally. It’s very important for William (as FA president as well as a powerful, white man of the establishment) to speak on this, and I for one am glad he has chosen this to focus on, and so is my brother.

    • Flying Fish says:

      William is ‘bored’ when it comes to dealing with and/or discussing racism. William is not going to do anything to address racism in football.

      • Chile says:

        @Flying fish, oh I wasn’t born yesterday and hence I know that William isn’t going to solve racism. Just commenting on the experiences of someone I’m close to, and I think it is important for William to at least publicly speak on it. I know that the powerful do only the bare minimum as he is doing, yet I still think it’s important. I’m not outraged by his use of the word “bored” as others seem to be. To me it means he is fed up, can’t believe we’re still dealing with these issues that we seemed to be making progress on but which we are regressing on now.

      • Derriere says:

        @chile The problem is that it’s all fluff. William says this while being surrounded by white guys who have never experienced this in the same way. Where are the black and brown men and women at this meeting? Not there? Institutional racism at work. And trust, not ONE of those people, including William, will work to put more minorities in those positions of power. I’m tired of talk.

    • Seraphina says:

      @Chile. You know, I always thought England was far ahead of US, meaning not being racist. I stand corrected.

      • Lady D says:

        So did I. Naive, eh?

      • Londonmammajamma says:

        Ahem, have you heard of British colonialism and Britain’s role the slave trade? The British are the masters of casual racism.

      • Seraphina says:

        @Londonmammajamma, yes I have and I don’t know why but I thought they rose above it. I was so naive and so stupid.

      • Millenial says:

        I’ve actually been wondering at “where” Brits are in terms of acknowledging institutionalized racism and unconscious bias. It kind of seems that they’ve historically been fairly racially homogenous and that’s changed quite a bit in recent decades, so from an outside perspective I have gotten the sense that a large majority of the population hasn’t really “accepted” that racism is even really a thing in their country yet, outside of this surface level football name calling stuff. Brits feel free to correct me if I’m wrong (and also an acknowledgement that Americans aren’t great at this stuff either).

    • Deedee says:

      Here, here!

  10. HK9 says:

    And who are his PR people??!!?? It would help if you speak to those in the Football association who aren’t white and talk to them about their mental health for a start. I know what he meant but my god what a bad choice of words.

  11. Sonya says:

    Funniest thing I’ve seen this week and it’s only Monday

  12. Myra says:

    So…Racism toward your sister-in-law is ok?

  13. TheOriginalMia says:

    Bored? Wow. Such powerful words coming from the FFK. I bet that’ll nip that pesky ol’ racism in the bud. I think I might have strained my eyeballs rolling them. The privilege and entitlement just oozes out, even when it’s probably well-intentioned. Educate yourself, William!

    • chunkyLa says:

      I think YOU need to educate yourself. As pointed out numerous times in this thread already, bored doesn’t mean disinterested in Brit speak, it means ‘fed up’ or ‘angry’

      • lanne says:

        William DOES need to educate himself, because saying you’re angry about/fed up with racism and doing NOTHING to support your sister in law is disgusting. Not that he even has to make a statement in support of her. What about, say, attending one of her events to support her? Or less yet, how about taking a picture with her cookbook and show himself or even Kate making one of the recipes? Or if that’s too hard, how about a photo of the house with the 2 Vogues on the table? Even a tiny, tiny thing could be read as support, and could change the game. the fact that he chooses to do NOTHING and yet has the ball to say he’s angry/fed up/whatever about racism is what’s so personally offensive to me.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        I’m black. I don’t need to educate myself about white privilege or racism. William surrounded himself with white men, not the victims of the recent racist attacks. Even his statement doesn’t convey the outrage it could. It reads false to many people. And until the day he addresses the mental stress that people of color face every single day from racist white people, he will continue to be called out on his words and lack of action.

      • Nic919 says:

        He said just before that “I’m fed up” so he’s repeating himself then? In any case it’s so predictable that you defend the tone deaf white guy who has done nothing to help his sister in law with the media, but makes damn sure his little rose affair is under a media blackout. He does have the power to do something to help her but William chooses not to. That’s hypocrisy in a nutshell.
        But keep on defending this nonsense and telling posters who have identified themselves as people of colour how they should think. That’s a great look.

  14. Lala11_7 says:

    Over the last several years…the HORRIFIC racism in soccer has been OFF THE CHAIN…the optics have been TERRIBLE!

    But…from the RF?


    A vista shot of a calm blue lake…..

    You know what I’m tired and bored of? Powerful people co-signing on horrific actions with their silence and inaction…then doing the LEAST amount possible….

  15. Flying Fish says:

    And, this Imbecile is going to King someday!

  16. Mego says:

    Saying you’re “bored” of something evil like racism…

    No words William. I guess outrage is just too taxing an emotion for your lazy, privileged white ass.

  17. Tw says:

    Wow, the timing of this is as suspicious as the budget flight photo op!! William cares about racism y’all! He couldn’t possibly be behind the incessant smearing of the black Duchess. We see you Duke Dickhead. And yes, “bored” is peak rich, white guy speak. Uck. Ew. What as ass.

  18. Jasmin3 says:

    I’m bored of these out of touch elites pretending to give a damn about our problems, Normal Bill the middle class prince will solve racism while his brother Hardworking Harry the woke prince will soon be rescuing us from climate catastrophe. Couldn’t make it up.

    • Lowrider says:


      Save the world Princes

      • L4frimaire says:

        You almost wish they’d stick to handing out trophies, playing polo, cutting ribbons and visiting pensioners on National Sponge Cake Day or whatever. At least Harry wants to make an effort and is trying to be relevant , while William just looks… bored. ha ha ha

  19. Wowsers says:

    Error, just a memo for everyone getting very excited about the opportunity to be outraged at Williams choice of words..
    “bored” used in this context in the British vernacular doesn’t mean disinterested. It means angry, annoyed, fed up.

    • Original Jenns says:

      Definitely, I wanted to add that when I commented, but you beat me to it! There’s plenty to criticized with this puff piece, but the vernacular of bored isn’t one of them. What I find more interesting is that the newspaper got “William Declares War on Racists” from his simple statement. That’s a little bit more passionate than what I got from his quotes.

      I hope it is something that gets more awareness because it’s needed, but I also hope others in the league and more celebrities pick up the mantel because I don’t think William has the passion or the thoughtfulness to see it through.

    • Becks1 says:

      But someone up thread said that it means you are fed up because the subject is boring. So, not much better.

      And anyway, even being “fed up” with racism is a weird way to describe it. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say they are fed up with racism. I am fed up with my kids not listening. It seems off to equate the two.

      • Chile says:

        @Becks1, I’m afraid that’s your interpretation. Please don’t make me defend William or any of his family, but I am bored and fed up of racism too and I’m Black British.

  20. Wowsers says:

    Why is it williams job to stand up for Meghan? I’m so perplexed by this criticism. Harry has his own office and PR team now, why isn’t he going in, calling out the media on the record, and defending his wife by highlighting the racism? Serious question – What can William do that Harry cannot?

    • Deathbybacon says:

      Because William is in line to be King. And as such needs to lead.

      • HK9 says:

        Say it louder for the people in the back.

      • bamaborn says:

        Thank You, DeathbyBacon. He’s suppose to be next in line behind Charles, yet nothing about him oozes awareness or strong initiatives. But…but, not to be mean, they were able to make the 🌹 situation disappear.

    • Giddy says:

      Really? You don’t think it’s important for William, as a brother and brother-in-law to show a solid wall of family support for Meghan? I’m amazed! The racist press has torn Meghan apart from day one. Harry has, naturally, shown his loving commitment and support for his wife. And William could have added to that support immeasurably. It’s not William doing things to support her that Harry is not doing, it’s that his support would be more than just one more. He is the future king and his opinion matters. Wouldn’t it be great if from the beginning William had shown a united front with Harry? Imagine how impactful it would have been if the two couples were seen as close and loving friends. Imagine if William had treated Meghan as Harry treated Kate; as a fond and teasing brother, always there with a smile and a hug. And now William is bored with racism in football. Well, that’s a bad quote, but I hope he means well. I would be more impressed if he had seen to it that players of color were included in that meeting. I would actually trust his sincerity if he had given his support to Harry and Meghan.

      • lanne says:

        Agreed. When has William EVER shown the kind of friendliness to Meghan that Harry has shown to Kate? What’s galling is how little he would need to do, and he can’t even fake it for the love of his own brother. How will he respond if the Sussexes decide to leave the RF, which means Harry resigning as Counselor of State and leaving that job to Pedo Andy? How will the fact that he’s “fed up” with racism play then? I think the semantics over what bored means in this context are irrelevant. I would find it more honest of William to state that he actually has NO INTEREST in racism because that’s what his actions so far have told us. If he isn’t going to walk his talk, then he needs to just shut up. The perniciousness of him claiming to be fed up is actually MORE toxic because he thinks that by making such a statement, he’s accomplishing something. Peak white privilege entitlement.

      • Sally says:

        Very well said!! I agree with everything you said!!

    • Le4Frimaire says:

      There is nothing about this guy that conveys leadership.

  21. DS9 says:

    Please tell me “bored” is a droll little term favored by Brits to express outrage….

  22. RoyalBlue says:

    He is repulsive.

  23. Rina says:

    Who cares about William, I’m mad because I know Serie A won’t do anything to prevent these things from happening again. I live in Italy and there’s so much racism here..just 2 days ago a man kicked a 3 year old (of african descent) because he got close and wanted to say hi to this man’s baby :(

  24. Eyfalia says:

    He wants to watch football and not be disturbed with racism. I am entirely and completely (except H and M) fed up with the Royal Family. What a bunch of cowards and racists, idiots! Inbreds!

  25. MA says:

    He’s bored hearing about it. Won’t anyone think of the poor white men?

  26. Zazu says:

    I think nuanced conversations about how whiteness is made the default norm and people of colour are othered & racialized institutionally and individually is key. William sitting around with a group of coaches and randomly raising the topic of individual racism against certain players definitely exemplifies white privilege in a blundering attempt at ally -ship.

    This should have been a conversation led by people of colour involving the coaches (ex. ngo’s who work on racism in sport and and mental health experts who can discuss the impact of racism on mental health). Obviously it should have included systemic racism, at the very least within football institutions, as well as individual racism by trolls through social or mainstream media.

    I think William is in a sea of elite white privilege the extent that he feels even raising the topic makes him a super progressive radical…that’s why the royals always blunder around. Despite the road to hell and good intentions and all that, I’d rather he puts his foot in his mouth and starts a conversation, hopefully learning something about ally-ship in the process so he does less damage as a figurehead. If youth development teams overtly take up anti-racism strategies because of increasing public awareness that’s what I care about, not the actual degree of William’s personal unlearning of white privilege.

    How he treats his sister-in-law is a whole other can of worms…again, the white privilege blinders are on and he probably refuses to recognize any personal bias underlying his own actions. I hope he unlearns that but ….

    • ArtHistorian says:

      You are absolutely right. We also need to be aware how racism, just like sexism, infects our language, which is something that a lot of people are blind to if they aren’t part of the groups that are Otherized. That is why William’s used of “bored” in this context is such a blunder, regardless of vernacular.

      I’ve learnt a lot from listening and examining my own reactions and thought patterns in this regard.

  27. kerwood says:

    Oh, well if he’s BORED, then just get rid of it. Normal Bill CAN’T be bored.

    I wonder if his wee tantrum has anything to do with HIS family’s racism being displayed on a daily basis as his sister in law gets hounded by a howling mob. Is that BORING, Wee Willie?

  28. J ferber says:

    He’s happy enough to reap the p.r. rewards of the racist backlash against Harry and Meghan. Now in addition to his kids, he can glory in the whiteness of his wife. Stick up for Harry and Meghan, you insufferable a-hole. He got none of his mother’s empathy. That all went to Harry.

  29. Deedee says:

    There’s enough racism in his own family. Start with Princess Michael and have a talk about brooches, for instance.

  30. Burdzeye View says:

    He seems to get bored with a lot of things…including working.

    • Mego says:

      He is one bored guy for sure. He strikes me as someone who would prefer to be clubbing and shagging lots of different women not the ball and chain of his current life.

  31. Olenna says:

    This mug…SMH. BTW, where’s Sammy from the DoS thread? No opinion on this royal never making a right move?

  32. phlyfiremama says:

    I’m “bored” with it?? The ultimate of ultimate white privilege speaking right there. “I’m a poor little white royal prince…have some pity on me for having to listen to all the plebs complain about what sacrifices THEY have to make just to stay alive in a society with targets on their backs. I have private planes to catch”.

  33. intheknow says:

    If you’ve never been affected adversely by nothing, it’s easy to be bored by it.
    If you don’t really care about something, it’s easy to be bored by it.

    F*k William The Wandering Willy.

  34. intheknow says:

    OR maybe this is William being a huge ass to his brother by telling Harry I’m bored of hearing you cry about racism against Meghan. You never quite know with this lot.

  35. wisdomheaven says:

    Ok I’ve seen folks defend William on this because “bored” supposedly means something different in context in the UK…and that is an absolutely FALSE cop out. In all my years living, studying and working in the UK, I never known anyone to use “bored” in a way that excuses what is ultimately a very flippant, privileged and ignorant statement from William. And I actually just texted a few of my friends to make sure I wasn’t going crazy or missing something.

    What William said was the height of ignorance and racist in and of itself. Its not the from the chest racism the media is throwing at Meghan but that “benign” white racism many of the folks in his set favor.

    Moreover, the bored part wasn’t in the totality of his ignorance. His claim that he thought things were better in football was just another example of how stupid and blind he is. Racism has NEVER been improved or better in football. Going back over 10 years I remember being called racist names by other fans when I went to matches and when I played in club, it was terrible too.

    William isn’t going to do shit. His advisor scanned the headlines and told him to mention race and that is why we got these half-baked, ignorant comments.

    He is such an odious man.

  36. lanne says:

    DF celebrated the fact that Cambridges reached 10million followers. I wonder how many of the last, oh, 5 million or so followers signed up SPECIFICALLY because they hate the Sussexes, and suddenly have embraced the Cambridges as the “right, proper” royals? That’s not the Cambridges fault, per se. I’m just grossed out at how willing they seem to be to embrace it. But the Cambridges can’t be so dense that they don’t realize that a lot of the people supporting them NOW are are more anti-Sussex than pro Cambridge. People got angry when Taylor Swift didn’t speak out against racists holding her up as the Aryan ideal. (Did she ever speak out against that in her new “woke” iteration?). The Royals were always considered the masters of the subtle gesture. There are all kinds of subtle gestures they could make that would reveal a show of support for the Sussexes that require no speaking out on their part, and little to no risk to their own position. I mentioned some earlier. Fed up with racism, Will? Show it!

    • Sid says:

      Their IG following exploded because of Meghan. They were only around 3 million or so followers before it was revealed that she was dating Harry. After that the increase was astronomical. But she won’t get any credit for it.

  37. aquarius64 says:

    I am done with William. He can’t come back from this. He and the idjit courtiers just confirmed the feud with him and Harry is true. Billy must drink stupid juice on the regular; the question is does he have private stock or does he shares the jug with Andrew? Scared the Cambridges are going to Pakistan, one or both of them will say something stupid to cause an incident.

    • Kj says:

      He can try to avoid Harry’s route and not call any of them a “Paki,” and he should get by okay for the short time he’s there. He did go to India for a longer time and he did fine with Indian people, as far as I know at least.

  38. Chef Grace says:

    Dear lord. If a penis had a face……..

  39. MsAnneguish says:

    There are so many more appropriate words that someone educated at Eton and St Andrews could have used – appalled, disgusted, outraged, hell, even disappointed would have been stronger than “bored”. Unless he’s really Billy the Thick, he has no excuse for not using one of them.

  40. Liz version 700 says:

    Bored with it? How very privileged of you William. Too bad many including your SIL don’t have the option of being bored by it. Of course you are fine directing it at her …while looking bored, eh William?

  41. Molly says:

    Just call him William the Arse

  42. Fallon says:

    Archie isn’t his only nephew – Pippa’s son is also his nephew.

    • MerryGirl says:

      Pippa’s son is his wife’s nephew and his nephew by marriage. Archie is his only nephew, his blood nephew by reason of Harry being his only brother – it’s not that hard to follow

      • Mego says:

        Ikr? 🙄 I have one “uncle”by marriage and an “aunt” by marriage and I am nothing to them. Knowing Bill though, he’ll probably favour his non blood relatives.

  43. My3cents says:

    Next weeks headlines:
    Willam declares war on poverty! I’m just bored by it!

  44. S808 says:

    This doesn’t feel genuine at all especially given the fact that nothing has been done about the racial abuse his sister in law gets daily on the Cambridge’s social media channels. It often goes unchecked and he has much more control over that. Until that gets taken care of I can’t take his words on racism seriously.

  45. Le4Frimaire says:

    He is so incredibly tone deaf and clueless. This guy lives in such a bubble. Talk about bad optics. Also, why does he always look like he has a vitamin deficiency? He needs green juice or something.

  46. BC says:

    I dont know what to think of the royal family when they speak nowadays esp after the Brexit thing with the queen where we learnt she couldnt do jack abt jack. So this guy, Will, will just say hes fed up with racism and possibly do jackcrap abt it and next week ill logon to twitter to find Lukaku trending after another racist moment in the history of football?! White privilege is knowing others are suffering, knowing you can push for change but settling for – im bored – or – yes ill sign this doc without a care for its eventual effects. Ten years ago, i was a huge football fan, Drogba and Etoo were the footballers of the day and the racism esp during the UEFA Champions League seasons was just terrifying. Even black fans were being attacked post a match. Bananas thrown. Im African. I never understood racism til i visited Europe. Its horrible. It gave me anxiety. I cant imagine what public personas like Lukaku and Meghan M go through. I would never choose to willingly live in Europe.

  47. J ferber says:

    He very much looks like the smug little man, thinking, “I’m the most important guy in the room.” Oh, and for the Brits reading this, the american-speak meaning of “guy” should make my post totally inoffensive to you, wink, wink. What a prick he is (of course i refer to the American nuanced meaning of that word).

  48. Sduff says:

    What a terrible thing for him to say. He is a terrible person.

  49. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Maybe he could make racism exciting. Monthly parties, polo matches and masquerades. They could color-reverse their costumes…black dresses white and vice versa! 😒

  50. Kj says:

    Not surprised in the least. The whole family is racist even though they try to hide it, William’s grandparents, his father, his brother, not to mention himself. Worst thing is, I’ll think this is bad until I read something on Philip saying something that goes lower than this, which it generally does.

  51. Alexandria says:

    So….my takeaway is what “stuff on racism” are you going to do, William and team?