Hillary Clinton is ‘so inspired’ by how Duchess Meghan ‘represents the US in the UK’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex hired two Clinton/Obama women for their office/communications staff. Sara Latham is the Sussexes’ head of communications, and before that, she held an important role in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The Sussexes also hired Heather Wong, who worked in the Obama administration, and now works as their deputy private secretary. My point is that the Sussexes and the staffers clearly have connections in the Democratic party’s establishment. So… do you think Sara Latham called up her old boss and asked Hillary Clinton to stand up for Meghan? Because I think that might have happened. Hillary posted the above Instagram a few days ago. This was the message:

I’m so inspired by how Meghan Markle—aka one half of @sussexroyal—is representing the U.S. in the U.K. and on the world stage. Meghan’s new project: Helping @SmartWorksCharity equip women who have been out of the workforce with the office essentials they need to feel confident in job interviews and beyond. The ability to earn their own paycheck is a key part of women’s economic, social, and cultural equality, and it can all start with some smart suits.

[From Instagram]

This is SO on-brand for both Hillary and Meghan, I can’t even breathe!! Women supporting women! It takes a village! Pantsuits! Since the 2016 election, Hillary has been very choosey about how and where she speaks out. It’s notable that she posted something to Instagram to specifically name-check Meghan for her upcoming SmartWorks collection rollout. Just wait until Hillary stops by Frogmore Cottage for some avocado toast and selfies with Archie. The British tabloids will piss themselves.

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    Not only will the tabloids go crazy but Ivanka will freak out considering Meghan refused to meet her.

    • OriginalLala says:

      Meghan interviewed Ivanka for the Tig a few years ago. It was all about being a working mom and boss lady, all very glowing. I remember feeling disappointed that Meghan would kiss up to Ivanka (this was before Trump was elected) because Ivanka has always been a holier-than-thou ass.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        A holier-than-thou ass with a lousy fashion line.

      • Taneesha says:

        Didn’t Meghan send Ivanka a couple of questions via email about a certain topic? That’s not interviewing someone. It’s conducting a survey, at least that’s how I see it.

      • Bebe says:

        She interviewed her and was gifted a bag from her fashion line. It was definitely favorable press for Ivanka.

      • Betsy says:

        I didn’t grasp how terrible Ivanka was till her idiot father started running. It happens. If only decent people were in magazines, it’d be pretty slim pickings.

  2. Rapunzel says:

    I’m guessing they could bond over being labeled “nasty women” by DT.

  3. Loretta says:

    I agree with Hillary. I’m Italian and I think that Meghan is a good role model and a great example not only of how to use your passions to do something good but also how it’s possible to support us among women.

  4. BayTampaBay says:

    “Just wait until Hillary stops by Frogmore Cottage for some avocado toast and selfies with Archie. The British tabloids will piss themselves.”

    I hope she brings Michelle Obama with her as this would cause 90% of The Daily Fail commentariat to have an apoplexy.

  5. dota says:

    Too bad for Meg that everything Hillary touches turns into toxic ash.

  6. Betsy says:

    Still love Hillary and I’m glad she’s standing up for Meghan.

  7. JanetFerber says:

    Dota, so not on board with you with the “toxic ash” comment. I love Hillary. She has served our government for years. She actually won the presidency in the popular vote. It’s that frigging trump that is toxic, particularly allied with Russian toxicity. Every damn criticism of her, trump and his ilk now do (private email server?) and it’s a “nothingburger.” People hate Hillary because she’s an assertive woman. Years ago when she was First Lady, I saw graffiti on a van, “Hillary Clinton is a communist cunt.” Recently, on a bumper sticker: “Madame President, my ass.” Don’t let the asshat trump and his sexist cronies tarnish Hillary for you. SHE is an American hero.

    • sue denim says:

      Yes…this…Hillary was a threat, so they went after her. But we need to see the assaults for what they are. It’s like FDR said of the moneyed class threatened by him “I welcome their wrath…”

  8. sue denim says:

    Maybe it’s just the photo but Hillary looks so different here — both shattered and profoundly outraged, it so resonates for me…I personally don’t think I’ll ever get over the Kavanaugh hearings, which for whatever reason crystallized it all for me… And yes good for Meghan.

  9. Rascalito says:

    I’m always thrilled to see Hillary in the news. I admire her so much and really appreciate hearing her take on whatever’s happening. I only wish I would hear from her more. But at the same time it also makes me profoundly sad, seeing the incredible woman we missed out on for president, and thinking what might have been (and should have been), as we suffer through the age of a vile, moronic, racist, incompetent, egomaniac and his entire dumb crime family who are toxifying absolutely everything.

  10. JanetFerber says:

    She is often silent, I think, because of the rabid, insane hatred people have for her, which trump played on and amplified (just as he jumped on the anti-Obama bandwagon with his “birther” shit). I feel so sad for her sometimes because she is a far better human, humanist and politician than trump could ever be. I’m happy for her on a personal level because of her grandchildren, whom she adores. But she was treated very, very unfairly in that madman’s campaign. She WON every debate, WON the popular vote and was plagued with the “Send her to jail” mantra, which, frankly, burns me up with rage. Her I.Q. must certainly be, minimum, 100 points higher than his. And her reputation plummets? Absurd, unjust and, yes, deplorable.