Chrissy Teigen: What Donald Trump said was true, ‘I do have a filthy mouth’

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Sunday night, Donald Trump decided to hate-tweet John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. Trump’s beef was about how Legend didn’t give Trump credit for criminal justice reform… or something. Mostly, I think Trump just gets mad at African-Americans for not being “grateful” enough and for not thanking him constantly. Which is actually a whole other conversation, and a conversation we’ve been having for years. Anyway, the story became a thing because, duh, the president was randomly hate-tweeting two popular celebrities, and because Trump was stupid enough to NOT tag Chrissy. He instead referred to her as Legend’s “filthy-mouthed wife.” As I said on Monday, Chrissy lives on the internet. Trump came into HER house and of course she’s going to make this into a thing. She called him a “p-ssy ass bitch.” And now she’s basically doing an interview tour.

Chrissy Teigen sits down for an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, which will air on the Wednesday (September 11) episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The 33-year-old model and TV personality unpacked the whole feud that she and John Legend got into with President Trump earlier this week on Twitter.

“Well, John did a story on MSNBC about criminal justice reform, so he was a part of that interview. I was not a part of it at all. And Donald, for some reason, thought John was taking all the credit for it, and me, and I didn’t even know he was filming this thing. Honestly I didn’t even know anything about it,” Chrissy said. “He just went in. He called John a boring musician and his filthy-mouthed wife. Which, those two things are true. John is boring. I do have a filthy mouth,” she said. “But when the card lands on you that day, it’s really just like, ugh, crap. Your whole night is ruined. We spent the entire rest of the night just sitting next to each other, handing each other our phone, ‘Should I say this? Should I say this?’ ‘No.’ ‘Should I should say this? ‘No. It has to be funnier.’ ‘No, because we’re mad.’”

The tweet that Chrissy ended up writing said, “lol what a p–sy ass bitch. tagged everyone but me. an honor, mister president.” Ellen said that she couldn’t say it on live television, so they had to show it with censors!

“I’ve really gotten to this point where I don’t want to offend people just for a joke,” Chrissy said about how she’s changed her style on Twitter recently. When it came to replying to Trump she said, “It was a weird feeling. I was really angry. I think my eyes filled up with water just at the shock of it. The, ‘I can’t believe this really happened right now.’ He just goes on these rants, usually very late at night for him. You just wait for him to say something, but you don’t think it’s going to be you.”

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Since every day in Trumplandia feels like a decade, I remember when Trump first started hate-tweeting celebrities AS PRESIDENT. Like, he was the president-elect, on the verge of the inauguration in January 2017, and he decided to hate-tweet Meryl Streep hours after the Golden Globes. That was shocking at the time, but after two and a half years, we’ve literally gotten used to it. It’s not that we’ve normalized it, it’s just that we’ve gotten so used to this broken man with a broken brain who is breaking everything in our country. It’s only news for about ten hours that THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES insulted John Legend and his nameless “filthy-mouthed wife” because the Dumpster thought he wasn’t being given enough credit for something for which he deserves no credit. This era is bonkers.

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  1. ME says:

    She should take her own advice though. When Serena lost her match, Chrissy tweeted about Bianca’s mom and made fun of how she looked. I really thought that was uncalled for and people on twitter did too. She got told, trust me lol !

  2. Lady D says:

    Sooner or later Trump had to screw up and tell the truth at least once.

  3. jenner says:

    Oh please: I think my eyes filled up with water just at the shock of it. Of course she is milking this for all it’s worth. Way to keep this in the news and focus on what’s really important. Anyone even notice the date today?

    • ME says:

      Yes, I did.

    • Megan says:

      Sure, she is milking it, but Trump is a p-ssy ass b-tch and I think she needs to keep saying it over and over and over.

    • stormsmama says:

      “Of course she is milking this for all it’s worth. Way to keep this in the news and focus on what’s really important. Anyone even notice the date today?”
      lets break that down Jenner:
      “of course she is milking this for all its worth” she was called out (but also patronized and demeaned as just a wife of) by the PRESIDENT but she LIVES on twitter- so are you saying her DOING WHAT SHE DOES is a BAD thing? should she be filled with shame? humiliation? should she defer as we once did to this idea that the President deserves respect?
      “Way to keep this in the news and focus on what’s really important” Who are you talking to? Kaiser? or Chrissy? bc Kaiser is doing her job: writing about gossip; and Chrissy is doing her job being a personality etc. WHY WOULDNT THIS BE IN THE NEWS? Our President attacked a citizen and does it on the regular. ALSO “Whats really important” – what is that to you? Bx you imply that bc its 9/11 today that means somehow this story is irrelevant. And you do in a real patronizing way like we are all idiots bc we somehow aren’t patriotic enough or aren’t quiet enough or aren’t paying our respects to the fallen. They are not mutually exclusive and you can’t create these false equivalencies (damn Trump fanatics love the false equivalencies!)
      Well, yes today is 9/11. But i remember 9/11 everyday. And I can still weigh in on this, AS YOU TOO CLEARLY TOOK THE TIME TO DO AS WELL (gasp).
      Our PRESIDENT is the problem, not Chrissy, not Kaisrr, not Ellen, and not the sanctity of 9/11 so
      “Oh please!” yourself.

    • Lady D says:

      In addition to 9-11, isn’t today is the first day the US is without a National Security Advisor, or has the head clown already pulled another clown into his circus? Is that not more important than discussing what Chrissy said?

      • paranormalgirl says:

        People are capable of having more than one discussion. Or even two. Hell, I can juggle several discussions and see a full day’s worth of patients still suffering from PTSD from 9/11/01 (I see only 9/11 post trauma patients on the anniversary, which is why I am in NY instead of in the Bahamas today). So please, kindly don’t deign to remind me what day this is. I know all too well, thank you very much.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        What Paranormal Girl said. As a veteran who was on active duty during 9/11, I too can focus on this sobering anniversary while also being appalled at Trump’s incivility and amused at Chrissy’s response.

  4. Christin says:

    He was flipping channels and saw the prison special with Lester (and John). He tweets something. Just another day/night in upside down world.

    It’s as if his d-list game show went from TV to social media, and the contestants are not known until he mentions them in a tweet. Completely unscripted and unhinged, for certain.

  5. Christina says:

    It being 9/11 doesn’t automatically mean that people Trump attacks can’t discuss being targeted. They didn’t cause the dysfunction. Our current President did, and trust that he will manage to make some 9/11 remembrance about him.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Miss me with this 9/11 nonsense, anyway. The damage America has done in the Middle East in the decades since has more than removed our ability to call ourselves victims. Measure the 2,977 dead in those attacks against the literal million plus who are gone because of the Afghanistan/Iraq conflicts and the drones. I’m tired of hearing about it. The conservative parties did more to degrade the value of that holiday, anyway, by using it for years as a political tool to stoke fear and xenophobia.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        “by using it for years as a political tool to stoke fear and xenophobia”

        This is what upsets me so much. Terrorists don’t “win” when they kill Americans, they win when Americans become such cowards that they will give up their freedoms and allow the government to spy on all of us, and condone mass slaughter of “other” kinds of people to feel like we got revenge. THAT is how terrorists “win” and republicans share most of the blame.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I had a long diatribe all typed out, but I am not going to disrespect the memory of friends who perished in the towers, of first responders dying due to the aftermath, and of the first responders and families that I have worked with throughout the years to work through the horrors that they saw and endured on 9/11 just so you can be flippant about this 9/11 “nonsense” and act like somehow what happened that day is no longer relevant because of the choices and actions of politicians. Like somehow, those innocent people who were just doing their jobs that day somehow no longer matter.

        And yes, that was a long, somewhat run-on sentence, but I’m willing to own that.

      • Jaded says:

        I can’t believe you said “this 9/11 nonsense”. I literally felt nauseous after reading it. Do you understand that there are people reading this post who LOST friends and family that day?? In the most horrific and terrifying way imaginable??? And you’re trivializing their pain by calling it “nonsense”???

        I am so angry I’m going to have to stop typing or my comment will be deleted.

        Have a nice day.

      • Butterscotch says:

        Disgusting comment and especially to people who lost loved ones on 9/11.
        What a vile thing to say,especially on 911.

  6. Christina says:

    Chrissy can be so extra, but not this time. She’s right.

  7. JanetFerber says:

    Stormsmama, you rock. Yes to everything you said.

  8. BC says:

    Americans need to prove to the world they are who they say they are by voting out this bigot. Please.

  9. Nibbi says:

    “John is boring. I do have a filthy mouth.”

    hahahaha this follow-up kinda makes me like her even more.

    – I mean, it is dark times when a celebrity calls the President of the United States a pussy-ass bitch, and i actually enjoy it & think she’s just unbelievably sassy, but here we are.