Maddox Jolie-Pitt vaguely answers some questions about Brad Pitt

42nd Toronto International Film Festival

Maddox Jolie-Pitt (or perhaps just Maddox Jolie now) is currently enrolled in Yonsei University in South Korea. Angelina Jolie dropped him off a few weeks ago. There was significant media interest here in America, and in South Korea. Angelina didn’t really give interviews while she was in South Korea, but she did chat with some people and those videos made it to social media. The videos were sweet because Maddox looked both embarrassed and sort of proud – he’s been Angelina Jolie’s son almost his entire life. He’s seen her fame, and he sees how she handles it. He just stood back and let his mom answer some questions and that was it.

Maybe Maddox expected that there would be more interest in hearing from HIM once his mom left South Korea. Or maybe he expected to be left alone. I don’t know. But a British-accented video-journalist (TMZ-style) got on campus this week and rushed Maddox when it looked like Madd was coming out of his dorm or maybe a class. In the video, the British guy asks Maddox some personal questions about his brothers and sisters and whether they miss him, and then the guy asks Madd about whether Brad Pitt will be visiting. Maddox’s reaction is to stay lowkey – he doesn’t push the guy away, he doesn’t yell or anything. He just answers the questions as undramatically as possible. You can see the video here – In Touch Weekly bought the rights to it.

He’s speaking out. Even though Maddox Jolie-Pitt grew up in the spotlight, his parents — Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — tried to keep his life as private as possible, especially throughout their nasty custody battle and divorce process. But now that he’s 18 years old, Maddox seems ready to open up and share his point of view on his family drama. In a video interview exclusively obtained by In Touch, Maddox gave an update on his strained relationship with his dad.

When asked if he thinks the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star, 55, will visit him soon on campus at the Yonsei University in Incheon, South Korea, Maddox replied, “Um, I don’t know about that … what’s happening.”

The college freshman also commented on whether or not their relationship is over for good. “Whatever happens, happens,” he said.

[From In Touch Weekly]

While Maddox seems generally unbothered, I’m bothered by this on his behalf. Don’t go to a kid’s school to ask them questions about their family. Jesus. As for Maddox’s answers… we’re basically at the three-year-anniversary of the plane incident. It’s been clear that ENTIRE time that Maddox wants nothing to do with Brad. He’s not hiding it – their estrangement is very deep.

Angelina Jolie, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, Pax Jolie-Pitt at the First They Killed My Father New York premiere at The DGA Theater

Photos courtesy of WENN, Backgrid and Avalon Red.

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  1. Original Jenns says:

    This is disgusting. I hope the university sets some measures in place to keep him from being harassed again. If I were Angelina, I would go through the roof.
    Editing to add, I am going to contact InTouch and voice my disgust at the fact that they bought this video.

    • AmyB says:

      I absolutely agree – it is disgusting that some journalist would bother him like that on campus and ask such deeply personal questions. I give props to Maddox that he kept his composure and seemed unbothered but Jesus, I am revolted! And yes, it’s clear there is a huge riff still with his Dad Brad Pitt – Maddox seems almost apathetic which is pretty bad (for Pitt that is). Some bad shit went down on that plane!

      • Sierra says:

        I agree, once you are part the anger, hurt and feel indifference, then the bond is truly damaged perhaps for good.

        From those leaked court papers, Brad’s lawyer didn’t even fight to see Maddox & Pax. They were never talked about or even included.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        Um no. In 2016, when Brad was asking to make up visitation time he’d missed due to promoting Allied, he asked to make up the time he missed, as well as an increase–and that if any of the kids didn’t want to see him (this is where Maddox and Pax’s names were introduced), then he didn’t want that time to be dead space, but instead have extra time with any of the other kids.

        Last summer, when they went to court and the parental alienation judgement came down, their private judge ruled that all of the kids bar Maddox were going to have increased visitation time, with access to therapists afterward if needed, so that they could build up to a 50-50 custody time. Maddox, because of his age, was allowed to choose how often he wanted to see Brad/technically either of his parents, but Brad. Prior to this, Brad and Angelina had not been in court, nor had any “judgement” regarding their custody been handed down—it was solely between the two of them. We saw the outcome of that.

      • SaraR. says:

        Nope, it was not just between Brad and Angelina, it involved children therapists and psychiatrists that they both agreed to be guided by. Brad didn’t like the speed by which things were going and that is when he went to judge.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        How is that different from what I said?

        Those were not court orders. Brad and Angelina both agreed together, that they would work out custody between themselves. For the time being (late 2016 to last summer), they were (presumably) following recommendations from various psychiatrists. We don’t know exactly whose advice they followed, but it was between both of them. It was not court ordered. Between all of that, Angelina was out of the country several times with all of the kids. That did not change until last summer when Angelina filed an RPO (and in fact filed an RPO several days in a row), which ended up before their private judge who said that they should not have been at the same level of custody that they were at (essentially from 2016), and that he would introduce and expedited custody plan that would give Brad and Angelina the kids 50-50 custody. That custody plan was introduced–and given that we saw Angelina flying back to LA from New Mexico almost every weekend and only saw the kids in NM for maybe 1/3 to 1/2 the time Angelina was there, and also in LA we can extrapolate that Brad is not photographed with their kids, while Angelina is photographed with (some) of their kids (Maddox hasn’t been photographed before this in a loong time).

        None of that changes what I said at all. Which the point was–as far as we know, Brad was not trying to force any of the kids who did not want to see him in 2016 to see him.

    • DahliaDee says:

      Yeah, they’re not going to do that. Reporters in SK will chase people for a story just like in any other countries. Even victims get hounded something dreadful.

      • Hmmm says:

        Lady V. There was no parental alienation judgement. The judge agreed to look into after db unforgivably accused Angelina of that. So he wanted to find out just why their kids didn’t want to have anything to do with him and why they were so scared of him.

        After that “deplorable and misleading” leak you keep using Angelina made a statement that she was stepping out from helping Db from reconnecting and it was now up to him, the kids and the court.

        At the end he lost and Angelina has her kids. You should stop lying for him because before he leaked that b.s she was trying to reunite the kids and their father. She could no longer do it after unforgivable lies he was leaking. 🤷🏽‍♀️

      • Tracy25 says:

        @VirgiliaCoriolanus , Sill making excuses on behalf of Brad Pitt and his parental alienation that started well before September 2016, remember he admitted in Checking out on his family GQ Interview is there for you to refresh your selective memory. And as for Parental Alienation, Brad Pitt and his lawyer played a big part, you forget the kids have had and still have court appointed child therapists and Dr Katz. Repeating a selective “leak from Brad’s lawyer about parental alienation” was there and then shut down by Angelina’s lawyer. In keep on repeating that, doesnt take away the fact Brad ignored his own kids wishes to heal by going to court against his own signed and agreed S&O he did. Angelina didn’t want litigation, yet Brad Pitt was more worried about “protecting his precious image than protecting and helping his traumatized kids “. Sad you fans are more happy he has no relationship with adopted kids such as Maddox and Pax, as long as the Bio kids are ok with him. Where is his fatherly duties to reach out and keep reaching out to Maddox and Pax .

    • Snappyfish says:

      I’m horrified on his account. This young man was accosted in his place of education. JFK Jr & both Wales boys were given a “hands off” approach while they were at Uni & Eton (as Harry didn’t attend Uni.) I hate to use the word “safe space” but this young man chose to attend school in South Korea. I think that speaks volumes.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        yes! he deliberately left the location where he knew he’d be pestered…let’s face it, he very easily could have gone to UCLA or USC, but he chose to go far away. he’s not seeking out the spotlight like so many celeb offspring. leave him be.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Agreed. My first thought was, “What a parasite (the reporter).”
      That poor kid. Just let him enjoy his formative years in college, for god’s sake.

  2. ME says:

    They need to leave this poor kid alone and let him study. He’s not in LA trying to be thirsty.

  3. Kebbie says:

    He seems indifferent when it comes to Brad, which is probably worse than hatred or anger. He doesn’t seem to care at all.

    This is why you don’t publish pictures of your kids and talk about them in interviews though. We’re about to see a whole generation of celebrity kids who didn’t choose to put themselves in the public eye, being treated like celebrities. The public feels entitled to information about the Jolie-Pitt kids.

    Brad and Angelina should’ve protected their privacy more when they were young. We shouldn’t know what languages they’re learning and what their interests are or that Shiloh wanted to be called John.

    • Val says:

      This has nothing to do with the parents. Maddox was approached, at his school whilst he was minding his business. The University should take the appropriate measures to ensure that nothing like this happens again. The guy was being intrusive and callous to ask such a personal question. The kid went to school abroad to most likely avoid these type of occurrences. Pinning this on his parents is illogical and fuels the victim blaming narrative. Hold the perpetrator accountable. Not the victim or his parents.

      • Kebbie says:

        I’m not blaming the victim, I’m blaming his parents. Brad and Angelina turned their kids into public figures with all their stories and anecdotes.

      • Felicia says:

        @Val. Sure, but the only reason we know where he is going to University is because it was announced by his mother, if I’m not mistaken.

        So unfortunately, this is likely to happen again.

        My youngest just started Uni. She got into her first choice school, which is #1 in the country where she is and the field she is interested in. I may have congratulated her/bragged on FB, but I didn’t give the school name or the city in anything I said, and I’m not famous. There are wayyyyy too many weirdos out there to be serving up info about your kids. My 2 cents…

      • Paige says:

        Maddox has famous parents and his mother visited the campus. The school was posting things on social media about them being there. A-list celebrities do not need to announce what school their kids will attend because the media knows through social media accounts. Plus the schools can’t wait to tell everyone this celebrity’s child attends our university.

    • MS says:

      Maybe Brad & Angelina shouldn’t of been so open, but there is also basic human decency in that you do not fly to south Korea & harass a child of a celeb because you want to sell that gossip. Plenty of celebs talk about their lives but they also don’t have to deal with scumbag paparazzi & tabloids. It’s these people who have no morals.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Huh. Well if you truly feel this way why do you contribute to the appetite for information about these kids by clicking on stories about them? And this is an honest question. Because I have seen comments like yours before and people don’t seem to get the direct correlation between supply and demand. Brad and Angelina may talk about their kids publicly – it’s their right to do so. But the appetite for stories about the kids specifically comes from the people who engage with said stories. And that would be…all of us. Including you. You may want to think about that angle of this.

      • MS says:

        I know it’s a business! Without public interest there would be no entertainment media therefore no celebrities, one contributes to the other, but there are lines you do not cross when it comes to privacy. Media have forgotten where those lines are because all they see is money. It’s gotten out of control! I know we contribute to this but i & many others would have no problem if celebs were left alone & there’s decency in media coverage from all sides.

      • Kebbie says:

        That’s my exact point. We all feel entitled to information about this kid. The paparazzo isn’t out there because he cares, it’s because we do. Nobody is going to harass kids that the public isn’t familiar with. Matt Damon’s kids aren’t going to be bothered like this, the Affleck kids probably will be.

        ETA: Maybe I wasn’t clear but I think the public feels entitled because we know so much about them and their interests and we know those things because of their parents discussing them so frequently.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        @MS you are misunderstanding my point. I agree with you. I think the press and media cross lines all the times and it’s gross and unethical. My point is in direct reference to Kebbie blaming Maddox’s parents for this directly. Which I take issue with.

      • skeptical says:

        If I see them I click on these child papping stories to explicitly say to say that I think that reporting on celeb children is inappropriate. I hold celeb parents that expose their kids to PR sources and celeb gossip both responsible. There are tons of celeb kids whose names I don’t know and would never recognise.

        I also find the readership speculation on celeb kids disturbing. Why should anyone have to read a stranger’s projection on them and their parents?

        If people don’t express that they disapprove of that kind of story, how will the producers of celeb news know?

      • Katherine says:

        “If I see them I click on these child papping stories to explicitly say to say that I think that reporting on celeb children is inappropriate”

        I believe that defeats your purpose. The only way to defeat this type of intrusion is to NOT give it clicks. They don’t read or care about your comments.

    • Erinn says:

      Yeaaahhhh I have mixed feelings. I think it’s absolutely disgusting that he was approached – and that clearly not enough measures were in place to protect him. He’s a kid, out on his own as an adult for the first time, and trying to get a great education. It’d be one thing if he’d been asked about why he chose the school he did – still not appropriate to reach out to him, but if they were going to do it, it shouldn’t have been anything to do about his family life – though I personally think they shouldn’t have done it at all.

      But I agree with your sentiment regarding celebrity kids. We’re FINALLY starting to see some real pushback from the teens of celebs who are pissed that their parents are sharing embarrassing stories or sharing photos/videos without asking them if it’s okay. And the sad thing is that it seems like most of these parents are completely blindsided by it. As if they couldn’t possibly understand why their children wouldn’t want to be drug into public life.

      I think ultimately, it might have been best if Ang didn’t talk about where he was going to go to school. She could have shared the experience and her emotional response… without giving away any specific details. The details would of course come out eventually – but it would have at least added another hoop for people to have to go through to try to gain access.

      I do think it would have been best not to have given so much detail about the kids over the years, but I also understand (in a way) where they’re coming from. We’re dealing with a whole different ballgame from when they themselves grew up. I don’t think a lot of them understand the consequences / how quickly everything is analyzed and picked apart and because they’ve been celebrities for so long they just don’t get how hard that is for their children.

      • Ok says:

        She actually didn’t reveal the school info. She never mentioned the school by name. When expressing how proud she was the articles even said she didn’t say what school.That info leaked later on.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’ve long felt that they could have been much more private with their kids, they were very open and shared a LOT, and never seemed concerned with their privacy. I think there always was going to be interest in the kids, but they didn’t dissuade that, and often put stuff out there that I wouldn’t have done in their position, especially when the kids were very young and had no idea about all that stuff.

      All that said, it’s still on this disgusting paparazzo for stalking a kid on a college campus and hitting him with very personal questions, and for InTouch for buying it. This young man has been through a lot in recent years, and now is off on his own in college on the other side of the world from his family – leave him alone.

    • Athyrmose says:

      Nah. Parental units were modeling how to respond to this behavior instead of being terrified by it.

      You never see these kids looking frightened by paps, as a result.

      It’s on the paps to not pursue teenagers trying to get an education. Inappropriate paparazzo is inappropriate.

      • SaraR. says:

        100% agree with you Athyrmose.
        I find their approach to paps the best possible. You don’t want to spend your life hiding from them, being preoccupied with ways how to avoid them. Yup, they are there, but they are just a tiny part of their life. The best way how to deal with them is just do your stuff and don’t let this bother you and I think that’s what their mom thought them.

  4. TheOriginalMia says:

    He handled that about as well as he could. I’m not sure what the purpose of that ambush was. Maddox has been in the spotlight since he was a baby. I’m sure he’s been trained to be polite and reserved when dealing with photogs. Did they think he was going to shout “I hate him. We don’t talk!”? Please. Leave that young man alone.

    • Brandy Alexander says:

      I kind of disagree? He should have said “no comment” over and over. I’m not blaming the kid for what happened here, but I do think because he answered the questions, this is going to keep happening.

      • Ok says:

        He could’ve said no comment but chose not to. He answered the question pretty honestly I think. He’s an adult and made a choice. Everyone keeps referring to him as a kid but he’s legally an adult now.

      • Sierra says:

        And why should Maddox say no comment? He is 18 years old and not his job to protect dear Brad and his image.

        I always feel that Brad supporters attack Maddox because they are scared he will tell the full truth about their relationship. That Brad will not be shown as “father of the year”.

      • Kebbie says:

        @Sierra She’s not saying he should have protected Brad, she’s saying the fact that he gave them a response is going to encourage more paparazzi swine to come and try to ask him questions. And I’m betting she’s right.

      • SaraR. says:

        Well, I bet next time he’ll be prepared and he’ll know how to react. It’s obvious he was ambushed for the first time

      • Brandy Alexander says:

        Thanks, Kebbie. That was exactly what I was saying.

      • TheHeat says:

        I think the “no comment” thing could have back-fired, though. Sometimes that makes paps every more thirsty for content…or they invent something out of nothing by interpreting the lack of comment to mean something.
        They just need to leave him alone.

  5. kerwood says:

    I can’t believe this kid was accosted at school like that. Brad should tell the press to back off his son (Maddox is still his son) since the press are doing it in his behalf.

    I agree that indifference is worse than anger.

  6. Mia4s says:

    I refuse to watch or click on any links but it certainly does sound from the recap that he’s been well prepared and trained to handle these parasitic vultures. I’m sad that’s necessary, but it will certainly serve him well.

  7. noway says:

    I don’t believe we know how Maddox feels about Brad based on this or anything Maddox has said, which as stated, hasn’t been much. Now he has shown no interest in seeing Brad, which does say something, but keep in mind many estranged children come back. Apparently, Don, Jr. or mini orange cheeto didn’t speak to the Orange Cheeto for almost a decade. Ivana encouraged the relationship after he was an adult, which oddly was the same kind of “gossip” now that Angie wants Maddox to find an acceptable relationship with Brad now too. Bad example cause the Trumps are the epitome of a destructive family, but still a well known one.

    Who knows what will happen, but I am impressed with Maddox’s demeanor with this “journalist,” and his answers were great. If there is a chance of some type of relationship with Brad it seems at least Maddox is mature enough to deal with it. I do hope the college does something to protect him from these intrusions though. He should have regular college life,

  8. whatWHAT? says:


    the ONE positive thing (unless he said this just to shut up that obnoxious TMZ person) is that he didn’t say he never wanted to speak to his father again. “whatever happens, happens” means, to me, that he’s at least open to forgiving Pitt. up to him, of course.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    This hurts my soul. What kind of absolute jerk stalks out a college kid? On top of that, he proceeds to ask incredibly personal questions. I’m glad Maddox seems like a pro and chill here, but as a mama I want to punch the wannabe “journalist” in the throat.

    • Myrtle says:

      @Elizabeth, as a mother and long-time Angelina fan, I feel the same. Maddox was clearly ambushed by that jerk “reporter”. He handled it well, but if it happens again, I hope he knows he is under no obligation to answer. I hope it doesn’t happen again. So intrusive and gross.

  10. tw says:

    This seems so wrong. I hope he is able to experience life on his own terms.
    One of the things I love about living in NY is that celebrities are everywhere and most NYers just leave them be. This past week, on separate occasions, I saw Jenna Bush Hager and Lauren Bush Lauren and her husband while I was out for a run. I did a tiny double take and kept moving. Children of celebrities should have the choice to live a private life.

  11. Sierra says:

    Disgusting to accost children like this but Maddox is used to this and handled it like a pro.

    I also like that Maddox didn’t lie on Brad’s behalf. Brad is on this huge Oscar campaign and talking about father son relationship. He put the spotlight on Maddox when Brad talked about his alcoholism.

    In my opinion, Brad could have put a stop to the media attacks on Angelina & Maddox years ago but decided not to. He let media and people blame a 15 year old boy for the family breaking up. I still remember those horrible people attacking Maddox calling him names etc.

  12. Ok says:

    Can anyone pinpoint the accent? British or Aussie? This guy wasn’t local, he flew out there for this. I wonder how many more paps will waste the time and money just to talk to this kid. I don’t blame the school or area, as I’m sure he picked it to get away from all this nonsense, it’s the same old people who are tracking him down.

  13. Tiff says:

    LEAVE MADDOX ALONE!!! He and the others must be protected at all costs!

    I disagree with all those above saying how Angie has overshared her kids. I believe she’s been super protective of them, as much as she can be, and still live a relatively normal life. I don’t know what her kids voices sound like! That right there is more than I can say for a lot of celeb kids! they aren’t at every opening of an envelope, and they are not trying to “make names for themselves” in the industry, they seem like normal kids. And they are all teenagers and young adults now, not babies. The fact they are not in the press constantly speaks to how Dame Angelina parented them. I’m sure she also prepared Maddox for this situation before she dropped him off, which tells you how much of a great mother she is because I would have told him to tell the press to “f*#k off” if they ever approached him at school.

    • DS9 says:

      I honestly cannot recall one statement from one of their children as an individual except for a few vague things that could apply to most children. Zahara liked to play in Angie’s makeup, things like that.

      The kids haven’t been quoted directly. Their parents spoke of them either vaguely, in passing, or of them as a group.

      What we do hear of them comes from a source that may or may not know them and those statements are never confirmed or denied. Does Shiloh go by John? Idk.

      Honestly, I think we know more about the Cambridge kids.

      I know what all the Kardashian kids get on their birthdays. All I know about Shiloh’s birthday is that she had a party and Brad wasn’t there, but may been there later, idk. We only know because we saw pap shots of them in different cities.

      That’s not putting your kid out there.

    • Xilco8 says:

      Good comment and I agree with you Tiff. Angie is doing the same things I did when my kids were young, taking them shopping, to lunch or dinner, Disneyland, museums. In other words living as normal life as possible. Those kids appear to be what we all want our kids to be, healthy, happy, polite and emphatic to others.

    • Mireile says:

      I think it’s RIDICULOUS anyone would accuse Angie or Brad for oversharing about their kids. In past interviews, they talk and brag about their kids as any parent would do. Should it be any different for them because they are celebrities? Or aren’t celebrities allowed to behave like normal parents? Some people will say they need to be more aware of what they share with the media because they ARE celebrities — uh no, if you’re a parent and you want to brag about your kid, more power to you. I hardly think that every time Angie opens her mouth about anything to the media she’s got to always remember “Oh yeah, I’m a celebrity … I should censure what I say.” It’s the MEDIA that needs to understand boundaries. Everyone – regardless if you’re a public official or not – is entitled to a private life. And kids just going about their daily life trying to go to school – is off limits.

  14. DS9 says:

    It’s odd to me to hear people talk about these kids being in the spotlight and us knowing too much about them. I don’t feel like we did see them that much of them or know much at all.

    We know snippets, we’ve seen them in pap shots know and then but if I had to list what I know about them, it would be a short list. Some of what people think they know has never been confirmed.

    • SaraR. says:

      So true.

    • roseplot says:

      Completely agree. The small snippets that have been put out there are just that. None of us know really anything about these kids if you think about it.

    • Joanna says:

      Yeah, I feel like we very rarely see them. Which is an accomplishment given how famous angie and Brad are.

    • lucy2 says:

      I do think we know less than most people think we do, there’s a LOT of projection and speculation out there, especially about these kids.

      When I personally talk about their privacy, I don’t think so much about paparazzi photos, but about the parents sharing stuff when promoting their projects – magazine spreads, private photos, LOTS of discussing the kids and parenthood in interviews, all while the kids were still fairly young and not able to decide if they wanted that exposure.

      Of course, that was really in the days before instagram, when celebrities and such are putting their kids online 24/7. 🙁

    • Hmm says:

      No one cared when they were together. The brange/Pitt fans who still continue to use private photos of Angelina , her kids and Angelina’s mother as an avatar on other sites (won’t say the names) are po’ed because for whatever reason db still hasn’t been seen with Angelina’s kids for 3 years now. They had no problem when brange Were together and his nieces would post private photos of the kids or when db would be “parading them for the paparazzi” …

      They are also now mad and attacking maddox( well they’ve been attacking him for years) is because he’s not begging to see his dad and is pretty indifferent to it. The ball is obviously in the parents court to make an effort.

    • Hmmm says:

      The sad thing was when db said a 2 or 3 year old (maybe older) Shiloh wanted to be called John and she was then attacked for being gay or trans. We never got db coming out and defending his own child. I know Angelina j was blamed for all of it but defended her kid multiple times.

  15. Lena says:

    Well I hope that nobody here clicked on that In Touch link because that will just encourage more tabloids to continue to do it. Like someone upthread said, the pap doesn’t care, he’s accosting Angie’s son because WE, as collective Celebitches, care.

  16. Val says:

    @FELICIA You don’t think where he was going to school would have gotten out any way? It’s Angelina Jolie for Pete’s sake! But it doesn’t mean that her kid should be hounded and bullied by the press because of it. You are not Angelina, so you bragging about your kid is not going to make front page news. She’s entitled to be proud of her son, especially when many of her counterparts have kids who are too busy trying to be Hollywood to attempt higher education. People just need to have the common decency to let Maddox attend school in peace. It’s the right thing to do!

    • Ok says:

      I’d like to point out Felicia was under the impression Angelina gave out this info. She said if she was not mistaken but that was indeed incorrect. Angelina never publicly stated the name of the school or what country he would be in. Every article said she was proud but refused to give information about the school. It was later leaked where he would be attending and even if it had not, it was still inevitable of course they’d find out just by following her.

      Although creeps on the internet are why I keep social media private. I see no issue with parents famous or not bragging about their kids in the right sphere. If they do so on public media, the famous will be found out anyway even if they limit the amount of information they give out. If not famous, well then who are you allowing to view your stuff?

  17. truthhurts says:

    The truth is no pap should have been on a college campus hounding that young man as soon as he came out. This is a private institution for God’s sake. I don’t think he should have a bodyguard following him around a college campus either. Im sure he has security when he goes away from the campus.
    Truth is people want to blame this kid or come up with something bad on him because of a 55 year old man, really. Ive seen the comments and it is sad on other sites. That child does not want to be a part of Pitts life and they are blaming the mother too. Really. Well seems everything was going fine until we know what and the fallout afterwards. Maybe they can salvage what’s left but Maddox seems to be over it and it had to be something God awful for a break like that. Sorry.

    • SaraR. says:

      I mean, these are oppinions of people from gossip sites that don’t know anyone in this family, and they are reflections of Brad’s PR attack on both Angelina and Maddox. Hopefully, all the children are thought not to bother with those.
      But, yeah, I always thought that reason for Maddox’s estrangement from Brad doesn’t only lay on that one incident on the plane. I suspect that everything that happened after just built on that steadily.

      • Hmm says:

        Yes a reflection of the attacks and smear campaign made by the same guy that Harvey Weinstein once used. MATTEW HILTZIK is now Pitts fixer and has been since the make it right foundation started going down the tubes.

  18. Hmm says:

    It’s crazy that the press was there but he seemed fine answering the questions especially the ones about his love of Punk music.

    What’s crazier is that his deadbeat dad hasn’t tried to reach out to him because it seemed obvious the kid would be open to it, but he’s not begging. Db is the adult in the situation and should do better but I never believed he was working hard to fix anything… he wants it all handed to him.

    • Katherine says:

      Hmmm, how do you know what Pitt has or hasn’t done? Tabloids and gossip are unhealthy for the brain. Be well.

      • Hmmm says:

        As if the tabloids ever post negative truthful things about the deadbeat. CAA and his fixer would never allow it. Now his team are once again using radar to attack Maddox and pagesix to attack Angelina. Typical narcissist. He can’t stand taking responsibility.

  19. OriginalCarol says:

    For all Pitt’s talks about trying to do better as a father, to be the best dad to the children, that he is committed and interested in their life, one would think that after 3 years of numerous therapies and yet his oldest and the one who got into an alteration with him, still didn’t want to be around him? That Pitt found out where his son is going to college minutes before the news broke? That’s some deep estrangement between a father and son that hasn’t been healed after 3 years. You have to wonder if Pitt had said or done something so bad that there might be no coming back from it or Pitt is all talk but nothing else. Not much efforts were put in to heal the wounds that he inflicted on the family cause fathers know best right? No need for apologies or make ups since he as a father knows it all. That he’s the provider for them and they ought to be grateful and thankful for all he’d provided. Hence the smear jobs in the media his team had done to the young man and his mom for the last 3 years to prove that Pitt was a victim in this situation and not a monster that was portrayed by his ex wife and adopted kids followed by the investigations.

    These comments right here from Jolie when she’s dropping him off to college, “What was very beautiful is the way everybody said goodbye. When it was time to take him to the airport — some jumped into the car to take him — and everybody was, it was very…,” , “When you know that your kids love each other and you see the way they all — without any kind of prompting or pushing — give each other notes, hug each other, take each other, support each other, then you feel like they’re going to be okay and they’re always going to have each other.” and “I also, just at some point, had the big [sun]glasses and the amount of times I turned and waved. I do know it was the one moment in my life I think I turned around six times before the airport just… and he sweetly stayed and kept waving, knowing that I was going to keep turning around. You could feel he knew he couldn’t leave.” and “It’s nice to know how much he knows he’s loved,” Jolie said.

    Wanna bet that for the last 3 years his mom and siblings have assured him over and over that they loved him, that no matter what daddy dearest said to him on the plane, he’s family to them. Deadbeat can’t take that away from him. That he is loved by those that matter the most to him. Just live and enjoy life as is knowing that all’s well ends well.

    • Sidewithkids says:


      “White” media and BP stans are descipable for blaming this kid and proceeding to call him names for doing what any person of goodness would have done, that’s protect your Mom and siblings from a drunk. I mean no harm but please stop talking about BP protecting his kids. He has shown nothing in his DNA to protect anyone but his self. He’s sick b/c he just did another interview where he blames his father for his problems. He blames everyone but himself for his issues. Dude is lame and his PR does everything to make people think otherwise. They want us to feel sorry for him. Please, I feel the exact opposite. Nothing for BP.

      I do applaud Maddox tho. I think he answered the questions well and was very polite whereas no one would have blamed him to ignore the guy. You can see he’s a shy cool kinda kid and when BP was mentioned he showed indifference and answered the question like the dude doesn’t matter to me but I know y’all care about him so whatever happens, happens. He really impresses me knowing what he has been through and Angie has done an admirable job w/ all the kids to get over what Mr. Lameness has done to them.

  20. M says:

    What a suprise! Page Six has done another smear job on Angelina again.
    Matthew Hiltzik (Weinstein Publicist) who now works for Pitt, looks to have gone to his favourite misogynist gossip site again.
    Pitt is desperate to take down the mother of his children because all he cares about is his image.

  21. Lena says:

    According to page 6 people think Maddox was set up with the same agency that set up pictures with Meghan Markel’s dad by Jolie because his answers seemed “practiced”.

    • Nibbi says:

      man, that’s super gross!
      it seems clear that if his answers seemed “practiced” it’s because it was obvious that sleazy paparazzi were bound to stalk & ambush him eventually & throw questions at him with a camera in his face. it seems normal that he’ll have been mentally prepared for that at some level.

    • M says:

      They would think that! Answers seemed rehearsed? He was mostly talking about Music.

      All because he didn’t look fearful is now described as being rehearsed?
      He’s grown up around paps & reporters since a baby & is living by himself on the other side of the world, thats called Confidence.

      Coleman Raynor is the same as any ratzi agency, just because MM’s dad had a deal with them doesn’t apply to everything they do.

      Angelina is currently in London filming The Eternals & raising her other five children, think she’s a little busy to send a reporter around the world to ask a maddox a question.

      Everyone knows he’s had nothing to do with his dad for last three yrs so what would be the point?