‘Downton Abbey’ covers Town & Country, everybody get ready for aristo drama!

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Downton Abbey: The Movie is out on Friday. Town & Country put stars Laura Carmichael, Michelle Dockery and Allen Leech on the cover and I AM IN LOVE. T&C does some wacky editorials sometimes but they hit it out of the park with this one (minus one photo where all three look photoshopped). The actual cover story isn’t much – I mean, DA is not a Marvel movie. There are no real spoilers, no big scandals, no big beefs between the actors. All of the actors love each other and that’s why they came back to make the movie. They love the Downton world. And everyone else loves it too!! A few highlights from this piece:

Downton’s success, especially in the U.S., surprised those who made it. Americans obsessing over a period drama airing on PBS? It launched stateside in 2011, just before the TV landscape exploded beyond the standard network and cable lineups into a plethora of streaming options. “If it had been on one of the major networks,” Leech says—“or one you have to pay for,” Dockery interjects—“they would have pushed it too hard,” Leech continues. “Downton had to be discovered. It had to have that slow build.”

This sleepy drama was a runaway hit, becoming the most watched show in PBS history. Downton garnered 69 Emmy nominations in its run, making it the most frequently nominated foreign show of all time. Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, and Queen Elizabeth are reportedly all fans. Salma Hayek allegedly said she would “kill for a role” on the series, Jamie Lee Curtis called herself “totally, maniacally obsessed,” and P. Diddy sent an angry letter to the show’s creators when a favorite character was killed off.

The Downton actors toasted their fortunes and parted ways fondly. “We’d all said goodbye and had a great party at the Ivy—and away we went,” says Julian Fellowes, who carries the titles of creator, writer, and executive producer. The idea of a movie had been floated but was far from a given—think of all the revered television series that haven’t turned into feature films. Yet the idea lingered. “It was as if people hadn’t quite been ready to say goodbye to the whole thing,” Fellowes says. “There is something rather extraordinary about the whole adventure.”

A little break did the trick. Two years after the show wrapped, Dockery happened upon a TV special hosted by Leech that was appropriately titled I Miss Downton Abbey! “I watched the whole thing and I was sobbing,” she recalls. Her reaction was immediate: “Please, we’ve got to go back and do a film.”

[From Town & Country]

The whole plot of the movie is that the king and queen are visiting and that Jim Carter’s butler needs to come back to work to help everybody and… that’s it. It’s just normal old Downton drama. But I can’t wait. Between this and Hustlers, the September movie season is ALL ABOUT ME. I was a Downton fan during the length of the series because I understood what it was and never tried to make it “the best TV show” or “important TV.” It was just a soap opera with great locations and good costumes. That’s it. And it’s super-enjoyable. I have a feeling that the movie is going to be great too.

'Downton Abbey' World Premiere, London, UK

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, cover courtesy of T&C.

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  1. The Recluse says:

    My only problem is that they don’t offer tea and scones in movie theaters and I would want some so bad while watching this.
    Popcorn just doesn’t feel right.

    • escondista says:

      Alamo Drafthouse has a tea service for this movie!!! Like once a month they have three servings of teas paired with finger foods and show movies like this one, Jane Eyre, Little Women, etc…
      it’s a very tasty show.

    • Jan90067 says:

      My friends and I are going the Tuesday after it opens, to avoid the masses, and we’re bringing our own scones to munch on lol. You’re right; popcorn is NOT “the thing “ for Downton! 😊☕️

  2. Jan90067 says:

    At the Amazon Store reopening in Century City they had a “Downton “ promo: gift bag (small black canvas tote with “Downton Abbey” on it, a poster, canister of Downton tea, and you could get a personalized, calligraphied Downton bookmark lol. Also they had a big poster/banner in front of which was a small settee which you could sit on and have your pic taken. It was cute, but cheesy lol

    My friend and I got there 1 1/2 hrs early, thinking it was going to be some huge turnout (they were touting as a BIG promo); by the time they opened at 11am there were maybe a dozen people lolol. Eh, at least we got a small tote 😊.

    We then proceeded to Santa Monica, to the Ye Olde King’s Head Pub and had luncheon tea. All in all, a nice day

    • Blueskies says:

      That sounds like such a lovely day! I loved Santa Monica when I visited over twenty years ago now, a lot of great shops and places to eat. A few English touches, too.

  3. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I remember falling in love immediately, telling my friends and arguing that Downton was really Downton and not Downtown lmao. Then about a week or two later, they’re hooked. I loved it start to finish. I could never get enough Violet. Ever. My early hate then love for Lady Mary. But really, my love for every character. Those with questionable integrity always came around. They were moved, and their growth was satisfying. The whole upstairs downstairs dichotomy is riveting and rich. Yeah I know, Imma stan.

  4. Blueskies says:

    I never caught much of Downton when it was on tv but I had friends who were big fans. We bought the entire series box set several months ago and are now almost finished watching all the superb extras that come with it — just in time to go and see the movie, too! I’m planning to go next week. We live in a small Ontario town with a little historic two-screen theatre and I have a feeling opening night will be busy.

    I absolutely adore the series. It does have that soap quality at times but overall I think that’s a reductionist description. It’s *deceptively* that simple, but the sheer quality of writing and acting, set design, minute details that appear for mere seconds and choreography of something like 40 principal characters sets it way above that. There were some storylines that were clunkers but the main thread that pulled all the characters along was wonderful. I love that the movie seems to be just another Downton episode, a very smart choice.

    I love that they all love one another! You see that love in the extras they filmed. Michelle Dockery said it was the best six years of her life. Isobel is probably my favourite character, quite multi-faceted and the perfect foil to Violet. I love her open-mindedness and how she advocates for herself. I know a lot of people weren’t crazy about the Bates’ but I love them, haha. Joanne Froggatt and Brendan Coyle are so amazing in those parts. So much delicacy; I’m a huge fan of subtle acting and Downton has it in spades. Honestly, the whole series is an onion you can never stop peeling. /end gush

  5. Nancypants says:

    Scones might be a better option than popcorn and I’ll go see it but I’m going to smuggle some tiny finger sandwiches. (Ziploc bags)

    I’ve never lived in England but have eaten there several times and we have some fancy places around here that specialize in high tea, cream tea and afternoon tea and I have to say…the English aren’t known for great food for a reason.

    I’d advise the tiny finger sandwiches but not smoked salmon, tuna or egg salad. Those smell. You don’t want to be asked to leave.

    Maybe watercress or cucumber with cream cheese or chicken salad or ham salad cut into little triangles, crusts removed and use white bread.

    Down South, we made pimento cheese finger sandwiches.
    You can make your own or buy Price’s pimento cheese spread at the grocery store. It’s the real deal.

    Of course, you can smuggle a bottle of hot tea with sugar, lemon, cream if you like.