Is anyone else sort of interested in Kim Kardashian’s entry into the candle industry?

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As many of you know, I couldn’t give less of a f–k about makeup. I only pay attention to makeup conversations because of my job, and because so many celebrities are doing makeup lines, and because so many celebrities have terrible red carpet makeup. That’s as far as I care – I haven’t worn makeup in years. But fragrance is something I will always care about, and have strong opinions about. I actually forgot that Kim Kardashian has a perfume line nowadays. She even has an Instagram devoted to her KKW Fragrances. I’ve never smelled them. Do they smell good? I am imagining that Kim might actually get perfumes right – tacky as she is, I bet she has a sophisticated nose for scents. Maybe I’m wrong.

As I’ve said a million times as well, I think celebrities are oversaturating the makeup/beauty market with all of their makeup lines. But if I was a celebrity, I would totally do a line of fragrances, and I would totally do a line of candles too. Fancy, sleek candles with a great clingy and fresh scent. So now Kim is getting on the candle train too. She posted this message on Instagram:

I’m so excited to announce my new @kkwfragrance candle, inspired by one of my favorite scents Crystal Gardenia. I always have so many candles around my home and having a scent that illuminates the room makes me feel so good. You guys are going to love this candle!! Launching on Sep 27 at 12pm pst at

[From Instagram]

The cost? An 8 ounce candle costs $25, which is actually moderately priced for a high-end designer candle (and expensive for, you know, a f–king candle). You can also “bundle” the candle with the Crystal Gardenia perfume and the bundle costs $75. The scent is supposed to be “a top note of water lily,” with gardenia, velvet tuberose and warm woods. Sounds sort of like my favorite perfume, Estee Lauder: Private Collection Gardenia Tuberose. Which makes me wonder if this is just Kim’s version of a great Estee Lauder perfume. Anyway, the point of all of this is that Kim is coming for the candle industry too. She’s going to break the candle internet.

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  1. bonobochick says:


  2. Chaine says:

    Scented candles? For real? Is one of the smells Eau de Desperation?

  3. OriginalLala says:

    Years ago a Celebitchy writer said that they thought Kim must smell like fake tanner and barely-suppressed farts because of her constant use of excessive tanner and shape-wear, and honestly it’s what I always think of when I see Kim so no, I do not care about her fragrances at all lol.

  4. RedRoyal says:


  5. Astrid says:

    I will never buy anything this family sells. I love them for comic relief and diversion in a time of political strife

  6. Immy says:

    I’ll stick with being basic and continue to buy Yankee Candles 🙂

  7. Elisabeth says:

    i think LR is selling candles she actually made with her own two hands for the same price.

    I’m not interested in either

  8. Valiantly Varnished says:

    She’s talked about her taste in fragrances and scents before and she does have a very sophisticated sense of scent. And I love anything Gardenia. It’s my favorite flower and one of my favorite scents. I would buy this. It’s reasonably priced – Bath and Body Works candles are $25. And this probably smells far more nuanced than those do. Im here for it.

  9. Kym says:


  10. lucy2 says:

    As I am allergic to pretty much all fragrances…no.
    As it’s Kim…no.

  11. Kimmie says:

    Not really. It’s to be expected since she’s trying to tap into every market, everywhere. What I’d like to know is where are her edges?! I distinctly remember her having baby hairs circa her Paris Hilton days.

  12. Pib says:

    I used to work in a related industry and went to the launch of her first perfume. That one seemed like one of those super basic, generic fragrances that celebs were coming out with to appeal to younger people’s palates at the time. It was like being punched in the sinuses by jellybabies.

    I pretty much wrote the rest of them off after that so curious if someone has a more up to date opinion!

  13. sassbr says:

    Yah, I love luxury candles. Once you buy Tosca, Paddywax, diptyque, or anything like that, it’s so hard to go back to Yankee Candles or Bath & Bodyworks. You get used to the better scents and the longer burn time. Is it sill to spend $50 on a big jar candle? If that’s what you enjoy and it’s good quality. I find the money for value on Yankee is just garbage.

    I really want the Cherosa ’65 candle from Sol De Janeiro.

  14. 2lazy4username says:

    I love scented candles! But I can buy them at Home Goods for $5,99, thanks.

  15. Laur says:

    I’m sure there’s a joke to be made here somewhere about melting wax and Kim’s face…

    It sounds nice, I won’t be buying it though but I’m sure plenty will.

  16. Y says:

    Well, she is basically made out of wax right, no? 🤣🕯🕯🕯

  17. Miss America says:

    I love scented candles. But I gave them up about a year ago as I discovered they are listed as a known carcinogen. They’re are only a few that aren’t, like the pure beaswax ones, but they’re so expensive they’re not even worth it. 🙁

  18. jenner says:

    came here for the comments lol…

  19. Bella Bella says:

    Um, no. That is a humungous crystal in that photo tho.

  20. Bree says:

    No, because that’s not Kim Kardashian. Wax figure much?