Sophie Turner in pink Louis Vuitton at the Emmys: almost Grace Kelly-esque?

Sophie Turner attends The 71st Emmy Awards - Arrivals  in Los Angeles

Here are more photos of the Game of Thrones peeps at the Emmys. While some of these actors will likely get nominated for other Emmys or be part of Emmy-nominated shows, all of them know that this moment was special – their last Emmys for GoT. I wasn’t crazy about Sophie Turner’s Louis Vuitton look on the carpet last night, but the dress photographs well, doesn’t it? You can see the pale pink of the dress better and Sophie looks so striking. Not bad at all.

Emmy Awards 2019 Arrivals

Maisie Williams in JW Anderson – this is cute! I expect offbeat stuff from her, so this seems almost too normal.

Emmy Awards 2019 Arrivals

Carice van Houten in Ronald Van Der Kemp: a total mess, or actually kind of interesting? I can’t decide.

Carice van Houten attends The 71st Emmy Awards - Arrivals  in Los Angeles

Lena Headey in Brock Collection surprised me – I’m used to seeing her in darker looks, something with an edge. This is so pretty on her! She looked great.

Lena Headey attends The 71st Emmy Awards - Arrivals  in Los Angeles

And finally, Peter Dinklage – the only GoT actor to win anything at the Emmys.

Emmy Awards 2019 Press Room

Emmy Awards 2019 Press Room

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, WENN.

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  1. Lucy2 says:

    I don’t care for any of these looks.

  2. Sara says:

    Love Carice Van Houten! She is so stunning and has interesting fashion. Also her face. HER FACE.

    • Lizzie says:

      i agree. i love her dress – it fits perfectly and she has styled it perfectly. she looks so cool.

    • Moneypenny says:

      She is stunning. I think this is an interesting look and she pulls it off. I don’t know anyone else who could (and I may have preferred it at a different event).

    • Amy says:

      Not to pick apart a young person over admittedly superficial matters, but I don’t really get Sophie’s aesthetic appeal. She’s a pretty girl, but I find her to be somewhat standard-issue.

      I really love Maisie’s look. It gives you a taste of her personality but still manages to be elegant and venue appropriate.

      And I think that Carice is just a stunner, so there’s that.

  3. Caity says:

    I like the bust of Sophie’s dress, but the way it makes her hips look wide (which they’re not) is not flattering.

  4. Lisa says:

    Maisie looked cute. Motmfeel8ng anu of.yhe other looks.

  5. aiobhan targaryen says:

    The Countess Louann was right about Louis Vuitton. There are only three celebs who ever look good in anything LV: Jennifer Connelly, white Michelle Williams, and Ruth Negga. Sophie is always given crap to wear, this pale nightmare included. She does not have the charisma to sell “avant garde/weird clothing” like those women do. Everything washes her out.

    Maisie’s outfit is cute. I love everything about her styling.

    I love Peter but he looks exhausted here and looks like he does not want anything to do with this show anymore. He also didn’t deserve that award because he has been phoning it in since season 5. It is odd how Dany and Jon (Dany more so than Jon) are the faces of this show but you would not know that if you just paid attention to the awards people and Dumb and Dumber. According to them, Tyrion and Peter are the ony ones that matter. Tyrion is trash and it still piss me off that he got awy with everything that he did.

    Carice overall looks great. The dress is odd but she is too; it fits her well. I would get rid of the bow at her waist as it is completely unneccessary. I think I also want to do something else with her hair. It is not bad here but I feel like other choices could have been made.

    • Your Cousin Vinny says:

      @aiobhan, what is it you feel he got away with? I felt he was sufficiently punished for killing his dad and Shae by being crated off (literally) from king’s landing which he always professed to love and clearly never really wanted to leave. Everything he went through being taken prisoner by Jorah, being sold as a slave etc. was pretty harsh, and frankly he would never have killed either of them if he hadn’t been wrongly accused of killing Joffrey. In his final hours of freedom before Joffrey’s death he was defending Sansa from Joffrey’s games.

      For me the part that seemingly went unpunished was letting Varys take the heat (again, literally) but his final position as hand to Bran seemed a very fitting punishment. Jon will forever be free but Tyrion will be left cleaning up the considerable mess for the rest of his life.

      I don’t think Tyrion was a saint but for the most part this moral compass was in the right position. He helped Bran with the saddle when he didn’t need to, he helped save Catelyn when he was her prisoner, he never abused his position with Sansa and he tried his best to save Shae, knowing she would never have agreed to go unless he hurt her (as painful as that was). He released Jamie and tried to save Cersei from herself. And to me it he always seemed like he provided the best counsel he could personally deliver to Jon and Dany. I’m not saying his counsel was necessarily wise but I don’t think he was playing games or manipulating them, he just made bad calls.

      That’s my take, at least. I would love to hear yours. I feel like I’m finally ready to dissect the last season after feeling very upset about it.

  6. FHMom says:

    I think Maisie, and of course Dinklage, look amazing. The others are a mess.

  7. Lucy says:

    Loved Maisie and Carice. Alfie Allen was wearing a great tux, too!!

  8. xdanix says:

    Didn’t care for Sophie’s dress, though I think she makes it look about as good as most people COULD, being so pretty and statuesque (and her head looked great) but I must say my favourite little “bit” from the night wasn’t any of the carpet photos or the broadcast, it was from a “behind the scenes” video tweeted from inside the room of Kit and Sophie hugging each other tightly when they saw each other at their seats and just looking delighted to see each other. It was SO sincerely lovely, and reminded me very much of her Met Gala hug with Richard Madden earlier in the year. It’s just always so nice to see how much love there is between the “Stark kids” for each other.

    (I think it was Scott Feinberg who tweeted it, in case people are interested.)

  9. veroS says:

    I thought Sophie looked washed out and the dress didn’t fit her right. Like it looks big around the hips?

    • Esmom says:

      Really washed out. The hip area of the dress just has too much going on — the pleats, the belt, blah.

      Headey’s look would have been perfect but that black bow is jarring and distracting to me.

    • dlc says:

      I think a bright red lip would have helped Sophie out.

  10. Josephine says:

    I really liked Maisie’s dress. There was very little black on the red carpet (thank goodness), but I thought this look had enough lightness and interest to really work. It’s pretty on her.

  11. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Sophie’s look was very meh for me. She’s such a striking young woman and it made look boring. I LOVED Maisie’s dress and entire look. It struck a perfect balance between her aesthetic and the occasion. And I also live Carice Van Houten’s look. Why? Because she was being unapologetically herself. It was edgy avant garde and interesting. She looked bad a$$.
    Emilia looked very pretty but I do with the bust had more fabric on the sides at least. Other than that she looked beautiful

  12. Starkiller says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Carice look bad—she pulls off stuff that I would almost assuredly find hideous on anyone else.

    And I would’ve bet my finger that Lena’s gown was vintage Christian Lacroix. He should sue whatever Brock cCollection is for copyright infringement.

  13. Louisa says:

    Love love love Maisie’s dress! Thankfully she dropped her pink hair.

    Sophie is so pretty and statuesque, they could dress her in anything and this is the best they could come up with?

  14. Jessica says:

    Sophie – NO! That color does nothing for her. Her washed out blond dye job and that terrible bath color – no, no, no!

    • Erinn says:

      It’s a shame because it’s a very pretty color. But she’s just so fair, and then you add in the light toned makeup, and the blonde hair, and it really does wash her out. If her hair was a deeper shade, then MAYBE she could pull it off. But it’s a tricky color.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Maisie was my best-dressed.

  16. Case says:

    Loved Maisie’s dress. I’d wear that. Though there was a weird trend last night of additional straps on the dresses almost made to look like bra straps? Very strange.

  17. Xi Tang says:

    Maisie and Carice look fantastic! Sophie’s dress…smh.
    It’s criminal that Lena doesn’t have an Emmy for GoT. Even her smirking in season 7 deserve an award.

  18. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Love em all. All beautiful. All talented. Sad Peter’s the only one with an Emmy, but there ya go. Each of the above brought real talent to the show. Lena can act like a beast and I’ve been watching her for forever.

  19. tealily says:

    I hate Sophie’s dress, but her styling is dead on.

    I love Maisie’s look! Very flapper-esque without being cheesy or costumey. Gorgeous.

  20. Nibbi says:

    I think Sophie Turner was one of the best-dressed of the night. I think she is positively statuesque in that dress and I definitely get the Grace Kelly vibe.

    It’s ok to be pale/ delicately-colored, people, and to still wear delicate colors !!! Not everything has to be a punch to the eyeballs!!

    Maisie’s dress = perfect & fun for her.

    Also yes I’m just not ok w/ Lena Headey not carrying away any of the trophies. Her acting was consistently outstanding throughout the series, and I can imagine no other Cersei, truly.