Amal Clooney’s date-night outfit for her fifth wedding anniversary: cute or nah?

George and Amal Clooney step out to celebrate huge milestone!

Hand to God, for the past few years, whenever I see photos of George Clooney, I think he looks like one of my aging Indian relatives. It’s something about that silver beard and olive skin – my male Indian relations all seem to have the same long silver beards and such. Anyway, this is what George Clooney looks like these days. He’s grown out his beard significantly. And he has facial hair! *rimshot*

These are photos of George and Amal Clooney in New York on Friday. They were in town for the opening session of the United Nations, like they are every year. Amal usually has work to do in and around the UN, and she attended several sessions and meetings. From what I saw, I don’t think George joined her? I’m noting that because he has gone with her in previous years. In these photos, they are not headed to the UN though. I think they were going out to dinner or something. Possibly to celebrate their fifth anniversary! Yes, five years ago, we were enjoying those crazy wedding extravaganza photos from Venice. Seems like it was just yesterday.

In the five (plus) years since Amal was presented to us, I do think we’ve gotten used to her quirky style. Amal loves a miniskirt, a mullet skirt and/or something surprisingly twee. I would have really liked this ensemble if only the skirt was a touch longer. As it is, it’s much too short, even for an anniversary date night. I do love that she paired the ensemble with what appears to be “fancy go-go boots.” I think that was her style aim: to look business/go-go. It’s the new business-casual.

Amal Clooney shows off her long legs  while out celebrating 5-year wedding anniversary with hubby George Clooney

Amal Clooney shows off her long legs  while out celebrating 5-year wedding anniversary with hubby George Clooney

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. tempest prognosticator says:


    • escondista says:

      yeah – her hair and legs ARE amazing but there is so much more to Amal than those things. I am not policing women’s clothing choices but since this is what the post specifically asked about, this outfit doesn’t really live up to her accomplishments or powerful status as a 40+ year old woman in society.

      • ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:

        I also am not going to police her choice to wear a miniskirt and go-go boots. But I AM going to police that they are out of proportion to the unstructured jacket that she paired then with. THey would have would have looked amazeballs with a flowy white chiffon top.

      • Pixie says:

        @escondista I think she looks amazing. And you absolutely ARE policing a women’s clothing choices by saying she is not living up to her age/accomplishments. A woman’s choice of clothing in no way diminish her, or her accomplishments and it is very sexist to imply otherwise.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        I hate the boots. IMHO, the outfit would great with a medium heeled strappy sandal.

      • noway says:

        I agree a lot of things she has been working on are great for women and society, and they are what the focus should be on. Still on a totally superficial level, I agree she has spectacular hair, but not in love with her legs- too thin and shaped weird. Actually the love of her legs gets me a bit worried about society and view of women. I mean Tina Turner has great legs. Amal Clooney has long legs. There is a difference. Also this outfit is bad. The after thought, George looks like Mr. retired which is his usual look lately.

    • Bella Bella says:

      It looks like a tennis skirt.

    • Adrianna says:

      Does she go to the UN dressed like that? Overall, it’s cute but the skirt is too short.

    • Adrianna says:

      If it has shorts underneath, then it’s not going to cause any slip-ups! Didn’t see that at first.

  2. DaisySharp says:

    Eh, she’s got great legs and she wants to show them off. Why not? I do wonder, is the micro mini making a return? I don’t know if you all remember, but in the 90′s these were huge. Later 90′s. Think Ally McBeal. I don’t still have mine, which is a good thing because I couldn’t fit into them anyway, but with so much fashion being influenced by the 90′s, I do wonder.

    • Jerusha says:

      They were big in the early 70s, too. I know because back then I wore one shorter than Amal’s. Of course, I was in my late 20s, so it looked pretty good.

    • Nikki* says:

      Not throwing shade, but I literally want to know how can you sit, bend, get in a car, etc. without flashing your biscuit in a dress this short? Or is a flash of thong OK nowadays? My skirts are longer and yet, they seem to rise unexpectedly as I move. I’d always be tugging the hem.

      • Nikki* says:

        Oh, now I see: it has a cute little stretchy underliner. Sorry: I don’t know how to delete my own comment.

      • DaisySharp says:

        Well, you bend with your knees, never bend over. Getting out of a car, you hold your handbag in front of your v. Sitting, you just keep your legs crossed. You showed a lot. I mean, people got glimpses if they watched closely. I always wore panties. It was the 90′s and everyone was doing it and I had the body for it. No regrets!

  3. Becks1 says:

    I don’t mind the outfit – I wouldn’t wear it, but it seems very Amal. What bothers me is that George seems fairly dressed down in jeans and a polo and she is a little dressier/more fun of an outfit.

    • Erinn says:

      YES – this is exactly what I was thinking haha. She looks fine, it’s not what I’d wear, but I like it well enough on her. She’s a beautiful lady. George looks way under dressed. Swap the jeans for Chinos, or keep the jeans and add a nicer button up, and it’d be a closer match.

  4. C-Shell says:

    It’s actually a skort, but still too short IMO. I’d love that outfit if it was a few inches longer.

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed. Just a little longer would make it much better, imo.

      I haven’t seen any photos of George in ages, years I think. He looks good.

      • C-Shell says:

        I’m not a big fan of the beard from a sex appeal POV, but his is lush and well-groomed. He looks fit and not as bent and in pain as he did there for a while when his back was clearly hurting. All in all, he DOES look good.

    • minx says:

      Agree, just a couple of inches and longer and it would be a win.

  5. BaronSamedi says:

    The short skirt does her legs zero favors. It’s just not flattering and the chunky boots only emphasize how thin and untoned her legs are. Nope, not a great look.

    • Kittycat says:

      We must be looking at different pictures

    • Tanguerita says:

      @BaronSamedi +1

    • noway says:

      I agree, and I don’t think her legs are great either, especially the last picture above. They are just long. Plus you have the added thing it looks like a school uniform skort. When paired with George and his older look, it a bit too twee when your husband is closer to 60. They always look mismatched like they are going to different places, but this just accentuates it more.

    • Kh6 says:

      I agree, she doesn’t have great legs and the boots make them look stringy .

    • Seraphina says:

      I agree that the outfit isn’t doing her legs any favors. Her legs are thin and that doesn’t make them look great.

      • Bosandi says:

        She’s a beautiful woman who can wear just about anything. Unfortunately, this outfit doesn’t do her any favors. Thin legs don’t equate to great legs. I wonder how an over-the-knee boot would look…

      • Nic919 says:

        Thank you. Thin legs without muscle tone are not great legs and yet we see this comment all the time and not just for Amal.

    • cupcake says:

      I agree, the boots and the length of her skirt, make her legs look like they belong on an older lady to me.
      she is serving face for sure, makeup impeccable and natural looking.

    • Isabelle says:

      Can we as women just stop sh*ting on other women’s bodies? This 8th grade bashing women’s physical imperfections is just exhausting and boring at this point. Post your pic, so we can rip apart your flaws. You know Pluck the tree out of your eye kind of thing before judging.

  6. Originaltessa says:

    its Just not my style. I think it’s the boots and the coat. Like the outfit can’t make up its mind about what it’s trying to be.

  7. Lightpurple says:

    Five years! How are the ceramic cockatiels holding up? I do hope the kids haven’t smashed them.

  8. Alexandria says:

    Since I’m short, I don’t care if I have skinny legs. I’ll wear the same outfit if I have her legs. I don’t see the skinny tho.

  9. Spicecake38 says:

    George looks like Ernest Hemingway.

  10. Busyann says:

    I would totally wear a version of this. Albeit, a tad bit longer….actually, I have similar items in my closet now, just never thought to pair them, but it is happening. Just as soon as it gets cooler here. Thanks Amal!!

    But holy moly are the years passing by?! I didnt realize they had been married 5 years. Good for them!

  11. OriginalLala says:

    Not my style but I am always happy to see someone rocking a skort!!

  12. manda says:

    My hairdresser recently explained to me that brunettes and people with really dark hair will get that lovely silver shade and I am so jealous. I would die for George’s color, it would be so nice to not have to get it colored anymore! I have blonde hair and didn’t really understand her explanation for what happens to us. Oh well

    I like the outfit but agree the skirt is a tad too short, for me at least

  13. Vava says:

    I think the outfit would be perfect if the skort was 6 inches longer. George would look better without the beard, keep a mustache though.

    • Antonym says:

      Mustache with no beard! 🥴

      (I have yet to see anyone that looks good with a stand-alone mustache. Obvs just my opinion)

  14. Tw says:

    It was hot in NY yesterday. The boots and jacket make no sense. NY pap strolls drive me nuts for this very reason. I can’t.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I wondered about that. This outfit reminds me of 14-year-old me, wearing every item of cool clothing I owned, all at the same time, regardless of the weather, just to impress my friends and enemies at the mall.

  15. Other Renee says:

    I honestly cannot believe it has already been five years since the Venice hoopla surrounding their wedding. I can still see the headlines and photos clearly in my mind. It feels like yesterday. Well maybe three years tops.

  16. ChillyWilly says:

    Her outfit is really cute but why is George so casual? I mean put in a little effort, dude. Your wife looks great and you look like you I gonna clean the garage.

  17. Beachy says:

    That’s not what she wore to dinner- she wore leather pants and white corset top. George had on jeans but changed his shirt.

  18. 2lazy4username says:

    I like the concept, but the proportions are all off. Also, in contrast, George looks like he’s going to wash his car, which throw off the whole vibe even more.

  19. Charfromdarock says:

    I think if the jacket were fitted it might look better. Or if it was actual shorts.

    And booties vs long boots.

    *says the fashion critic in her yoga capris and tank top*

    • EveV says:

      I agree with your suggestions tho. Jacket a little more fitted, short shorts instead of the miniskirt and booties instead of the long boots would have made this outfit.

  20. Nuks says:

    Love Amal, don’t love her style.

  21. Giddy says:

    “He’s grown out his beard significantly. And he has facial hair.”
    I see you Kaiser, and that was great!

  22. L4frimaire says:

    It’s a quirky look for sure. The top, jacket and purse look very Park Avenue ladies who lunch, but that skort thing with the knee high boots is not the most flattering, and look to go-go dancer. It’s like she’s trying to be hip but it looks a bit gauche. Everything looks very expensive so more power to her.

  23. Texas says:

    I go between loving and admiring her to thinking that she grates on my nerves. She has it all. I’m probably just jealous!

  24. MsIam says:

    That skirt looks like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Is it really a skort or just a skirt with a pleat? Anyway, like Kaiser said, it would be ok if the skirt/skort were closer to the knee. It would balance the jacket better. I like her boots. As for George, yeah the beard is looking a little too Santa Clause-y for me. I like that gray hair though, very sexy!

  25. Liz says:

    Pretty legs? Lol , flamingo legs..

  26. laura-j says:

    Classic woman looking all put together and dude just rolled out of bed.

  27. virginfangirls says:

    Hope she’s just naturally that skinny. Because if she is trying for those very, very thin legs then it’s concerning.

    • Joanna says:

      I think her legs look thinner than they did when they got together. George’s women seem to get thinner as the relationship goes on.

  28. shells_bells says:

    I too think this is shorts, not a skirt. I think I would like this styled with some opaque tights and booties, but I don’t like it as is. Also, it really seems like they are going to different places. However, my guy is super casual so we probably look this way a lot so I’m not judging too much for that.

  29. Jaded says:

    Hate it.

  30. emilybyrd says:

    Looks like a young woman out with her elderly dad

  31. Joanna says:

    George is one of those men who will always be good looking, no matter how old. I’m not normally a beard lover but I think his looks good.

    Yeah, my pet peeve is seeing men who look like they just rolled out of bed with their woman who looks like she put a lot more effort in to how she looks. Idk why we hold ourselves to such high standards or is it simply that the woman enjoys dressing up? I’ve had girlfriends who would take 2 hours to get ready to go out to the club. I’ll wear makeup and dress up a bit but not that much lol