‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ podcast #31: That time LeAnn Rimes’ people contacted us

Intro: Minutes 0 to 8
I’ve been watching the new season of The Great British Baking Show with my mom, which Chandra loves too. Chandra is watching the docuseries Country Music on PBS by Ken Burns. We talk about Johnny Cash being a huge celebrity and friends with Bob Dylan and what a great show this is. We’re both hopeful after news of an impeachment inquiry, which is putting Chandra in a good mood. I don’t think he’ll be impeached but that it might mean we’re spared four more years. You can listen below!

Emmys: Minutes 8 to 11:30
I have trouble falling asleep after big awards ceremonies. Chandra can fall asleep without a problem except on Oscars night. Big winners at the Emmys this year were Fleabag, which Hecate watched but didn’t love, Chernobyl and Game of Thrones. I watched Chernobyl and wish some of the actors would have won instead of the writers. Chandra avoided it because of what a downer it was. Game of Thrones won because it was their last season. Peter Dinklage won despite his character’s lousy story arc.

Royals: Minutes 11:30 to 23
We got to see Baby Archie who is huge and looks “scooped out of his daddy’s ass,” as Chandra puts it. Archie is adorable and looks like he’s got a lot of personality. Meghan has been wearing simple, uncontroversial outfits on this African tour. I’ve liked her looks and think she’s trying to keep the focus on her visits. Chandra wishes Meghan hadn’t repeated so many looks from her last tour, especially since she wore a $13,000 dress to a wedding in Rome. She talks about the controversy over Meghan’s hair being half covered, but still hanging out during her visit to a mosque. I thought that was deliberate so she wasn’t criticized for trying too hard. Neither of us liked her dress at that visit, which was baggy and olive-colored. We both liked her black Everlane jumpsuit and her Martin Grant maxi dress.

Minute 18: Princess Beatrice got engaged to a guy named Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi . Her ring is pretty but understated. It’s a similar design to Meghan’s ring. We agree that it’s not worth the £300,000 that The Sun says it’s worth. Chandra wonders how much of a blue blood Edoardo is and calls him “trash adjacent,” which is definitely true now.

Demi Moore: Minutes 23 to 28
Demi Moore said in her new book that she had threesomes with Ashton Kutcher, that they left her feeling ashamed, and that Ashton Kutcher cheated on her during their marriage. We’ve know Ashton is a cheater for years because two different mistresses came out, on the record, to gossip outlets at the time. Chandra reminded me of that time that Scott Eastwood said his girlfriend cheated on him with Ashton, when Ashton was married. Ashton’s response to Demi’s book was petty and lame but we had to logout of Twitter to see it because he blocked both of us years ago. Chandra talks about her tweet on Emmy’s night calling out Tim Allen for being a Maga, which went viral and drew the attention of the Maga loonies. By saying Ashton is an a-hole we’re not saying Demi is a saint.

Brad Pitt: Minutes 28 to 31
Brad Pitt is covering US Magazine with the news that he has a new girlfriend, a 50-year-old jewelry designer and holistic healer named Sat Hari Khalsa. We think it’s cool that she’s age-appropriate for Brad, who is 55. Chandra mentioned the news that Sat Hari was allegedly a sober companion to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which may explain how she met Brad. I found the website for her jewelry line and the pieces are Indian-influenced and crazy expensive. I ask Chandra if Brad is both leaking the news that he’s with this woman and then denying it. She said she thinks that’s the case, because he did that with Neri Oxman.

User Questions: Minutes 31 to 34:30
Maggie asked us in a text if we have any LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian news which didn’t make the site. They did contact us over a licensing issue and I got a lawyer involved as I explain. My decision about that matter was based on LeAnn naming Celebitchy in a lawsuit against another blogger who had recorded a phone call with LeAnn and posted it. That lawsuit was dismissed. We haven’t heard about LeAnn in a while but assume that Eddie is cheating on her because that’s who he is. I thank LaUnica Angelina and Lila who both gave us nice feedback!

Comments of the Week: Minutes 34:30 to 38
My comments of the week are from Luna and Original LaLa about Hillary Clinton’s awesome new look and the impeachment party dress code. Chandra’s comments of the week are from Jenns and Diana on the post about Jennifer Lopez’s shady 1998 interview.

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OZY Fest at Central Park


Harry and Meghan South Africa

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  1. Gutterflower says:

    Is that why there haven’t been any stories for the last while? I thought maybe she just dialled down the crazy! That sucks, she was always an entertaining mess to read about.

    • Celebitchy says:

      No not at all. She really did dial it down. If you listen to that section we explain the background. It was about a licensing issue for her reality show, but due to the other issues around that I declined.

  2. evelynpierce says:

    I still follow Leann and she still keeps the drama going.
    She is still canceling to keep a eye on her man.
    Leann claimed she had the flu wen she canceled her first couple of concerts. Then she canceled three concerts bc of the death of her dog only to replace the dog by the end of the following week.
    She is still blocking people. She blocked one fan for confronting her about canceling.
    She canceled on one venue three time!
    Leann used her old stand by, dental issues, to get out of several concerts. (She posted pictures with a ice bag on her face).But you know Leann recovers at a snap of a finger.
    She always cancels but manage to make it on family vacation.
    Glad to report the dental issues have completely disappeared.
    Kiki(the buffer) is gone y’all. And now that she’s gone Ed brings the kids and his parents everywhere.
    Leann has her name on a product whose proceeds goes to charity, but they neglect to give the numbers. No one knows how much they give.
    People on Reddit called it a Ponzi scheme
    Brandi called her out on her podcast for taking the boys to a movie premiere they did not want to attend.
    Brandi wanted the Cibrians to support her in convincing the oldest son on getting a summer job. That never happened because you know how Ed feels about work.
    And yes she still stalks Brandi.

    • Christin says:

      Thank you for this update. She is the reason I came to this site (circa 2012-13). Copying, cancellations and pap strolls were the norm in those days.

      Now that the boys are older and the 10-year mark is probably close, it will be interesting to see if this couple goes the distance. I think they are more similar than maybe we realize.

  3. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    So I got a new phone yesterday and finally got everything set up today. I just want to say thank you for the shout-out. My first therapy session was yesterday and I like the therapist so far. 😊

    @Kaiser, your enthusiasm for Country Music is great! We started it last week and I agree that it’s entertaining and very informative! Although I’m a Texan, I’ve never really been a country music fan until last year. I worked at a live music venue last year and met many amazingly talented musicians! It made me appreciate country music unlike ever before. The big name country stars don’t come anywhere near many of the acts I’ve met.

    Thank you both for another great podcast!