“Journalists were banned from the LA ‘Joker’ premiere” links

Joker Premiere

Journalists were banned from the Joker premiere – photos only at the premiere, no questions for Joaquin Phoenix & Todd Phillips. [Dlisted]
Ralph Fiennes stars in The King’s Man, a prequel to The Kingsmen franchise. While it’s bizarre, I kind of enjoy it?? [Just Jared]
Drake was apparently a d-bag in Brazil. [LaineyGossip]
Sarah Jessica Parker wore a crazy Zac Posen gown. [Go Fug Yourself]
Wow, this is a fascinating read about Brexit & disaster capitalism. [Pajiba]
Another woman accused Al Franken of groping her. [Jezebel]
An actress was fired for her homophobia & now she’s suing. [Towleroad]
Dissecting the villain of Bridesmaids: Helen. [OMG Blog]
I just loathe all conversations around MMA and MMA fighters. [The Blemish]

Joker Premiere

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  1. Steff says:

    What if it does happen and there’s a terror attack by some incel/white supremacist who was inspired by this movie? They gonna run away from the journalists then?

  2. HK9 says:

    They’re banning journalists now? So much for ‘conversation’.

  3. J.Mo says:

    Banning journalists doesn’t look good on anyone.

  4. Valiantly Varnished says:

    So they make an entire movie about violence and it’s origins but are unwilling to have a conversation about said topic?? Masculinity so fragile.
    I had no real interest in seeing this film and I REALLY have no interest in seeing it now.

    • stormsmama says:


    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      ITA I was somewhat interested in this and read a spoiler that makes sense as to why the journalist asked JP about copycats/incels being inspired. But they’ve all been such whiny bitches about this whole thing, that it’s a turn off and the only person talented and intelligent enough to see what they were doing is the script writer. Or one of them.

  5. Valerie says:

    Ah, white male fragility rears its little baby head again.

  6. TQB says:

    Oh OF COURSE they were. They totally would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for us meddling outrage commodifiers and, you know, survivors of gun violence. Oh and the FBI, US ARmy…

  7. stormsmama says:

    Serious hypothetical (and you guys know how much I love keanu … #keanuforever)
    Are we going to revolt against the insane amount of fetishized gun violence in John Wick?

    I LOVE KEANU so I have to wonder if he is woke enough to be questioning what he is actually doing by playing this character
    He epitomizes the male fantasy of guns and ultra violence unfettered by the rules of any nation and above the laws as well…

    I went to see it bc of Keanu- but I had whiplash from all the violence…

    Again, i am 100% ride or die #keanuforever and still I am thinking this John Wick gun porn has to get called out, right?

    • DS9 says:

      Surely you understand that it’s not the violence itself people are discussing but the storyline and motivations of this character.

      If it were merely the violence, this discussion would involve marvel movies too.

    • Tiffany says:

      The context of the films are completely different.

      If we are living in world where more that half the population are assassins and got an assignment to kill someone for a ton of money, then yeah.

    • Erinn says:

      I think it’s quite different.

      The John Wick stuff is SO over the top that it’s very clearly something that could only happen in a fantasy world. There’s a weird silly vibe with John Wick because of the over the topness of it all. Not many people can understand or emotionally identify with a dude who’s part of a deep assassin network who went on a murder spree because the puppy his dead wife got him gets killed by some bad guys within the network. However – I think there’s a lot of people who can identify with someone who’s been rejected by society who wants to get revenge, and that is a huge emotional tie in.

      John Wick goes after bad guy hitmen types, not every day folk.

      While it might not by helping with the overall cultural glorification of gun violence – there’s nothing ideological about the John Wick series.

    • jenner says:

      @stormsmama- I agree with you. Violence is violence, and when we start saying that some violence is ok, while some violence is not, it only complicates and causes further division. The fact is, we have gotten so de-sensitized to violence, that we think it is “ok”.

      • DS9 says:

        This is such an incredibly simplic viewpoint and dilutes the entire conversation we’re trying to have about gun violence and it’s motivations.

        It’s the alllivesmatter argument and it sucks.

        Of course we need to discuss violence as a whole but we are specifically trying to discuss one of the most common forms of gun violence, one of the likely top three forms tje average person encounters and it’s frustrating to see that discussion glossed over.

      • otaku fairy... says:

        @DS9: +1. You’re right. Acknowledging targets & mentioning motives behind different kinds of violence is sweat-inducing for some, and seen as too divisive. It’s kind of like how people pointed out that Meghan Markle drawing attention to femicide could be controversial, like Me Too.

    • TQB says:

      I think you can have a problem with gun violence in movies, full stop. However, that is not the complaint being lodged against Joker. It’s the humanizing of a white man who thinks life has short changed him so he turns to violence. Moreover, if the producers of the film wanted it to be received as perhaps a warning, or some lead point for discussion about the people who are likely to find sympathy in this character, they would welcome the questions.

    • Bob says:

      It’s also the difference between movies and films. Keanu isn’t taking John Wick 3 to prestigious festivals and trying to win Oscars

  8. Nicegirl says:

    I’ve got bigger fish to fry than Keanu on the gun violence front.

    • StormsMama says:

      That’s fine.
      I’m a long time commenter and still I didn’t expect some of the responses to my serious but hypothetical question.
      I was being serious- and in no way trying to “dilute” the argument as accused.
      And since this is the “links” post I thought it was fair game for me to ask. I appreciate a few of you responded thoughtfully and I appreciate that.
      Again I was not trying to minimize or conflate.
      This is the links page. I thought you could drop a question like that and not be attacked for going tangential to but not off the topic. Sheesh.

  9. Clay says:

    Banned journalists at the premiere. Banned also people wearing clown costumes and makeup. You can bring your weapon tho, this is your right as an American citizen dammit.

  10. Original T.C. says:

    Cutting your nose to spite your face? There are many media outlets that are comic book friendly no matter how violet. They would also write favorably reviews if given the chance to get a sound bite from a movie star. Their questions would stick only to comic book fanboy type questions. Banning the press usually means bad movie.

  11. Veronica S says:

    Creatives need to stop pretending artistic intent deserves to be free of social interrogation. We are responsible for the implications of our work. Censorship isn’t a proper path but neither is silencing criticism or dialogue. When your audience is in the millions, it’s entirely fair that the impact of your work is discussed.