‘Birds of Prey’ gets its first trailer: what is this film actually about again?

Meghan Markle visits the mothers2mothers (m2m) charity in Cape Town,

I eventually saw Suicide Squad after a recommendation from my mother, of all people. She told me that it was a fun movie and that Margot Robbie was really cute in it. So I did watch it. It was not a fun movie, but Margot’s Harley Quinn was the star. Margot pops on-screen, and in that cesspool of toxic masculinity and bulls–t, Margot’s Harley was a bright, lively oasis. The shenanigans were quite bigly on the post-production too, because Warner Bros suddenly realized that Margot was the star and they had to recut everything to feature her more. After all of that, WB decided to give Margot her own stand-alone Harley Quinn movie. I’ve seen the updates here and there and they didn’t really interest me. Now there’s a trailer and I… well, we’ll talk about it on the other side. The full name of the movie is Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn.

The plot is that Harley Quinn and the Joker break up and she decides to form a girl gang of badass ladies (aka Birds of Prey). And… something. Is the original goal of the girl gang to just hang out and get drunk? And they decide to do stuff based off what the villain is doing. The villain is Roman Sionis, played by Ewan McGregor. In the comic books, Roman Sionis is Black Mask and his backstory is quite extensive. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is Helena/Huntress. Jurnee Smollett-Bell is Black Canary. Chris Messina is Victor Zsasz. Rosie Perez is Renee Montoya.

I don’t know what to make of it, honestly. Twitter seems to be reacting with cautious optimism, and I think it’s halfway cool that Warner Bros is doing a stand-alone movie about a halfway villainess trying to reclaim her independence with the help of other ladies. Who knows.

Meghan Markle visits the mothers2mothers (m2m) charity in Cape Town,

‘Birds of Prey’ posters courtesy of Warner Bros.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    Well, I made fun of my husband in the other post, now I’ll make fun of myself. I knew there was a HQ movie coming out, but had no idea what it was going to be called. So when I saw “Birds of Prey” trailer, I thought it was an updated version of the Birds.

    Like, with peregrine falcons etc.


  2. tealily says:

    I didn’t see the first one, but I’ve come to really like her. I like her in interviews and I enjoyed I, Tonya. I’d probably stream this at some point, but I won’t be going out to the theater for it.

  3. Lady Luna says:

    I saw the trailer and it did nothing for me. I’m not a fan of her tbh.

  4. Lwt00 says:

    Any Birds of Prey without Oracle is a hard pass for me.

    • Dee says:

      To answer Kaiser’s question: the movie birds of prey is apparently about harley quinn and not, you know, the birds of prey.

      LWT00, you’re absolutely correct. Why not make a GCS movie if they’re gonna focus on Harley? She got nothing to do with the BoP.
      Sorry I’m salty. I love Margot but hate HQ and I was actually waiting for some huntress and dinah action.

      • Sugar says:

        I wish they were making Gotham City Sirens instead of Birds of Prey, because that would make more sense to me.

        But I’m happy with whatever. Harley has been my favorite superhero/comic character since I was a little kid watching Batman: The Animated Series, so to see her played by someone who really gets the character makes me ecstatic. The original Harley character design is my phone case!

  5. Leriel says:

    I understand that WB want to sell the movie to general public, and general public is familiar only with Harley, but they overused her in promos and trailer. It looks more like “Harley Queen and Birds of prey walking in the distance”. I don’t mind, but I’m afraid that movie may be like that too – Harley, Harley, Harley, and sometimes birds of prey.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Well this IS Harley’s movie so it should be Harley, Harley, Harley. That’s the entire reason why they gave her a standalone film. It makes sense. She’s the draw.

      • Leriel says:

        Than they should name it “Harley Quinn and Birds of prey” (I wrote her name with mistake in my first comment, shame), and not Birds of prey, because it confuses people, especially who knows who are Birds of prey. My best friend is a DC girl, and she already refused to see this, because she wants Birds of prey, like movie name suggests, and not Harley.

  6. Gingerbread says:

    I feel like I’m in the minority, I don’t care for Margot at all. I can’t stand her voice for this character, and she makes it seem very cheesy. I’m really not the target audience for it though, and I can’t complain too much about a movie with mostly all women leads. Just won’t be seeing it.

    • Sugar says:

      The voice she’s doing is based off of the accent given to Harley Quinn’s character in Batman: The Animated Series, which is where the character originated. It’s supposed to be a bit cheesy.

  7. Cindy says:

    I think Suicide Squad is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in my life and everyone, EVERYONE in that movie did a horrible job. I remember coming out of the theatre with my friends and saying I literally would’ve rathered those 10 bucks be stolen, so I wouldn’t have to deal with knowing I willingly spent that money on watching that garbage. I’m still bitter I paid to watch that movie.

    TLDR I’m not watching this.

  8. The Original Mia says:

    I guess it’s better than the teasers, but not by much. It just seems exhausting tbh. I have no idea what is going on.

  9. Esme says:

    It looks bonkers. Future cult classic.
    Between this one and The Joker, DC is really trying a postmodern route with their superhero IP. Could be interesting… and at least it’s different from Marvel/Disney. We’ll see

  10. greenteaandrosehip says:

    This headline made me think of Moira’s crow movie on Schitt’s Creek!

  11. Jb says:

    Well at least she’s wearing more clothes while kicking butt is all I can say. Suicide Squad had her running around in cut off teeshirt and booty shorts and slow changing in front of a room full of men…can we get some badass female crime fighters in actual practical tactical gear and a good bra?

  12. Naddie says:

    I started to dislike Margot after Once upon a time in HW but I can’t dislike her for too long, once she’s away from a bro pack. She always does a good job, no matter what’s being asked of her: loser, femme fatale, sweet or kooky. I’ll see this movie because I feel it won’t be about making her look hot for horny teenagers, like Suicide squad.

  13. DS9 says:

    I am totally ready for this.

    I thought Margot would be a great Harley Quinn back when wolf of wall street came out but I didn’t bother with suicide squad because it looked like shit

    This looks far better

  14. SMG says:

    I love the Harley Quinn character, especially everything that Amanda Conner did with her in the comics.
    But Suicide Squad was not for me. (Please, James Gunn, turn this franchise around!)
    When I saw Harley on the screen, all I could think of was Madonna in Who’s That Girl.
    She was Nikki Finn all the way.

  15. Shana says:

    The acting looks so bad, I cringed

  16. sequinedheart says:

    Whyyyyyyy does she have the SAME accent as WOWS character??

    • Sugar says:

      It’s the accent that Harley Quinn had in Batman: TAS, where the character originated.

      • sequinedheart says:

        I guess… but it does seem like that’s Margie’s go-to from an outsiders point. I’m not into comic book movies so to me, it’s like “oh she has one accent she can do confidently so we’re gonna hear it again and again…………….”

      • Sugar says:

        She’s only used this accent with Harley and WOWS – Harley canonically has a Brooklyn accent, and the other character was based off of someone raised in Brooklyn.

        When she played Tonya Harding, Queen Elizabeth, and Sharon Tate, she had a different accent for each – all of which are different from her natural Aussie accent. So I’m not really sure what you mean.

    • Ok says:

      Her Tarzan accent was just normal American and it was so awkward. I guess she just can’t get a normal one down so she defaults to the jersey thing.

  17. barbwire says:

    i enjoyed the crazy version of her Harley in S.S. But I’m more interested now in finding out her lippie colour in the trailer…mesmerizing

  18. Harla says:

    Yep, I’ll totally go see this and enjoy every minute 🙂

  19. Jules says:

    It looks really interesting…I’m feeling it as they say! I like that this trailer is not giving away the movie, so many films are doing that now (esp action or comic book movies). And the trailer seems to give an artistic or unconventional vibe but not artsy fartsy, like it may have a sense of humor about itself, unlike, you know, the way some people are describing the joker movie. But at least like someone else mentioned in the comments above Warner Bros. is trying to be a little different from other films. I imagine it’s a struggle for both Marvel and DC to keep certain surprises and plot points under wraps. But this particular film, aside that, seems to hint at its quirkiness but depth and fun too. At least I hope so. I guess we don’t know if it’ll live up to that and maybe that’s what the filmmakers and filmmakers want. I think it looks interesting

  20. Itteh Bitteh says:

    Been a Batman fan since I was a kid, and Harley was always my favorite. I like Margot. I liked her as Harley in Suicide Squad. This…looks awful. I won’t be seeing it.

  21. Madpoe says:

    Meh I’ll pass on this one too.
    My fave Harley Quinn was from Batman the animated series. Someone here mention Madonna’s Nikki Finn (Who’s That Girl) and I can see that too. Just with day-glo graffiti explosion all over it.