Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott are taking a break after two-and-a-half years together

Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's 'Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly'

In the past, I’ve said nice things about Kylie Jenner and how she conducted her relationship with Travis Scott. They seemed to care about each other deeply, but they were still realistic about what they wanted from each other. Kylie always maintained her independence and her own home, which is where their daughter Stormi lives. Travis would stay with them when he was in town, but he was on tour a lot. While much was made of Kylie accusing Travis of infidelity last year, I tend to believe that they’ve quietly agreed that as long he’s discreet, he gets to do whatever he wants. They never married, and as far as I know, they never formalized their relationship in any way (like, buying property together). Maybe it’s Kris Jenner’s influence on everything, but Kylie was always smart enough to not mess up her finances or her legal independence. Those decisions are looking even smarter at the moment:

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are both single again — the couple is walking away from their relationship .. for now, TMZ has learned. Sources connected to the now exes say they haven’t been together publicly since his “Look Mom, I Can Fly” documentary premiered in Santa Monica on Aug. 27. They were there as a family … with baby Stormi, but since then things have cooled.

We’re told they’ve been trying to make the relationship work for a while, but several weeks ago they decided to step away — at least for now. Worth noting … Kylie hasn’t posted anything with Travis since Sept. 10.

They were inseparable over the summer — taking that crazy yacht trip with friends and family for Kylie’s birthday. They also took a vacay together earlier this year — in March — after a rough patch where she thought Trav was cheating. He denied that. He was noticeably absent this weekend in South Carolina, where Kylie attended Justin and Hailey Bieber’s wedding … with Stormi.

Our sources say this isn’t the first time they’ve taken a break — and in the past, they’ve managed to work it out. We’re told they’ll continue to co-parent, and will keep Stormi as their number 1 priority. For now, their new relationship status is … complicated, but single.

[From TMZ]

People Magazine confirms that Kylie and Travis are “taking a break” and a source says, “They are taking some time but not done. They still have some trust issues but their problems have stemmed more from the stress of their lifestyles.” I kind of believe that? He’s on tour and on the road constantly, and that really affects their relationship. That being said, this did surprise me a little bit! I thought we’d get a pregnancy announcement before a breakup announcement!

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott walking in Capri ahead of a dinner date!

61st Annual GRAMMY Awards

kylie scott

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Backgrid, Avalon Red.

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  1. Mamasan says:

    To me, she always looks sad somehow.😥

    • AmyB says:

      I tend to agree with you @Mamasan. While I pretty loathe the Kardashians, in particular Kris Jenner, I tend to feel the most sorry for Kylie. She was molded at such a young age – to basically be this cosmetically enhanced plastic Barbie doll. It is sad.

      • Agreed. I am always shocked when I read something that includes her age, she physically looks so much older and has been so exposed I feel like she should be mid 30s by now.
        The rare photo where she isn’t “done” to the hilt really emphasizes that. I quietly root for this one.

    • minx says:

      Her face in that top picture, everything is so jacked and unnatural. My daughter is just slightly younger and she looks so youthful in comparison.

    • Nadeni says:

      I agree. Not to be snarky but I don’t think she shows much facial expression because she’s had so much work done and looks nothing like her pictures when her face is in movement. These girls today live for what is instagram-able and it’s all for photos.

      And I don’t think i’ve ever seen a picture of him look directly at the camera. Always seems to be hiding something. Shady as heck.

    • Cali says:

      I think it’s just all the work done, but his face is the issue I see here😑

  2. Birdie says:

    He is a successful, young rapper on tour.. he obviously has side pieces.

    • LadyLaw says:

      Yup. They haven’t been pictured together in months. And there was no mention of him visiting her at the hospital. Methinks there are some cheating photos/stories about to drop.

    • jenner says:

      Yup. I am shocked they made it this long.

  3. Allie says:

    This whole “taking a break” thing is so ridiculous. Either you get along with your partner or you don’t. If you need to “take a break” from someone they are clearly not the right person to grow old with.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Yea. They are finally broken up now. All the wifey gushing he used to do was premature I guess.

    • huncamunca says:

      I disagree. They’ve been together for a decent amount of time and have a kid together. They probably feel like the relationship is at a crossroads. Sometimes time apart to focus on yourself puts things in perspective and highlights what you need to work on to be a better partner and you can figure out if you have needs your partner isn’t meeting. It only works if you’re both actually doing the work, though. And of course, the realization might be that the relationship needs to end.

      • Allie says:

        They do not live together and he is on the road a lot. That would be enough “time apart” I would guess. He’s most likely fooling around with other women so he does see who else is out there already and she is also doing her own thing all the time.

    • SarSte says:

      Ehh, not everything in this world is so black and white.

    • Anna says:

      I mean, I don’t know that either of them has ever claimed they wanted to “grow old” with each other, though. That’s more of a marriage-type statement, or at least a lifetime-commitment-type statement. They don’t live together, and Stormi is the biggest connection they have to each other. If it weren’t for her, they’d probably have broken up before this.

    • mash says:

      facts allie….i learned that with my ex…we broke up a mere 4-6 months into the relationship then got back together and it was hell and disrespect on both our ends until an additional 2.5 years later…so if you need to take a break its GOD or UNIVERSE TELLING YOU NAH BRUH!!!

    • Mo says:

      Sometimes it is the best way to break up though. If you break up while still in the anger of whatever drove the relationship to end, it’s easy to get caught in a spiral of what could have happened and wanting some sort of justice. “Take a break” and realize that you are happier? Then there can be a parting without rancor. It didn’t work out, you’ll both do better in the future. This is especially important when there are kids (or a career or friend group or each other’s families) involved. Everyone can see that you are being grownups and that there isn’t a need to take sides.

  4. Michael says:

    They did but a mansion together last year. But they also have separate mansions. Both are young and very rich. As long as they coparent successfully then everything else will sort itself out

  5. Keekee says:

    She got pregnant too quick and he always seemed like he is just hanging in there because she was pregnant and then had a little baby,it would look bad for him to walk so soon. If it wasnt for Stormi i truly dont think this would have lasted so long.

    • FHMom says:

      I didn’t think they were actually dating when she got pregnant. They only became a couple because of Stormi. Hopefully, he’ll stay in her life, and he and Kylie will get along well enough to maintain a friendship.

    • Eliza says:

      I was originally going to post “it’s almost as if you don’t really know someone you make a baby with after a month?” but I changed it. Stormi was a surprise. Her family loves babies so much and I’m sure she glamorized mommy-life and happy-family. But that all wears off eventually especially when your partner is away for long periods of time for work. Real life sets in. I think they’ll be on/off for a while. At least for another baby. But I don’t think they’re each other’s lobsters (for a lack of better analogy).

  6. Zapp Brannigan says:

    “They never formalized their relationship in any way” Stormi is side eyeing the heck out of that!

    I would have expected a pregnancy announcement before a break-up announcement too, but clicks and headlines are like air and water to the K-Dash/Jenners so whatever works I guess.

    • smcollins says:

      Right? You really can’t solidify your connection to someone else much more than creating another human being together.

      • Anna says:

        Having a child does not equal a relationship (at least, not in the romantic sense). There are plenty of people who co-parent but are not together as a couple. That’s the whole point Kaiser is making.

      • lucy2 says:

        Relationship, no, but connection, absolutely.
        They are going to be in each others’ lives for at least 18 years, if not forever, unless one of them totally bails on the kid.

        I still can’t believe they named her Stormi.

      • smcollins says:

        Thank you @lucy2, that’s why I used the word “connection” and not “relationship.”

      • Ann says:

        @lucy2: Except that the original statement by Kaiser DOES use the word relationship. That’s my point. You are using the word connection interchangeably with relationship, when one does not equal the other.

  7. Rea says:

    Shortly after she gave birth he went to smoke a blunt. What a shitty partner.

    • Michael says:

      Isn’t smoking a cigar tradition? You are basing his entire partnership in that? Seems very flimsy.

      • Erinn says:

        Also assuming that she had a problem with it. Not everyone would.

      • olive says:

        exactly! would Rea have the same problem if he went and had a drink to celebrate instead of a blunt? they’re in California, weed is legal there.

    • Tw says:

      It’s time to stop stigmatizing marijuana use. If he had a cigar or a glass of champagne to toast, would that be acceptable to you? The term “smoke a blunt” is loaded right? Why not call him a thug and be done with it. PS, I don’t smoke, not that it matters.

    • Sarah says:

      I think Rea is right about him being shitty, blunt or no blunt. But all that girls has had is shitty, stupid, men in her life.

    • Lady says:

      I think it’s sweet. Fatherhood is a huge deal and I would think smoking a blunt could enhance an already incredible experience. I can’t fault him for that.

  8. Jimmywho says:

    Interesting, now I start to believe the rumors that kris Jenner works harder than the devil. Travis scottt has a new single out on Friday. Netflix special must have not done as well as expected. I seriously cant anymore with this family and how thirsty they are for attention by any means. Does anyone remember that time Kim k accused delta airlines specialist or stealing diamond and jewelry from her check in bags at jfk? Delta airlines made so much fun of her when she had to admit to the cops that it was for publicity. This is pre-sextape

  9. Scarlett says:

    What? No no no!!! I thought they both were the real deal!! Does true love not exist anymore!! Say it ain’t so!!

  10. Kittycat says:

    Doomed from the start,

  11. TheHeat says:

    When I saw the thumbnail of the two of them together, I really thought it was going to be a pregnancy announcement.
    Very smart for such a young woman to listen to her advisors on her finances. And I hope they are able to be solid co-parents, however their romantic involvement goes in the future.

  12. Fluffy Donuts says:

    Well, she’s considerably smarter than Khloe and Kim put together.

  13. Snowpea says:

    Ive always called showmance on these two.

  14. Marty says:

    I don’t think helps that Travis likes to spend most of free time in Houston, since he is very close to his mom and all of his friends live there, too.

  15. Mousy says:

    They were just hooking up then she got pregnant within a month or so. While it seems like he genuinely wants to be there for Stormi, this was never some huge love story. If you watch their QandA that came out recently they dont have much chemistry and he doesnt know crucial details like the name of her 3/4 dogs!!!

  16. minx says:

    They always looked like they barely knew each other.

    • Agenbiter says:

      Yup – showmance, as Scarlett said above. Must get tedious after a while. Makes me wonder what cases arranged by Hollywood publicity in the old days lasted longer?

  17. Chaine says:

    I feel sad for her. From a young age, the previous BF had been exploiting her evidently with her parents’ blessing. This guy now always seemed very try hard—look at the body language of the hugging in those pix—and I didn’t buy his affection or faithfulness to her. She needs to take time off from dating and reset.

    • Anna says:

      I agree. I’ve always felt sorry for Kylie. I’m glad that she’s had enough sense to keep her finances apart from his. She’s had enough people take advantage of her in her life. I’d hate to see Travis become another one.

      • olive says:

        at least travis has his own career and money and isn’t going to be reliant on her like if she’d had a baby with tyga.

      • Weslyn says:

        I’m of the mind they needed more of his star power than he ever needed of her money. I also wish people would stop believing what they read on the internet as well, this family is not as wealthy as they would like us to believe.

  18. MellyMel says:

    She got pregnant fairly quickly into their relationship and I always got the feeling they made it work because of the baby.

    • kelleybelle says:

      I think she was pregnant long before the relationship began. I never believed it was his baby.

  19. Eliza says:

    He’s on tour often and trust issues are probably are the least of the issues. I think they both love their daughter, and while nanny’s are there, i think they’re both genuinely involved. I think they’ll be like Kourtney and that guy, stay together on/off to make a family but not really stay together in the end.

  20. Erinn says:

    It’s weird how much this bums me out. I don’t know why – I think I just always have had a soft spot for her over the rest of the family. And I liked that her relationship was low key as far as the normal level relationships are trotted out in this family.

    It seemed like they genuinely did care a lot about each other, and gave it a go for their daughter.

    But at the same time – I will never understand how musicians or actors that spend a lot of time on the road are able to maintain relationships for any length of time. Even just taking the cheating possibility off of the table – it’s A LOT. It’s hard for the one who’s missing out on important moments, it’s hard for the person who’s left behind and feeling lonely. I’m always impressed when I see a relationship that seems to have survived decades of touring or business travel or what have you – I think it takes a very special kind of person on both ends of the situation to really make it work.

  21. ME says:

    They had to announce this because? Either we are going to see him out with other women or she’ll be out with other men very soon. It makes no sense to tell the world “we’re taking some time apart from each other”. Ok we rarely see you guys together anyways. Who would have known? Really this is more “if you see us with other people it’s because we agreed to separate either for a little bit or for good”. Also, imagine if he files for child support lol cha-ching !

    • Mgsota says:

      Great point!

    • Lena says:

      I wondered about this too. Who makes public statements that they are on a break? Just say you broke up already or keep quiet and hope you can reconcile before having to announce that!

    • Rina says:

      Shindigs of PMK? Everything is orchestrated – another storyline that keeps them afloat in gossip rags, social media, and their wretched TV show.

      Kylie never really stood a chance. Her self-worth is rooted in seeking others’ attention and approval.

  22. Cupcake says:

    I did think she’d end up pregnant again before they split. On to the next baby Daddy!

  23. Tw says:

    I’ve never agreed with this take on their relationship. I don’t think she made some mature decision to maintain her independence. I just think she got knocked up when they weren’t really together. He’s around from time to time to see his daughter and he and Kylie get along but aren’t in love or anything. They probably announced a “split” because they want to be able to publicly date other people. My guess is one or both already met someone and they don’t want to deal with a faux scandal.

    • ME says:

      That’s why I never believed the b.s. when Kylie would post all the flowers and sh*t Travis would “send” her. A whole house full of rose pedals smells like a PMK stunt to me.

    • Jules says:

      Came here to say the same, this post gives Kylie way too much credit. I feel sorry for her but I think she still has the maturity and mind of a teenager. She has been in relationships with older men since, what, 14 or 16? I think she is very codependent. And having a baby is just another way to have a codependent relationship.

  24. Mar says:

    It’s really sad but Kylie looks like a monster in some photos. Her face looks really unnatural sometimes that it’s shocking. I don’t think she needed all of that tweaking

  25. kelleybelle says:

    Not a shocker. The body language between them was about as warm as a carp on ice and she always looked uncomfortable, as she does in these pictures. I still think the baby belongs to Tyga. It is definitely not Travis’ baby.

  26. mash says:

    it never ceases to amaze me that people feel the need to announce when shit has hit the fan in life and their relationships esp

    i broke up with an ex 2 years ago and never shaded him online or even removed his pics…it was a soft breakup like put single on fb, unfriended him, bought a house, moved out, still texting him lowkey weeks after the breakup, starts to slowly delete pics, return key, unfollow his son and family on social media, etc. etc. not in that particular order and oftern following his single lead in stuff….

    if you knew me then you knew i was going thru a breakup but the world didnt and when i ended up engaged to my now husband (a diff man) a year later everyone thought it was my ex because i hadnt made any shady or official announcement saying we were thru…

    long drawn response …but like you can move in silence…you hear that kylie and the rest of the fam

  27. MangoAngelesque says:

    “I thought we’d get a pregnancy announcement before a breakup announcement!“

    Well, to be fair, with the way this couple seems to operate, there’s nothing saying we couldn’t STILL get a pregnancy announcement even with a breakup announcement.

    It’s not like any of the sisters really put much stock in solidified relationships being mandatory for baby-making.

  28. Kate says:

    True love right here. What a shock.


  29. Andrea says:

    He always had this dead eye look about him that gives me the creeps. I always felt like she needed to move along from him and felt she stayed because of the Khloe syndrome (pregnant with his baby so we must try to make it work). As I told a friend years ago who sadly didn’t listen and married a guy she has had nothing but issues with since, just because he created a kid with you, doesn’t mean he is father or even husband material.

  30. naomipaige99 says:

    I personally do not feel sorry for her. She absolutely loves the lifestyle, and the attention. She isn’t sad, she’s laughing all the way to the bank, because we all keep talking about her. She’s a famew***e, just like the rest of the family. They thrive off the attention. If/when the attention ever stops for her/them, the whole family would come up/make up with some attention grabbing headline to pull us all back in. It’s what they do! It’s who they are!

  31. No Doubt says:

    Let’s hope Tyga isn’t single… I give these two a little credit for trying to make it work for the sake of their kid though.

  32. Amaria says:

    She looks like her mother in the first pic, and that’s even sadder than breakup of this showmance.

  33. cherriepie84 says:

    Their body language in all those staged pics and pap strolls scream “strangers” There is no talking, no interaction, no smiling, no chemistry….they are just there! He was her rebound/revenge hook-up and he was done with her after the first sexual encounter….only she got preggo so they tried to stick it out.

  34. Velvet Elvis says:

    I cant believe this lasted as long as it did. Does anyone really believe this was a true love story? What is their connection? Kylie’s rich and pretty, but seems so vapid and uninteresting. Travis probably hooked up with her because why not, then ended up hanging out with her longer than he wanted to b/c she got pregnant. His career has exploded, partly with the help of the Kardashian/Jenner connection, so I’m sure he’s not sorry about any of this.

  35. coffeeisgood says:

    I always got the feeling he stuck around and played good boyfriend role because she was Kylie billionaire Jenner. She’s got a lot of influence, and it would look really bad on his part to leave his pregnant young girlfriend. His career took off after he was with her.. he really isn’t that special or great of a rapper, just sayin.