Donald Trump wanted to build a moat full of alligators & snakes at the border

Trump Welcomes President Iohannis of Romania

Everything about the impeachment inquiry has put me in an excellent mood. I watched Nicolle Wallace’s MSNBC show yesterday and she and her panel were hitting Donald Trump where it hurts: his image, and how weak, stupid and powerless he looks as more revelations come out about his treasonous and impeachable bulls–t. With all that being said, I do feel like we need to stop and remind ourselves every so often that NONE of this sh-t is normal, that Trump has committed so many crimes and done so many horrendous, unhinged things. Do you even remember how Trump suddenly wanted to shut down the border earlier this year? It was a thing I totally forgot, quite honestly. Now the NY Times has a deeper dive into just how bad all of that was. And how Trump wanted the American-Mexican border to be a moat filled with snakes and alligators. Well…

The Oval Office meeting this past March began, as so many had, with President Trump fuming about migrants. But this time he had a solution. As White House advisers listened astonished, he ordered them to shut down the entire 2,000-mile border with Mexico — by noon the next day.

The advisers feared the president’s edict would trap American tourists in Mexico, strand children at schools on both sides of the border and create an economic meltdown in two countries. Yet they also knew how much the president’s zeal to stop immigration had sent him lurching for solutions, one more extreme than the next.

Privately, the president had often talked about fortifying a border wall with a water-filled trench, stocked with snakes or alligators, prompting aides to seek a cost estimate. He wanted the wall electrified, with spikes on top that could pierce human flesh. After publicly suggesting that soldiers shoot migrants if they threw rocks, the president backed off when his staff told him that was illegal. But later in a meeting, aides recalled, he suggested that they shoot migrants in the legs to slow them down. That’s not allowed either, they told him.

“The president was frustrated and I think he took that moment to hit the reset button,” said Thomas D. Homan, who had served as Mr. Trump’s acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, recalling that week in March. “The president wanted it to be fixed quickly.”

Mr. Trump’s order to close the border was a decision point that touched off a frenzied week of presidential rages, round-the-clock staff panic and far more White House turmoil than was known at the time. By the end of the week, the seat-of-the-pants president had backed off his threat but had retaliated with the beginning of a purge of the aides who had tried to contain him.

[From The NYT]

“He suggested that they shoot migrants in the legs to slow them down” – it’s been said before many, many times, but Trump has the mentality of a child. Except that most children would probably be horrified at the idea of shooting people in the legs to slow them down, right? As for building a two-thousand mile moat filled with snakes and alligators… again, Trump’s brain is Swiss cheese. This is not someone who is a next-level strategist. This is merely the tip of the crime/corruption/stupidity iceberg.

Trump Returns to the White House

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81 Responses to “Donald Trump wanted to build a moat full of alligators & snakes at the border”

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  1. Eliza says:

    A moat is equivalent to a wall, an expensive statement that won’t stop anyone…. because of boats and ladders.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      This is fantastic!!!!!
      Not the moats specify, but what they symbolize. Trump’s team of rats are starting to jump ship. They are throwing out stories of his wrong doing to save themselves and not be associated with his crimes. To frame it as if his team tried to stop him, not enable him. This is very bad for Trump. Lolz

      • holly hobby says:

        Well they did scramble to get a quote for the gator moat. Seriously, where are these people’s self respect?

    • himmiefan says:

      Not to mention the sheer length of that moat.

      Seriously, he is in loony tune land. This is straight up crazy.

  2. Mego says:

    They have a metaphorical moat in place right now with the current administration serving as the snakes and alligators.

    • Kate says:

      Think of all the creative hate mail(trump brain fan mail) that can be sent to him once he’s in jail. Things like portraits that are drawn in crayon that make him look like a ridiculous orange meringue pie face monster he can hang up on his walls like fan mail and brag that “they’re the most perfect forms of fan art ever in the history of art”

      Or draw crayon pictures of him in a jail surrounded by a moat of snakes and alligators.

      The opportunities are endless.. 😂😂😂

  3. Lightpurple says:

    We already have that. It’s called the Rio Grande.

  4. Rapunzel says:

    I’m all for a moat filled with snakes and alligators at the boarder…. if we can feed Trump, his family (except Baron), Yertle the Turtle McConnell, Miss Lindsay G., Paul Ryan, Devin Nunes, Rudy G, Beer Bash Bret, and all the other GOP treadonweasels to it.

    Mexico might pay for that.

  5. Chef Grace says:

    I got nothing.
    Makes you wonder who has the wheel.

    • Esmom says:

      Me neither. And honestly I have lost hope, after a couple semi-optimistic days, that Trump and his GOP enablers will face any consequences. The rule of law seems to be broken. And too many people seem just fine with this nightmarish status quo.

    • MsIam says:

      The wheel fell off a long time ago. Just hope we all don’t go off a cliff along with Trump and his circus.

    • Megan says:

      I wanted a moat, too. When I was 11 and playing D&D.

  6. DaisySharp says:

    Never in my life have I hated anyone’s face this much. It’s unspeakable.

    • minx says:

      Same, I just loathe see his fat idiotic puss.

      • Raina says:

        Yes very much. I am almost shocked at myself when I see this face because every genuine instinct in me wants to hurt it. Dead serious. It is the worst, slimy, disorganized face full of such shitty energy and twisted expressions. This turd is the living embodiment of the outsides looking like the insides. I hate myself for hating this thing so much! I can’t even label this thing a human. That’s how bad it is for me. My own energy needs cleansing afterward. This thing is what happens in a worse case scenario. The only possible good is that its beginning to start conversations. Still.
        I want him to suffer. I want those around this thing to suffer if they approve. I want thing fed to the snakes he speaks of. I want the poor snakes to accept my apology for feeding them shit.

    • Auva says:

      Exactly. I didn’t know I even *could* hate someone to this extent. It’s awful. It’s a visceral reaction.

    • Snazzy says:

      Honestly, I get this overwhelming sense of doom when I see his face. Every time, without fail. It’s a horrible feeling

  7. barbwire says:

    how is this not hate speech and unconstitutional?

  8. Luna says:

    Face. Palm.

  9. MellyMel says:

    He truly is the dumbest pos!

  10. Esme says:

    This is comedy gold, honestly, even actual dictators would hesitate to voice the “moat with alligators” fantasy – but the Donald is the Donald.
    I believe a lot of trouble could be avoided if his aides would simply tell him “we’re sourcing the alligators as we speak, Mr President” and then dig about two miles of moat somewhere, get him a photo op with a “mission accomplished” banner, and call it a day.

    • holly hobby says:

      Read the article. They tried to stall and appease him. Nielsen was coming up with a Plan B with her team and the team turned on her and wrote her resignation letter. Yep house full of rats!

    • Raina says:

      There comes a time in everyone’s life where you think one of two things should happen….
      1) Agree to have dinner with mother whilst talking about your main course
      2), Explaining to mother where the tainted meat came from.

      Dear mothers husband,
      He went 👉 way

  11. Digital Unicorn says:

    OMG, a moat full of alligators WTF?!?! Is he taking security advise from Game of Thrones or some medieval war lord!!

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Sounds like something from the lair of a Bond villain. Next he’ll seek inspiration for Austin Powers and demand sharks with laser beams attached to their heads.

  12. Kate says:

    Did I click on the Onion? Is this real?

  13. OriginalLala says:

    When my partner told me about this while I was showering this morning, I honestly thought he was pulling my leg. I can’t believe this is reality, an effing moat. What a dangerous moron.

  14. Brittney says:

    God, you want to laugh at the utter absurdity of this caricature… but then you realize family separation & brutal prison conditions aren’t even the worst of what he *actually* wants to do to these human beings.

    I’ve stormed detention centers and escorted detainees to halfway houses and protested alongside young people who lost their parents to detention or deportation, and we are all working so hard to counteract some of the effects of this trauma and prevent it from getting worse and hold officials accountable. Yet he wishes he could straight-up shoot them on sight. He wishes it were far, far worse. He would be worse than Hitler, hands down, if he could do whatever he wanted. And we should all be terrified and horrified and we should all be doing everything we can to protect immigrants and refugees right now.

    • FluffyPrincess says:

      Bravo to you Brittney! You are doing amazing work! Thank you for all that you are doing.

    • Raina says:

      Right on Brit….that’s what we need and here is where I thank you for YOUR justified and brave service.
      Keep on keeping.

  15. boredblond says:

    Like a page out of vlad the impaler’s playbook…a (brown) body on every spike could become a rallying cry for the magat crowd.

    • Vauvert says:

      Just here to defend Vlad – a national hero in Romania. (Almost named my child after him). He was, I kid you not, trashed in the tabloids of the time (wood engravings depicting him as a monster ) because politics. The impaling Ottoman soldiers is true. He had a 20,000 force against an invading force of 250,000. His only chance was guerrilla attacks and using the horrifying slow death he learned from the Ottomans where he spent his childhood as a prisoner, to guarantee his father’s “good behaviour”. His tactics worked, the enemy troops claimed he was a wizard and called him devil. In fact he was a James Bond of his time – infiltrating the enemy at night disguised as one of them and doing it so well that for years he kept the enemy at bay. Mehmet II the Conqueror took Constantinople but he could not defeat Vlad. He died by treachery because the nobles hated his “liberal” policies – freeing the serfs, punishing crime and overbearing land barons, who wanted to bow the head – after all the Ottoman tribute which included thousands of children would not include their offspring.

      Anyway… sorry to vent. In communist times we often wished for a Vlad to save us. (Or the Americans, but neither happened…)
      It’s bizarre and beyond scary that the orange bozo wants to use medieval torture and crime in full defiance of international laws and refugee treaties. Impeach his a** already!

      • margedebarge says:

        I didn’t know any of that! About to go look it up and learn more. Thanks for teaching me something!

      • Raina says:


        Are you speaking of vlad the impaler?
        Just curious. Recently did a paper on Bathory.
        I’m Eastern European.
        Remember that someone saying something isn’t exactly teaching you…fact

      • MasternMargarita says:

        Fellow Romanian here and I confirm Vlad as a Romanian hero!! Impeach and impale… oh where is Vlad when you need him.

  16. DP says:

    That people still defend him and justify his BS has me severely depressed and frightened!
    He’s an absolutely evil moron… how does he have any support? His enablers are worse than he is.

  17. Prairiegirl says:

    What? No sharks with frickin’ laser beams?

  18. ME says:

    I think almost all of his wives were immigrants right? But they were the “right” kind of immigrants as in “white” kind of immigrants. What does he have against Mexicans? Why does he hate them so much? He says they commit crimes. Hmmm look at the statistics and tell me how many white Americans have committed crimes. If he gets re-elected shame on you America!

    • holly hobby says:

      If he hates them he should fire all of them from his properties and hire the Children of the Corn Nazis.

  19. Tw says:

    It’s so telling, right? He wants to HURT refugees. He sees them as subhuman and wants them to suffer. Like, he wants mothers, children, families who are desperately fleeing and hoping to claim asylum to be ripped to shreds by gators. It’s INSANE.

    • StormsMama says:

      Yes it is evil and people who support him – lol at the notion that they are conservative and or religious – seem to think this is OK

  20. lolalola3 says:

    I’m surprised Trump didn’t propose to train the snakes & alligators to shoot the guns.

    Everyday I have to remind myself that this sh*t is really happening.

    • lucy2 says:

      I think you’ve just accidentally created the next NRA ad…

      You know how they could have solved this? Just lied “yes sir, we’ve just installed the alligators, and it’s all working great!” He never would have known. He’s never going to go see it.

  21. Dr Mrs The Monarch says:

    I have said this before, but will say it again. Every idea that comes from his brain involves illegal activity. Americans have elected a person with no concept of how to be a law-abiding citizen. The only morals and ethics he has are bad, self-centered ones.

    The minute he is out of office should be the same minute that he starts facing real legal consequences for the rest of his life.

  22. Tiffany :) says:

    I wonder why the inspector general called an urgent meeting this morning with congressional committees???

    • holly hobby says:

      He told the House that the DOS was retaliating against State employees who plan to respond to the summons.

      Also this am, Pompeo admitted he was at that meeting. Stick a fork in this turd, his goose is cooked.

  23. LadyJax says:

    He’s literally what Joffrey would have been like if Lady Olenna hadn’t poisoned him. Drump would looooove to be a monarch. He could still be a petty dictator, and then he could name Nagini as his heir and our country would completely fall apart and descend into utter chaos, instead of only having one foot in the door like we do now.

    God help us all. US celebitches, please get out and vote next year. We need to mitigate this disaster.

  24. Cindy says:

    Trump puts immigrants in cages and has to be reminded shooting them is a criminal offence. He literally views them as animals.

  25. Ann says:

    I am still shocked on the regular by the level of crazy we are smacked with every day and yet this doesn’t surprise me at all. He’s been talking about this wall like it’s an extension of his being the whole time. Of course he wants snakes and alligators and armed guards who shoot on sight. This particular insanity seems perfectly on brand. It’s unhinged lunacy for sure, but still makes sense to me.

  26. Mel says:

    You know what the really scary thing is? He not only has no common sense whatsoever, he’s uneducated. It’s like he thinks the world is some kind of demented cartoon. He’s detached from reality and that scares me.

  27. Jerusha says:

    Come on, Guys, you’re being too harsh. He doesn’t want a MOAT at the border, he wants a MOOT. We need to go to Moat Court to work this out.

  28. Sharonk says:

    Let the alligators and snakes loose in the White House.

    • FluffyPrincess says:

      Well, it’s already LITERALLY filled with rats and mice–which I think is such beautiful irony. Because you know if Fox news had spotted rat traps all over the White House in the Obama days it would have been months of how “dirty and disgusting the Obamas are to have rats in the White house)

      Yesterday, someone from the press pool had a mouse fall on him from the ceiling. Pics went up on Twitter how they are finding rat traps all around the White House. Because you know if Fox news had spotted rat traps all over the White House in the Obama days it would have been months of how “dirty and disgusting the Obamas are to have rats in the White house) ( I don’t know if the link will work. If I’m not supposed to post – sorry!)

    • holly hobby says:

      The alligators would probably die of indigestion if they ate that orange lard.

  29. Liz version 700 says:

    I got an alert from The NY Times regarding the shooting people and the most full of snakes and I honestly didn’t know if it was a parody or real. I can’t even believe this man has reduced us to this. I literally feel nauseous when I even hear his voice. Co-sign everyone’s who hates him. One day he will be gone but my hate for him will survive FOREVER

  30. Marjorie says:

    He has ranted on Twitter all morning and now he’s ranting on TV. Apparently Pelosi and Schiff got to him. He’s scared.

    • Alarmjaguar says:


    • holly hobby says:

      Nancy checked to see when his presser was and she got ahead of him and started her presser an hour earlier. She wanted him to watch what she had to say. Yeah she got to him all right.

  31. Andrea says:

    Imagine hearing his ideas and nodding politely or else you will be fired?!?

  32. Deedee says:

    Can’t wait to see Stephen Colbert monologue tonite. He is going to roast this turkey.

  33. Mrs.Krabapple says:


  34. CL says:

    He’s a Disney villain come to life

  35. Dbee says:

    I’m sorry but is this based on a James Bond villain

  36. Jennifer Smith says:

    This. Fucking. Guy.

  37. Claudy says:

    Shooting people in the legs is what the Israeli army does to Palestinians attempting to scale the Gaza border.