Brad Pitt and George Clooney make housevisit to depressed widow

Brad Pitt and George Clooney were supposedly both in NY filming Burn After Reading when they heard a production assistant talking about her depressed granny, whose refused to leave the house after the recent death of husband. George and Brad convinced the woman to take them to her granny thinking they could cheer her up. The rest sounds like a scene from a movie:

The next day, the girl knocked on Granny’s door – and the woman nearly fainted when she opened up and saw not one, but two Hollywood leading men grinning like idiots. George and Brad sat down for a quick cup of tea, then told her to go get herself dolled up – and walked her to hte hairdressers, where they spent half an hour gossiping with her pals and a gaggle of ga-ga gals, generously dispensing autographs, hugs and kisses.

[From the National Enquirer, print edition, Mike Walker’s column, October 8, 2007]

There’s no way this story is true, because if it was it would have been picked up by several news outlets and not just the National Enquirer. Pitt and Clooney supposedly went to a hair salon and schmoozed with the ladies for a half an hour! Someone would have blabbed and taken cell phone pics.

Plus that guy Mike Walker’s column in the Enquirer has a questionable hero story about a celebrity just about every week, many of which go unverified. I want to believe, though, because this story is just too good to pass up. The only thing it’s missing is a medical rescue in which Clooney and Pitt swoop in just in time to call paramedics as the old lady is having a stroke, saving her life with their excellent timing and dashing good looks.

Clooney did tell his girlfriend not to move after their motorcycle accident. That’s heroic enough for me.


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