Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey told Donald Trump to pay upfront & Trump freaked

Hello yes this is Jacob Frey, a hottie with a body. He’s also the mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota, a vibrant multicultural, multifaith, multiethnic city. He’s a Democrat who supports women, a woman’s right to choose, interfaith dialogue and common-sense finances, whether it’s personal finances or the city’s finances. Minnesota has voted Democrat for president for twenty years. As much as people want to claim it’s a swing state, it really isn’t, and Jacob Frey seems like a good guy. I’m half-expecting a dozen people to tell me that he did this or that wrong, but for now, just give me this: he’s good looking and he seems to be decent and progressive.

Why this brief foray into hot local politicians? Because Donald Trump decided to tweet about Jacob Frey yesterday:

Why all the anger? Why all the toddler rage? It’s because Mayor Frey told Donald Trump that if he wanted to hold one of his sad Nazi rallies in Minneapolis, Trump has to pay upfront. Donald Trump has consistently refused to pay his bills when it comes to cities providing security to him when he comes in for campaign rallies. The way it works is – I think – if Trump is visiting a city for an official purpose, a presidential purpose, the cities either have to eat the cost of the added security, or they get reimbursed by the federal government. But when Trump visits a city for campaign purposes (or Nazi purposes), his campaign has to pick up the tab, and his campaign has not done that. Ten cities (or more) have had to eat tens of thousands of dollars worth of police overtime, etc. So Mayor Frey told Trump to pay for his trip to Minneapolis (scheduled for Thursday) upfront. First Mayor Frey responded on Twitter, Baby Trump’s favorite medium:

Then this photogenic hottie got in front of the cameras to diss Trump. It was beautiful, and I’m not just talking about the mayor’s cheekbones.

Bless Minneapolis. I wish Jacob Frey’s cheekbones good fortune in the wars to come.

Photos courtesy of Instagram.

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  1. The Other Katherine says:

    Yup, no reason why cities should be providing free security for politicians’ campaign rallies, and Individual 1’s campaign has a well-documented history of stiffing creditors, just like the man it represents. Good for Minneapolis.

    • SamC says:

      Pretty much business as usual….ask most any supplier or contractor in metro NY how much Trump still owes them.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @SamC, I have heard from many of his suppliers, when he actually built things, that Trump does not pay his bills.

        The same is true of his private plane. He had like $50K worth of regular maintenance work done on the plane and tried to take the plane without paying. The maintenance shop refused to release the plane (to Trump’s people) until they had been paid in full. This plane incident happened about 10 years ago in Florida. I know it to be 100% true as I heard the story from someone who was there.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “ask most any supplier or contractor in metro NY how much Trump still owes them.”

        or any charity he’s promised money to.

        early in his presidency he held a “fundraiser” to benefit “the troops”. raised over $3million, and the charities didn’t see a DIME until he was investigated and basically shamed into giving them the money. he and his family stole from a charity for KIDS WITH CANCER.

        dude is a GRIFTER in so many ways and has ZERO shame about any of it.

      • Jadedone says:

        @whatWHAT I just met someone who used to plan big charity events in the 80s in NYC and he said Trump would always demand a table but would never pay. He was known for this stuff even in the 80s and still managed to be president.

      • Wilma says:

        The shipbuilding company my dad worked for went bankrupt over building a luxury yacht for Trump that he didn’t pay for. When the company went bankrupt Trump bought the company and sold it to one of his friends who then sold it in parts.

      • Jo73c says:

        The Dollop did an episode on Trump, which included how he made money by ripping off hundreds of contractors and tying them up in court until they went broke. Finding out so much about him made me feel so anxious, literally sick to the stomach, that I couldn’t even look at a photo of him for months.

    • CherHorowitz says:

      How much audacity can one man have?! To say ‘you are hurting the police’ when he hasnt paid the policing bills in so many cities… this is all beyond belief now.

      Did anyone see that tweet the other day about turkey?! Truly, terrifyingly, extraordinarily unhinged.

      • Esmom says:

        He just talks sh^t all day, every day. It is surreal. I honestly can’t understand how so many people are going about their lives as if this is in any way normal.

      • Marjorie says:

        My favorite incident was when he had the “charity” write a check for $7 to pay for Barron’s cub scout dues.

        Seriously, I know a ton of people who he never paid, architects and contractors, going back decades.

      • Not_today says:

        IT IS NOT BEYOND BELIEF! It is completely and exactly what is expected from this man. He is a thief. Thieves steal things. End of story.

  2. MattyLove says:

    I know nothing about him except what is included in this article but…Jacob Frey for President!

    • Joanna says:


    • India Rose says:

      I’m lying in my bed in Minneapolis reading this right now. I f-ing love this city so much. As Kaiser guessed, Frey was not everyone’s favorite. He’s got financial ties to big business and development that has some folks worried. But this — this is great. I’m glad he’s standing up to 45, who does not pay his bills and does not understand the Constitution and has broken nearly every oath he took when becoming President of the United States, a job that he does not understand.

      Something like 90% of our police officers commute in from the suburbs, which are far whiter and more conservative than the city. (Remember Michele Bachmann?) The Mpls police were banned from wearing their uniforms while attending the rally tomorrow, so their racist asshole federation chief Bob Kroll and the local police union printed red t-shirts that say “Cops for Trump”. That should help build trust between locals and cops. 🙄

      First Avenue, the club where Prince used to perform and where he filmed some of Purple Rain, is right across from the Target Center where the rally is going to be held. Folks will flow in from the suburbs and small towns to see Trump. Meanwhile, First Ave is giving all their proceeds tomorrow night to Planned Parenthood.

      Minneapolis, Minnesota IS “a vibrant multicultural, multifaith, multiethnic city” with a strong LGBTQI community, and amazing theaters and arts scene. We voted in the first Muslim U.S. Congressman, Keith Ellison, and replaced him with Rep. Ilhan Omar. We’ve got work to do around race, neighborhood equality/safety and our struggling school districts. And there are MANY red-leaning counties throughout the state. But in the most densely populated areas, We Are a Blue State and He. Will. Not. Flip. Us.

  3. My3cents says:

    Mayor McDreamy vibes.

  4. Anna says:

    Good for Frey. Not their responsibility to pay for security for Trump’s Nazi rallies.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      Wish ALL city mayors (elected officials) stood up to this orange POS!! This guy would get MY vote!

      I feel such shame and despair over what is happening in/to/and in the name of our country. What we’re doing, abandoning the Kurds…Russia and Turkey are moving in. All for the price of a Dump Tower in Istanbul and Moscow. I just have no words. 😢

  5. Becks1 says:

    He’s absolutely right. He’s not saying that the police etc should not be paid, he’s saying the campaign should pay for them (like it is supposed to) and it should do so upfront. Trump is embarrassed that he’s being called out for not paying his bills, yet again.

  6. DaisySharp says:

    This is so interesting, I hadn’t heard about this! Trumpy has never paid his bills, as we all know, he’s spent a lifetime ruining small businesses by draining them and then refusing to pay his bills. He is truly a horrific person. And someone stood up to him and put him on cash in advance terms! I love it!

    • Lory says:

      This is a perfect “I got your number, hussy”-moment. I’m sure Trump believes they should be so lucky to have him in their city and paying for police overtime is the price they pay for the privilege.

  7. Yoyo says:

    Maybe other Cities will start asking for money up front for the overtime pay.
    Wonder if the ten cities his campaign owes money, will allow him back without collecting the owed money first.
    Trump also lost a major case in Scotland about the Windmills he claimed are blocking his beautiful golf course.
    Of course he is refusing to pay, maybe they can put a Lien on the Golf Club, trump never pays his bills, just try to tie up litigants in courts for years.

    • Lory says:

      I remember that and love that old Scottish man Trump tried to bully off his land. That Scottish man didn’t give two sh*ts about his bullying tactics and trolled the hell out of him. That was a perfect example of Trump barking loudly but being too weak to actually bite.

      • cheche says:

        Wasn’t it something brilliant like he sold part of the land to someone who was going to Antarctica and couldn’t be served with papers so the whole case just ground to a halt? I’m sure I heard of something like that.

      • Lory says:

        Yes, I think there’s a clip from I think Full Frontal (?) about this. To buy the land they would’ve had to get a green light from all the owners so they did sell part of it to someone who was going to Antarctica for a long study. Good luck getting his signature haha. The old man also wrote “Trump is a c*nt” on the side of his house for all to see. No clearer message to Trump that the old man wasn’t afraid of him or his army of lawyers.

  8. SM says:

    Seriously. It is becoming difficult to focus on one particular crime of this scumbag for impeachment. Isn’t that a violation of some campaign rule where a person running for (re)election can’t use his political office for campaigning which would restrict using the state budgets for political rallies? He is abusing his office right and left and on the daily basis. The Mayor though… Mr. political McDreamy. And great shade at Trump for being a lazy fat ass who avoids work to keep on tweeting insults all day long.

    • notpretentious says:

      I agree with EVERYTHING you said SM!!! To the moon and back! How does he get away with this?!

  9. Jess says:

    I’m totally turned on now, this man supports women, takes care of his city, AND calls out Trump?! And he’s good looking, someone snatch up this unicorn.

  10. CROWHOOD says:

    That last line “wishing his cheekbones
    Good fortune in the war to come”!
    – chef’s kiss

  11. Lightpurple says:

    As for those 72,000 ticket requests? Four of them are from my cat, for two tickets each. She has been assured that her ticket requests will be fulfilled. She has never been to Minneapolis, although I have. She will not be making the trip tomorrow. But she still has 8 tickets for tomorrow night’s event. I encourage everyone to request tickets to Trump’s events. for their cats, dogs, goldfish, parakeets.

    • ET says:

      ^^^^^^^This is brilliant!

    • Christina says:

      Light purple, you rock!

    • Esmom says:

      Ha, I love it.

    • HK9 says:


    • Lightpurple says:

      I do it for every one of his rallies. And I’m not alone. All the Twitter alt-accounts do it. You can find his rally invites on Twitter and ask for tickets. But I’m also on his mailing list, thanks to former Senator Centerfold Scott Brown’s decision to sell his constituent services list to Trump’s campaign and the GOP, so I get invited to everything. I also take the maximum amount of tickets in the names of pets, living and long deceased.

      • Lady D says:

        You made my day Lightpurple, you really did. This is the second time in his presidency that I’ve laughed at something to do with him.

      • Sheila D says:

        Oh Light Purple!
        Thank you for this gift and i can’t wait to assist in the ticket resistence movement. I havent been this giddy since Tiddles and Tay Tay’s summer of PR luv!

      • Christin says:

        I find this clever and hilarious. Good work! So much for genuine “bigly” crowds and massive ticket requests.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      On Twitter, a few months ago, someone started posting how Resisters should order multiple tickets so the events would show empty(ier) then usual. It’s a BRILLIANT idea!!!

    • mellie says:

      You are genius.

    • Giddy says:

      I told my dog about this and he gave me permission to use his name to “get that bitch”!

    • Tigerlily says:


    • olive says:

      the rallies are first come, first serve. this actually doesn’t do anything to affect attendance numbers.

  12. Oatmeal says:

    I live in a Minneapolis suburb and travel through downtown for my commute

    I wish the Magatards from St Cloud and other backwards ass suburbs would swarm en masse to Minneapolis

    We got something for that ass!

    • CROWHOOD says:

      @oatmeal- while I am 100% with you in sentiment and spirit, just wanted to provide a gentle reminder that “tards” is really not a great insult. Good luck with the infestation!

    • Annika says:

      I also agree that “tard” not an appropriate word.
      Also, St Cloud is waaaaay more progressive now than you realize.

      • Green Desert says:

        Is St. Cloud really more progressive now Annika? I’m originally from small town MN and lived in Minneapolis for 10 years (go Mpls!!). I lived in St. Cloud and went to grad school at SCSU around the 2008 election. It was still VERY RED then (this was also Michelle Bachmann’s district and heyday). I’m genuinely curious about it being more progressive now. Tell me!

      • Nuzzy says:

        Saint Cloud is more diverse than it used to be, thanks in part to a swelling Somali community, but it is not more inclusive. The old guard is still very red and not as Minnesota-nice as they used to be. The town was even the subject of a NYT article for its passive-aggressive racism. My progressive mom gets actively vandalized up there for not staying quiet.

      • Green Desert says:

        @ Nuzzy – Ugh, I’m sorry to hear about your mom. I totally need to check out that NYT article. We lived there during Barack Obama’s first run for president and I remember stupid dog-whistle-y signs in people’s yards. We had an Obama/Biden sign in our yard that got stolen. My husband called Stearns County “Big Red” since it was so conservative. I knew a bunch of progressives (like myself) from being on campus so much, but yeah….the most confederate flags I’ve seen in my life were in Stearns County in that period of time.

        That part of the state aside, I’m a proud native Minnesotan…always a blue state and Minneapolis is a great progressive city.

  13. Megs says:

    I’m not from Minneapolis but south of there, but how did I not know they had such a hot mayor?? Superficial, yes, but, damn. Well done Minneapolis

    • Malificent says:

      I’m moving back to Minneapolis. I never would have left Minnesota if I’d had that cutie to look at on the 9 o’clock news…..

    • april says:

      I’m in a St. Paul suburb (corporate headquarters of 3M Co.). Go Jacob!!!! You Rock and you’re so damn attractive!

  14. Annika says:

    Frey is an awesome representation of Minneapolis!
    I really enjoyed your write-up here, Kaiser.
    Certain media outlets always claim that MN is a red state & it pisses me off. Yes, historically there has been a high percentage of Rep. voters, sometimes 50/50. But an interesting thing that happens here is that Dem. backed bills & programs always vote through. Which is why we have very decent, if not excellent, education, public assistance & healthcare programs here.
    Another thing that’s rarely reported is the high percentage of Independent voters. I happen to live in a county with the highest percentage of registered Independents.

    • Algernon says:

      There is a book that tracks the pattern of historical immigration in the US and how that impacts politics in those regions today. Since the upper midwest, like Minnesota, was primarily settled by Scandinavian immigrants, they brought with them their community-focused social priorities. That’s why public good laws and programs are so strong there, even where there are conservative strongholds. It’s a really interesting book, called American Nations.

    • CaseyCannolis says:

      YES! Minnesota, home of the DFL and iron range unions. Stearns County (where St. Cloud is) has some serious problems with their policital leanings, they gave us Michele Bachmann for instance, and plenty of rural MN votes red, but Minneapolis is definitely a progressive city and I feel lucky to be from there.

  15. Aimee says:

    Someone suggested that people going to these rallies pay at the door. Brilliant! (I wonder how many less people would show up?)

    • ChillyWilly says:

      I heard that Trump recruits and pays people to attend via Craigslist ads.

      • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

        I actually looked up an ad. They were *saying* they’d paid $50 for those behind Dump, holding signs, and $25 for “regular” seats. Probably stiffed them, too! Pffbbtt!

  16. Cassandra says:

    Welcome to my internet boyfriend rotation Jacob Frey 😍

    Seriously, I hope every city starts doing this. The sheer lack of embarrassment Trump feels is astounding.

  17. Lizzie says:

    it is so sad that someone asking for trump to please pay his bills is somehow a villian. we are truly in the upside-down. any money trump has is b/c he doesn’t pay his bills and never has.

    i just read an old story where trump tried to “negotiate” with frank sinatra to play the opening of his atlantic city casino by saying he was too expensive and threatened to cut sammy davis jr and another opening act. sinatra told his manager to tell trump to f*ck himself or give him the number so he could say it himself and cut a deal with a rival casino in vegas instead.

    • Lory says:

      I mentioned the old Scottish man Trump tried to bully off his land who trolled the hell out of Trump. Frank Sinatra didn’t fall for Trump’s huffing and puffing either. Trump is too stupid and weak to do another other than bluffing.

  18. mellie says:

    haha…this guy is awesome, good for him!

  19. Joy says:

    I was recently in Minneapolis and had the pleasure of seeing him speak at an event. He is even hotter in person. He is a great speaker with tons of charisma. He might be one to watch for a national office at some point.

  20. ChillyWilly says:

    Oooh! He is very hot and good for him telling Trump where to stick it. Maybe I should move to Minneapolis. I wanted to live there as a kid because of Laverne & Shirley. Lol

  21. Tw says:

    What’s so funny about all of this is that trump still doesn’t realize that he increases someone’s popularity when he tweet-targets them. Only his deplorable base of 30% turns on that person and if the target isn’t a woman of color, the base has the attention span of a goldfish. Sooo, Mayor hottie just got a massive boast to become a senator one day.

  22. Coji says:

    Chillywilly, I think you’re thinking of Milwaukee.

  23. Frida_K says:

    I was recently in Minneapolis and was surprised and very happy to see all the Somalis everywhere I looked. It reminded me of when I went to university in Italy–most of my dorm mates were Somali, Kenyan, and Ethiopian. I felt at home in Minneapolis, surrounded by beautiful Somali people, and felt like I could even actually move there and live happily because it wasn’t the gringolandia I had assumed that it was. Instead, it is clearly a multicultural city. I felt safe and comfortable as a result.

    Also, the Prince Museum is amazing. If you go, do the VIP Ultimate Experience. At the end of the tour, they will give you white gloves to put on yourself and you will be allowed to hold one of his guitars. Leading up to that moment, your guide will take you through iconic areas of his home and tell you stories that will bring Prince alive to you. It is incredibly moving. I will never forget this beautiful experience.

    • Rmcgrudiva says:

      I’ve got questions! Whenever I look at that tour, I decide that I really like the idea of the Sunday version where his private chefs cook you brunch. Did you happen to do both?

      • Frida_K says:

        I would do that if I could–I had to go on a Monday so it wasn’t available.

        Do it, do it!

        They gave us cookies (his favorite cookies) at the end of the VIP tour, which was also very moving.

    • HK9 says:

      Prince fan here planning a trip the museum so thanks for the tip!!

      • Frida_K says:

        @Rmcgrudiva and @HK9

        The tour is amazing. People come from all over the world for this tour. My group had someone from Europe who came just for the tour.

        The people who work there are so sweet and kind. They loved Prince and they are clearly honored to be tasked with keeping his legacy alive. You tell them a Prince story of your own, and they thank you and say that hearing these stories is another way for them to keep Prince alive.

        There are boxes of Kleenex scattered throughout because at one point or another, you will cry. On the VIP tour, you have your tour guide who tells you stories and points out details, and you can play ping pong on Prince’s ping pong table, you get to sit on one of his couches, and yes, you get to hold a guitar. All big things, and the little details and stories just add to all the magic. You feel like Prince’s spirit is still there. The love that the people who work there feel is tangible, almost.

        I’ll go back again one day.

        Anyone who has the chance to go…go! You will not regret it.

    • JV says:

      I live in the Twin Cities, and I love how multicultural the urban spaces are. Sadly, as you move farther from the city centers, it’s pretty white. I used to live in a neighborhood with many Somali and Hmong immigrants, and it was fantastic. I loved going to immigrant-owned shops and restaurants. My favorite was the fantastic farmers markets, and even though I was usually the only white person there, I always felt welcome. Sometimes I will drive all the way across the metro just to go to those farmers markets instead of the fancy ones near me.

    • Rmcgrudiva says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I’ve just double-checked, and it looks like they’ve gotten rid of the brunch experience – darn! I’ll definitely do Ultimate, along with Paisley Park after dark.

  24. Heather Bailey says:


  25. Eliza says:

    I thought it was pretty common knowledge that Trump doesn’t pay his bills. I mean look at all those contractors who only get their upfront money and never the rest they’re owed after the work is done. There is a reason big companies don’t work with him. When his bills get too high – file bankruptcy and have the government pay.

    • BeanieBean says:

      It is common knowledge and yet—I know I didn’t realize that as president, his campaign would stiff police departments across the country for the extra security. It’s just something that wouldn’t occur to me (I’m too honest, I guess)—but I guess this is more of his ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ that he’s committing out in the open.

  26. TheOriginalMia says:

    Wow. You weren’t lying about the cheekbones.

    Trump and his minions are ridiculous. This man has no problem stuffing any and everybody. That’s his reputation. Anyone believing these people will eventually pay are off their rockers. Start treating him like they do regular folks with bad credit: cash upfront.

  27. TQB says:

    It’s almost unfair that he’s so good looking, considering just listening to his speech made me so warm and happy!

  28. Dina says:

    I think I’m in love

  29. SJR says:

    Born and lived in Minnesota my entire life.
    Voted Dem in every POTUS election.
    Still heart sick that The Orange Fool has the job, he is so clearly unqualified.

    I will say that most people in MN are good neighbors, our state has a decent Dept. of Human Services to offer help to vulnerable citizens, ie. disability, elder care Not perfect but, we hold our own compared to some states.

    The Mayor is pretty level headed and damn right he should demand cash up front!

    • BeanieBean says:

      Minneapolis is usually on those ‘ten best cities to live’ lists.

      • Dena Landon says:

        Unless you’re black or a POC – it made the list of one of the top five worst cities for black people to live in the US. St Paul has the most segregated school district in the nation and the worst achievement gap in the nation.

        And their divorce and custody laws are regressive, deeply sexist, and designed (and I quote a lawyer) to make sure Minnesota doesn’t lose control of a woman’s child after divorce.

        I’m glad our mayor stood up to Trump but make no mistake – the city has a lot of problems, the state as a whole is a horrible place to live, it’s unfriendly and unwelcoming to outsiders, and the police dept in particular is known for its brutality and corruption.

      • Green Desert says:

        Dena – I talked Minneapolis up a bit above but you’re right about the problems that exist there. Still super segregated while it’s populace spouts progressive ideals. Can definitely be a “not in my backyard” type of place.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Thank you, Dena & Green–I didn’t know.

    • Tourmaline says:

      The Mayor also must contend with the Minneapolis Police Department, the head of whose union is a fierce MAGA acolyte. Just recently a dust up this week that police wanted to wear Trump supporting apparel to the rally tomorrow.

  30. Ann says:

    Good for Minnesota. I didn’t realize any one considers it a swing state, I always thought it was firmly blue. Stupid trump still owes my state Arizona a couple million. And Arizona has a real chance of flipping blue next year save for uber trump cronies Debbie Lesko and Andy Biggs. If anyone in the Phoenix/Mesa area happens to see this please do all you can to vote out these MAGAts. Biggs in particular is terrible.

  31. Rapunzel says:

    So why is Trump afraid to pay upfront? Where’s that campaign money? In his pockets? His kids’? His lawyers’?

    This is just more proof, imo, that Trump probably misappropriating his campaign funds and violating campaign finance laws.

    • Tiffany says:

      “So why is Trump afraid to pay upfront?”

      Because he has none. I really think this dude has been living off credit and loans for decades. I really think he is liquid broke and whatever he gets is paying back people you don’t want to owe 2 cents to let along 2 billion.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Exactly, Tiffany. I think his whole campaign has been robbing Peter to pay Paul. It’s what his taxes would show. Which is why he won’t show them.

        He should never have been allowed to get away with that. Bending that rule for him just led to more and more norms going by the wayside.

    • Tiffany says:

      @ Rapunzel. The fact that the deplorables that voted for him would overlook that are the same ones now complaining about not getting a tax return. Sooooo…small victory for them. Sucks for the others (*sigh* me and I am gonna take a stab at it and say you as well) that saw this coming a mile away.

      When Clinton released that last 10 years of returns (and even going back to Obama), the first thing I said was, ‘Yep, I am confident they will not sell the country out to foreign entity for pocket change’.

      And I don’t have a degree in economics. And I also don’t want a marginalized group to be worse off than ever before not because I am not a douchebag.

      • Rapunzel says:

        @tiffany- my dad, a farmer with only a HS diploma who probably never cracked a book in school, let alone after graduation, was the first person to say to me in 2016: “he’s not showing his tax returns. He’s hiding something. I bet he’s broke or laundering money.” Dad was also the first to predict to me how much he would ruin trade, especially for farmers.

        It doesn’t take any fancy degree or book learning to see what’s wrong with Trump and his ideas. It just takes common sense and a basic understanding.

    • Andrea says:

      I am gleefully awaiting his tax returns.

      • hudson girl says:

        Won’t they just be all lies and forgery, though? He won’t release them until the lies will stand up to inspection…

  32. Nuzzy says:

    I can’t believe all of you are so blatantly objectifying our honorable, principled, yet gorgeous Mayor. I don’t pay crazy amounts of taxes so that all of you can just turn into puddles of goo watching his sultry eyes flash as he speaks with confident assurance that he will protect us… shielding us in his strong rippling arms from the grotesque advances of that flaccid orange charlatan!

  33. Tra says:

    I worked in Atlantic City when he was building his casinos. He screwed so many small business owners and basically ruined their lives. Terrible person.

  34. FancyCatsup says:

    I live in Minneapolis! I’m so glad that someone is politely asking Trump to pay his bills. As a side note – this mayor used to run competitively and often runs through the town shirtless. Weather permitting, of course. You all should visit!

    • Tiffany says:

      Jeez, you are talking about your hot mayor and how he runs shirtless and trying to get our tourism dollars on the superficial.

      And it’s working.

  35. adastraperaspera says:

    Excellent move by the mayor! Keep that freeloading Nazi and his empty-headed hoard out of your beautiful city!

  36. Betsy says:

    Minnesota represent!

    This was such good news to read yesterday and I’m glad you covered it!

  37. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    He threatened to sue…LET THE DISCOVERY BEGIN!! The mayor’s attorneys can take depositions from all the construction companies and suppliers/ law firms/ rally cities he has stiffed.

    What fun!

  38. JM says:

    The comments on his Instagram post would be hilarious if it wasn’t for the unrelenting and inane vitriol of Trumpies. Calling him a communist? My God, these people are inconceivably and aggressively dumb and shouldn’t be allowed online.

  39. Andrea says:

    Trump is used to getting what he wants and skipping out on bills–he throws tantrums like a 2 year old when he doesn’t get his way. Good for this mayor for saying uh no, pay for what you plan to do or you are NOT welcome. More cities should do this. The more people tell this man no, the more he will implode.

    This mayor is super hot. Is he single? How old is he?

  40. Tourmaline says:

    Minnesota is not as safely blue as one would think.

    In 2016 per the NYT:
    Hillary got 46.4% of the vote and Trump got 44.9%. That is a 1.5 % difference.

    Hillary won 9 counties. Trump won 78 counties.

    Minneapolis is safely blue. Minnesota is not.

    • Kelly says:

      Minnesota is still a blue state, but it was close in 2016. Michelle Bachmann, who was one of the faces of the Tea Party, represented a very gerrymandered suburban district to the west of Minneapolis around St. Cloud.

      I had read some concern that Minnesota was where Wisconsin and Michigan were politically around 2008 – blue urban areas, purple suburbs, and red rural areas. Both of those states now have Democratic governors, and had Democratic incumbents from the urban areas win by a large numbers in November. I’m so proud of Wisconsin where our one intelligent senator, Tammy Baldwin, beat her Republican Serena Joy cosplayer challenger in her home territory in the very red Milwaukee suburbs. The less said about the other one, a Trump apologist, the better. He truly has lived up to his nickname of Our Dumb Senator lately.

      Minnesota is more diversified economically than most Midwestern states, with Target, Best Buy and 3M all headquartered there. There’s also a strong union and blue collar presence in the northern part of the state. It’s also a state where conservation and environmental protections seem to be a core value across party lines. For example, it’s extremely unlikely that there will be a wolf hunting season in Minnesota because it’s a conservation success story and a healthy wolf population is linked to lower reported numbers of chronic wasting disease in deer. Thus, more healthy deer for hunters and more revenue for natural resources. It’s no coincidence that the areas in the Midwest where that is more common are also the areas with low or no wolf population, especially in southern Wisconsin and Michigan.

  41. Ceecu33 says:

    I don’t wanna comment on politics because it’s so exhausting, it’s all we see in the news anymore, but mayor Frey needs to make one of those hot firemen calendars

  42. meg says:

    ‘ Minnesota has voted Democrat for president for twenty years. As much as people want to claim it’s a swing state, it really isn’t, ‘
    I grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis and still have many old friends who remain there as adults.
    Minnesota took a long time, longer than usual on election night to come back as a blue for the 2016 presidential election. Usually a blue state much faster than that on election night. Outside of the twin cities there were zero Hilary signs anywhere, zero. He’s had many rallys there since election, he will win MN again.
    i’m afraid many have defriended me after the things I post about how babies in cages is unethical and awful which showed my old friends true colors. Many justified Kavanaugh’s college behavior as ‘boys will be boys’ and blamed the victim instead. Sad state of many old friendships I’m afraid.
    Yes his election and Omar as well shows progress but it is a very contentious state and not as blue as history may show.

    • Tourmaline says:

      @Meg. Agree totally.

      I feel that many comments are conflating the city of Minneapolis which is majority very liberal /blue/Dem with the state of Minnesota which is blue by a slim margin. In 2016 Clinton won MN with 1.5 percent more votes than Trump.

      Look at an election map of the state and it is very red —Trump won 78 of 87 counties. Not good to be complacent that MN is blue.

      • India Rose says:

        My parents grew up in those outer red counties. Their populations are shrinking. Rochester was red for YEARS – then grew, became more diverse and has started voting blue. Our Dem governor Tim Walz won handily in 2016.

        The state looks red when you color based on the land, but the most densely populated areas are blue. I’m just not convinced we’d flip, especially for this president. But then again in my wildest imagination I never thought THIS would be our president, so what do I know? Cross your fingers and get out the vote.

  43. JRenee says:

    Sadly this prepayment is needed…

  44. Khkh says:

    According to a friend of mine who worked with Frey on the park board, he was very much a crony/promote your male friends politician. She voted for Nekima Levy-Pounds in the last election. I love the diversity of the city, but its cops have a history of racist stuff, and it is very hard to move here from somewhere else.

    That being said, they are doing a lot to try to build up the urban core and address affordable housing issues with the 2040 plan and the recent tenant rights ordinances. We’ll see where it goes, but there are worse mayors to be sure.

  45. MJ Lucid says:

    Presidents Clinton and Obama paid next to nothing….but they still paid……

  46. Ally Theater says:

    What’s his policy on climate change?

  47. Sunny says:

    Trump came to our city over a year ago, still hasn’t paid the local police for security. Still hasn’t provided the sand replenishment promised for our coastline. I don’t blame anyone for demanding payment upfront.