Duchess Kate wore a great autumnal look from Jigsaw & Warehouse in London

Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to the Natural History Museum

There’s finally a chill in the air here in the mid-Atlantic and I’ve been slowly bringing out some of my light sweaters and zip-up jackets. I haven’t gone Full Autumn yet, but the Duchess of Cambridge is inspiring me. Such an autumnal look! These are photos of Kate at an event today at the Natural History Museum’s Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity in London. The event is something to do with championing UK wildlife? This was apparently not an announced event, although I think Kate’s appearance was just embargoed until today.

Kate has been trying to make this style of “culotte” trousers happen all year and I’m not 100% here for it, but I appreciate that Kate is trying out some different, non-button-slathered looks. Kate’s culottes are apparently from Jigsaw, her heels are Tod’s and her purse is Chanel. The light plum-colored sweater is by Warehouse. Altogether, Kate looks really nice. The one very tiny criticism I have of the ensemble is that the culottes look bad from behind with that wide elastic band in back. But that’s it – otherwise this is one of the best outfits Kate has ever put together.

Meanwhile, did you know that William and Kate had a “secret meeting” with Bill and Melinda Gates? The Gates operate the largest private foundation in the world and their charitable interests overlap with the Cambridges’ interests in several areas (The Gates Foundation also overlaps with the Sussexes’ interests in several areas too). The meeting between the Cambridges and Gates was not announced ahead of time, but was added to the Court Circular after the fact.

Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to the Natural History Museum

Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to the Natural History Museum

Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to the Natural History Museum

Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to the Natural History Museum

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. TheHeat says:

    I love this outfit. I would wear it (if I had her frame).

    • Becks1 says:

      This is the kind of outfit every woman can wear. It’s a sweater and loose trousers.

    • Esme says:

      I also think this style of trousers only looks good on tall slender women like Kate. I’m short and curvy and usually look like a dumpling in them. But I like this outfit, even the elastic band, keeps it a bit contemporary, not full on “fifties/seventies revival”.
      And I love the earrings here.
      And the Gates Foundation is doing excellent work, any support they get is good in my book.

      • hindulovegod says:

        Gates does work, but you’d be hard-pressed to call it excellent. They wasted two billion on one bad education initiative alone. A cursory glance at available evidence would have let them know it was likely to fail. Many others in the field tried to tell them. But Gates is nothing if not hubristic. They could have just raised teacher salaries in poor districts to improve retention and seen some benefit.

      • Becks1 says:

        That probably depends a lot on perspective and who you talk to. My mom worked in public health for years and years and the Gates Foundation was always considered the gold standard.

      • Escondista says:

        Same. Short size 8 here and all hips and thighs – dark, slim-leg (not skinny), long pants are my ride-or-die. I look extra short and wide in coulottes.
        These colors could work on many women though and I think Kate looks great!

      • bonobochick says:

        I am average height but with hips, thighs, and lots of ass. Culottes look terrible on my build. Culottes are not flattering on women with lower body curves.

      • Another dumpling here. I wish I could wear this kind of outfit but alas, I’m confined to skinny jeans with my hips and thighs and skinny legs.

      • Linda says:


        I am also average height with a big ass lol and I love rocking my culottes, I see other black girls with my shape rocking it and I think it works.

      • FHMom says:

        She looks fab in this. I, too. Would look like a dumpling.

      • CoffeeCoffeeCoffee says:

        aww, dumplings unite! I am more of a thumb and would look re-donkulous in this. She looks fab!!!!

      • bonobochick says:

        @Linda: just lots of ass in culottes is one thing. lots of ass, big hips, and thick thighs combo is another.

        My maternal grandmother loved this look back in the day (she’s 98 now) but while she is 5’3, she is also a very slim build so culottes worked for her. My aunt who is 5’1 but with wide hips and thick thighs couldn’t pull off the look even a little bit.

      • Rina says:

        Another dumpling CB-er here. 🙋 I’d wear the culottes with a traditional kurta.

        Kate looks lovely.

    • I adore the Duchess says:

      I would wear the heck outta dis the entire time. Love it.

    • jj says:

      love it!!! great color combination.

    • jj says:

      love it!!! great color combination.

    • Moneypenny says:

      I love this! Though, I should say I basically wore exactly the same thing last week (my sweater was black and I wore leopard print heels though). A good look for Kate.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Agree with all. Would look frumpy on my short, curvy frame, but I love it on Kate and applaud her new workplace ready look.

    • minx says:

      She looks good and her posture looks just a shade better in these pictures.

  2. Roserose says:

    Yes the elasticated band at the back doesn’t look great but it is why it fits so well at the front. It’s a great look.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah I don’t like the back – that elastic band is not good IMO.

    • Amy Too says:

      I think it only looks good straight on from the front. I don’t like the side or back view. And I’m just sick of her culottes, in general. I think they’re kind of bizarre and wish she would just go for a normal length, wide leg trouser with these kind of looks.

    • Lokigal says:

      I love this but I think it would look more polished if she hadn’t tucked in the sweater but worn out with a slim belt. Elasticated waistband is best kept under the top I believe.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      The elastic showing does make it look cheap. And these are NOT culottes! Culottes cut off mid-calf or shorter (below the knee). These are CROPPED TROUSERS! And on Kate, they just look like she outgrew her pants and is wearing floods.

      This would be GREAT if they were full length, sweater out, covering the back. Or just do a French tuck, leaving the front showing, but the back covered up. Or just leave it all out with a skinny belt, slung to the hip.

      You KNOW she is just reacting to “someone else” with these thrifty choices lately. Kate hasn’t worn High Street clothing with such frequency since she first started Duchessing. Also, carrying a $3K purse with such a cost conscious outfit kind of kills it, IMO.

      To end on a high note: I do love the sweater (and the color) and I’ve liked those shoes a lot, since the first time she’s worn them.

      • Original Jenns says:

        Agree – not culottes :) I know the argument last time was that the website listed them as culottes, but the website/designer/etc are wrong. It may seem trendy to call them culottes, but they are not.

        I do think the pants are her leaning into being fashionable/trendy while still being Kate, but I also agree that full length, wide legged trousers would look just as great, and in my opinion, I would like the outfit more.

        That said, love the colors and want everything in that shade of green! And I am obsessed with the French tuck now. It finally sunk into my head recently, and it’s how I wear most of my shirts outside of work.

      • Sally says:

        Ugly, ugly pants!!! Culottes, they are NOT!! That purse, $$$$$, ruins the whole affect she was trying to make. She needs to stick with dresses or long pants, this outfit is not at all becoming…… js imo

  3. AllisonC says:

    Watching paint dry…next. The Gates are about making a difference not pretending to make a difference. The Cambridge’s would have to work so doesn’t sound like a good match.

    • christa says:

      To say the least! Hopefully the Gates see right through them and move on. This couple is all about action – not words and acting “keen”.

  4. Devon says:

    She looks great!!!

  5. Becks1 says:

    I know that style of pants is on trend right now, but I still don’t like them. I cant help it lol. If these were full length trousers I’d be all over this look.

    as it is – I’ll admit that as simple as they are, those are some of my favorite shoes of Kate’s. I don’t know why, I just love them. And I really like that sweater. So, overall a win for Kate. And in general, this is the kind of look she should have been cultivating for the past decade – professional but not overdressed, stylish but not super trendy, etc. She also looks comfortable.

    the meeting with the Gates is interesting to me. Wonder if the Cambridges are trying to do a campaign with the Gates foundation? Or if this is groundwork for an event in Pakistan?

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @Becks1, the culotte style of trousers is very popular in Florida. Part of the problem is that culottes do not play in the middle of the road very well. The culottes need to be dressed down or over-the-top. Dressed down with flat strappy sandals they look great but very beachy. The purpose of that length of trouser (if not on a beach) is too show off a fabulous and heavy “It” shoe which pushes the trouser into the “over-the-top” category. Royals do not wear fabulous or great shoes which is part of the problem. Without great shoes, the outfit looks out-of-balance in my humble opinion.

      All the above being said: I think Cathy looks great!

      • Becks1 says:

        @Bay – I get what you mean. Kate is trying a trend but she should lean into it more to make it work.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        I so agree about the heavy *it *shoe,and these shoes are my favorite by far of Kate’s,but these pants need a chunky heel loafer in this situation and preferably a color similar to her pants/culottes to keep the look smooth-but this is a preference on my part more than a gripe.
        Overall she looks really nice and that sweater is the perfect color and fit for her.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Becks1 I can’t stand these pants either. I get that they’re trendy, but I just can’t with them.

      I really dislike her hair color here, which looks even lighter (?) today. She has such gorgeous hair, but I much prefer the deep, chocolate brown shade that it’s always been. This looks so brassy.

      That said, I also love these shoes! There are a bunch on eBay for $700+, but I don’t love them *that* much, lol.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I don’t like them, either. I also think the color combo is off. The plum is autumnal, the green of the pants evokes spring to me.

      Think of how bomb the top would look with a lighter, heathered- grey bottom. Narrow and maybe ankle- grazing.

      Disclosure: I am biased against Palazzo pants.

  6. aurora says:

    Not a fan of the length of the trousers. I feel like culottes should be shorter, and given Kate’s height, it looks (probably only to non-fashionista me lol) like she’s wearing too short trousers.
    But other than that, the outfit looks ok.

    • Cerys says:

      I agree. Culottes should be 3/4 length not just above the ankle. They just look like trousers that are too short. Otherwise I think she looks great and it’s nice to see her in something different.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I’m with you, Aurora and Cerys. She looks as if she grew too tall for her trousers. She is so thin that the baggy trousers swamp her. I hate tucked-in jumpers and quilted bags. I don’t like this look, but then again, I don’t do “fashion”, so.. A’s long as she feels good, that’s the main thing.

  7. RedRoyal says:

    Not my cup of tea.

  8. Jessica says:

    Excellent look, quite likely her best ever. Perfect from head to toe. I would wear this.

  9. Eleonor says:

    I like everything, but I am in love with the shoes.

    • mellie says:

      Me too, I couldn’t wear the pants since I’m barely 5 ft, but I’d wear the crap out of those shoes.

  10. HK9 says:

    Love the colours, and she looks great. Small quibble but while I know the pants are culottes, I think at her height she should have just had the pants go an inch past the ankle and call it a day, but whatever, this look is great-clean & classic.

  11. Sofia says:

    I don’t like the colour combo but I do love the physical outfit! Totally would wear it!

    And wonder what they’re doing with Gates. Something foundation related?

  12. Jan says:

    Too matchy matchy for me but people will give this woman flowers for anything so whatever.

    • Becks1 says:

      I am kind of laughing at the positive comments here, mine included. Its like we are all so excited that she didn’t wear a button-y coat dress. Kate wore trousers, heels and a sweater!!! go kate!!! lol

      • Jan says:

        It’s hilarious. It’s a decent, professional looking outfit but there’s nothing remotely chic about it. A total snooze.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Jan, the outfit does not look chic because she is wearing the wrong shoes. The shoes are right for “Royal work” but do nothing to lift the outfit into “freshness”.

        The out fit needs a pair of man-made snakeskin platforms sandals or a pair of man-made snakeskin booties.

      • manda says:

        I don’t like the outfit. I mean, it’s fine. She’ll start wearing it in different colors and that is what annoys me about her. Obviously I’m not a Kate fan, she is so vapid to me

      • Becks1 says:

        @Manda – well, we have already seen her wear this style of trousers….3 times in the past few months? The garden viewing, the regatta, and now this. Maybe one other time too?

        so you may not be that far off lol.

  13. Yoyo says:

    Yesterday I was reading a ‘Fox’ article, and it said the Cambridge Foundation wipe all traces of Meghan and Harry from their Foundation expect if you go to the back pages you will find an old article with Harry.
    They totally scrub Meghan’s women’s programs.
    Fox is so looking for negative press on Meghan, that they must have just come upon this story, of course they didn’t mention that the Sussexes are setting up their own Foundation.

  14. tempest prognosticator says:

    This is a good look. Well done, Kate.

  15. Lucy says:

    Would totally wear this! Nice job, Kate!!!

  16. Jules says:

    She looks great… well tailored and sophisticated even in those trousers. Well done!

  17. Kittycat says:

    Why was this embargoed?

    So weird

    • Nic919 says:

      I agree. How is visiting a museum something that needs to be kept secret? They do this so often with Kate’s few events it really does suggest that these embargoed events are ones that get added last minute to juice up engagement numbers.

      • Becks1 says:

        I wonder if part of it is a concern about lack of crowds. Like, they say its embargoed for security reasons/crowd control etc – but I wonder if its almost the opposite, they embargo the visit so that there is a “reason” for the low crowds? (I don’t know how big the crowds are at those kinds of visits for Kate.)

      • Nic919 says:

        It might be that, but it’s hard to know the point of this engagement in the first place. It’s not like the museum of natural history needs the publicity. Bread and butter engagements usually involve lesser known fairs and things outside of central London.

  18. smcollins says:

    I would wear the hell out of this outfit. The color combo is beautiful.

  19. Lizzie says:

    she looks cute and relaxed. love the color combo. that purse is incredible. whatever goes on between those women – which is think is mostly a bunch of BS – it can’t be denied that kate has significantly tightened up her look since meghan arrived.

  20. CROWHOOD says:

    The funniest thing to me about this whole thing: Kate is responsible for EVERYTHING Megan does. But all of the sudden Kate’s out here in pants and it has nothing to do that Megan wears pants all the time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fine they inspire and learn from each other but it cracks me up.

  21. Kelly says:

    Can I ask a question? No snark, why is she (or any of the royal women) carrying a purse? It’s not like she doesn’t have people with her, wouldn’t they have anything she might need? I need my purse, keys, Kleenex, chapstick, money. I just don’t get why they carry one on official engagements.

    • Cidy says:

      I was literally wondering the same thing but I also think it’s because it would look tacky just holding a cellphone. If I go somewhere nice, I’ll bring a small bag because I dont want to be that person just holding my phone?

    • Becks1 says:

      I think its mostly a prop. She may have chapstick or tissues in there, but I imagine for shorter engagements she doesn’t really need those things – so I think its more just a prop/accessory. The queen famously uses her to signal when she’s done talking to someone.

    • Deedee says:

      Probably a homing beacon. Also a note from Carole, “You’ll do great, Chutney! Smile big!” with a pack of chewing gum.

  22. OriginalLala says:

    My 93 year old Nan has the exact same pants! the elastic waist and the length are just not my thing at all.

  23. MsIam says:

    Would like this a lot better if they were full length trousers, even with wide legs. But it is much better than the prairie, frumpy dresses or the coatdresses. This looks much more modern, big improvement.

    • Skyblue says:

      Full length trousers would be great choice. I think the cropped/culotte style looks ridiculous. Her pants just look too short. High water as we used to say in elementary school and god forbid you ever showed up with high water pants. 😂 Kate could so rock 70s style trousers. I’m also of the opinion that the plum/green combo is off. Maybe a pretty cream top?

  24. Cidy says:

    Okay so I have pants that are almost a complete match of these BUT I will warn you, friends, first they give you a wedgie, sorry if that’s TMI but it’s the truth, the elastic around the waist mixed with a regular shorts-underwear combo causes a wedgie. But they are super cute with a block heel and a tucked in shirt on any body type!

  25. liriel says:

    I’m not as crazy about this outfit as you’re but she looks professional and ok. Doing well so far. I hope she works more though.

  26. L84Tea says:

    Now this is good. The colors are really rich and lovely, the pants work here because they fit better, the shoes look nice (I REALLY like those heels and would wear those myself), and it’s just a different look for her. Win overall.

  27. Silas says:

    I don’t like these trousers. What I do like is that every time Kate dresses this way, it throws out that whole theory that the coat dresses are about her dressing like a future queen.

    No, she just copies people and now that Meghan is a royal duchess who wears trouserrs, so is Kate.

  28. magdalene says:

    I know if it was Meghan carrying the chanel bag, there will be price tag attached by the British media and there will be commentary as to how tone deaf she is by carrying or wearing designer clothings, but with Kate, it is so cute.

  29. Maria says:

    The green is too olive and needs to be a richer shade for depth with the violet. Otherwise it’s a good outfit.

    • CuriousCole says:

      Thank you Maria! I like the outfit except the colours don’t quite complement each other. Had the green pants been a rich brown, I would be the biggest fan of this look.

    • Kk2 says:

      Agree! Was commenting just to say this. I love the color of the sweater and in think it looks so much nicer on her than the pale pastels she usually favors, but the pantcolor is off. Needs to be darker green maybe or ideally a camel or rich brown color. I don’t really mind the cut of the pants.

  30. Marjorie says:

    The elastic in back is the only reason these pants fit, otherwise they’d fall right off.

  31. Toot says:

    The sweater is cute, but I don’t like those pants at all.

  32. Yamayo says:

    It needed a nice belt IMO.

  33. Age says:

    WOW! There is no reason, in my opinion, that she shouldn’t/can’t/isn’t dressing this well regularly.

  34. Vava says:

    Well I like the color combination and that’s about it. The pants overwhelm her, but they might work better with a structured jacket. The jacket would cover up the elastic waist which would be advantageous. Meh on the Chanel bag. The shoes are nice, but not with these pants. These pants need a much different shoe than that, maybe a suede shoe with ankle wrap ties, or a bootie with attitude.

    The fabric on those pants looks cheap. Kate, get a stylist!

  35. RoyalBlue says:

    Can they not find a British philanthropist?

  36. bonobochick says:

    Meetings and fashion but is there any substance?

  37. Mego says:

    I think it’s fugly and the colour of the top clashes with the pants.

    • Ignoto says:

      This outfit is a miss for me. I don’t like the color combination and those culottes are not flattering. If she had worn a nice silk blouse and full-length pants maybe she could have passed for fashionable and chic. This looks like something she would wear for a parents meeting at her children’s school.

  38. Flying Fish says:

    I am not a fan of culottes. The shades of the these colors are not working together, sorry.

  39. Tw says:

    She looks great. Much improved. The trousers are the right idea but poor execution. But hey, I’ll take it. Also, her hair has never looked better. It’s not so much the color, but the cut and styling. Love it.

  40. Jen says:

    I would like the look a lot better if the pants were a different length. Overall, I’d prefer a different style of pants, but even just a different length would be a big improvement.

  41. Mina says:

    That’s a great outfit. Only skinny has hell people like her could ever pull it off though.

  42. Chris says:

    Very little mention of what she was doing v.s her clothing & accessories. She received praise for colour coordination & wearing the right shoes but what about her “work”?

    • Ina says:

      She was there to keenly “learn and observe.”

    • tw says:

      Reminder: This is a gossip site. If I would like to write a dissertation on her hair color, I will do so.

      • Chrysal says:

        Psst Tw- if u follow this site on the regular u will notice that quite often there are a lot of commenters who are interested in substance over style, particularly where the royals are concerned. Some of these individuals are even more informed than the so-called royal reporters.
        So don’t make assumptions that this site & those who come on here are all about materialistic fluff. 😾

    • Tiffany says:

      Read you loud and clear Jason… Chris !!!

      I mean Chris.

    • Tw says:

      @chrystal My point is that posts and comments do not HAVE to have substance. We can choose to comment as we wish.

      • Becks1 says:

        But I think Chris’s point was that there wasn’t a lot to say about the actual engagement. He/she wasn’t judging people for not talking about her work, they were implying that there just isn’t a lot to say bc that’s not what gets covered.

    • Lorelei says:

      She was there to look at bugs. Not even kidding.

  43. Tiffany says:

    I am feeling those shoes. And I am saying that about a pair that Kate is wearing.

  44. I like this look on her. She should wear loose long pants more often.

  45. DS9 says:

    I’m not feeling the length of the pants but I adore a good wide leg pant and can’t get in board with long culottes.

    I would have worn this much longer, past the ankle.

    • Tiffany says:

      Or she should have worn a flatter shoe with it. I don’t have a problem with the pants as I think they are meant to be worn with flats or sneakers.

      • DS9 says:

        A flatter shoe wouldn’t have changed my mind. It’s not long enough for me for that either. I would still have felt breezy around the ankle.

        Flat or heel, I like this leg width looking enough for the toe of my shoe to poke out.

  46. Silas says:

    It would have been lovely if she had a little something extra to highlight this cause and bring attention to more than what she looks like and that she actually showed up.

    What about behind the scenes pictures on Instagram of Kate visiting people connected to this during the lead up to this exhibit. It would have built up hype. Look at the amount of promotion they threw into the gardens project.

    She could carve out a space for herself quite successfully without having to do more than be a cheerleader but relying on getting a ton of attention because she showed up somewhere to listen and smile is not going to have as much of an impact anymore.

    • HK9 says:

      Kate’s PR people are shite. You and others on this site have better PR strategies than the PR team the Cambridges are paying for.

  47. Linda says:

    She looks stunning, I love the entire look from top to bottom.

  48. Jennifer says:

    The elastic waistband is awful.

  49. Seraphina says:

    I’m digging the look. Poor thing. I’m one of her harshest critics and I like this on her.

  50. ojulia123 says:

    I love that handbag!

    • Elisa says:

      That handbag is everything! I also like the sweater, not a fan of the trousers and the shoes, though.

  51. Mumbles says:

    What a great color combination, and not one I would think would work, and one that’s great with her coloring.

  52. shells_bells says:

    I LOVE this look on her! It’s a great color combo fo her.

  53. Rebecca says:

    It’s so interesting how there isn’t a big bruhaha about working “with Americans” when it comes to Bill Gates and the Cambridges, yet earlier when Prince Harry announced he was doing a series on mental health with Oprah and Apple TV, the UK press whinged all over Twitter and their online editions. They were also upset that Disney was also working with Harry on wildlife project.

    This about face is fascinating.

    • Chris says:

      Maybe it’s because there is zero expectation that anything will actually come out of the cambridge’s meeting? When they hear more about what is expected (real work) they’ll no doubt head for the hills 😜

      For their part the Gates are looking to partner with people & organizations that do a bit more than act keen.

    • Nic919 says:

      There is always a double standard. Also notice the lack of criticism for having a 3k bag from Chanel, which is not a UK brand.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Agreed and I feel strongly about this. The Cambridges should work with British philanthropists, especially as they are the future king and queen consort.

      It’s ridiculous and seems that they are playing copycat with the Sussexes. Oh you are doing something with Oprah and Apple, well let’s do something with Gates and maybe Microsoft. Imagine how odd it would seem if they were partnering with a Japanese or an Italian or Swedish billionaire. Like why?!?! I do not even click on those articles about her anymore. Oh and her hair is too long and her hand is always moving her hair out of her face . She should cut it or pin it up.

  54. Lowrider says:

    The pants are hiked all the way up and the bunch in the back makes her behind look really flat.

  55. Le4Frimaire says:

    It’s a good look. Really like the sweater and shoes . Those pants though, don’t like that color. The bag is probably the most expensive item. Bet no one will complain about their tax dollars buying expensive French brands because of who’s wearing it and haven’t seen the wardrobe pricing in the press like some other people get.

  56. Mgsota says:

    I would prefer the pants in black. I prefer most things in black…lol.
    I love olive green, but that green is too light or something. Love the sweater, bag and shoes and I do like culottes.

  57. 2lazy4username says:

    LOVE the concept and color combo. The pants needs to be shorter, though. At this length they look like they shrunk in the dryer.

  58. Gail says:

    Love the entire look, the colors are gorgeous.

  59. jensays says:

    BUT!!!! how much did everything cost. I need to know. ;)

    • Brandy Alexander says:

      Don’t worry – the Daily Mail did an entire article on it. 522.00 pounds for the top, pants, and shoes, 3k pounds for the purse.

  60. kerwood says:

    A nice enough top and trousers and the crowd roars! This is what happens when the bar is set so very low.

  61. What. . now? says:

    Nailed it! This is a great look for her. For me, it’s about the bag and the shoes–her best yet.

  62. Beach Dreams says:

    What a hideous color combo! Those so-called “culottes” need to be a deeper shade of green or another color altogether to make this outfit look remotely decent. And if you’re going to carry a $3,000 Chanel bag, at least have its color match ONE of the pieces you’re wearing. Honestly, the pants alone are terrible.

  63. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I get the autumn colors, but the length and cut of the pants are a fail. Barbie’s hair is also too light, it makes her look like a “Real Housewife” (which I guess she is, now that I think about it).

    • Le4Frimaire says:

      @ Krabapple, so true! I think she is slowly creeping toward blonde. When lots of women start graying, they go blonder. Not sure if this was just a drive by and wave visit, or if this is something foundation related.

  64. Melissa says:

    Raising my hand with all the other dumplings, “nope, nada, not for me”, but she looks great.

  65. Amelie says:

    Meh I don’t know. This is not the best look on her at all. I want to LOVE this look but I don’t. That shade of green is wrong, it’s more like a booger green. A hunter/forest green or an olive green would have looked better. Also these don’t seem to be culottes, they’re too long. I think they are just wide legged trousers. The cut of the pants is okay, I wold have preferred them in dark brown or black though. Also the elastic in the back is not a great look.

    The sweater is great though and perfect for fall. Not sure she had to match the bag and shoes to it, seems a bit overboard. But she is experimenting more with pants and I like to see her try. I think these pants should be sent back to wherever they came from though and she should try more styles and cuts to see what looks good on her.

  66. Rogue says:

    I don’t like the colour combo but love how modern she looks.

  67. yinyang says:

    THat briefcase handbag gives the impression she’s serious to get down to business. lol.

  68. Cara says:

    The handbag is my favorite part of the outfit.

  69. dj says:

    I love nice solid foundational pieces of wardrobe as the next person. However, her lack of accessories drives me crazy! A decent strand of pearls, a brooch (the Queen takes it next level) anything, anything at all to tie these blah pieces together would be wonderful. She has lots (or I would imagine) of wonderful jewellery pieces at her disposable as future consort or whatever. It doesn’t have to be a grand tiara just something small.

  70. Nothankyou says:

    Don’t love the colour of the pants and would look better if full length; and how good would this outfit look with the addition of a beautiful brooch!

  71. fabulous says:

    Good colours. Great shoes.

    The top is too tight and the trousers too short.
    Can’t say I have ever seen the outline of TQ’s bra.

    Agree with previous posters that it would looked nicer with a slim fitting (not skin tight) jumper which covered the elasticated back.

    Good to see her trying different things – especially in the knowledge that whatever she wears she’ll be trashed by someone.