Fall clothing, Halloween dresses and the best toothbrush for whitening

I’ve been using the two very affordable eyeshadow palettes we featured about a month ago. My favorite is the Rimmel Magnif’eyes in blush. The colors are so versatile and can be used for day or evening. I also like the Sersuel Nudes palette by Nesa. That palette may be better suited for brunettes and redheads, but I’ve made some nice looks with it. I’m very blonde and pale with red undertones. The L’oreal True Match foundation is now my daily go-to and I really like it. It’s light coverage and looks perfect over primer. (As I’ve mentioned a few times, I just use Monistat chafing relief gel as primer. It’s got the exact same ingredients as more expensive primers. Also, you need to use primer under foundation! It makes your pores almost invisible.)

Here’s some clothing I found! Several have lower Fakespot ratings. Unfortunately this is an issue with clothing on Amazon and I did look through a bunch of listings and ratings to find these.

A lightweight cowl neck tunic sweater
lightweight cowl neck tunic sweater
Last Friday I went to an outdoor show in a sleeveless dress because it was so hot. On Saturday night I was wearing two layers and a fall jacket outside. It’s early sweater season and you never know when you’re going to need one. A light sweater like this one by PattyBoutik is perfect for fall. You can layer it under a jacket or wear it alone for when it gets warm during the day. I love cowl neck sweaters, stripes, and asymmetric details and this has all three! It comes in black, light gray, ivory and navy blue and in sizes x-small to x-large. Reviewers say it “looks great,” is “really flattering” and they “love how it fits.” Some reviewers say you can see through the lighter colors and should wear a cami underneath.

An a-line vintage look cocktail dress for any occasion
a-line vintage look cocktail dress
Lila asked if we could find a floral dress like the one Angelina Jolie wore to a Maleficent press conference. I used to own a white skirt with a black floral print which I loved and Angelina’s dress reminds me of that. It was hard to find both the cut and a similar print, so I found two separate dresses depending on what you’re looking for. This sleeveless vintage look a-line cocktail dress comes in sizes small to xx-large and in that lovely floral print along with eight other print and color options. Plus it’s under $30! This is such a cute dress that would look professional at work or out to a show. It has 763 ratings, 4.5 stars and an A from Fakespot! Women say it’s “stretchy and so comfortable,” “just as beautiful as advertised,” that it fits great and that they get a lot of compliments.

A backless v-neck maxi dress
backless v-neck maxi dress
Here is a dress that is closer to the flowy v-neck cut of Angelina’s dress. This chiffon dress by BerryGo comes in five feminine floral prints and in three sizes to accommodate 0 to 10. It also has a sheer layer under the skirt. Women call it “a perfect fit,” “one of my favorite dresses,” “adorable,” “beautiful” and “well made.” This may be best suited for small breasted women as women with larger chests say it does show side boob.

An asymmetric tunic top you can wear to the gym, store or to bed
asymmetric tunic top with pockets
If you listen to our podcast, you’ll know that I’m a fan of clothing that’s comfortable enough for bed and can be worn all day. If you can wear it to the gym all the better, but I recommended washing it after that, otherwise it’s gross. This comfy asymmetric tunic top by Urban CoCo is less than $17 and comes with pockets. You can layer it over leggings, athletic wear or jeans and dress it up or down. It comes in 16 colors and color block options and in sizes small to xxx-large. Women write that they “love it,” that it “fits great and is well made,” that it “drapes beautifully” and that it’s so cute and comfortable they “want to wear it every day.”

A Halloween print wrap dress for looking festive this season
Halloween print wrap dress
I just learned that Halloween print dresses exist. Given all the other Halloween-themed clothing I already have, I should be less excited about this. This wrap dress by Glorystar is under $25 and comes in both long and short sleeve options. There are 12 different colors and prints, including two which are Halloween-themed. It’s available in sizes small to xx-large. It’s called “elegant,” “comfortable,” “soft” and festive. The reviews include photos of women of all body types looking cute in it. Here’s a link to another Halloween-themed dress by Styleword, it’s a sleeveless cocktail dress with a sash belt, which has so many cute prints.

The best toothbrush I have ever owned and it whitens too
Philips Sonicare whitening
My son’s dad bought a two pack of Philips Sonicare whitening toothbrushes for my son’s birthday and I got one. (They have separate bases and chargers too.) It’s the best toothbrush I’ve ever used and it really does whiten! It oscillates super fast to massage your gums, get out stubborn stains and leave your teeth feeling smooth like you just went to the dentist. I’ve been getting coffee stains in between my teeth and this has almost eliminated those. It also has a 30 second timer that beeps so you know when to switch sides and so you brush for the recommended two minutes. (I don’t always do this.) People say this “completely changing my brushing habits,” call it “fantastic” and say it’s great at preventing and removing stains. It’s similar to a Waterpik in that it oscillates so fast you have to keep your mouth closed or your mirror will get spatter all over it.

All natural bath bombs made in the US by refugees
Refugee Bath Bomb Company
Charla sent us this product, it’s a pack of 12 2.5-ounce bath bombs made in Washington State by refugees. The company’s mission is to provide employment and a welcoming environment to refugees in the community. Each pack contains a card with information about the person who put it together. This has 4.7 stars, 28 ratings and an A from Fakespot. Reviewers say that the scents are subtle, that they leave your skin soft, and that these make great gifts too. You can learn more about their work at RefugeeBathCompany.com.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    i don’t have the sweater you have listed but i do have 2 open front cardigans from PattyBoutik on Amazon and they have held up for 2 years. They are jersey material and wash nicely. They tend to get a little wrinkly but you can press with a cool iron.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’ve had good luck with cardigans from Amazon too. I wear them a lot for work so I can adjust layers.

  2. Teresa says:

    OMG thanks, I just bought that Halloween Dress! What a great deal it was too.
    thanks CB!

    • Celebitchy says:

      Which one the wrap one or the one at the bottom? I’m trying to figure out which one to get! I keep buying so much stuff from Amazon though.

      • teresa says:

        The wrap dress with the bats and stuff, it was 14.00 with the coupon they offered! I love it, it’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. I too buy too many amazon items, we can start our own support group! LOL.

      • Celebitchy says:

        Ok I bought that dress!! I didn’t even know it had a coupon.

  3. Esmom says:

    My Sonicare toothbrush has changed my life. It isn’t whitening per se but it keeps my teeth so much whiter between cleanings than regular brushing did. I drink tons of tea and tend to get stains in between my bottom teeth and also tartar on the back of them, which would drive my hygienist crazy.

    This toothbrush has eliminated those issues and made my hygienist’s job much easier! I’v never cheated and done less than two minutes, though, I gasped when CB says she sometimes does, lol. I guess I’m a rule follower.

    For whitening, I do whitestrips every six months, after every dental cleaning, when I have what seems like a “clean slate.”

    The bath bombs are really cool. My son loves them and I think they’ll make a great gift for him.

    • JennyJenny says:

      I’ll second that on the Sonicare toothbrush. It has made a world of difference in taking care of my teeth.
      It’s definitely worth the investment!

    • Giddy says:

      My last dentist visit he commented several times what a great job of brushing I was doing. The only change I had made was to buy a Sonicare. Another positive about it is that it holds a charge for a very long time. I’ve taken it on trips and it has lasted 10 days without a charge. On the tunic top, Urban Coco has made tunics like that for several years that zip up the front. I love mine and have them in several colors. The cut is the same, but without the cowl neck, and is so flattering.

  4. AnnaKist says:

    Thank you for another great product post!

    I’m going to check if the Refugee Bath Co ships to Australia. I’d love to buy a few sets of these bath bombs for Christmas gifts. They look beautifully presented and it’s a cause close to my heart. The dresses are lovely – for my daughter, not me. She looks especially gorgeous in vintage style dresses. I definitely want a few of the flared sweaters. Thanks again.

  5. tealily says:

    CB, I just added four things to my Amazon shopping cart (eye palette, chafing gel, toothbrush, and tunic). Why do you keep doing this to me??

    I’m going to draw the line at the Halloween dresses, although I’ll admit I’ve been eyeing them since the beginning of September. I just bought a bunch of Halloween leggings though, and I don’t want to turn into a crazy person.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I bought the Monistat chafing relief gel to use as make-up primer at CVS. I will post my experience after I have used it a couple of times. Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. lucy2 says:

    I love the black and white dress! I almost never wear dresses though so I have to stop buying cute ones like that.
    That red dress below it though – not for busty gals I’m guessing, as it’s little more than an apron on the top!

  7. Amy Too says:

    The halloween wrap dress looks like some Th ing Ms. Frizzle from Magic School Bus would wear and I mean that in the very best way!

  8. Lila says:

    Thank you so much for finding those dresses, CB! I love the flowiness of the second one, and the print of the first one is amazing. They both look so comfortable and flattering. Adding to my Amazon cart. You’re the best!

  9. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Just FYI, the last time I read about Rimmel, they were still engaging in animal testing.
    I honestly do not know if their testing policy has changed.

  10. Nancypants says:

    My husband is from New England and those folks do Halloween!
    You should see our front yard. It’s crazy. IT WASN’T ME!!

    Anyway, my costumes are too complicated to wear to work and probably won’t fit right now but there is an online store called Grandinroad.com. Martha S. gets her Halloween stuff from these folks.
    They have Halloween ponchos to include a skeleton one and a fringed bat one and they are on sale now.
    Much of the Halloween stuff is sold-out now but not all.
    Grandin is a little expensive but often have sales and free shipping.

    Amazon has some ponchos too which can arrive before Halloween.
    I really like the Heritage Lace poncho with spider webs and stuff.