Bradley Cooper denies meeting Jennifer Aniston for dinner in DC

Bradley Cooper
I’m beginning to feel sorry for Jennifer “stick on nips” Aniston. It seems like whenever we hear about her lately it’s a either a weak rumor that she’s dating a co-star, or that co-star’s denial that anything is going on. At least Gerard Butler seems to have a sense of humor about it and a genuine fondness for Jen. Bradley Cooper, on the the other hand, is issuing terse humorless statements that make it sound like he thoroughly regrets being seen out with the yoga-loving actress, even though she significantly raised his profile. In late June, Cooper told the press that Aniston was “simply a friend” about two weeks after their NY dinner date. The only compliment he offered was to say that she was “very, very interesting.” Now he’s categorically denying a supposed date with Aniston in D.C. on July 18, which was reported by the National Enquirer late last week. Cooper wants us to know that he wasn’t even in the DC at the time he was said to have met up with Aniston, and he doesn’t try to soften the blow by adding something nice about her.

It made for a romantic image: Jennifer Aniston meeting with Bradley Cooper for a Washington D.C. rendezvous as a follow-up to their “just friends” New York dinner in June in New York.

Only one problem.

“It didn’t happen, they were not there together,” says a rep for Cooper, 34, throwing cold water on the Capitol hookup reports that have circulated online. “Bradley was there on a stop-over from his USO tour.”

Cooper isn’t the only one busy denying a romance with Aniston, 40. Her costar in The Bounty, Gerard Butler, 39, recently blasted such rumors, calling them “just annoying.”

[From People]

Ok, we get it – you’re not dating Jennifer Aniston and you don’t want to provide a smidgen of quote for the press to latch on to and spin countless stories from. It’s just strange that Cooper, and this article, are so brief. It makes you wonder if someone has it out for Aniston because this article is worded so negatively, especially for People, and doesn’t even include a little filler about what she’s doing now. Maybe Jen used up a lot of the good will people had for her by going out looking exceptionally cold on the set of The Bounty last week. It’s possible that was some kind of costume for her role, but she probably has a say in her wardrobe. Given how much we saw her nipples on Friends, I’m inclined to believe that she entirely approves of having them exposed and/or enhanced, and that probably rubs some people the wrong way. Bradley Cooper sure doesn’t want people to think he’s rubbing up on her for whatever reason.

Jennifer Aniston is shown on the set of The Bounty on 8/3/09. (Both the Black dress and white tank photos) Credit: Fame Pictures and Bradley Cooper is shown on 2/21/09. Credit: PRPhotos

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13 Responses to “Bradley Cooper denies meeting Jennifer Aniston for dinner in DC”

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  1. lulu says:

    i am utterly sick of hearing anything about this woman, who cares who she is shagging.

  2. sarah says:

    I have a feeling she has her “boyfriends” back in the whole denial phase. Don’t talk to the press about us – ever. The same thing happened with Vince Vaughn and John Mayer. John’s response after they broke up was to say way too much, almost as a way to hurt her in the way he knew most would.

  3. Nev says:

    I feel so sorry for B Cooper. At this point I wish she would just leave him alone. Kind of stupid the way she keep chasing after a man that don’t want her. If Jen was not leaking the stories then she would be the one denying the story.
    She wore a tee shirt with the fake nipples sticking out when she was dating John Mayer so this is just her nasty desperate offensive style. I see why men want nothing to do with her.
    Like someone else said what if men put something in their pants to make it look like they had a hard on. That would be very disgusting-well what Jen do is the samething.

  4. diddy says:


    and you know all this how?LOL
    let me guess you know either her or bradley cooper personally, or hey if the tabs says so it must be true right lmao

    the woman has not made one comment about cooper yet you somehow got it in you head that she is doing something

    isnt this the same tabs that reported that he was also dating denis richards and rene that he also had to come out and deny and said was made up by a diet comapny or something; i dont see you saying denis or rene were chasing him.

    and fyi her nipples are real, if you watch enough ep of friends u would know they are real, even the naked pap picture that was snapped of her in her backyard topless shows that those nipples are real.

    they are many women in the world with large nipples like that, they dont need fake anything

  5. Katharine Jaynes says:

    Maybe People magazine is pissed because Jennifer’s publicist keeps feeding them fake stories about her alleged on-set romances and they’re tired of looking like dummies when the co-stars deny the whole story. People does like to be the top-shelf tabloid, the one that doesn’t dig in the dirt and make up nonesense stories. So, they worded this message just harsh enough to deter Jen’s team from ever sending them down another imaginary yellow brick road.

    If she keeps going down this path of faux romances, pretty soon she’ll be married to Tom Cruise and wearing a pillow on her stomach while their child is cooked up in a labratory somewhere.

  6. Wench. says:

    Her body is knockout. Makes me wish I just didn’t eat all those Jaffa Cakes.

  7. Nev says:

    Hey diddy unless you are Aniston or suckling from them then you don’t know rather her nipples are real or fake either.
    How many times have stories been leaked out about Renee Zellweger and Denise Richards with B Cooper? Some how they are not as desperate as Aniston.

  8. diddy says:

    ^^^ but somehow you happen to know they are fake even though you dont personally know her as well LMAO

    Your comment make no sense lol

    i have seen enough braely nude pics of her to tell that those nipples are real

  9. mollination says:

    Wait — the public and her dates hate her nipples?

  10. hello! says:

    Haha Katharine Jaynes! I totally agree. I’m sure Aniston would marry Lord Xenu himself if it will give her an Oscar like Nicole Kidman. One of her exs called her “very ambitious!” I think that’s what she envisioned happening with Pitt, but he pulled the plug on that. I bet she’s on the prowl for the next PR-mance. Too bad no one wants to play ball.

  11. fizXgirl314 says:

    damn, this cooper guy is more orange than aniston… *barf*

  12. abbizmal says:

    He looks like Voldemort.

  13. la chica says:

    what Katherine Jaynes said. People mag seems to be getting sick of the Huvane manipulation machine. good of them to put a decisive stop to it.