Scarlett Johansson wonders ‘what true gender equality looks like’

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Scarlett Johansson has one of the covers for Elle Magazine’s Women In Hollywood issue. ScarJo is promoting Jojo Rabbit and Marriage Story, and both films are getting Oscar buzz. Even though Jojo Rabbit surprised everyone by taking home a big award at TIFF, I feel safe saying that Marriage Story is the movie which will probably get Scarlett a Best Actress Oscar nomination. The reviews for both Scarlett and Adam Driver are terrific and ScarJo is seemingly teflon – none of her dumb statements about playing transgender trees or supporting Woody Allen will make one bit of difference. Case in point: while Elle Mag brings up Scarlett’s bulls–t in the text of the profile, they didn’t ask her about it. Imagine that. You can read the full profile here. Some highlights:

She has a big monologue in ‘Marriage Story’: “It was the first piece Noah gave me, and it felt familiar somehow, but not because of what I’d been experiencing then. But maybe because of how I grew up, and the dynamic between my parents—or maybe because I’ve known women who’ve dedicated themselves to their partner’s vision and then come out of this decade-long relationship feeling almost like a ghost.” She adds that she, too, has been in that place, and that the truth in Nicole’s story was what excited her. “I didn’t hesitate at all, because I knew that I’d have the opportunity to say those words. Noah gave me that monologue, and I was like, ‘Well, sh-t, come on.’ Am I going to be like, ‘Nah, I’m good—let some other actor have that’? No way.”

She’s having a good career period: “I am in a good creative period… everything ebbs and flows, and sometimes you’re riding a wave, and then the wave subsides, and then you’re waiting for another wave.”

Playing mothers in Jojo Rabbit & Marriage Story: “It’s funny, because I had never played a mother before, and now suddenly I have two films back to back where I have children who are, like, eight or nine years old. Actors get to wherever they need to go whether or not they’ve lived it, but [these roles] had a deeper resonance with me because of my own personal experience.”

On equality: “Laura [Dern’s character] gives a great speech about this facade of equality, where the mother is the Virgin Mary, and God’s up there and didn’t even do the f–king. It gives you second thoughts as to what true gender equality looks like, and whether it’s possible.”

On her engagement to Colin Jost: “My ability to compartmentalize comes in handy when it’s time for things like that. I’m certainly, obviously, very happy and fulfilled in my personal life, but I’m also a sum of many parts, and able to access different parts of my story and how I got here. It’s all valuable.”

[From Elle]

What she said about playing a mom now… I had to look it up, she’s only 34 years old!! And she’s in two films where she’s playing a mother to an eight or nine-year-old child? First you’re the ingenue, then you’re the mother and then… you’re the witch/crone. Who said some variation on that? I think it was Meryl Streep or Bette Davis or someone else. Anyway… welcome to Scarlett Johansson’s Oscar campaign, where she gets to say crazy sh-t about Woody Allen and no one even bothers to ask her about it again. What do you think, if Best Actress comes down to ScarJo versus Renee Zellweger in Judy? Who will Oscar voters choose?

76th Venice Film Festival, Italy - 'Marriage Story' Premiere - Red Carpet

Photos courtesy of WENN, cover courtesy of Elle.

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45 Responses to “Scarlett Johansson wonders ‘what true gender equality looks like’”

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  1. MrsBanjo says:

    My oldest was 14 when I was 34 and I also had 5 and 6 year-olds at that time. My brain kind of shorts out at the idea of 34 being young to be a mom of an 8 year-old, though it realigns when I look at my oldest and think “IF you want kids, wait until your 30s to start. Enjoy your adulthood as long as possible.”

    She talks about gender equality but can’t be bothered to give a shit about racial equality. She’s tiring.

    • Mak says:

      Agree- my son was 8 when I was 34…

    • deezee says:

      I think that it depends on where you live sometimes. I find that the people I know (all in large cities) didn’t even marry until late 20s, early 30s and kids came late 30s, early 40s.
      The few people I knew that grew up or live outsite of major urban areas all got married and had kids in their early 20s and mid 20s.

      So to me, yeah at 34 she is too young to have a 9 year old; a 4 year old, sure. That’d be about right.

  2. Ally Theater says:

    Unless the current trajectory changes catastrophic climate change will occur before we reach gender equality.

    • otaku fairy.... says:

      You’re probably right. Real equality would require fixing the abusive hierarchies within the marginalized group too. That’s hard because both sexes (no matter what sexual orientation) and all races & ethnicities have become spiritually/emotionally invested in, or at least comfortable with, protecting those abusive hierarchies.

  3. lana86 says:

    She looks lovely on the cover, and awful at the red carpet. Seriously, why ppl do that horrible eyeliner inside the eye??… don’t they have mirrors??

    • SM says:

      They have make up people who love to hate their clients. In this case, there is basis for that. Scarlett seems to be rather clueless and ignorant

    • escondista says:

      I think the cover also has a LOT of photoshop. The red carpet shows some serious undereye bags and circles (which are super normal *raises hand*).

    • tealily says:

      Yeah, I’m loving the light shades in her makeup on the cover. It really suits her.

    • Bella Bella says:

      The cover is airbrushed to the max. She has no facial lines whatsoever. That’s not real.

  4. Ally says:

    So this is Noah Baumbach adding insult to injury (aka dumping Jennifer Jason Leigh for Greta Gerwig) by mining their couples’ therapy for movie dialogue?

    Johansson is the least of the reasons this movie is getting Oscar buzz. And spouting retrograde nonsense is a s***ty but effective way to keep getting work from reactionary Hollywood jerks: you’re letting them know you’ll be cool with their racist comments and their hands lingering on your behind.

    • Lala11_7 says:

      I thought the EXACT same thing…

      I think…like Woody Allen…Noah brings a LOT of himself to the movies he writes and directs…and I’ve seen all his films…and ALWAYS felt…trepidation for Jennifer…whom I adore as an actor…


      Men are so….tiring….

      • Tiffany says:

        I wonder what Noah’s next round of movies are gonna be when he leaves Greta for his next 22 year old ‘muse’.

        It is not a coincidence that Allen is one of Baumbach’s idols.

      • DragonWise says:

        The Squid and the Whale was almost unbearable for that very reason–it’s a deeply uncomfortable, myopic view of a horrible family full of dysfunctional, narcissistic people. Because it’s based on Noah and his family, you can tell he expects the audience to be fascinated by this “raw” and “brave” portrayal, when everyone is simply extremely unsympathetic. He and Greta are wrong for what they did to JJL (whom I adore. I hated The Hateful Eight, but I loved her acting and was so happy to see an older actress killing it). I actually think Greta is talented, but not nearly as talented as she and Noah think she is.

  5. Lucy says:

    JLo for Best Actress!! That is all.

    • Grant says:

      I thought I read that J.Lo was going to go Supporting? If she does, I feel like it will be between her and Laura Dern.

  6. TIFFANY says:

    If the award season Gods like any of us, this will be the year of Cynthia Eviro.

  7. Alex says:

    It was goldie Hawn in The first wives club: “There are only three ages for women in Hollywood; “Babe”, “District Attorney”, and “Driving Ms. Daisy.”

  8. Lizzie says:

    well…i’m sitting here pondering things as well. i wonder if the bagel i just bit into is more intelligent than this twit. of course she only wonders about the meaning of true gender equality after reading a man’s words on the madonna/whore complex, which i’m sure are very original indeed.

    she is the poster girl for the dunning kruger effect

  9. Hmm says:

    The only thing I’ll say is I’m surprise she didn’t get her nose done 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Summergirl says:

      Why? So she could look more generic and far less beautiful?

    • Ann Pearl Owen says:

      I’m pretty sure Valiantly Varnished meant “play” instead of “okay,” although that is an amazing “wordo” [typo that accidently results in one actual word for another].

  10. Josephine says:

    I love the cover pic – she looks great with subtle make-up.

  11. Maria says:

    I’ll tell you what gender equality DOESN’T look like, it doesn’t look like calling Dylan Farrow a liar and professing your trust of Woody Allen.
    Scarlett sucks.

  12. Jesys says:

    Shes really beautiful, isnt she? She looks great in that cover.
    This being said, shes a fucking dumbass and Im tired of her bs. I remember her early days as Black Widow, when she started booking jobs such as Lucy and that anime live action I rooted for her as this action heroine yk? I thought it was so cool. Then came the realization abt the roles she steals from poc and just… Everytime she opens her mouth to speak. Such a disappointment. Sorry abt my english.

    • Savannah says:

      Actually, no. Or at least I don’t find her beautiful.. Don’t understand why people do.
      I mean, sometimes, you don’t agree with other people when they say someone is beautiful but you can sort of understand why they say that.
      Not the case with miss Scarlett. She looks odd.

      Doesn’t really help that she’s also a dumb*ss..

  13. Veronica S. says:

    Plenty of 34 year olds have children in that age range, but the choice to have children is drifting closer to thirties with time, especially among people with degrees. (Who can afford it??) It’s probably more accurate to say that Hollywood can’t picture women past thirty as anything BUT mothers with full, meaningful, and complex lives.

    She’s so beautiful. It’s so painful to realize that’s really the most of what she has to offer the world.

  14. Rapunzel says:

    Gender equality also means caring about transgendered folks… but ScarJo’s too busy studying to play a tree for that.

    • My3cents says:

      Well,we could be fair and say that any tree can play ScarJo (and probably be damn good at it too).

  15. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Seems to me like poor Scarlett wonders about a lot of things that others understand perfectly: like not associating with pedophiles and sexual assaulters and why she cant okay asian women, black women, and…trees.

  16. Algernon says:

    ” What do you think, if Best Actress comes down to ScarJo versus Renee Zellweger in Judy? Who will Oscar voters choose?”

    Renee Zellweger.

  17. Slacker says:

    I hope they skip those 2 and give it to Lupita Nyong’o was outstanding in Us , arguably Jordan Peele’s best movie to date. I even think thee movie should be nominated as well as the screenplay and direction. Peele is a genius.

  18. A says:

    Scarlett is a prime example of how a white person can get away with anything if they have clout in the industry. She needs stop her BS cause no one in their right mind believes shes a feminist. Also her fanbase is absolutely insane, they have to be I guess in order to stan her.

    Renee FTW cause I’m tired of seeing terrible human beings get rewarded.

  19. Ann Pearl Owen says:

    Does true gender equality include working for and praising a pedophile? I certainly hope not.

  20. jenner says:

    Yet another wonderful example of what happens to child stars who are brought up in Hollywood, think that they are educated about the world, and then given a platform to spew their views.