Cardi B received a huge heart-shaped diamond ring from Offset for her b-day

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I think Cardi B is still with Offset for many reasons: they have a child together, she loves him, and because everyone around her pressured her to get back with him. Maybe she’s willing to live with his infidelities. Maybe she honestly thinks that he can change. One thing I’m sure of is that Cardi likes to be showered with love and gifts and support from Offset, and he seems to… do that. He’s effusive. He gives her lots of gifts and supports her career 100% too. So, seeing the “Offset gifted a big diamond ring to Cardi” headlines didn’t shock me. But then I saw the diamond. HOLY CRAP. Here’s the video Cardi posted:

This ring was a birthday present (Cardi turned 27 last Friday) and it’s called the Titanic Diamond. It’s heart-shaped and easily… I would say, maybe 12 carats or more. Keep in mind that Cardi already has an eight-carat engagement ring too. It was made by Pristine Jewelers and while everything is huge and sparkly, the diamond “sits up” too much in that setting and she’s going to be banging that ring into everything. Also, the whole setting is just kind of tacky! But that’s my taste – I think if you’re going to spend the money on a ginomous heart-shaped diamond, you should let the diamond be the star and keep everything else really simple.

Here are some close-up videos of the ring from the jeweler:

Photos and video courtesy of Backgrid and Instagram.

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  1. Chica71 says:

    Is he cheating? Bigger the diamond, the more women and delusions about depth of cheater’s ‘s .love

  2. ThEHufflepuffLizLemon says:

    That seems like it would be uncomfortable with that band! Almost too wide to sit properly on the hand. Granted, I’m one of those people who takes their jewelry off the minute they get home, and sometimes even in the car if I have a long commute or I’m wearing a heavier piece, but that seems like a gorgeous, ostentatious gift that will spend a lot of time in a safe or display.

    • Ashipper says:

      I’m genuinely confused on how she would wear it. It looks way too big (and not sized for her finger) and heavy. It looks like something that should be displayed more than actually worn.

  3. Oh No says:

    This is how they end up broke and on season 107 of Love and Hip Hop the Retirement Community…

    I get jewels are a nice gesture and you can resell them, but this is just gaudy

    Want to know what a true timeless gift is- fidelity

    • Escondista says:

      And going broke over a heart-shaped diamond???? Ewwwwww!

    • Christina says:

      Agreed that fidelity is the real gift, but that world isn’t like ours. They have fast money. Most people are different after money. People who were poor are more ostentatious about it. People who have old money are less so and are more about privacy than showing off, and that privacy can hide lots of unpleasant things.

      Not my taste, but I get it. And I agree with Kaiser: her parents probably urged her to stay with him. My mom did that. It’s a Latino thing. “He’s so good to the baby. He doesn’t beat you. He cheated, but he can change. Stay together for the baby.” Ugh… leave his ass. You WILL get hurt again, Cardi. Just a matter of time. Now I will show my old rear end out quietly.

      • minx says:

        You’re absolutely right, and if my daughter had a cheating husband I would do anything to help her to leave him.

      • Sunny says:

        Old money people love to brag and are ostentatious about exclusivity: education and private clubs.

        They will go and on about feeder schools, who is a legacy at what school.

        Where do you summer? At what club? They will drop oh so nonchalantly about golf club dues, who is on the wait list and which members sponsored wannabes.

        Old money people are not private at all.

        They just speak another language that is focused on exclusivity. Money alone bores them. They impress others with their legacy background, educational pedigree where they happily pay $50k a year for their kid’s private school and extended family members who sponsor them at the posh country club.

      • Christina says:

        Thanks, Sonny. You have great points. I’m not around as many rich people, but they do that when I’ve been around them, and them we have Lori Laughlin 🤣

  4. Arizona says:

    I think it’s pretty ugly, and don’t really see how she would ever actually wear it. but she tends to like the really big gaudy jewels, so she must be happy.

  5. BlueSky says:

    Now he knows what to do anytime he cheats-shower her with expensive gifts. He will keep cheating because he knows she will always take him back.

    He needs her more than she needs him career wise now that she’s the bigger star.

  6. manda says:

    I just love her. Was that Kulture crying the background? Has she ever been shown in pics.

    • Lizzie says:

      yes she occasionally shows her on instagram. she’s adorable.

      • manda says:

        I will check it out!! Thank you!

      • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

        Cardi put a video up of Kulture dancing around wearing THREE diamond and gold necklaces, and (at least) a one carat stud in each ear, diamond bracelet (or was it an anklet…I can’t remember now). This child is what…18 mos.??

        And before you say, their money, their choice… yes, of course! Just seems beyond silly to me to load up a baby with diamonds and gold like that. Just my opinion… I’ll let myself out and sit with the other old farts now 😊

  7. Sharonk says:

    There is something very genuine and likeable about her. I’m a fan and don’t know why.

  8. Diana says:

    Omg I am worried about her. She is going to go broke in like 5 minutes if they keep up with this lifestyle. I hope she has a trusted financial adviser who is helping her save.

  9. Diana says:

    Same! She is so authentic and from the heart. Love her!! This is a response to Sharonk upthread.

  10. Enn says:

    She’s going to lose the micro pave diamonds on the faces of the prongs if she wears this set for more than 10 minutes at a time. Those scallop prongs aren’t great protection for the smaller hearts, either. It’s easy to chip a girdle that way.

    • Erinn says:

      I’ve been cringing at the ring for those reasons. Big, gaudy jewelry isn’t really my taste haha. But I understand that there are plenty of people out there that love it, and that’s cool. But my one thing is PROTECT YOUR STONES.

  11. Abby says:

    The very definition of too much of everything is bad

  12. Chimney says:

    I would be terrified to wear something like that, worried about losing the stone. Good for Cardi though! Can’t speak for Offset but maybe he’s changed or maybe he is more discreet either way they seem happy

  13. Amy Too says:

    It looks like a wedding set. Why? It’s like a massive heart shaped engagement ring and then a wedding band that you wear with the engagement ring. But they’re not married apparently and she already has an engagement ring?

  14. Ann says:

    I saw a video of the ring the other day. The second band fits into the main band like a puzzle. I like the bands without that huge raised heart. The bands and settings were opulent enough but the heart kicks it into gaudy status for me. It also looks very nonfunctional, she is totally going to bang it on something. It’s just such a liability, and a tacky one at that.

  15. Dml0802 says:

    This is tacky and quite frankly, ugly. Compare this to Elizabeth Taylor’s diamonds. Zero comparison and they were more carats.

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      Absolutely. Liz loved her jewels and they were very well done, including the Todd jewelry and how she showcased the Taylor/Burton diamond. This is just plain ugly. Jewelry should be elegant and not over the top gaudy, which this is. Absolutely gaudy!

  16. GreenQueen says:

    I dunno, maybe I’m weird, but that is sparkly as hell and I love it. Normally I loathe heart-shapes stones but dang that’s pretty!

  17. Snowslow says:

    For those worried about the diamond being impractical: she has the longest nails I’ve ever seen and seems to manage so the ring will just be a walk in the park. She also will only wear it for a party or an award show where she’ll sit and sip champagne. Whatever rocks their boat but I am less and less enthused about crystals and rocks knowing the pain and sweat they mean for the poor people who extract them.

  18. Lorelei says:

    OOT but how in the world does she function with those nails??? I mean…how do you wipe your butt?? How do you touch your partner in bed without fear of poking an eye out??
    I am genuinely curious how can someone manage the daily activities because I’m clumsy and I scratch my hubs even with short nails so those look insane.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      Totally agree. The butt wiping can not be pretty. Maybe she pays someone to do that? I would be afraid I would hurt my baby. I always think of that when I see Khloe K. holding her baby.

      • Kristina says:

        +1. I’m far too practical lol. But I knew I wanted kids, so I chose an engagement ring that was a diamond and platinum eternity band, and flat. It didn’t wow anybody, as they all expected a big rock lol! But it really was high quality and sparkly, and I could (can) wear it 24/7 and never catch it on anything!

  19. Jadedone says:

    Cardi B is walking around with a ring that is the same price as a really nice house and I’m the sucker with a mortgage lol

  20. ChillyWilly says:

    Lmfao!! Couple of plum fools.
    A. That thing is hideously tacky.
    B. I do not believe.She owns it. She is borrowing it in exchange for advertising the jeweler.
    C. That thing is hideously tacky.

  21. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    It has the same fire as a moissanite…

    • Kylie says:

      That’s kind of what I was thinking. It seemed to throw off a lot more rainbows than the typical diamond. I love moissanite though, that’s what I have for my e-ring, and whether it’s a diamond or something else I hope she’s very happy.

  22. Gabriella says:

    She looks like she hates it.

  23. Naddie says:

    It looks like it will hurt her fingers, quite an analogy for marriages.