Prince William & Kate visit the Hindu Kush mountains to highlight climate change

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first event of the day was a trip to the Hindu Kush mountains. The point of the trip was to see all of Pakistan, of course, and to mimic one of Diana’s famous tours of the same region, but also highlight climate change. We’ll get into that in just a moment. First, some fashion details – I thought Kate was wearing gauchos, but it looks like she’s actually wearing a below-the-knee skirt. She paired that with a Really Wild waistcoat and boots, and Missoma earrings. Without the complimentary white coat and hat, she looks like she’s aiming for “Spanish conquistador” vibes. The white coat/shawl and hat were given to both William and Kate upon their arrival, and yes, Diana wore the same thing when she went. Here’s what happened during the trip:

Pictured against the backdrop of mountains and a dazzling blue sky, Kate was handed the bright white hat with a feather and badge at the front as she and her husband arrived in the mountains of the north of the country. The royal pair were also delighted to be shown a book of pictures of Diana from when she visited the mountainous northern area in 1991. “Ha, ha, ha! The same hat!” William said when flicking through the pages commemorating her visit. “Very special,” Kate added.

Their briefing on glacial melting, climate change and its causes and implications was presented by Pakistani hydrometeorological and glacier expert Dr. Furrukh Bashir of the Pakistan Meteorological Department. William and Kate, who arrived in Pakistan on Monday evening, then walked on the northern tip of a glacier in the Hindu Kush mountain range — a stark example of the climate change crisis affecting the area. The royals could see how the glacier has retreated in recent years as a result of global warming. Through their visit to the glacier, the royals hope to shine a light on the “very real consequences of global warming, and its devastating effects on our planet,” their spokesman says.

The pair saw a number of “inspiring community-led initiatives that aim to equip the local society with the tools they need to adjust to the changing landscape and weather patterns in the area,” the palace adds. At the glacier, the Duke of Cambridge said, “more education, more awareness and political action” was needed to tackle climate change.

“The young are starting to get engaged in it,” William continued, adding that a “positive conversation” around the issue of climate change and global warming was required in order to enact change.

The Duchess of Cambridge added that she was “impressed” with her husband’s geography knowledge. “I’ve been very impressed by William’s geography,” she said. William, who graduated from the University of St. Andrews with a geography degree, continued to eagerly ask Dr. Bashir about the glacier’s size and flooding while on their tour.

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Kate has been impressed that her Geography-major husband can find the Hindu Kush mountains on a map! No, I jest. It’s good that William is highlighting climate change through this trip. Here in America, that would be a politically controversial topic, but I suspect William won’t get any blowback from the British press. The press won’t even log all of the Cambridges’ flight data to make a point about “environmental hypocrisy.” That kind of thing is reserved for you-know-who.

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  1. Seraphina says:

    I almost wrote a statement about how she is void of deep thought because her comment was praise for her husband. But then thought, this is her role and this is what she will do: support her husband and not give any inkling that she may outshine him. And she plays her role well. Too bad Wills is a dull star, thus she has to appear even dimmer.

    • Solidgolddancer says:


      Sad but very true…

    • Royalwatcher says:

      But that really isn’t her role. What other consorts have been as lazy and dull as her? Not Philip, not Camilla. Why must this be acceptable for Kate?!? Why does this woman get such a pass? (Not you specifically, but with everyone, media, BRF, etc.)

      • Spicecake38 says:

        I think she gets this pass because she is what the BRF wanted after Diana,(bland)and of course no worries-she’s no Diana ,and she should not be held to her standard,but there is someone…Oh yeah Meghan who has that spark,that special something,and …hmmm-she’s not treated so well now is she?

        Seriously though I think Kate is fulfilling the role certain people want for her to fill as Williams wife.Not the least of these certain people being William.

      • Royalwatcher says:

        Meghan gets attacked because she’s black. Full stop. Even if she were as do-nothing and lazy as Kate she’d get ripped to shreds.

        And I totally get that they didn’t want another Diana but there has to be some middle ground. She could still do more, like Sophie and Camilla. Besides, she has zero charisma, charm or personality so she’d never be like Diana no matter how much she worked. She and normal Bill are dull as dishwater.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        Oh I agree with you @Royal about what Kate should be doing,and I also agree that Meghan’s being black is the biggest reason she’s attacked with as much vitriol as she is,just throwing in there that being a WOC and that she’s willing to get out there and do,get out there and dare to shine also pisses people off.
        Win/win for Kate-Lose/lose for Meghan.

      • Becks1 says:

        Honestly, I think part of the appeal with Kate is that everyone knows she’s not going anywhere. She’s never going to leave William. There will be no ugly divorce with mudslinging in the papers and interviews. she’s going to keep her mouth shut, smile, and play the part of the quiet dutiful wife in public, and the queen will reward her for that.

        (of course, that doesn’t mean William wont divorce her, but for now, those two are set.)

      • Lulu2 says:

        @royalwatcher because it’s what WILLIAM wants. She wouldn’t have been chosen to be future queen consort if she were a meghan or Camilla or even Diana. Will knew what he wanted and she provided. If he was a Charles or Harry she’d conform to that and we’d see a different side. We’ve all seen the many sides to Kate before they married and girl has got moxy. She doesn’t strike me as weak or vapid at all. But she knows how to cater to her man who is her priority above all else.

      • S says:

        Poor lady. The things people will do for power and a crown (or crown adjacent power).

      • yinyang says:

        @Royalwatcher I agree with you. This is just another one of her excuses 1. Before marriage- she can’t work because she has to be available for William 2. After marriage– she needs time to adjust to royal life 3. Having first baby – HG 4. Having second baby- HG 5. She needs to take care of the kids 6. Having third baby– HG 7. She’s bUsy raising family 8. She has social anxiety 9. Can’t outshine William. Its been 19 years, how gullible do they think we are??

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Personally I can’t buy into the idea that she’s dulling herself for the sake of William’s ego. From all that we’ve seen since the dating years, there simply isn’t much to her in the first place. They’re a perfect match in that regard.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Yeah Kate was always quite bland – a bland party girl, just like him.

      • Deedee says:

        Nope. She’s shallow and bubbly like a soapdish and always has been.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        I think there’s something more she could/would/should do,I mean how do you do less than nothing?
        I don’t think she’s able to connect,genuinely with people,and it shows.She may have a hard time because she’s had to become someone,a certain kind of someone ,to marry William and from middle class to royalty.It’s like she’s not quite sure who she is,and it shows in her mannerisms,her speaking,her work.
        I think she’d do best dressed in jeans and sneakers,playing sports with children,that is where I see her shine.

      • Seraphina says:

        She just seemed so full of energy and so vibrant when she was single. She is so dull now. And I agree with the sentiment she is exactly what they wanted after Diana. Which is strange because if William adored his mom, wouldn’t he want a woman with the same drive? Or at least some drive? She seems to just be a backdrop.

      • Andrea says:

        She certainly doesn’t seem very sporty anymore. She seems very subdued and doesn’t seem to have very many friends.

    • Chelle says:

      Super long post. Sorry in advance.

      I think Kate gets a pass for the same reason Diana did. Like Diana, Kate doesn’t disrupt or challenge the collective fantasy that some women have about royalty/aristocracy, the upper classes (in general), and how they themselves would be regal and otherwise purport themselves if they were in that position. I guess in some ways I am saying that Kate and Diana perpetuate the picture some women (and men) have in their heads about class, social class and status. Meghan disrupts all that. She’s common. Right common.

      Meghan is too close to reality. She’s had a job. Several jobs. She’s been married before. That didn’t work out. She’s probably had other boyfriends too which means sex. There goes that pristine image (which through the lens of gender usually signals loose and slutty women). Then she has opinions that she doesn’t keep to herself which, in turn, causes people to think, to think about their own lives (which disrupts the fantasy) and to react or not (there she goes with that virtue signaling). So, STFU. Then, she has that dysfunctional problematic family. Too close to home. Too close to home. Plus, fantasy demands that princesses be pristine. She brings too much dirt with her. Ah, that. Now we can talk about the fact that she’s black/white biracial. Half of what she brings to the table is polluted off the top. Did I mention her not being pristine (which here and through a racial lens usually signals whiteness or not fully white in her case)? Then the other half is trash too (which brings in the disdain for sloppy, unattractive, underachieving white folks).

      Meghan can only win with people who prefer that reality be somewhat real. She will never win with the crowd who believes that with luck or even circumstances that they too could be Kate or even Diana.

      • MD says:

        @ CHELLE Oh boy… are you right. Or are you right!!! No need for a documentary. This comment right here sums it all up. Cannot agree more.

      • February Pisces says:

        When you mentiond meghans family, I thought of Diana’s family upbringing. She had quite a messy family herself, but that help create her ‘ lost little girl looking to be saved’ image, almost Cinderella like, who was saved by a prince.i think even Diana herself believed marring Charles would ‘save her’. But Meghan who also came from a broken home, saved herself, she created her own success, and is clearly no damsel in distress,showing how strong she is. When Diana was married, people believed the fairy tale because she appeared shy, passive and quite weak but nice, what a princess should be. Similar to how Kate appears now. But Diana shattered that illusion completely so show how truely strong she was. Even when Diana was badass, people excused her behaviour because they saw her as a victim, because she was ‘heartbroken because of charles’, or depressed and just looking for happiness. It makes me think that in order to for people to give you an easy time in that position, you need to display vulnerability, passivity, shyness, weakness or appear docile and occasionally play the victim. Meghan is strong, she’s confidant and seems in love. Haters see too many positive things there and because they don’t see ‘vulnerability’ with her they will keep trying to knock her down until she breaks. The reason why so many strong women like myself stan Meghan is because we know that even though she may look tough on the outside, she is suffering from the abuse on the inside. She’s just better at putting on a brave face, and carrying on with her confidant swagger.

      • Jackie says:

        I half agree with you and I think it’s true for some people that her race is part of it but that simplifies things. I am Team Meghan, but I can also see that’s she’s not the traditional, surrendered, graceful mystery that you imagine princesses are if you’re raised on fairy tales and older Disney movies. And that’s nothing to do with her colour or previous career (Princess Grace was an American actress and she exuded all those things). It’s to do with the ways she acts. In some ways her informality and touchiness with her husband reminds me of Fergie. (In other ways, like her work ethic and emotional intelligence, not at all). I think that’s what makes people uncomfortable, her directness.

      • February Pisces says:

        @jackie, I think her ‘directness’ is more down to the fact she is sure of who she is. Kate and Diana first came into the Royal fold as teenagers. When I was 21 starting my career, I felt like a shy little mouse surrounded by grown ups, just completely intimidated, but eventually you gain confidence. Meghan met harry at age 35 and therefore already settled in who she is as a person. She already had life experience, which helps you grow as a person. I think if Kate had a career before she got married, she would have hit her stride much quicker in her role as a duchess. When you look at Diana aged 19 compared to her in her thirties, she came on leaps and bounds in confidence, and became very ballsy, tackling issues like aids and land mines, which were controversial at the time.

      • Chelle says:

        @February – Pisces: I love your read on Diana. And I agree that some people need to see you as vulnerable, weak, beaten, with a chink in your armor before they can afford you some empathy or even human dignity. Strong women just, I don’t know. People really struggle with strong, confident women. I also agree that her directness could be a result of being comfortable in her skin. I know some people find that off-putting about me. I’m never rude. I’m just confident. And if I’m wrong then I’m wrong. I can admit that too. If you are used to taking care of yourself, facing down fears, and building success for yourself, you tend not to be a coy, retiring shy flower. I agree about Kate. Kate went from being her mother’s creation to William’s to further mold. Kate is primarily who they have groomed her to be.

        @Jackie – re:!the touching & Fergie. I think those arguments can fall into the area of “see, I told you they don’t have any class.” However, I do get that we are used to certain professional norms—if you will. For me, I think the touching for them indicates “we are a team; we aren’t alone anymore.” The touching and kissing doesn’t bother me. If they weren’t as successful at highlighting their causes then perhaps it would upset me. I don’t know. I just envisioned Will & Kate being real hands-on like that and I think I’d say about them “do some work first”, so I would perhaps find it problematic.

        @MD – 😊

    • Nikki* says:

      I’m so surprised everyone’s in such a tizzy about her comment! Nowhere does it say this was her ONLY comment, and her husband had just talked about the global warming issue. Was she supposed to repeat it, or say “Ditto!” She just made an unrelated comment, and the press chose to focus on it, because people are interested in a couple’s marriage, their relationship. I don’t see the hand wringing over what a terrible thing this was.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I think we’ve all seen how useless a degree from St. Andrews is. But I don’t think Kate is *deliberately* trying to appear dumber than William (can you test the smell of tea by smelling it; not knowing whether they still made Tsarist Faberge eggs while touring the royal collection; etc.). I think they’re BOTH dumb. So Kate’s being “impressed” by William’s “knowledge” is probably legit.

      • Your Cousin Vinny says:

        I feel like I’ve seen this comment a few times and it’s uncalled for. St Andrews is a good university. I know several people who went there, and I can assure you they aren’t morons. I’ve also seen several people post on this board saying they went there, imagine how they might feel reading that.

        George W. Bush is constantly labelled “dumb”. He went to Yale. Does that make a Yale degree useless in your eyes?

        If you want to criticise Kate and William go ahead but keep it levelled at them.

      • Nic919 says:

        Rich people can essentially buy degrees and that is what happened here. Neither are very bright but they get credit for intelligence because they have one undergraduate degree. They were getting passed regardless of ability especially William, and it was no secret that she was his girlfriend at the time so she was getting breaks as well. Anyone who attended the same time they did could confirm this.

        I am sure there are graduates of St Andrews who worked hard and are intelligent. These two alumni are not the best example of that.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Yes, I think Bush Jr.’s Yale degree shows exactly what a Yale degree means: next to nothing. Individual Yale graduates can be very intelligent and capable, as can graduates of any university. But since people (like Bush Jr.) can “buy” a Yale degree, and people like William and Kate can buy a St. Andrew’s degree, then the degree itself means nothing to me.

      • Your Cousin Vinny says:

        So say it that way – “I believe they purchased their degree ergo I don’t expect much from them” etc.

        The way you had it phrased I.e “we all know how useless a St Andrew’s/Yale degree is” is a slam to everyone who legitimately busted their ass or made huge sacrifices to go there and complete their degree.

        There’s no need to rubbish other people’s ambitions and achievements purely to insult these two.

      • Whitecat says:

        Re: degrees. This may be the case with US colleges (buying degrees and getting breaks), but it isn’t in the UK. I went to Leeds uni and the papers/tests were always anonymous and marked anonymously – it would require a lot to give breaks to Prince william’s girlfriend and I just doubt that happened.
        And usually, it is someone completely different marking your grades (not your teacher, but another professor on the same course teaching a different seminar). Why would a professor risk their credibility for a student they don’t know?
        Also please have more faith in professors and TA. I taught the crown prince of Jordan and i treated him as the rest of the students. No special treatment and I didn’t feel obliged to make him pass if he did poorly. He even didn’t show up a couple of times to class which prompted a disciplinary email from me. Not all professors/TAs are corrupt..

  2. Blue36 says:

    Yeah we won’t see any climate hypocrisy comments from the press, despite the fact that they did not fly commercial for this trip. Oh well.

    • better than scrubs says:

      They flew with the entire press team, though. The plane was full – that’s the same fuel usage regardless of who owned the plane. It’s a weightless criticism.

  3. Becks1 says:

    hoo boy to that geography comment. The bar really is set SO low for both of them, isn’t it?

    I like her skirt and boots, but not the vest.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Outfit would have been nice sans vest.

      • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

        This might’ve been a good day to wear a knee length tunic and (straight) pants, climbing and walking in the hilly terrain.

        The colors of Kate’s outfit all clash. Definitely the worst look of the lot so far. (Isn’t that the same leather vest she wore climbing the hill to the temple in India, where she and Will stopped to have “private time” (and get her hair and makeup retouched)?

      • Vava says:

        I think that’s the same vest she wore hiking in Bhutan. It looked better then, but I really don’t like those poofy pockets at all.

    • Lady D says:

      Do you mean the part where she said she’s “very impressed with William’s geography” cause for the record, after seeing the way he looked in his sherwani yesterday, I like William’s geography, too.

  4. Beli says:

    From what I’m seeing in the press, this had become “the Diana tour”, where they retrace her footsteps.

    • Becks1 says:

      I feel like Will and Kate do that a lot on their tours as it is. I feel like there is at least one photo from every tour that is specifically meant to replicate some iconic Diana photo.

      • Uybc says:

        Like the Africa tour wasn’t full of those too

      • Beli says:

        You’re right. The Taj Mahal in particular cobra to mind. And I’m not quite sure how I feel about her memory being invoked like that.

        It does seem to have stepped up for this tour though – there are Diana comparisons everywhere.

      • Becks1 says:

        It was, but that was for a very specific thing – the landmines/Halo trust. At this point we have seen H&M do enough tours and they aren’t full of Diana repeats.

      • hudson girl says:

        Actually, Harry literally took The Halo Trust charity over, carrying his mother’s torch. It’s now his charity, not just a photo op. Nice try, though.

      • Deedee says:

        They can only replicate Diana’s iconic photos (and they do it so blatantly) because they don’t have her charisma, compassion or originality. They always look fake and stiff.

      • noway says:

        Both William and Harry do this a lot. Harry even retraced Diana steps when she was walking in places which had land mines, plus sitting silently at a tree dedicated to her, and he still has a picture of her in Halo outfit on instagram. You know why they both do it cause she was their mother, not just Harry’s, but Williams too. They both obviously love and miss her. I think a lot of these comments implying and some outright saying Harry is more Diana’s son are cruel. Two boys lost a mother, and now they are grown men. Grief doesn’t just disappear cause you get older. I don’t care how either one honors their mother. It’s up to them. All of the images and things they do reminding us of Diana is good. Other than to say this is nice, I really wish people on here would stop implying it is used to one up each other, as it shows more about your humanity than either Harry or William.

    • blue36 says:

      The Halo Trust was the only Diana reference and it was related to a charity that Harry had already been working with.

      • Erinn says:

        Didn’t they also dress Archie in a replica hat that matches a photo of Harry and Diana? I could be mixing this up with something else.

        Personally? I don’t care if both brothers want to replicate photos or events that were iconic for their mother. I can see why they’d want to, and if it makes them feel better or more connected to their mother, I don’t see that as a bad thing.

      • blue36 says:

        @Erinn, oh I think you are referring to the photos of them arriving in Africa off the plane. Yeah, but I think it was just the toque though. I’m okay with them replicating stuff as well, I was responding to the comment that the entire Africa tour was also Diana retracing which it wasn’t.

      • Erinn says:

        I’m also biased in that I love seeing babies in cute clothes haha. I like to think Harry was like “You know what? I had this cute hat as a baby – let’s get one for Archie” But you’re absolutely right – it wasn’t a Diana retracing. There were aspects of it, but it was minimal, and I think it was sweet how they did it.

    • Lexa says:

      I obviously can’t speak for them, but it seems like—from social media at least—there are many with very fond memories of Diana’s time in Pakistan and they are enjoying the parallels. It also arguably shows continuity in their support, which feels important after such a long gap between their visit and Camilla and Charles’. (I assume Will and Kate will also visit some of the same places as C&C.)

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Both couples play up the Diana connection but one does it far more often that its become their only schtick.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      You mean the same thing Harry got sh!t for, when he walked the minefield wearing the Halo vest, like Diana? Wasn’t that the charity he took over??

      I don’t hear anyone criticizing W&K. Where are the critics?? I only hear crickets…crickets….

  5. Marjorie says:

    The two are participation trophy experts.

  6. undergalaxy says:

    I’m always here for vapid comments from the pair of them. Hoo boy this is a corker.

    • Beli says:

      Well, at least we know William read Page 1 of his briefing notes this time, titled “This Is Where You’re Going”.

  7. Royalwatcher says:

    So all we’ve gotten out of this “very complex tour” is “ha ha ha same hat” and “I’m impressed with Will’s geography.” Okay, noted. The Cambridge bar is set at 1 inch off the ground. These two are such a joke!!!

    I cannot believe that all William could say when seeing the book about his mother’s work is “hahaha same hat” …nothing about her work or how the Cambs work hopes to build off of it or anything. OMG he’s such a dolt and Kate isn’t any better. I get that she doesn’t want to outshine him but the fact that she can’t stand up to him and show him they’d be better off using their roles to make more of an impact just shows she’s completely the same as him. Lazy and shallow.

    Not to mention the freaking double standards about taking a private jet to glaciers to talk about climate change. And not a peep from the media or anyone. Where is all the outrage??!! No wonder Harry was on such a tear. It makes me so ragey and pissed off.

    • OriginalLala says:

      The double standards are crazy – I am generally pretty anti-private jets so I’ll gladly call them all out, but the absolute silence from the media about the Cambridges on this issue is nuts.

      • blue36 says:

        The goal of this trip in addition to highlight the people of Pakistan was also – according to palace PR – to show how safe it is to travel to Pakistan. They are doing this by taking a heavy security team with them ( the telegraph said 1000 police officers – not sure whether that’s true or not) and flying there on a military plane as opposed to commercial like everyone else. We don’t know the threats that they face as public figures and so its understandable if they need to travel in certain ways, but the double standards from the press is definitely glaring here.

      • TheHeat says:

        I’ve read plenty of press that trashes W&K.

      • Blue36 says:

        @noway Their praise for their tour was filled with condescension. “Salvaging their reputations,” listening to their advisors, showing off Archie, tarnished image, learning to be humble (like they weren’t already)?? That’s what built up to their tour and what followed while they were touring. They called their entire tour a PR exercise to save their image and gain back people’s approval and popularity. I’m sorry but that’s not positive press or applauding their tour. It was about the media getting access.

    • Geane says:

      Just to correct some misinformation:

      They did NOT take a private jet to Chitral (to respond to the comment about taking private jets to glaciers). They went by Pakistani military helicopters which is standard for diplomatic visits. Commercial flights to Chitral are infrequent, unreliable and a day trip would not be possible.

      they did NOT take 1000 police officers with them. 1000 police officers have been deployed in Islamabad for security reasons. Security is amped up whenever there is a high-level diplomatic visit in any city or whenever we host international cricket tournaments. We have had many losses to terrorism in the past decade and security is a serious issue. Better safe than sorry.

      The palace statement itself said nothing about “showing how safe it is to travel to Pakistan”. It did say that the trip is about showcasing Pakistan and its diversity and culture to the world. However, for us Pakistanis this trip is an opportunity to show the world that we are safe to visit and we have much to offer. Does that mean that we should compromise on offering them the best possible security? We are excited to host them and would love to have them back.

      • Blue36 says:

        @Geane, I’m glad that the people in Pakistan are enjoying this trip – truly. The statement regarding the safety of traveling/visiting there I read in the telegraph, I apologize for being misinformed. What some commentators are frustrated about isn’t the trip in general but the double standards that are exhibited by the British press. Their antics to trash the Sussexes at every step followed them throughout their tour of South Africa. Heck the trip started with how they were traveling and that they needed the trip to salvage their reputations and little about Africa itself. Every article about Meghan stated how much her clothes cost, the lack of local designers, etc. You don’t see that same amount of criticism levelled at the Cambridges by this same press pack. Yesterday Harry’s speech at the WellChild Awards was met with that same level of nastiness.

      • noway says:

        @Blue36 you are creating a bit of revisionst history or alternative facts if you are a Trumper. I will agree the Sussexes have gotten some unfair press, especially Meghan with the racist comments. However, not the South African trip. It was widely applauded by the press. In fact the comment from many including the awful Piers Morgan was after such a widely successful tour of South Africa why did the Sussexes bring their lawsuit against the tabloids? In fact, many comments on here were great timing of the lawsuit. They think the press can give them a bit of good coverage and then they are forgiven. No the Sussexes are going to fight for what’s right.

        I’m dumbfounded why people exagerate Meghan and Harry’s situation with the press. I mean it’s bad enough without the Kellyanne Conway spin. Facts actually help their case, no need to embellish.

      • Elisa says:

        Geane: thanks again for the useful information you have been posting yesterday and today. I really appreciate it.

    • ZR says:

      They took helicopters, along with their press team. Where would a private jet land in the mountains?

  8. L84Tea says:

    Her outfit is giving me “the Angelina character in the opening scene of the movie ‘Romancing the Stone’ ” sort of vibes. Hope someone knows what I am talking about.

  9. Marie says:

    The land mines/ Halo Trust is the only Diana comparison on their SA tour. Harry was just showing how the area his Mom walked is now a school.

    This tour is about dressing like Diana and going to places she once visited (I think) but what is the purpose?

    • Geane says:

      The purpose of this visit has been clear from the start. It’s about interacting with Pakistanis and promoting our culture and diversity, and also reinforce the historic ties between Pakistan and the UK. the purpose and agenda of any royal tour is not set by the BRF but by the FCO.

      Why is it ok for Harry to revisit a place his mother visited but not Will? Especially because Diana is extremely beloved in Pakistan and people are excited to see her son among them.

      • Becks1 says:

        to be honest though, that is the point of most (all?) royal tours. To interact with the host country, to promote the culture and diversity, to reinforce the historic ties, etc.

        I think its great that this tour is being well-received in Pakistan, but the purpose of it is pretty standard.

      • Geane says:

        My response was for Maria who was asking about the purpose of this tour.

      • ZR says:

        Darling Geane, some people here just don’t want to hear how well the tour is going, from a Pakistani perspective. So no matter how many times Pakistanis say it, they won’t like it/listen. I’m mixed myself, and I know so many people who are absolutely delighted with how everything is going. The Cambridges are showcasing the very best of Pakistan to the world – well to the people who are open minded – and they are being respectful. The itinerary is spot on, as they are taking in several different parts of the country. It’s heartwarming for many Pakistanis. Many international countries are covering this tour in detail too.

      • Geane says:

        Thanks for your comment ZR. there have been several gracious comments like yours but at the same time I’ve been gobsmacked by the knee-jerk negativity of others who don’t even seem to be following the tour properly. I keep trying to chip in with the Pakistani perspective because we already see it as a win and I would think our reaction matters in determining whether the tour is a success or not. I suppose I can keep banging my head but it won’t matter to those commenters who must criticise everything the Cambridges do.

      • Nikki* says:

        Geane, I really thank you for taking the time to post your perspective and rebuttal. It has been very interesting to me and others. Please keep posting!

      • Enn says:

        @Geane, I continue to enjoy your thoughts and comments on the tour, and I admit that I’ve been woefully uninformed about Pakistan until now.

      • Polly says:

        Geane, just chiming in to add my thanks for your comments on these posts. I’ve enjoyed hearing the local perspective and learning a bit about Pakistan. I hope the negativity doesn’t put you off.

        I think the Cambridge’s are doing a good job and I think the Sussexes did too. They are two different tours with different aims, I don’t know why people find that so hard to grasp.

    • Coffee says:

      I take offense to this. Are you saying all the Shalwar Kameez shes wearing are similar? As someone who is of pakistani heritage i object to that. The dresses shes worn look nothing like Dianas.

  10. Oh No says:

    She looks like the supporting character in an Indiana Jones video game…one who gives you a really boring side quest that has you debating whether or not to restart the game…

  11. TheHeat says:

    I am so sick of hearing people complain about environmental hypocrisy. All it does is try to mute the point that’s being made in the first place. It’s a Trump-like tactic to deflect.

    It’s heartening to me that the Royal Family is taking an active role in addressing climate change.

    I would venture a guess that, with security officers, stylists, personal assistants, nannies (when required), and all the other staff and baggage that has to go on any of these outreach events (by Will & Kate or Harry & Meghan or Charles & Camilla, or the Queen herself), an airplane, commercial or private, is full. So it really makes ZERO difference when it comes to the carbon footprint they are leaving.

    • Lexa says:

      I think it’s a fair criticism to point out climate advocates not practicing what they preach. Unfortunately for Harry—and this is just my opinion—I feel like part of the reason the negative coverage intensified around them is because he attended Camp Google, an event that seems despised by most of conservative media who already have a thing against liberal celebrities and love pointing out their hypocrisy. I was traveling during this part of their tour so I might have missed it, but did he get any heat for the amount of puddle jumper flights he took to get around Africa?

      I feel like the helicopter situation here is most comparable to that, both for security and efficiency, but it is still Extremely Not Great. Apparently the glacier is only accessible by flying or a drive that’s at least a day, which might have been a security nightmare for everyone involved, but especially the Pakistani government.

      • Le4Frimaire says:

        I get sick of this environmental hypocrisy label being thrown around. ‘It is mostly used by people who are anti-environmental policy and climate deniers to silence people and undermine the validity of this issue. Caring about the environment and advocating we do better, more importantly, that our government and industry do much better and step up, does not preclude you from living in the modern world. It’s BS. Like Elizabeth Warren says, we need to move beyond plastic straws and saying we’ll take your hamburgers, and hold governments and corporations feet to fire. So what if they took a private jet or helicopter? How else would they realistically get up there in that situation ? I hope they and Harry continue to speak out. They have a lot more access to power than we do. I’m not even a Will fan at all, but not going to criticize on this issue.

    • Royalwatcher says:

      I’m glad the BRF is talking about it too (although Charles has already been talking about it for ages)!

      However, I’m very annoyed when the days and days of negative headlines, articles, talk shows and overall vitriol is reserved for only the Sussexes…when ALL the royals do the same things.

      I’ve yet to see the same level of outrage that the Sussexes received applied to Charles (who has been talking about the environment for decades…and also has a huge personal carbon footprint) and the Cambridges. Where is the same level of negative press and bloviating about the “hypocritical” Cambridges? (Especially since one of William’s main messages on this trip is about climate change?) Why is that only reserved for the Sussexes? I mean, rhetorical question, I know why…

      • PrincessK says:

        Everyone seems to have forgotten that William, when talking about the problems of land and animal conservation that African population explosion was a problem. Why is that not brought up? The Cambridge’s were on their third child at the time.

  12. Margareth says:

    This tour is so bland and meh.

    • Lexa says:

      I disagree. I think it’s been lovely to see more of Pakistan’s culture, especially with today’s visit.

    • Geane says:

      This tour is a huge deal for us Pakistanis as the world is getting to see Pakistan through it. Everyone here is excited to host the royals and they are being wonderful ambassadors for their country.

    • Lady D says:

      I also disagree. Before this trip, I knew where Pakistan was on a map, but that’s about it. I’m learning about the country, the clothing, the architecture, the geography (I looked the Hindu Kush mountains up on a map because I had no idea where they were) and thanks to @Geane a lot about the seemingly warm, progressive and friendly people of the country too.

    • guest says:

      haha, everything besides your bland mayo world will seem ‘meh’ to you. It’s really nice to see other people being appreciative of our culture. They’ve done extremely well in showcasing Pakistan in the best light.

    • s says:

      I also profoundly disagree. I have learned a lot more about a country that I knew very little of — not least of which has been how welcoming and happy the people of Pakistan are to have them visit. The photos of them in the mountains today make me wish I was more of a hiker – absolutely gorgeous.

      In regards to this look, I always love Kate’s “outdoorsy” looks and they make me wish I was more outdoorsy myself so I could recreate them. This is no exception – I think she looks great and more importantly seems delighted to be there.

      As for William, I think is it nice to see him showing interest in the geography of the area — while I knew he talked about climate change before I had never connected it back to his major but just thought it was on off-shoot of his father’s sustainability push.

  13. RoyalBlue says:

    Milking the ghost of Diana every step of the way. I now see what this is about. It’s about which son holds the greater claim to the legacy of their mother. The press are trying hard for it to be Will and Kate but in essence it’s really Harry and Meghan. Wake me up when this vacation is over.

    • PrincessK says:

      That is not the main problem. The issue is when the press use it to heap praise on the Cambridge’s but use it to denigrate the Sussexes. All part of the dark forces that are out to crush the Sussexes.

  14. Isabelle says:

    This tour is embarassing, I feel sorry for Pakistan that deserved better that this.

    • ira says:

      How is it embarrassing? From the social media the Pakistanis seems happy to have them visiting their country.

    • Geane says:

      This tour is a wonderful success so far. I am a Pakistani and the media and social media is all praise for the Cambridges. they are conducting themselves wonderfully and we are excited to have this opportunity. There is absolutely no need to feel sorry for us. We can speak for ourselves.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        I respect your opinion,and although W and K aren’t my favorite royals (I actually am rather indifferent to them most of the time),I am happy that you and your fellow countrymen/women are enjoying this visit from them.I think Pakistan is a beautiful country,and the Pakistani people I know are truly nice people. If your opinion is favorable of this tour and what is happening then I think that’s great.
        And much respect to you for stating the obvious- that you’re all able to speak for yourselves.
        That said, I think many people on this site (myself included)simply feel that the Cambridges often get much credit for less work.Maybe that isn’t the sentiment in Pakistan,but other tours they have done very little to help/support they just sort of tour/vacation at times.I hope you continue to enjoy their visit.

      • undergalaxy says:

        Sorry guys, you’re being manipulated and expected to eat up the crumbs scattered by the Cambridges and the press.

      • Geane says:

        Thank you Spicecake38 for your gracious response. You’re right of course about different people having different views about the Cambridges (especially on this site) but right now we are discussing the current tour and I am curious as to what people think they should be doing differently. the schedule seems pretty packed, they are in a different part of the country each day and the local response is positive. Are these not the markers of a successful visit? Regardless of how little they worked during other tours-those tours are not under discussion at the moment and credit should be given where credit is due.

    • ZR says:

      It certainly isn’t embarrassing for Pakistanis…. Soo who are you speaking for? Please don’t tell me because you are a Sussexes fan (nothing wrong with that, I really like Meghan) you think Prince Harry would be a good/deserving/better ambassador for Pakistan, after what he said about us? The Cambridges aren’t embarrassing for Pakistan & they are being great ambassadors right now.

  15. Geane says:

    I really don’t understand the anti-Cambridge antipathy on these boards but I will try to share the Pakistani perspective.

    First of all, the itinerary and agenda for these trips is not decided by Will and Kate-it’s decided by the FCO in coordination with the British High Commission in Islamabad and lots of logistical and security considerations have been made. For example, Chitral is accessible, relatively secure and still showcases the beauty of northern Pakistan. It’s also home to the Kalash people, who have an extremely unique culture and identity. Should they not have gone there just because Diana had already been and people would start criticising them for retracing her footsteps? People there were excited to see them and they even met a young woman called Diana who was named for the Princess of Wales after her visit to the area in the ’90′s.

    Secondly, what is so wrong about invoking Diana’s memory? Diana is extremely beloved in Pakistan to this day and people are excited to see her son in our country. Why do people get so agitated about her own son retracing her footsteps? For the Pakistani people this trip is a win because through their visit Will and Kate are showcasing Pakistan to the world.

    • Harrierjet says:

      Very well said once again Geane. Some context is needed as always – whether its the Cambridges or the Sussexes. I find it hard to understand people who scoff without applying some consideration or context. Whether it’s a trip to Pakistan or the cost of refurbishing a historic listed property the context is important. I’m glad you pointed out logistically what it takes or organise these tours and what it means to local Pakistanis who are finally seeing their country depicted in a positive light!

    • Becks1 says:

      The issue with retracing Diana’s trip to Pakistan is because Kate does it so frequently. At this point its kind of like, “oh look. Kate is channeling Diana again. Surprise!” It’s not just this tour. It’s a constant thing with her.

      • Geane says:

        So you think Kate is purposefully “channeling” Diana by…what? Visiting Pakistan?Visiting Chitral? Visiting the Kalash? (They don’t set the itineraries themselves). Wearing the traditional Chitrali Pakol cap which the locals gift to ALL visiting dignitaries and especially foreigners? Wearing shalwar kameez? (Her outfits so far have actually been nothing like Diana’s).

      • GG says:

        I definitely think there are times when Kate takes inspiration from things Diana has worn, but I don’t think it’s as often as the press would have us believe, nor how often the commenters scream “cosplay”. I think a lot of times Kate wears something and then “journalists” pull out an old photo of Diana and put them side by side for comparison reinforcing a crafted narrative. (They’ve done this with Meghan as well when they weren’t too busy with their hate speech) Kate has an affinity for polka dots that’s true, but I didn’t realize there was a moratorium on polka dots after Diana’s death. (One could argue that Kate has a “traditional” style of dress in the sense that she’s not a trendy dresser but rather sticks to subtle variations of more classic designs and polka dots are a classic print) What and how William & Harry and their wives do to stay connected to Diana is really not for us to judge.

    • PrincessK says:

      The anti Cambridge vibe exists because we need to balance the perspective against the lies and vitriol directed against the Sussexes by the right wing media who are manipulating the current rise in dangerous populism which manifests itself in the form of Brexit and MAGA.

  16. HyacinthBucket says:

    Is it only me, or is the Diana re-enactment strategy not a very disturbing pattern, given that Kate is William’s wife?

    • undergalaxy says:

      Paying homage to someone whom you loved is one thing – outright mimicking whole outfits, accessories and poses from someone you never even met (and arguably trying to leech off the goodwill said person created) is psychologically bizarre.

      You can often tell a monarch by their outfits – Elizabeth I is probably the most famous, but you would be able to pick out Charles II, George IV and Victoria just from seeing their clothing. When the time comes, a retrospective of Kate’s outfits will be poor copies of Diana’s clothing, mixed with jeggings and thirty pairs of nude pumps, and maybe that rollerskating outfit, and people will scratch their heads.

    • yinyang says:

      Very disturbing WHy does she not reenact her own mom lol. But she jumps on board to reenact a complete stranger and dead woman she never met, complete disrespect.

  17. Deedee says:

    She put the most blah things together for this outfit. Those boots are ugly.

    • Lady D says:

      Can’t think what possessed her to walk out of the house this morning looking like that.

      • Lexa says:

        I don’t like the outfit, but my guess is that she dressed plainly to highlight/avoid clashing with the beautifully colorful fabrics and headpieces of the village they visited.

    • guest says:

      lol, do you really think we hike the Himalayas in pretty outfits? I know they weren’t there to hike, their focus was showcasing the beautiful community of the region.

  18. Catherine says:

    For all the new royal watchers, William was an art history major in college and almost dropped out because he was struggling with all of the attention, press, POs, etc. Kate talked him into staying and switching his major to GEOGRAPHY. So, I’m pretty sure this was a “tease” and/or family joke. They are using military transportation due to high risk of attack, the growing escalation of war between Pakistan and India, threats of kidnapping, & terror threats as reported by BP, KP, press.

    • Maria says:

      Charles talked him into staying, not Kate. The idea that it was her is a myth.

    • Deedee says:

      So much fan fiction about the Kate and William courtship.

      • undergalaxy says:

        Right. Don’t forget that Captain Middleton was a co-pilot of Prince Philip in 1962. It’s not like Kate and William were “meant to be” or “fated to meet” – I have a sneaking suspicion there were plans afoot for a commoner to be married in to regain relevancy, and Philip sewed the seeds.

    • aka says:

      Catherine they are taking a helicopter because there’s literally no way to travel to that area within a short time span. It takes at least 2 days of travel by road and a couple of flight changes and still travel by road if you want to do it that way. Every dignitary local or foreign who visits goes there via a military helicopter because it’s just convenient and what the terrain demands.

      I’m sure security was a consideration but not in the way you’re making it out to be.

  19. Keekee says:

    I thought they both studied history of art.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      He switched to Geography after the first year – allegedly his grades were bad and he almost dropped out.

      • PrincessK says:

        Well l heard that he switched to Geography because of the fact that too many women, including Kate, had taken up History of Art with the sole purpose of stalking the future King of Britain.

  20. one of the Marys says:

    This is an interesting thread to read and I appreciate all the Pakistani commenters’ contributions

  21. Lene Malan says:

    @Geanie, just saw the pics and videos and it is beautiful. Thanks for your input, very Interesting!!

  22. L4frimaire says:

    That is a lot of brown Kate is wearing. I know she supports the Scouts but she looks like she’s wearing a Brownie uniform. All those different shades and textures piled on look weird. The whole channeling Diana thing I’m not buying much. That’s mostly clothes and again think tabloid reporting is fairly lazy and lacking depth, with specific agenda. That’s the presses narrative to try to build her up, but don’t think that’s her goal on this trip and find it a bit much. Kate is so stuck on being very traditional and carefully curated, that she looks to previous consorts and tries to imitate they’re style. However, don’t think Kate is interesting in all the Diana drama. She wants to be queen bee, but she’s always been like that, but not because she wants to outshine her husband or be perceived as independent. If anything, I get Queen Mother vibes from her.

  23. Lulu2 says:

    Bwahahaha @ “very special”. I just don’t believe she’s that simple. She really meant “very speshul William”. I just know she dies laughing inside at the vacuous exchanges between them when on tour. You gotta find fun in simple things in these royal step-and-repeats.

  24. Person3514 says:

    I find it pretty gross that people on here insult William/Harry for going to the same places their mother went and doing photo ops. Their mother was beloved by practically everybody and more importantly was their mother. It must be a very overwhelming and emotional moment for them when they go to the same exact spots she did. They must feel so close to her in those moments. And maybe it’s just me, but I think it would be amazing to take a photo in the same spot as my mother and then be able to show it to my children. Maybe George will take his spouse to take a picture in front of the Taj Mahal one day and it will become a tradition. There’s a lot of things to use against these people as snark, but I wouldn’t use their mother against them.

    • Lexa says:

      Yes, I agree with this, though I understand why people are cynical. When you lose a parent, especially at a young age, I think it’s common and understandable to try to find ways to feel close to them again. I lost my dad at a relatively young age and even I do this–I want to talk to people that knew him, go to places he visited, listen to music he liked, and so on. This becomes even more complex with William and Harry because 1) their mother was beloved on an international scale, 2) because they’re part of an institution that needs to project consistency and longevity and images are an easy and emotional way to do this, 3) because I genuinely think both rightfully feel like the custodians of her memory and want to honor her and her legacy whenever they can.

  25. Kk2 says:

    Nice pictures coming out of this tour. Kate’s outfit does give kind of weird conquistador vibes. Or more “Brit on safari” vibes. But whatever. I actually like Will’s outfit here, for a business casual look.

    I am not surprised to read comments that many Pakistanis are pleased with the tour. Name the last time you heard anything remotely positive about Pakistan in the news. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

    • ZR says:

      Wellll that was one of the main points of this tour….. to inform people of the positive side of Pakistanis & Pakistan as a country. It isn’t the public’s fault if the country is portrayed in a negative light, to frame a certain narrative. I could say exactly the same about the U.S and the American people – because of Trump!

      • Le4Frimaire says:

        The people and country may be beautiful, but the government plays so many sides in terms of foreign relations and shifting allegiances. The ISI really runs things.

      • Geane says:

        Le4Frimaire-you could say the same for every single country there is. All countries have to look out for their own interest. The US is the prime example of playing different sides and “shifting allegiances”.

  26. Emelia says:

    I think one of the reasons the British Press and KP repeatedly mention security issues in Pakistan is because they knew ahead crowd size would be nonexistent.

    • Geane says:

      Emelia, there really is no reasoning with your knee-jerk negativity but I will try. Security issues are a real concern, for Pakistanis and foreigners alike. I am Pakistani so I know. It would be a ludicrous move and a security nightmare for local law enforcement to allow crowds. But you can believe what you want. If you would like to step outside your bubble you can have a look at social media to see the reaction of Pakistanis to this tour.

    • ZR says:

      I don’t see non existent people in the pictures & videos. I must say, this type of commentary is amusing. Their visits are also embargoed until the last hour or so for security purposes. Unless you want them to forgo all the security measures in place.

    • Molly says:

      I’m going to agree with Emelia on this one. I don’t see any pictures that shows huge interest in the William/Kate. I have checked social media platforms in Pakistan as well as traditional media and I don’t see a national interest on the Cambridges.

      • aka says:

        Again I don’t know what platforms you are checking because people are absolutely loving their visit. I remember when Charles visited with Camilla a decade or so ago and that was the definition of a low interest visit.
        Keep in mind most Pakistani SM is in Urdu not English.

  27. Rach says:

    Got to give credit where due, William wore the traditional sherwani well & Kate looked graceful, beautiful in all the traditional attire as well. I think this was a well executed trip so far, highlighting the various causes, global friendship, peppered with rich traditions. Very tastefully done so far not over the top.

  28. aquarius64 says:

    So far all I see is a fashion show. What substantive work are the Cambridges doing on this trip? With the hype on the trip I was expecting Bill has the stuff to be a future monarch and Kate will be more than well dressed arm candy.

    • Geane says:

      What “substantive” work are they supposed to do?? This is what royals do! It’s their job to dress up, pay homage to the country they’re visiting, promote relations between the UK and the country they are visiting and showcase the country. Which is exactly what they’re doing-showcasing Pakistan for the world. Whether you like it or not the trip is a tremendous success so far and Pakistanis are happy about this opportunity given that nobody ever bothers to see the positive side of our country.

  29. CynicalCeleste says:

    Look, now they’re wearing their coats over their shoulders too, JUST LIKE MEGHAN.

  30. Emelia says:

    Eugenie’s 1st anniversary received more media focus/coverage than the Cambridge Tour. William/Kate do nothing to capture the worlds attention. If the goal was for them to show the value of Pakistan staying in the Commonwealth I don’t see how the goal was achieved. What can the RF due for a country if they can’t bring world wide attention to that country?

  31. Earthbound says:

    Every picture from this tour is pretty much the best I’ve seen from Kate and Will. As an American i agree it is highlighting Pakistan in a really favorable way, definitely a way I rarely see Pakistan. The rickshaw trip and their outfits was so fun. These pics above are also really cool. I dont think they look awkward I think they seem engaged and interested.

  32. Nitz says:

    I don’t know who’s out-of-place in this mountain tour. William (because he’s wearing casual pants & button down shirt) OR Kate who looks like the female version of “Aladdin”….William with his get-up clearly shows casual clothing in the mountain is OK. I think the wifey is too much here…just saying the contrast.

  33. MrsBanjo says:

    Catherine Walker, who’s dead, and whose patterns are remade custom for Kate, for starters…

  34. Snappyfish says:

    Thank you for this. I don’t understand the Cambridge bad/Sussex good theme here. I like them both. It is completely normal for both boys to follow their Mother’s (& their Father’s) footsteps.

  35. Rach says:

    There are beautiful pictures of them at various events but somehow never gets covered here. Finding fault with the Cambridge’s is a recurring theme here. Will has every right to keep his mother’s memory alive. The royal family barely respected her when she was alive, it’s up to her boys to change that.

  36. PrincessK says:

    I am just waiting for the outrage should Meghan dare to wear Catherine Walker.

  37. Geane says:


    And yes, the photos from the Kalash Valley are wonderful and colourful and should have been featured. The indigenous Kalash people are Pakistan’s smallest ethnoreligious group and they have their own unique culture, language, identity and religion. The photos from the visit are lovely!

  38. Skylark says:

    Thank you, Geane, for all your excellent input on this thread. Regardless of how Will & Kate are viewed, this is not about them, they’re merely the conduit here, and to get bogged down in criticism of them does such a disservice to the purpose of the visit which is to showcase Pakistan, its culture, its people, the challenges it faces and of course all the positive work that’s been done to improve the lives of those who live there.

    The pics, in particular, from the Kalash Valley, are absolutely stunning!

  39. Linda says:

    Thanks Geane for all your comments throughout this tour. It’s been educative. At times like this I am reminded of the words of Chimamanda Adichie to beware of a single story. Meanwhile this royal tour has brought out the ugly side of some commenters on this blog who have been trying to drown the voices of the Pakistani’s who have repeatedly tried to explain what this tour means to them.

  40. TeamAwesome says:

    Or Celebitchy didn’t want to spend all of their photo budget on just those pics? If there are more pictures posted somewhere else, it doesn’t cost anything to look.

  41. ZR says:

    I can’t say I’m surprised @Linda. Happens all the time to us. They should heed the beautiful Duchess of Sussex’s words. Quite ironic how there are many fans of her here, but they are happy to drown out ‘other’ voices.