Denise Richards on rumored Bradley Cooper date: “It’s such bullsh-t”

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A couple of weeks ago, Star Magazine reported that Bradley Cooper and Denise Richards had gone out for a cozy, romantic dinner at Il Cielo “for almost two hours on July 6.” According to Star’s sources, “They never stopped talking. Denise was smiling at him, giving him her undivided attention.” They even had Bradley wiping Denise’s mouth. My thoughts on the report were that, yes, those “Bradley is gay” rumors were probably true. But unlike the constant “Is he dating Jennifer Aniston?” rumors, Bradley didn’t come out and issue some kind of pissy-yet-hilarious denial, so I thought that there might be something there. Alas! This time it’s Denise Richards doing the denying:

Controversial couple Jon and Kate Gosselin have come under fire in recent weeks following the exposure of Jon’s wandering ways, and if there is anyone to empathize with a sticky marriage situation, it would be fellow reality star Denise Richards.

“I’ve been through a divorce and it’s not easy. None of know [sic] what goes on behind closed doors, all I know is there will be light,” Richards told Tarts at last week’s Give & Get Fete benefiting Dress For Success Worldwide-West at the Frédéric Fekkai Salon in Beverly Hills. “So if I can get through a place of being great parents, there’s hope for anyone!”

On the note of love affairs, or lack thereof, the starlet was also quick to slam rumors she was dating Bradley Cooper.

“It’s such bullsh-t. I hate it and it’s such an example that some of these magazines literally concoct something from a piece of [expletive] and make up this whole story that we’re down at the restaurant,” Richards scoffed. “It is BS and I barely even met the guy. We were both guests on Jimmy Fallon’s show. That is it, it’s another one of those. Christ, if it’s Bradley Cooper it’s fine, but I’ve had so many awful stories about me but this just pisses me off that they can just make something up and print it.”

[From Fox News Pop Tarts]

Jesus, Denise. It’s not that horrible to be connected with Bradley Cooper in the press. If anything, it makes him look bad, like he’s a serial first-dater, only interested in romancing 40-something women for brief press hits. Or it makes him look gay, whatever.

I actually like Denise, and I’d like to see her with someone hardcore, with a heart of gold. Someone like Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James, only not him, you know? Someone tough, who can appreciate Denise’s gutter mouth, but will still treat her and her daughters well.

Here’s Denise with her daughters (and security guard) and her Dad on July 31st and August 2nd. Images thanks to .

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  1. michelle says:

    I really like Denise. I agree that a Jesse James-alike would be great for her. She seems like a really normal person, not half as bat-sh!t crazy as they make her out to be.

  2. diddy says:

    @ Kaiser
    where have u been lol, Bradley spokeperson denied the denis richards hookup last week:

    Bradley Cooper and Denise Richards are not an item. Looks like B.Coop is still on the market — phew!

    It was reported that the sizzling “Hangover” actor and reality TV mom enjoyed a cozy dinner in Hollywood earlier this month, but Denise says there’s nothing going on!

    On Tuesday morning, Richards turned to Twitter to call the story “B.S.”

    Cooper’s rep claims a PR company made up the rumor to get press for a diet program.

  3. icky says:

    I don’t care about Bradley Cooper- I think he’s a phoney though

  4. Nicole says:

    Bradley has loose cheeks. No way a good match for any of the ladies mentioned. I know looks aren’t everything but Aniston deserves a real man. One that resembles her old boyfriend, Vince Vauhn. Even Clooney is too fickle for her, plus he’s the ex friend, so no good. I hope she finds someone who makes her laugh and not into the spotlife. No rednecks types either. Please don’t hate me for this comment. We all have our own taste, and the southern accent doesn’t do it for me, and I don’t think Aniston either. She could data a doctor, or an exucutive. I think her type is tall, elegant, funny, and intelligent. Denise is little diffrent and I can see her with another rocker type, but Bradley? Bradley is for Miley Cyrus type. Young, gullable and not as grown up yet. He’s got a funny face and no thanks. Seems like the kind of guy I would need to push away often. But just an opinion. Could be wrong.

  5. Kelly says:

    I like Denise Richards,she is by far one the most beautiful women in Hollywood & the world but more importantly she seems real & not fake like most people in Hollywood.Because Bradley Cooper is the new it guy their gonna link him with every hot woman in Hollywood.They do that with everyone.