Bradley Cooper moves from Renee Zellweger & Jennifer Aniston to… Denise Richards

Denise Richards
I have come to a consensus (amongst my multiple personalities) that Bradley Cooper is an extremely strange dude. Once, when I was covering some aspect of the Bradley Cooper-Jennifer Aniston mini-saga that occurred after they went to dinner once, I theorized that Aniston might want to pitch a film called The First Dater. In my mind, it would have been about a woman who goes totally overboard on the first date, and gives her datea timeline involving marriage and babies that she wants to adhere to. My concept for the film has changed. Now The First Dater is about a guy who goes out on one date – and one date only – with random forty-something women, all for his own amusement. I have renamed the film The First Dater: The Bradley Cooper Story.

So Bradley’s latest first date is none other then Denise Richards. Now, I love me some Denise, but I acknowledge that she’s crazy and the antithesis of grace and class. Other than that, I think she usually gets a raw deal. But coming off Bradley’s first dates with Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger… well, this is going to get ugly:

Bradley Cooper’s love life just got a whole lot more complicated. Just days after his dinner date with Renne Zellweger – and Jennifer Aniston before that – he broke bread in Beverly Hills with Denise Richards!

The cozy couple shared a table at Il Cielo for almost two hours on July 6.

“They never stopped talking,” a source tells Star. “Denise was smiling at him, giving him her undivided attention.”

And Bradley dished it back: At one point, he even leaned over to wipe some sauce off of her face with a napkin! It’s enough to make you lose your appetite.

[From Star Magazine, print edition August 3 2009]

My first two theories: that they’re working together, or that he’s gay and likes the company of experienced women who love their gay men. I checked – Denise and Bradley are not working together. So that leaves… yeah. I could totally be wrong. Maybe he’s just been secretly dating Lake Bell this whole time, and he’s just been going out with Jennifer, Renee and Denise for a little publicity. Or something. Yeah, I’m still thinking gay.

Header image is of Denise on 12/31/08 and Bradley on 5/26/09. Credit: PRPhotos. Denise is also shown out with her daughters on 7/18/09, and on 7/20/09. Cooper is also shown on 6/17/09. Credit:

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  1. karen says:

    Good for him.. she is way hotter then Aniston anyway.. plus she has a personality..

  2. dg says:

    You’re absolutly right. He’s gay, he supposedly dated Victor Garber from “Alias”.

  3. Caitlyn says:

    I’m not gay look at all the women I’m dating! LOL.

    I thought he was dating his way up the Hollywood ladder not down.

  4. Fiestarter says:

    Now that is someone who is NOT hot and looks dirty and sleazy all the time.

    I get so sick of these actors hiding their homosexuality. If you are gay, be brave and come out of the closet. It doesn’t have to be career suicide, nor anything you have to be ashamed of, jeez, this isn’t 1950!

  5. Ned says:

    Kaiser, I agreed with everything you said. Funny post, too.

    If he is indeed, he should do what Matt Damon did and find a single mom who needs some help and pretend to have this family.

    That way he can both help single mothers in this country and maintain a certain image.

    he could be brave and be honest about who he is.

    I felt sorry for Renee, though. It’s not nice to play with these women and waste their time and gets their hopes up.

  6. Rosanna says:

    It sounds like this man has a preference toward all the women I deeply dislike!

  7. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Bro you’re moving down, not up !!

  8. princess pee says:

    Hahahahahahahaha. And I thought Renee was a step down. Maybe you’re right about him Kaiser… because this is just plain odd.

  9. eternalcanadian says:

    that’s called “dating down” if he went from renee to jennifer to denise. pffft.

    oh hey, he dated victor garber? now that’s dating up! ;-)

  10. Nebraska says:

    Bradley and Denise both have a hardened creepy cold calculating look in their eyes but I don’t believe he is straight. This is an arrangement to extend their 15 minutes which expired after “wild things.”

  11. Rosalee says:

    All the good girls were busy making movies or scarfing down donuts for their next role, so Bradley called the “available” girl.

  12. samer says:

    NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL DATING DOWN!!! first a super mega star(jennifer aniston) then a star then some E’ reallity star!!! He is totally gay!! maybe he should start dating men!! like adam lambert

  13. narina says:

    wow he’s tasty in woman is just amazing!!! all of them are sooo hot,famous and rich!!! but if i had to pick one im gonna go with jen(DUH!!)

  14. M says:

    I hate the assumption that anytime a celeb has a meal with the opposite sex that suddenly they are “dating.” Bradley seems to be taking a cue from Jen Aniston’s book of dating for publicity. I really do believe that his date was Jen was set up by their “people”.

    I think Bradley is trying to keep his name and image out there, first and foremost. He’s in his mid thirties and is just now gaining recognition. I don’t know if he’s gay — but none of these dates strike me as romantic. Very contrived and overblown and over-reported by the tabs. I don’t know if Renee and Denise were set up for publicity, but I don’t think Bradley is sweating the fact that a non-romantic dinner would be construed as one.

  15. Lala says:

    To M…ummm how the hell do you know that He’s date with jen was made by Thiere “people”??? are you a psychic?? or did you talked to them recently??? GROW UP AND LEAVE JEN ALONE!!!!

  16. Ally says:

    It’s testament to the male shortage in Hollywood that this homely rodent-faced dude is such hot stuff among the 30s-40s dyed brunette set.

  17. irl500girl says:

    didn’t he just get divorced?
    maybe he’s doing what I did after mine. . .dating up a storm and just having fun with almost anyone you meet.
    it’s a great way to meet tons of people, take your mind off of the ex, the old habits & life style with the ex and HAVE FUN.

  18. Chris says:

    I think Bradley is sooo cute. What’s wrong with dating? I say date all you can before you settle down. Go for it Bradley

  19. crystal says:

    To 17, Calm down, you Aniston-crazy freak. Jennifer admitted that she and Brad were set up by their agents. You think the agents did that ’cause they care? Yeah right. Agents want to raise their client’s profile and the celebs are in on it, or they wouldn’t go along w/it. Look at Aniston’ Oscar charade with John Mayer. Ted Casablanca from E! saw them there; he said Aniston was more interested in getting her pic taken than Mayer. No wonder Mayer left her soon after. You are so naive.

  20. Alex says:

    he has the worst taste, Aniston? Renee? Denise?? ugh

  21. says:

    Bradley Grow up. Jennifer is to good for you and now you let fame go to your head and Richards is a pain to the film Industry

  22. Cali4nia Dream says:

    All of you have too much time on your hands. (O.M.G.) GET A LIFE…. :)

  23. Kitty says:

    Jennifer is WITHOUT a doubt the BEST catch in Hollywood, She is stunning, smart, funny and careful since she got her heart broken by a cheating husband and a female who gets a kick out of seeing how many marriages she can break up. She can date who ever she wants whenever she wants and it should be a private matter. She will marry again and be very happy, but it will be when she finds what and who she wants. Why don’t we all just leave her alone.

  24. cassie says:

    Jen is not smart she may be cute and funny but she doesnt appear very smart. A smart woman wouldn’t get involve with Mayer the player and go back to him after he dumped her

  25. iris says:

    This guy is so overrated!

    and he married Jennifer Esposito who is indeed the antithesis of grace and class!

  26. kathy says:

    Gosh what now?! First is jen, second is renee, third is denise (i dont like her) and who’s next? Oh the little wild biatch out there! or maybe he loves a men! If it is true, stay away from jen and renee, they both too precious for the men like you.

  27. Carolina says:

    Get off Bradley! I think he’s a cutie pie. I loved him in Kitchen Confidential (watch it on HULU) and he was funny in The Hangover. He’s coming into his own. He’s divorced and sewing his oats. SO WHAT?? No one says anything when Jennifer Love Hewitt dates (and becomes engaged to) a 100 men per calendar year. And if Aniston was that big of a catch she would have been married AGAIN by now. Why SO many break ups regarding Aniston, huh? Zelleweger too. We only know these men and women through characters they portray on the screen, and draw conclusions based off of that. We have no idea what they are like in REAL life. I personally don’t think Cooper is gay, but if he is…SO What? He’s still a cutie pie in my book. And there was a time when everyone was going crazy over Denise “no-ass-at-all” Richards talking about how beautiful she was, now she’s the crazy lady. She’s still an attractive woman. I don’t think they are a match, but who knows? Best of luck to all parties involved.

  28. seminolesuz says:

    He’s getting publicity & also an ego
    boost. He may be gay also.

  29. just dating around says:

    Why is it okay for women to just date around but not okay for guys? So he just wasn’t into Jen doesn’t mean the guys gay. Several men have denied they aren’t interested in her.

  30. Lorrie says:

    Good for him, date around and Denise good for you too!!You are a great gal! Great Perosnality & great Mother. As for all of you haters, Have you looked in the mirror lately?