Rafael Nadal married his girlfriend of 14 years in Mallorca this weekend

Two of my favorite subjects: tennis and wedding fashion!! Rafael Nadal, the 19-Slam-winning Spanish tennis star, married his long-time love this weekend. Mery Perello has been with Rafa for fourteen years! They were just kids (teenagers) when they first fell in love. She’s been with him through all of his injuries and highs and lows of his career. About four years ago, she started traveling with him more consistently as he played on the tour, and he finally proposed to her in Rome (during the tournament there) last year. They had time to plan the wedding and they went ALL OUT.

Rafa and Mery rented out La Fortaleza, a giant fortress in Mallorca, and they threw an enormous party which – judging from the photos of the guests – went all night and left everyone wrecked. Mery looked gorgeous though – she had a custom-made Rosa Clara gown for the ceremony (and photos), and then she changed into a second Rose Clara gown for the reception. We don’t know anything about the second gown other than it was supposed to be “slinky.” Which doesn’t seem like her vibe at all, but sure. She’s just such a wholesome-looking person, right? So while I find her wedding gown a bit too plain, I’m sure she loved the simplicity of it. And let’s be real: she’s so beautiful that she could have worn a white sack and she would have looked amazing.

Rafa wore a grey morning suit which looked amazing on him. I’m actually a little bit shocked by how nice he looked for his wedding! Anyone else think it’s weird that Rafa didn’t invite Roger Federer? They’re super-close now, but Rafa didn’t invite him!!

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Rafael Nadal’s Foundation.

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  1. MrsBanjo says:

    I really love her dress. It’s simple but the detailing on the bodice is lovely.

  2. Erinn says:

    I actually love the dress. It IS simple, but the material used makes it work better than if it had been a solid fabric at the torso.

  3. Sierra says:

    Such a gorgeous dress..

  4. Loretta says:

    Beautiful couple, I love her dress.

  5. Mignionette says:

    Gorgeous dress, but why is her bra showing….

  6. Sof says:

    I was hoping Pico Monaco would post some pictures, but he didn’t. In fact, he was criticized for not wearing socks apparently.
    I like the dress, but prefer the one Olympia von…whatever her name is spelled, wore.

  7. Diana says:

    This dress is stunning and she looks spectacular! A perfect of example of the bride rocking the dress vs. a dress wearing the bride.

  8. Olly says:

    I think white flowers at a wedding are so boring.

  9. Emily says:

    Her dress is incredible! I would wear it.

  10. Beach Dreams says:

    Eh, a weekend of unappealing wedding dresses. I wonder what kind of dress JLaw went with.

  11. Other Renee says:

    I think she and the dress are stunning. The venue looks magnificent. Makes me want to travel to Europe. If only I could afford it. Seeing these three lovely and over the top expensive weddings this weekend has kind of highlighted how tight money is for me right now. 😞

  12. L4frimaire says:

    It’s a very simple look. She looks pretty , but think it would look better if she’d worn some embellishments in her hair or a small veil. That simple neckline would look better if it was some type of lace, as opposed to the netting pattern.

  13. Chisey says:

    I’m impressed that they managed such a private wedding! I was looking for dress pics and there was nothing until the official picture release. I think that the dress is really conservative with the long sleeves and high neck, but it suits her. I get the sense Nadal is a conservative sort of guy so it makes sense his wife has a similar outlook. I’m now v curious about the second dress. I’m so impressed by how locked down if all is – I heard they even blocked planes from flying in nearby airspace!

  14. Louise says:

    I’ve loved Rosa Clara dresses since I first walked past one of their shops in Barcelona. They’re the dream!

  15. Anne says:

    Of course he didn’t invite Royer, no exes on your wedding rule 😀
    Fedal is still the best bromance in sports, and nobody will convince me otherwise.