Prince William is ‘worried’ about the Sussexes, he thinks they’re ‘in a fragile place’

Meghan Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, Prince William, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge at the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force, Buckingham Palace, London, UK on Tuesday 10th July 2018

As always, if you want to spend an afternoon getting angry at the state of the Windsors, look no further than our royal archives. Start with Prince Harry and Meghan’s South Pacific tour last year and notice how the stories around the Sussexes changed dramatically after what was a very successful tour for two of the most popular royal figures. That was the beginning of what became a year-long smear campaign in which Meghan could do nothing right, and members of the British press were devoting endless column spaces to everything from how she held her baby bump to what she wore to Wimbledon.

The question was always WHY the sudden confluence of smears and WHO was behind it. Some say the racist press was just being racist and ugly. Some said Charles was behind it all, the man behind the curtain. Others say that William was the one willfully shoving Harry and Meghan under the bus whenever possible. I believe it’s “all of the above” – after studying the careful wording of many of the tabloids’ reports, I believe that there are people in Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace all trying to “put the Sussexes in their place.” We later learned (through rumors and second-hand sources) that William was happily pushing stories about Meghan and Harry to keep the focus off of the Rose Hanbury story too. So…given Harry and Meghan’s recent comments and they’re general air of sadness, what do you make of this?

Prince William is concerned for his brother Harry and his wife Meghan after the couple said they were struggling, a Palace source has told the BBC. The Duke of Cambridge is said to be “worried” about Prince Harry and hopes he and Meghan “are alright” following the admission in an ITV documentary.

The Palace source added that there was a view the couple were “in a fragile place”.

Kensington Palace had no comment on the ITV film, which aired on Sunday. The documentary followed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their tour of southern Africa earlier this month. In interviews, the couple both said they were struggling with the intense scrutiny by elements of the British tabloid press.

[From BBC]

Note the source… the BBC. Not the Daily Mail, not the Sun. Jason Knauf or someone like that was sent out to say that William is “worried” about Harry and Meghan… after he spent months egging on the smear campaign to deflect from Rose Hanbury. As he posed for budget airline photos as Harry and Meghan were being slammed every day for their private plane flights. As William tried to convince his family that Harry and Meghan need to be exiled to the African continent. This is textbook gaslighting. But… maybe it’s also a sign that William’s people are telling him that he can’t remain silent on the Sussex issue anymore. He’ll have to make a show of public support for Harry AND Meghan, even if it is just for show and even if he continues to gleefully throw them under the bus whenever possible.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and  Meghan, Duchess of Sussex at service to mark the centenary of the Royal Air Force on 10/07/2018

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red and Backgrid.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!! No, he’s not.

    *goes back to read the story*

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!! No, he’s not.

    • Sunshine says:

      @royalblue. Exactly! William really needs to be careful as I am sure Harry has receipts.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Makes me even more curious about the staffer, Sophie, who was let go so quickly after her honeymoon. Sending her friends to the Fail was a sign of how unhappy she is. W&K might be able to silence her with an NDA, but if she were called in a lawsuit about who in KP was leaking to the press?

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Exactly @nota. Also, the clumsy attempt to blame the firing on Meghan makes things even more suspicious. It’s the same tactic Richard Kay used when he wrote that embarrassing denial of the Kate-Rose fallout (and we know how well that attempt went).

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “Rose Who?”.

        I refuse to let this die. I await the day when the whole truth comes out.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Nota – omg, I know that was just a week or so ago but I had already forgotten about that. But you’re right, this whole thing just adds more layers. She was definitely unhappy about being laid off/fired, and it happened so suddenly that it makes me wonder. I know there was some speculation here that she been the one leaking, but now I wonder if there was something else going on. (she didnt want to be the palace source anymore, etc.)

      • Becks1 says:

        @Bay – I feel like we will find out the whole story in 20 years lol.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Becks it’s like the Trump news in the US. I can never get fully caught up because too many new things just keep happening every five minutes. I’d also completely forgotten about that staffer from last week.

        And this is so passive-aggressive of William. This isn’t “showing support.” This is trying to make Harry seem weak. If this is his way of showing support he can go back to shutting up now please.

      • S says:

        I thought I had read somewhere that this is the second or third staffer fired after returning from honeymoon. I can’t remember where I read that though. I got the impression that they weren’t supportive of newly married women.

      • Emily says:

        @TampaBay – I applaud your dedication. I’m also obsessed with the Rose of it all.

    • Devon says:

      It figures that he comments now when there is a chance the Sussexes might gain public sympathy for what they are going through. He sure couldn’t be bothered to say anything for the past 12 months.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      My first thought it that he’s worried about how it makes him look and about any backlash on him and Katie Keen. He and his petty jealousy over media attention is part of the problem.

      Plus lets not forget the comments Harry made in their SA documentary about his brother – very telling. I don’t have them to hand at the moment but google them. It was basically confirming that there has been issues between them and William’s acceptance of Meghan.

      • Amy Too says:

        “I’m worried about my brother (telling the whole story of how we’ve been completely unsupportive and actively benefitting from/orchestrating the smear campaign).”

        “They’re in a fragile place, right now (with regards to their position in the family. We’re still thinking about exiling them)”

    • BeanieBean says:

      LOL. My first thought was ‘now’? Now he’s worried? Not this entire past couple of years that his sister-in-law has been bullied in the press constantly?

      • PrincessK says:

        It is all PR. His office has been forced to put out that statement. Has William gone to see Harry and Meghan??? William is increasingly behaving like the Queen and Charles, remaining cold, aloof and distant.

        Harry clearly wants to be mates with his brother again but heaven knows the amount of serious damage that has happened.

      • PrincessK says:

        William must be livid that Harry has lifted the lid on all this forcing him to make some kind of statement. Harry has simultaneously pointed the finger at both the media and the Cambridges.

    • HK9 says:

      Can I tell you how I just started laughing at this??!!?? He knows what to do and he doesn’t plan on doing anything. His experience with his mother should’ve spurred him to action but nope.

      • Jumpingthesnark says:

        Normal bill showing his ass again. Us peasants may have messed up families, but we aren’t in a position to have staffers leak to the press as a manifestation of crappy family dynamics.

    • Jinjie says:


  2. Carol says:

    Very BIG of him to “worry” about his brother! What a great guy.

  3. RoyalBlue says:

    Now the narrative is changing to insinuate that somehow Harry and Meghan are “unwell”. If they can somehow leak a lie that they are mentally stable the masses will believe it right?

    • Taryn says:

      Yes its absolutely ugly. There’s already discussions by trolls and morning media in Britain that they are too unstable and can’t handle the duties of being in the BRF instead of calling out the toxicity of an institution and family that doesn’t support its own members. People are getting angry that Camilla and Kate took their days in the press with grace and stride but Meghan dares to speak out against racism and bullying. Double standards when it comes to mental health and who is “deserving” of compassion and empathy even if you don’t like them.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “There’s already discussions by trolls “.

        The article in the Daily Fail regrading William’s worry over Harry (and implying both Harry & Meghan are mentally unfit for purpose) has 14K comments and two individual comments have over 20K up arrows. There will never be an end to all of this smearing.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        Bay that is strait up crazy. I have stopped reading any DM article about them so I really had no idea the number of comments. The frenzy makes me think of Hitler stirring up hatred for the Jews by spreading propaganda. It’s the same methodology being applied and it’s worrying.

      • Taryn says:

        @Bay it’s a mob mentality for these two anytime their names show up in the press for sure. I refuse to even check the DMs site because the stuff on there is just unbelievably vile.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “The frenzy makes me think of Hitler stirring up hatred for the Jews by spreading propaganda.”

        This is exactly what the Daily Fail is doing than for no other reason than to sell newspapers and generate click$ for revenue. I do not think the writers & editors (with the exception of Piers Morgan) really care one way or another about the Sussexes.

      • Meg says:

        What you just described is how I was emotionally abused by my family. Bullying followed by the ‘who me?’ act like they did nothing wrong. then condescending comments like ‘you seem unwell. Whats wrong?’
        What’s wrong? You’re treating me like shit that’s what’s wrong! It’s complete gaslighting crazy making behavior

      • A says:

        @Meg, omg YES. The whole, “What do you mean I haven’t been treating you poorly! You’re worrying me with this BS. Why can’t you see that I’m just CONCERNED for you and how fragile you must be because you’re just blowing everything I said out of proportion and misunderstanding it all. Why don’t you just calm down?”

      • bonobochick says:

        The media is absolutely re-framing the discussion to deflect any culpability regarding their own actions. Obvious and gross yet some folks will absolutely swallow that twaddle as they will Wills’ suddenly being “concerned.”

    • CMChat says:

      You are so right Royal Blue. Instead of lauding Harry and Meghan’s openness, to state that he is “worried” about them is an attempt to diminish them. I’ve had issues in my own family, where if I bring up anything unpleasant on their end, their behavior, their reaction is always, we’re worried about you. Ugh.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        I am sorry to hear that about your family. CMchat. That is straight up gaslighting and Is the same strategy William is using now.

    • notasugarhere says:

      First W&K jumped onboard Harry existing work with mental health, trying to take credit for his good PR. Now they’re leaking the idea Harry and Meghan are mentally and emotionally unfit to remain as working royals. All while pretending to care about mental health and bullying.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        William’s behaviour is beginning to remind me of Evil Papa Smurf – the narcissism runs deep in that family and William has certainly exhibited similar behavioural traits over the years.

        The Cambridges will never ever acknowledge that their own narcissism has contributed to the stress that the Sussex’s are clearly feeling right now. Again they are putting the Sussex’s down by making out they are ‘mentally unwell’ in retaliation for Harry’s comments about their relationship. If William truly cared for his brother he’d keep his big fat gob shut, stop running to the press to put them down – he’d be supporting them behind the scenes.

        Harry is like me, an emotional person who struggles to handle stress. I strongly empathise with the both of them right now. I to have family issues with siblings acting like d@@ks.

      • Mego says:

        William is really showing his ass with this latest blatantly passive aggressive gaslighting comment. Harry and Meghan should leave the BRF, high tail it to Malibu and never see these people again. They are worse than Thomas Markle.

    • bobslaw says:

      This is akin to telling someone “Aw, you look tired”. An insult wrapped in faux concern.

    • PrincessK says:

      Exactly! That is what Charles did, he used his friends to spread rumours that Diana was unhinged. The RF are now playing the same trick with the Sussexes.

      We are watching YOU 👉🏽

  4. MsIam says:

    Yeah, William is definitely FOS. But maybe if he realizes all eyes are on him he will cool his jets and lay off H&M.

  5. Toot says:

    William can give a rat’s ass. He knows how to reach his brother personally if he gave/gives a damn, so this is all PR.

  6. Nicegirl says:

    Said by the man who’s attempting to put them there 🤦‍♀️

  7. KellyDA says:

    Let’s be clear: They are not only putting them in their place they are removing them from the public view. They say 6 weeks but I think it will be more. Meghan/Harry made the mistake of overshadowing the RF worldwide. The fact that Meghan has friends in high influential roles who spoke up for her became a huge problem. They couldn’t control her so here we are. Only time will tell but it’s my opinion they were told after the African Tour they would need to remove themselves from public duties. The RF is a brutal institution so you either tow the line or you’re out. Big decisions ahead for Harry and Meghan. I wish them luck. On a side note…Karma will bight William and Kate in the arse….

    • Mignionette says:

      So they’re removing H&M from public duties but not the Paedophile who barely got 1 member of the public to show up to his last engagement.

      Who will shield Andy when they’re out of sight ?

      • Taryn says:

        It’s very disturbing that there’s a literal pedophile living amongst the BRF and going to church with mummy but everything these two do or don’t do are the top stories on every tabloid day after day EVEN AFTER the Epstein scandal broke.

        Someone should ask all the journalists crying about “freedom of press” why they are silent when it comes to Andrew. I guess they CAN be silenced for the right people.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        @Taryn. It is so disturbing. I think the BRF are running scared when it comes to the situation with Andrew and that they are handling it all wrong. Andrew has embroiled the BRF in the WORST SCANDAL EVER TO TOUCH THE BRF in modern history!!!! I think that if all the details of his relationship with Epstein is blown wide open as well as the BRFs attempts to shield him, then this scandal has a very real possibility to toppled the entire institution.

        The abdication of 1937 wasn’t not just about a King choosing to marry a twice divorced woman, it was also about said king and his paramour’s Nazi sympathies during a time when war with Nazi Germany inched ever closer. There were members of the British government who suspected that their own king had leaked important military information to a foreign power that every day looked more and more an enemy. They literally suspected their own Head of State of treasonous actions. It was no coincidence that Wallis and Edward was shipped off to the Bahamas as fast as possible in order to prevent serious damage to the nation in a time of war.

        This particular information was suppressed for decades but a LOT of really damaging stuff came out not many years ago when a lot of FBI material was declassified, including a suppressed interview where the Duke of Windsor expressed opinions that very sympathetic to Hitler. The BRF may have the clout to protect Andrew in the British press but the way the media landscape is today, they cannot suppress things like they could in the past. Not to mention that foreign law enforcement agencies are looking into Andrew’s role in the Epstein affair.

    • S808 says:

      The RF is supposed to adapt and I just can’t believe they didn’t have the foresight to utilize H&M’s popularity to their advantage but egos and all that I guess.

      • Lorelei says:

        Or at the very least, you’d think they would have learned how NOT to handle things after Diana. But apparently they have learned nothing.

      • PrincessK says:

        William and Kate are jealous of the Sussexes star quality and ability to make an impact.

      • Vava says:

        @PrincessK, that seems to be the root of the problem. William’s ego is huge.

  8. lily says:

    This is exactly why I could never be a royal. LOOK AT THIS PUBLIC GASLIGHTING, nope I would burn the whole institution to the ground without a second thought. Harry and Meghan are better people than me. The worst thing is I have had this horrible feeling at the pit of my stomach for the past year, that one of these articles will tip a racist terrorist right over the edge and attempt to do something very dangerous.

  9. MellyMel says:

    William needs to worry about his hairline, or lack thereof, HIS marriage and his horrible personality. Nobody is buying this faux concern.

  10. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Ive got two words: F*ck HIM

  11. Cel2495 says:

    Really ? He sucks and is a terrible brother. He has dedicated the past 10 yrs or so to take credit for his brother’s work and throwing him under the bus to further his agenda and mask his laziness. He has done absolutely nothing the past year to support his sister in law who has been badly abused by the press. That’s his response to Harry’s about their relationship. I said what I said 🎤

  12. Becks1 says:

    LOL, sure William.

    I do think though that we will see some sort of stronger comment or statement from William and Kate soon-ish about this. I dont think they will blame the press at all* but I think there will be something said about supporting them and the stress of public life or something. I think someone at KP has realized that the anti-bullying campaign looks REALLY bad in light of what is happening to the Sussexses.

    *the press has receipts, so no, William isnt going to blame the press or any of the reporters. He doesnt want any one of those RRs coming out with a record of a phone call between Jason Knauf and them or whatever. Also, he doesnt want to push the Rose Hanbury story back into the spotlight. There’s a reason why this man who hates the press as much as his brother has suddenly started playing ball with them, and my guess is that it has a lot to do with Rose and the way the press let that story go.

    • notasugarhere says:

      This. They won’t go after the press, because they’ve made the deal to keep Rose (and others) under wraps. We might get a joint statement out of KP about their support for their much loved in-laws and how they themselves know the stress of living in the public eye. It will be bland and toothless. They will continue to do nothing about the racist trolls on the KP social media feeds.

      Who was the poster who mentioned the slip-up in the Charles documentary, which let people know how jealous William is about wanting to be at the head in the news cycle? He got the worst traits of both Charles and Diana.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      ITA, Becks. The press has the receipts on the affair(s) and the Cambridges’ complicity in the smear campaign. William won’t blame them, but W&K will put themselves out there as being so concerned for our brother and sister in law. Blech. But it’s too late for all that. The bullying has been front and center for over a year, through Meghan’s pregnancy, and nary a word was said by KP to defend her or call out the bullying. Coming out now, when most sane people are calling William a willful participant/beneficiary, is gaslighting 101.

    • Lorelei says:

      I honestly think it’s too little, too late at this point. No matter what the Cambridges try to do now, the damage is done. They let this go on and on for YEARS without a word. I don’t care what either of them have to say now. They played a huge part of how Harry and Meghan got in this mess. They can’t take it back now that it’s escalated.

      Of course Cambridge fans will laud William, but many of us can see through this BS for what it is.

      • Vava says:

        As someone once said, “once the toothpaste is out of the tube, you can’t put it back in”. Or something to that effect.

  13. Beach Dreams says:

    The gaslighting is off the charts. What a tool William is. He’s basically endorsing the RRs’ party line that Harry must be ‘mentally unstable’ after the lawsuits were unleashed on them. More proof that the future-future king and the press are working together.

    • S808 says:

      That “fragile” comment makes me think they’re going to start questioning their marriage next and ugh. Someone needs to just burn the whole institution to the ground.

    • Erinn says:

      But at the same time, he didn’t ACTUALLY say it. The whole article is about an anonymous source making general statements – not even quoting whatever William supposedly said. I took “The Palace source added that there was a view the couple were “in a fragile place”.” as more of a statement on the RR’s and aids, not so much W&K.

      That said, they’ve benefited off of the media frenzy and the slams against H&M. I don’t think they’re free of blame by any means, but that specific article is all just speculation from an unnamed supposed insider who could be ANYONE. How often do we see these kinds of statements from celebrities – anonymous sources making vague comments. Sometimes it’s the team that it’s about feeding lines, sometimes it’s from another party trying to make someone look bad – but often enough it’s just pure BS.

      • Devon says:

        The BBC isn’t publishing anonymous sources from KP without the palace’s permission. They allowed this to be released and it just proves W&K are pretty awful people.

      • Erinn says:

        The same BBC who’s employee compared Archie to a monkey? The BBC that was forced to issue multiple apologies because they claimed the Ethiopian government used famine aid to pay for weapons without enough proof. The BBC with multiple ageism/sexism claims against it? The BBC who’s had to apologize for claiming a company used child labor when it hadn’t?

        The scandals and lawsuits go on… I mean, lets not assume they’re automatically on the straight and narrow here.

        Now, if William did all this, he can go to hell. But all I’m seeing are vague quotes that are purposefully worded a certain way to make it seem like William himself said it – when it seems to be mainly a bunch of general sentiment regarding the brothers from this source and who knows if they’re being truthful. Could be simply someone with an axe to grind looking to stir up a story.

      • A says:

        A lot of the time, “unnamed sources” are how royals get their words out there to the press. They authorize individuals within the palace to speak on their behalf, because they can’t come out and state things on their own. They can hardly write a press release about this, and William can’t pen a column about his personal relationship with his brother. But they can’t stay silent on the subject either. So this is the compromise. It’s a covert way of shutting down rumours, kind of like Meghan with the People article, but on a smaller scale.

    • Devon says:

      Yeah, with William choosing to pile-on again today I think it is fair to say the relationship between Harry and William is permanently damaged. They are going to end up like Charles and Andrew not even speaking.

  14. Cidy says:

    I said this on another post already. I dont think W&K are behind the smear campaign, but I definitely think that they benefitted from it and they certainly allowed it to keep happening. But everyone keeps pointing toward the budget airplane fiasco as like proof that William benefit but it’s also like.. I think that was just an example of them benefitting from it.

    I think William and Harry had some kind of falling out either right before or after the wedding, and I believe Harry when he said what he said about them on the ITV interview, that they kind of ebb and flow? Like sometimes they get along, sometimes they dont. I think the smear campaign comes more from the royal aides, Pedo Andy’s people and tabloid press, because Harry even said most of what the press said about he and William they pulled out of thin air. I think KP and the Cambridges are most guilty of not stopping it or stepping in to even show public support or help.

    That having been said? I dont know how sincere this is.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Cidy my opinion is that it is 0% sincere but William was advised to say *something* so he did. But his actions since 2016 tell a very different story.

    • bonobochick says:

      Wills not doing anything was him already benefiting from the press singling out Harry and Meghan about private planes despite almost all of the BRF flying by private planes. Wills (and possibly Kate though I know more folks like to give her a free pass of white woman privilege) actively contributing to the pile on by doing a last minute commercial flight for “leaked” photos to score cheap points is something else.

      Wills may not be at home thinking of strategies the media can use to smear the Sussexes but I also don’t think he’s some clueless bystander. At worst, KP folks are giving the media stuff to use against the Sussexes to actively smear / abuse them because they’re jealous of the attention the Sussexes get worldwide. At the lesser worst, KP has been actively capitalizing on the abuse by the media in staying silent without any regard or empathy.

      Neither is a good look.

      I also think Liz and Chuck deserve some serious heat too cause both of them have bee far too silent about the years of abuse.

      • blue36 says:

        What about that weird telegraph article that came out regarding Carole Middleton and her Party business during the smear campaign? Didn’t she say “royal life is not just about giving speeches?” Plus that story about their police motorcade hitting that older lady has disappeared as fast as it appeared in the press. Is that woman still alive? Idk if they are actively promoting the negativity, but they are definitely benefiting from it. I think Liz and Chuck have been giving into what William wants, remember that story about royal jewels and how William asked the queen to ban her from wearing those that were associated with Diana? I think he’s just pulling rank because he can.

  15. Vanessa says:

    I don’t believe William cares about Harry or Meghan well being at all now that people are asking hard questions about why hasn’t William or the palace say or done anything. Now William is so concerned about them he didn’t give a damn when the press went full on attack mode on Meghan during her pregnancy Him and his wife benefited handsomely for the negative press . And now that the public Has for their own eyes see the pain that the Meghan and Harry are going to through now William wants to pretend that he cares about them please. The way some people are trying to make it seems as if Harry and Meghan are having a nervous breakdown when instead their just fed up with racist hateful bullying is very disgusting they are expressing their pain . And people are gaslighting them turn it around to justified the abuse that Meghan has to endure over the years telling them to pack it up and leave that’s why theses racist hateful people want . They want to drive Meghan a way they want to destroy Harry marriage and his happiness that to me is just sick .

  16. DP says:

    Is there any chance William really isn’t involved in the smear campaign and actually does care about his brother?! 😔

  17. My3cents says:

    We see you Meghan, and we see right through you William, shame on you!
    Go stick your nose in a Rose bush, and be quiet.

  18. Liz version 700 says:

    Hahahahaha breathes hahahahaha snort wipes tears hahahaha

    He is worried the Sussexes have shown him for the horses a$$ he is

  19. Evil Owl says:

    There is zero proof that William is behind the smear campaign of his brother & wife just like there is zero proof that Meghan threw a tiara tantrum or leaked stories about William’s alleged affair to the media. Why are we so quick to believe all rumours about one side while assuming by default that rumours about the other side are baseless? The competition seems to run both ways with the brothers. If William & Kate pulled off a PR stunt with the budget airline, then it’s equally likely that Harry & Meghan played a role in the timing of the announcement & airing of their documentary. It’s probably true that they both see each other as rivals now, it’s sad and we shouldn’t be rooting for either side to win as they are brothers whose childhoods have been scarred by the same tragedy.

    • notasugarhere says:

      As merely one example, go back and read the timeline about the budget flight W&K took complete with convenient pap photos. Entire thing scheduled last minute after Harry and Meghan were attacked for flying private.

      • Evil Owl says:

        Yes the timing of the budget flight was too convenient & attention seeking to be seen as natural. And the same can be said about this documentary airing which appears conveniently timed to pull attention towards themselves when it could have waited for a few days more. And no, I refuse to believe that Harry & Meghan are minor actors who have no say in the release of their movie. They’re senior royals who need to give their stamp of approval to all aspects of a documentary of which they are the subject. Both things about both sides can be equally true.

      • notasugarhere says:

        ITV made the documentary, ITV decided when to release it. Nothing to do with Harry and Meghan.

        Just like the timing of Harry joining the hacking lawsuit. He had to file it by the end of September, or it would have been moved a pro-publisher court.

      • Sophie says:

        There is more than enough blame to go around. WK are fueling the fire for all the reasons discussed here. But what is being overlooked is that Meghan is a master at image making and public relations. That isn’t a criticism as she is truly talented and practiced in those areas. I believe the documentary was the Sussex’s idea, they were able to approve the timing of its release, and that the promo schedule was subject to their review. It could have waited another week to air, instead of during the afterglow of the Pakistan tour. And you can be sure that they either orchestrated or were complicit with the insertion of their personal troubles into the piece, completely overshadowing the good work they did in Africa and dominating the news cycle.

      • Nic919 says:

        The royals don’t decide when a documentary is going to air. At most they approve the content of the documentary in addition to agreeing to being filmed.

      • Some chick says:

        It wasn’t just the timing of the “budget” flight stunt. It was the fakery.

        Two full sized jets were flown around, just for them, wasting far more fuel than a smaller plane would have. And the photos of them pretending to get on and off were so bad. So fake. It wasn’t even quality fakery! This was covered here.

        And now they are concern-trolling Harry and Meghan.

        As to ITV, the show aired Saturday. When were they supposed to promote it? The Sussexes do not control the ITV schedule. Seriously. That is quite the stretch.

        Also, it is certainly possible to read or watch more than one thing in a day!

      • Aurelia says:

        When have we EVER SEEN willie and waity and the kids on the tarmac of an airport getting on a plane. Accept on royal overseas trips where the offical photogs all are. It just isn’t done. And yet there we had it, full stream of photos with them pretending they didn’t notice the cameras.

      • February Pisces says:

        @sophie I think the schedule was spot on for the documentary, if they had waited too long, the tour would have been forgotten. As their tour was their last major outing, the documentary neatly wraps it up before they can move on to whatever their next projects are. And they did wait for the Cambridge’s tour to be over, even the teaser clip was shown after it was over, so in theory they weren’t stepping on any toes. So the fact KP are confirming they are mad seems like they are showing themselves to be mad at the fact the Sussex’s can acquire so much attention with minimal effort . I don’t think they were mad at whatever engagements other royals had on at the same time. I think it was more williams fury that #weloveyoumeghan was trending on Twitter.

    • Becks1 says:

      If William isnt behind the smear campaign, even partly, then he and Kate have certainly benefited from it and and make a point to benefit from it (the budget plane stunt being the most obvious example.) I dont see how H&M have benefited from any thing re: Will and Kate, except that Meghan likes to work.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      For me it’s the complete about-face of William’s stance toward the media. Up to last year, he and Kate made sure to keep them at arms length and were extremely selective about access to their children (which is obviously their right). He’s always had a cynical attitude towards the media and made sure they knew it.

      Yet this year we get far more photo ops of the kids and unusually pleasant interactions between the Cambridges and the press. Even some of the RRs have happily mentioned how nice William and Kate have been to them, a far cry from the days when they would deliberately position themselves so that photographers couldn’t get good photos of them at their engagements.

      You are free to believe that they are completely innocent bystanders, and others are free to believe they’ve played a key role in the smear campaign against Meghan.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Look how the Rose Hanbury story disappeared when W&K started trotting out the kids for photo ops, after filing injunctions for photos of the kids before. Quid Pro Quo

      • Evil Owl says:

        @Sophie: I agree and I also think not only did the timing of the documentary overshadow the Pakistan tour, it also dimmed the after glow of the Sussexes’ own successful southern African tour. And IMO it was in poor taste to use South Africa and Angola as a backdrop to break down about their own struggles under the media glare. If this is a PR move, then it is in bad form. There could have been 2 separate documentaries to highlight these two completely different struggles and it is jarring to see Harry and Meghan complain about the injustice in their lives in a documentary about heartbreaking poverty, gender violence and everyday survival in their host countries.

    • Maria says:

      Commenters here have mentioned the Sun publishing and then taking down an article where KP aides stated William was furious at the trending interview clips and at Harry and Meghan for stealing his thunder.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The one where the URL was changed to indicate they’d been threatened with legal action if they didn’t remove it? Still wondering which Palace demanded that.

    • L4frimaire says:

      The documentary was probably slotted into the schedule while the Africa tour was still fresh. How long had this tour been planned and in the works?This wasn’t put together last minute and negotiations started as soon as tour announced. Makes more sense the time of airing it had more to do with ratings and advertisements than how it would affect KP. The Cambridge’s have no real problems, the press like them and give them all kinds of passes but they still complain. What do they need to complain about?

    • February Pisces says:

      A documentary clip is nothing compared to months of abuse orcastrated by the Cambridge’s. This is not tit for tat like is was with Charles and Diana, The Cambridge’s via Kensington Palace have been issuing stories about the Sussex’s daily. Yet the Sussex’s haven’t slung any mud back at all. Their documentary was about them, and in no way harmed the Cambridge’s, so I see no malice on the Sussex part to provoke them. The clip on Friday was released as soon as the Cambridge’s tour was over. William clearly has a fragile ego and the cracks in his image are beginning to show.

  20. S808 says:

    Harry might just need to swing on William. If he hasn’t already. Was he “worried” when he and his family were oh so conveniently papped tacking a budget flight knowing what it’d do for the Sussexs’?

  21. Lexa says:

    I don’t think William has a big of a hand in all of this as people claim, but he’s probably most guilty of stepping back and not intervening. This bit of info tells me that Harry may not be responding to his private messages or messages from the family—and, frankly, if Harry is going to talk about their relationship publicly in the doc, I don’t think I care if William puts something like this out.

    Speaking of the South Pacific tour and the tide of bad press, I’ve always thought Charles and his staff were largely behind it because of the biography. That said, several of the royal reporters are linking to the podcast Jonny Dymond (the current BBC royal correspondent) did with the BBC’s Beyond Today about Harry’s relationship with the press. I listened to it and WOW does Harry hate them. He describes Harry glaring at them and purposefully ruining shots. But the more relevant thing here is that, at the very end, Jonny talks about a moment at the end of that first tour. The press had been trying to get access to Harry and Meghan and had been kept back the whole 16 or so days. Harry and Meghan finally came back to talk to them on the plane for two and a half minutes, and apparently the first thing out of Harry’s mouth was incredibly rude. Basically, I think that interaction with Rhiannon Mills in Africa was pretty par for the course.

    The reason I mention it is that, more than Will, I think Harry’s antagonism toward the press and, as he said last night, his refusal to “play the game” after years of giving reporters and photographers like Arthur access now and then with friendly drinks, primed the press to go after them, or at least fire off BP/CH/KP’s agenda on the Sussexes. I remember Richard Palmer also complaining about the lack of access. The bad stories had the feeling—to me, at least—of everyone, palace and press, trying to pressure the Sussexes to the point of bringing them to heel.

    The bad thing about the doc is that it feels like it’s going to open the floodgates on how miserable the Sussexes are. Just scanning the comments from press and commentators this morning, at least a few of them are talking about how miserable Meghan and Harry have looked on some of their engagements over the last few months. I have a really, really bad feeling that speculation on the state of their marriage is next.

  22. Nev says:

    The BRF is like the family on Succession.

  23. Juliet says:

    Harry and Meghan are being thrown under the bus to destruct from Williams wandering scepter and their pervy pedo uncle.

    • PrincessK says:

      Not just that William and the Palace are seriously worried that the Sussexes are overshadowing the Cambridges. Invictus, Sentebale, the Grenfell Cookbook, Vogue, SmartWorks etc. The Sussexes have really raised the profile of the charities they are associated with. The profile of the Well Child has risen so much. Unfortunately I cannot think of a single thing that the Cambridges have made a big impact with.

      Prince Charles founded the Princes Trust when he was 28 years old and the impact has been enormous, I wonder what William’s legacy will be.

  24. TheOriginalMia says:

    His concern is trolling. He doesn’t care. If he did, he wouldn’t have participated in this year long smear campaign against Harry & Meghan. She was pregnant and he didn’t care. He put her physical and emotional well-being at risk just so he could continue to do whatever he wanted to do. He’s a jerk. His people are jerks.

  25. Becks1 says:

    Also, a few weeks ago I was bored at work lol and went down the rabbit hole of reading old royal posts on here. It really is eye opening to see how the press treatment of H&M shifted after the tour. Was it the tour, was it the pregnancy, something else behind the scenes? IDK, but there was a definite shift and you can see how so many of us were waiting for the press to get bored and move on but now its been a year and its clear the press has no intention of moving on.

    • Cee says:

      The South Pacific Tour highlighted how popular they are, globally. They are the main draw when abroad. This seems to have annoyed A LOT OF PEOPLE, and I will take it as far as to claim Charles and William were, and still are, bothered by how popular Harry and Meghan are everywhere they go. Instead of thinking of the brand they only think of their own personal image, which, IMO, is a mistake.

    • S808 says:

      I think that tour and the balcony scene especially set folks off. It really highlighted how popular they are and the family just couldn’t have that. Instead of letting it play out (I genuinely think if they’d left H&M alone, interest would’ve eventually lowered),they immediately whipped the pitchforks out.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think you’re right. I think people would have still liked them, and they would have been popular, but the vitriol aimed at them from the press made so many feel protective, and really just made Meghan look better as she rose above it. And as the press kept attacking her and left Kate and Will alone – it really just made Meghan more sympathetic and popular for many. I think had the press just left her alone, or relatively alone, they would still be popular but some of the mania may have died down.

        Mania = my husband bought me the Vogue issue from ebay because the B&N sales associate laughed at me when I asked if they had it.

    • A says:

      I think it’s a combo of the press realizing how popular they are, and moreover, realizing how popular the negative stories about them are. There’s nothing that gets the DM readership riled up quite like a biracial foreigner coming into their country. I think that the tabloid press also realized around the South Pacific tour that the rest of the RF will not be standing up for them when it came to the press, so they decided to push it as hard as they could in lieu of that. And then there’s the plain old fact that a biracial American woman proving so popular and well-loved scared a lot of the crusty white people behind the scenes, and they wanted to take her down a peg or two for it.

  26. Sunshine says:

    One thing that bothers me about the royal family is all of these “sources.” At least Harry and Meghan have the balls to come out and say what they have to say.

  27. undergalaxy says:

    This is so in line with W&K’s usual tone when it comes to H&M. Their weird non-committal baby fauxgratulations when Archie was born. Laying the foundations for Harry to be discredited by saying he’s in a “fragile place”. I just get the idea that they want H&M to go away.

  28. Kathy Kack says:

    I think it bothers Will that Harty and Meghan and GENUINELY IN LOVE. I don’t believe for one minute he loves Kate. I think he tolerates her.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I think Bill and Cathy tolerate each other and came to a working agreement. Bill’s hobby of cultivating the Norfolk Rose bush becoming public broke the agreement.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Things being public and verified could impact any deal he has behind the scenes with the Middletons (say a private divorce settlement). They let him live however he wants as long as things aren’t public. We know how much of a cheapskate William is. It would be just like him to care more about money than about the impact of his infidelities.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think you are all right, except that I do think Kate seems to love William. I dont get the same vibe from him though. I think he tolerates her, and I think they have an understanding.

        I do think William loves his kids though, so I wonder if part of the reason he hushed up the Rose Hanbury story so fast was bc Kate told him to, and threatened to take the kids if they divorced. She wouldnt have won (at least not completely), but it could have gotten ugly and I think William would have wanted to prevent that. Plus save his image and all that.

      • Some chick says:

        She CANNOT take the kids. They are in the line of succession and basically belong to the BRF. He’s got her on a short chain partly because he knows that they both know this. She could go, but he’s got all the power.

        I wonder what Rose is up to these days!

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I don’t believe there is any “arrangement.” William holds all the cards and Kate is forever subject to his whims. Which I think explains why she’s so nervous when he’s around. If it’s ever his whim to kick Kate out, he’d do it. And he’d be able to keep the kids. And dictate what happens to Kate (how much money she gets, what titles, etc.). Because he’s the future king. That’s the price of having a monarchy, and marrying into that family. Whenever Kate looks down at the cursed ring William gave her, it is a reminder of what happens to a failed marriage involving the heir to the throne — the difference, of course, is that Diana was an aristocrat with her own connections, wealth, family peerage, and extreme popularity with the public. Kate would not fare as well as Diana following a divorce.

      • A says:

        @Mrs.Krabapple, no I think Kate is bringing a great deal more to her marriage than most people realize. The one big thing that William constantly harps on is how he doesn’t want the childhood he had for his own children. He really has this idealized notion of a family life that was free from upset and parental strife in the way his was when he was growing up. And there were a lot of reports that the reason he glommed on to the Middletons in the way that he did is because he sees them as the family he always wished for but never had–close, tight knit, and caring. I think one of the few things he cares about deeply is keeping his family intact, which is why I think he came out swinging so hard against the Rose Hanbury rumours–not only did it reflect badly on him, it had the potential to ruin his marriage if it went public, and he didn’t want that. If Kate were to decide to divorce him tomorrow, even though they’d split custody, it’s very likely she will do the bulk of raising the children still, and moreover, it’d rupture the family. He’d definitely fight to keep them together, I think, because if nothing else, he does want that domestic life that he never got to experience himself.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Given the decade of infidelity prior to marrying her, and the likely infidelities after? William shows little commitment to learning from his parents’ mistakes. If he wanted domestic tranquility, he wouldn’t be catting around. Kate knew this about him, that he cheated on her constantly, and pursued him for a decade anyway.

      • A says:

        Well, that’s all the more reason for him to keep the rumours of his affairs out of the press and the public eye, no? How many people have parents who carried on affairs discreetly and never realized it once while growing up? Just because your parents cat around, doesn’t mean that you automatically grew up in a household full of strife and arguments. William and Kate seem relatively committed to creating a tranquil environment for their children, and I think a part of that mandate is that whatever William does with his affairs have to be discreet, if he has them.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        For me, I judge William by the way he’s always treated Kate, and I judge Kate by the way she puts up with it. I do not doubt that William “appreciates” Kate for being a doormat, because doormats are useful. But I don’t believe anyone can “love” a doormat. I also believe William truly “appreciates” Kate’s mother for the influence she’s had on Kate turning into, and remaining, William’s doormat. And in return, I think Kate appreciates and even craves the entitled life she married into, but I do not believe she can “love” the man who treats her the way William does. And I note Kate’s body language and nervousness whenever William is around — I think William holds all the cards and never lets Kate forget it. If they are maintaining a “tranquil” environment, I suspect (1) it’s for William himself, not his kids, and that HE doesn’t want to deal with bad publicity; and (2) it’s all on Kate to make any necessary concessions. The (future) king is also the head of the church — these people really believe that they are chosen by God to be king. And I believe that about them all (QEII and Charles), not just William.

      • A says:

        @Mrs.Krabapple, I agree with you that the domestic life is for William’s benefit, and not necessarily because he is prioritizing his childrens’ experience. Don’t get me wrong, I think he absolutely does value his role as a parent, and he loves his children and would go to great lengths to make sure they are raised in a safe, stable environment. I think both of them work hard at being parents, if nothing else. But the idealized domesticity is definitely for him and is a way of fulfilling his own desire on that front. Hence why he glommed onto Kate in the beginning–he gravitated to her family life and that’s why he’s stuck with her.

      • Nic919 says:

        Mrs K I agree with you 100%. William keeps Kate around because she’s useful to him and his image. She never seems confident in his presence because she isn’t confident. He’s had all the power in that relationship since day one and she knows it. As for the stable Middletons, well that’s a great PR story but they have been rumoured to have been separated for a long time. You see Carole with the kids far more than Mike, which is odd because grandparents tend to travel together when they are a married couple. Mike is only seen for a select few public events, but the paps don’t catch him otherwise when they get Carole.

      • L4frimaire says:

        I don’t get the impression that there is anything amiss with the Cambridge marriage and think they’re still solid as a couple. The rumors I don’t know. I guess someone else would find him being a crown prince attractive I guess. He has no real sex appeal intellectually, is toothy and bald, but isn’t paunchy and is tall, nice palaces, so….Don’t get the impression Will is the most attentive or exciting husband or even is generous with gifts, but she’s golden so what does she have to complain about. She knows to take a backseat to him, but if she tries to shine too much or break out, old boy will not be happy at all; he’s been spoiled and indulged his whole life. I feel like the Sussexes, if they weather this turmoil, seem very well suited and can really grow together. Plus they’re way sexier, but they are really running a gauntlet now. I actually think Meghan is really good for him. Everyone says she married up, social climbed , but their world had some overlap already and she has also exposed him to so much, added a bit more glamour and given him a deeper perspective. I actually think it is him running the show regarding the press and access, while she is trying to care for them and keep them whole. I hope they really get back a sense of fun again. They looked so happy at Misha Nonoo’s wedding, with that spark. There were glimpses on the tour as well so hope it’s not all doom and tabloids.

      • notasugarhere says:

        This has always smacked of a business arrangement marriage between William and the Middletons (Kate included). Living apart much of the time, like him in WAles and her papped in London frequently after the wedding. The first 6 months of PGTips’s life, where she admitted he was gone. That’s how it functions best – when they aren’t together. Middletons get status, he gets to live as a single man. Until he gets caught publicly cheating.

    • A says:

      No, I think he does love her, in his own way, and she loves him in turn. I think the dynamics and what they expect from their relationship is different from what Harry and Meghan expect from theirs. I think that William is more petulant and uncaring as a general rule, not just in his relationship with Kate, and he doesn’t exactly consider how his actions might make others feel. I don’t think this means he doesn’t love her, I think it just means that Kate has grown to not really care about that. From what I understand, she’s focused on the kids, and he’s focused on whatever, and they’re content in carving out their own lives without relying on the other for validation. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think the dynamic works for them in the way it works for some couples.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      He loves her but is not IN love with her – he has always viewed her as a friend with benefits and she always ran to him whenever he called. They have an arrangement where they both get what they want out of it and is why she tolerated/tolerates the cheating.

      • notasugarhere says:

        This. The only time she openly had a problem with him cheating in the dating years was when it became public. That may be the ongoing deal now.

  29. Eleonor says:

    Meghan is too good for the Royals.
    End of it.

  30. Earthbound says:

    People just want Harry and William fighting to be a “thing” but i dont buy it. Harry gave a really honest interview in the documentary and his face and manner was relaxed when talking about William. He said theyre on different paths, so what? He also said there is love and that they are there for one another. I just dont buy that he would appear relaxed like that if William was this big asshole (which he would know), or if HE felt William should be doing something he isnt to help them. I think Harry wants to handle his own business and be his own man. He is protecting his own family, and I dont sense resentment no matter how much people seem to crave that. Smdh.

    • GG says:

      I have to agree with you. I also believe Harry (and Meghan) prefers to speak for themselves if you will. I think it would annoy them both greatly if someone spoke on their behalf. A lot of calls for W&K to speak out I think are done in vain because I feel like H&M have a plan of action (like with the letter) and especially since because hey are pursuing legal action, they wouldn’t want anyone speaking for them that would provide ammunition for the papers to argue for the case against them to be dismissed.

  31. cas says:

    The comments on the Mail are vile. It’s one thing to disagree with a tax payer funded royal family, with an institution or a system, and another to just pile onto an individual. An individual who is a woman and person of colour, which is somewhat suspicious coming from mail readers.

    I feel that William is unhappy. He looks disconnected from what he is doing most of the time. What happened between him and Harry? I remember the story that the brothers went on a hunting trip not long after his wedding and that it was an opportunity for William to confide that he regretted the marriage. Perhaps he did change his mind but you can understand Harry being upset for questioning his feelings for Meghan, when his own feelings for Kate have been variable to say the least.

    • Lexa says:

      “I remember the story that the brothers went on a hunting trip not long after his wedding and that it was an opportunity for William to confide that he regretted the marriage.”

      This sounds just as fictional as the story that floated around about Harry going to South Africa to visit with his family there and confiding he regretted his marriage in the months before Archie was born. I think William genuinely did struggle with feelings of being “confined” or “trapped” by his life, which would impact a marriage and child (the early George days) but he seems to have largely worked through them.

      For me, I think Harry had a slightly overblown reaction to William’s comments because he was in a panic that this woman he loved—the only one he’s seriously dated who seemed up for this life—was getting pushback from his family after years of talking about wanting to find a partner and have a family.

    • Initially we wanted the women fighting to be a thing and when that didn’t work out it had to be the brothers etc.
      What we have is a bunch of tabloid writers making blatant crap up I.e. tiara gate and omg she made me cry and when that made money the fiction got looser and faster. Add a huge helping of sexism, misogyny and racism to the coverage and this is where we are.
      Posted in the wrong spot meant above to Cas
      And I hope everyone banging on about karma keeps one eye open because dang, the “facts” cited around here about motivation, mistresses, who loves who, who thinks/feels/believes…

      Why are we giving Queenie and Charles a free pass again?

    • PrincessK says:

      I really feel that William does not enjoy meeting and greeting people, he always looks so disengaged. But I think he genuinely enjoys football.

  32. Mtec says:

    The Cambridges issue statements to defend Kate against botox allegations (which is freaking obvious she gets) and William sues the press to silence affair rumours—calling it a human rights abuse—but yet they are mum when the media depicts Harry and Meghan’s child as an ape, and other horrible things. Now his people take his concern trolling to the media. Yeah I’m sure he cares about Harry sooo much /s

    • Lexa says:

      The Botox thing was largely because the post implied she was a client of theirs and was endorsing the product. I think a better comparison would be their denials about her hair extensions.

      • Mtec says:

        Ohh I see, i stand corrected then. I couldn’t remember the wording of it, but for some reason I remember the statement as she was denying doing botox. My bad. Though i hope my point is still valid.

        And loll i had no idea they issued a statement about her hair extensions.

      • Lexa says:

        Mtec–I think the wording was vague enough that you could read it both ways, so you could be right! I just imagine denying she’s a client (as implied by the post) was also a very big reason they commented. They also denied Meghan using certain products that had falsely claimed her endorsement, I believe. The extensions thing was a clearer example to me. :)

      • February Pisces says:

        When I saw the post, I didn’t actually think she was a client, I think she was more of an example of how ‘baby botox’ can look before and after. But KP issuing a denial based on the fact she isn’t a client works out well for them. I do think the denial was partly because of Kate’s ego too, she doesn’t want people to think she gets Botox because it will ruin the illusion that she’s ‘naturally perfect’. Will and Kate seem to have very fragile egos.

  33. A says:

    You know, when you’re having an emotional argument with a particularly manipulative person, and you’re somewhere between yelling and crying from the sheer frustration of it all, and the person in question starts looking all “”"worried”" and asks you, “Sweetie, are you okay?” or, “It’s obvious that you’re being very emotional right now,” in that one way where it’s obvious to you that they’re being manipulative in order to make themselves look better? That’s what this strikes me as. It strikes me as William trying to cover his ass while trying to put on the veneer of being concerned but it sounds incredibly condescending and awful, as if the supposed fragility means that the Sussexs issues are somehow less valid. “Oh they’re just being so emotional and fragile right now,” is just very dismissive as a whole somehow. “Oh, I’m just WORRIED about you.” Yeah.

    I think I’m more and more biased towards William these days. I remember when the first reports came out about him being behind some of the negativity, and I sort of shrugged it off like, “What are you gonna do?” But then seeing the very real consequences of that type of behaviour in the documentary yesterday, it’s kind of made me really infuriated. I shouldn’t get quite so emotional because after all, what are these people to me? But between the way Kate got her ass patted for the barest minimum with the Pakistan tour, while Meghan had to literally dress down for the SA tour because she was scared of the press backlash, and then thinking about how William tried to profit from his brother and Meghan getting thrown to the wolves and the enormous racism that Meghan faced…yeah. It’s such a bad look for William, that it got to this point before he cared enough to say something.

  34. Penguin says:

    The more I think about it. The more I think the falling out wasn’t about the Oceania tour, but about the pregnancy. No one expected her to get pregnant that soon and they weren’t prepared for that reality and maybe someone said something, perhaps with a bit of alcohol on board at the wedding and hence the fall out? The timing fits.

  35. AprilMay says:

    So kp were straight up asked for a comment and chose not to give one. What a great opportunity for them to support their brother and sister. I get not wanting to bring it up in an engagement (and they’ve had ample time to deny stories like they’ve done with Botox and hair stories) but the media straight up asked for a statement and they chose not to give one. They could have said something similar to Harry said -we’re brothers we love each other and we’re there for them. Could have condemned stories but no they chose silence, says everything really.

    • Lexa says:

      But where is CH’s comment? Why is it Will’s job alone to say something?

      • Devon says:

        Because W&K are benefiting from the Sussexes are evil stories and W&K have been leaking negative stories on the Sussexes for months now.

      • Lexa says:

        @Devon and Charles hasn’t? He’s been the savior that brought them back together and is managing the situation in so many articles. He is also the one in a better position to step in and ask the media to knock it off and yet… crickets.

  36. Guest2.0 says:

    Didn’t Harry support Kate when she and William were dating? All Harry probably wants is for William to show him the same support he showed Kate. It helps when your family supports and stands by you. It seems Meghan and Harry are fighting battles on 2 fronts: The tabloids and “palace sources” leaking and spreading smears. If Meghan’s case does go to trial, wouldn’t it all come out about who these “palace sources” are? H&M maybe able to win their cases against the tabloids, but what do they do about the internal palace sources out to get them? That’s going to be their biggest challenge moving forward. Maybe the documentary will help serve notice to those internal palace sources.

    • Lexa says:

      Actually, I don’t think Harry was especially supportive of Kate in the girlfriend phase or even knew her that well. There are stories out there that some of her more negative nicknames (like limpet) might have originated from him and his friends, but those are obviously rumors. My memory is far from perfect but the only time I really remember Harry addressing Kate (beyond family announcements and births) in interviews was the one he did for the arctic walk and this is over the 15? 16? years Kate has been part of his brother’s life.

  37. kerwood says:

    Somebody realized that people are wondering why William hasn’t said a word to defend his sister-in-law and brother. And his first words are that they’re ‘fragile’. Meaning CRAZY.

    William is really a garbage person. If he’s so worried about his brother, why doesn’t he pick up a fucking phone?

  38. Beech says:

    A, I like your take on the brother’s relationship, you worded it perfectly.

  39. Vava says:

    There’s an easy solution to this. Harry and Megan should leave the UK permanently. Get out of this royal family once and for all.

    • Mego says:

      Vava this is in no way an easy decision. That said I’m convinced it would be the best thing for them.

  40. Feebee says:

    William is turning out to be a horrible prick. He’s spend all this time running them over with a bus and now (because it’s gone public) he’s suddenly concerned. But not really. Pop out a statement, that’s the ticket.

  41. bekindbekindbekind says:

    This instantly reminded me of Sarah Jessica Parker sending condolences to Kim Cattrall on her brother’s suicide IN A TWEET rather than actually contacting someone she’d worked with for over a decade.

    Passive-agressive. Self-Promoting. Creepy.

    “Look at me. Look how much I care about my obviously sick brother. I can say no more but I’m the strong, healthy one, really I am. And why would I contact him when I have the power to trash him in the press under the guise of CARING?”

  42. JaneDoesWork says:

    More like William is concerned that his brother married someone who has pointed out to him that serving as a human shield for a spoiled, selfish future king is not the best he can do for his own life and now William is concerned said human shield might decide he’s had enough and cut and run leaving Bill exposed and having to throw his own wife under the bus again like he used to.

    • Mego says:

      That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. William will have to reckon with Meghan a smart, emotionally intelligent person. She stated in her interview it shouldn’t be about just surviving but thriving. Harry will be a better person if he sticks with her instead of his horrible family.

  43. Nightsky says:

    It just makes me sad that the brothers seem a bit….estranged? Their Mom raised them to be very close. I hope the stories of Wills kicking dirt at Harry are bullshit and the brothers are still somewhat tight and close.

  44. Emelia says:

    William cares about William. At some point he will throw George under the bus to protect himself. It’s what the Royals do…..ask the Queen, she knows

    • undergalaxy says:

      I agree he’ll sacrifice his own family before his own reputation – but I don’t think he’ll go for George. I reckon Kate and her family will get thrown under the bus first, and then Louis might come in for some stick if ever it’s needed (as the spare spare).

      I’m happy to be proved wrong on this, but I think William is nasty enough to do it.

  45. Flying Fish says:

    I am sorry, but if this situation is not resolved someone will get hurt or a life or lives will be lost. The level of hate is so palpable that it has taken on a life of its own.

    That’s all I have to offer.

    • Busyann says:

      I 100% agree, but I think Harry is fully aware of how far this might go. I think abdication and a move out of the UK would probably happen before a divorce or even a death occurs. I just think they might be running out of time. Sadly, this is getting very ugly.

  46. Busyann says:

    What was Will reacting to? The fact that a day after this interview aired, William needed to make sure the world knew he was so worried about Harry and Meghan and their mental health or the fact that only a few hours ago, not long after it was reported William is soooo worried, it was reported Prince Andrew had an orgy with Epstein and at least 9 young girls?

    Was Will really concerned about his Brother and SIL or more concerned about protecting PeddyAndy and he yet again did so by using his brother and SIL?

    Run Meghan, Harry, and Archie. RUN.

  47. Miriam says:

    Prince Harry has spoken SEVERAL times in defense of kate especially after her naked pictures and also after they requested privacy for their anmar home when they banned helicopters/flights from flying over anmar completely(something the Sussexs were never afforded🙄)

  48. Rogue says:

    What’s annoying about the fab 4 blow up is that only winners are the press, the “royal experts”& hanger ons like Paul Burrell that get dragged out constantly now. It’s a shame the palaces didn’t show solidarity& things have erupted like this.

    I don’t blame Harry for disliking the royal press pack. On top of what happened with his mum, they’ve disparaged his wife from the onset. people like Arthur Edwards who he may have been pally with before have slated Meghan but then expected him to remain friendly with them like they don’t expect any sense of loyalty to his wife. I also suspect there was BTS grooming of Markle Snr to either infiltrate or derail the wedding that we don’t know about that may have been the last straw& that’s why he decided on no access which they’ve been trying to bully for since. Still he doesn’t need to grab a drink with them but should remain professional when he does engage with the press.

    The concern trolling to discredit Harry& Meghan is very disappointing. The BRF really need to do better. reminds me of how they did similar to Diana.

  49. Jana says:

    William always has that uptight,, pissed off look, I think he’s probably a dick to everyone.

  50. PrincessK says:

    William and the media are making it look like the Sussexes are ‘fragile’ and can’t cope with public life . Why is William not addressing the root causes. Unbelievable….William is using the media to portray the Sussexes as unstable just as Charles used his friends to spread stories about Diana being mentally deranged. OMG! Harry and Meghan must be furious. The Palace clearly want to get rid of the Sussexes.

  51. Soupie says:

    A shame that William has turned into such a massive Di*khead. Remembering all those cute sweet pictures of him as a young toddler and boy. Such promise down the tubes. Granted, his childhood and adolescence were far from ideal but imo that doesn’t excuse him.

  52. Becks1 says:

    I dont actually disagree with you. I think some of the stories from the start of the smear campaign were from Charles and from the Yorks. I said this a year ago and I still think its true – for a leaked story, I look at who is portrayed as the hero or victim. For example, when stories first started leaking about a rift between the brothers, Charles was always portrayed as the go-between, the hero, the father trying to mend the relationship. Those stories were clearly from Charles. The story about the tiara? I think that was definitely leaked from the Yorks. Andrew wanted people to know that Meghan wasnt entitled to her first choice tiara, but HIS daughter was. The story about Meghan making Kate cry? definitely from the Cambridges.

    I think after that, it became more that the press “could” do this, so they did, and were given the greenlight to do it to distract from other royal “happenings” (ie pedophilia, affairs, etc.)

  53. Some chick says:

    The story about the tiara has FAKE stamped on it in big, red letters. Surely TQ wouldn’t make an offer and then snatch it back. Meghan’s was perfect for her dress and very much her style.

    Also I seriously doubt Meghan made Kate cry. Her self-absorbed Future Future King husband, more likely!

    The Charles as the Great Peacemaker story, I can buy as a legit leak. (It probably wouldn’t be the first time it happened!) But the rest of it all reads as (anti)fanfic.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if William never ascends the throne? All of this for nothing.

  54. A says:

    I think the rumour at the time was that even if Meghan made Kate cry, it was because Kate was dealing w/ some emotional issues post-birth. There was a story abt how Kate had talked to Meghan afterward and explained as much and both of them reached an understanding or something.

  55. undergalaxy says:

    Yeah, this. Meghan is not stupid – she would not have deliberately made anyone cry in her soon-to-be-family. But the tabloids love the idea of the crass pushy American reducing the dainty English princess to genteel tears.