Kellyanne Conway berated, demeaned & threatened a female journalist on the record

Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway is a See-You-Next-Tuesday. I don’t feel anti-woman or anti-feminist for saying that. I would and could say a lot worse, and I would do it to her f–king face too. Kellyanne has been sitting in the White House this whole time, being protected by Secret Service and doing nothing but gossip to reporters and smack-talk people within the White House. Her husband, George Conway, is constantly ripping Donald Trump in tweets and in newspaper columns too. It sounds like they have a terrible marriage.

Anyway, there’s a rumor going around that Mick Mulvaney is no longer in the emperor’s favor as White House chief-of-staff, and that Trump is thinking about making Kellyanne Conway the new chief of staff. Obviously, reporters have been trying to land interviews with Conway for the past few days. One of those reporters was Caitlin Yilek at the Washington Examiner. Yilek contacted Conway’s White House office, and spoke to Tom Joannou, Conway’s assistant. Joannou was about to speak to Yilek off-the-record (per a verbal agreement) when Conway bum-rushed the phone interview just to bitch out Yilek. That… was not off-the-record. And Yilek actually recorded the whole f–king thing. So the Examiner published the recording and a transcript of the bonkers call. You can read Yilek’s piece about it here. The relevant portion:

Kellyanne Conway, 52, was furious that her husband George Conway, 56, who has attracted considerable media coverage by publicly feuding with Trump, was mentioned in the story. She took issue with a line in the story that she had “been in the middle of Trump’s barbs with her husband, George, a conservative lawyer who frequently makes headlines for his criticism of the president.”

She said: “So I just am wondering why in God’s earth you would need to mention anything about George Conway’s tweets in an article that talks about me as possibly being chief of staff. Other than it looks to me like there’s no original reporting here, you just read Twitter and other people’s stuff, which I guess is why you don’t pick up the phone when people call from the White House because, if it’s not on Twitter or it’s not on cable TV, it’s not real.”

When this reporter said she had initially not taken the call because it appeared to be from Egypt and that the mention of George Conway was “relevant context,” Conway asked: “Do you talk about other people’s spouses in your pieces, ’cause I’ve been looking around, I haven’t learned a single thing from any of your pieces, and I’m just wondering if you routinely talk about peoples spouses.” She said sarcastically that “you’re really going places,” that “nobody read your story,” and wondered if this reporter had “some psychology degree.”

After an offer to speak with an editor, Conway, who is notorious for berating journalists, told this reporter, 29: “Let me tell you something, from a powerful woman. Don’t pull the crap where you’re trying to undercut another woman based on who she’s married to. He gets his power through me, if you haven’t noticed. Not the other way around. And if these are the quote standards unquote at the Washington Examiner, then yes I’d be happy to talk to your editor. But I’ve known your editor since before you were born.”

This reporter repeatedly suggested Conway speak to her editors, naming the breaking news editor and the managing editor, who are both men. Conway mockingly referred to this reporter’s relationship with her editors as having “to rely on the men in your life.”

… Before ending the call, Conway threatened that the White House would delve into the personal lives of reporters if they wrote about her husband. “Listen, if you’re going to cover my personal life, then we’re welcome to do the same around here,” she said. “If it has nothing to do with my job, which it doesn’t, that’s obvious, then we’re either going to expect you to cover everybody’s personal life or we’re going to start covering them over here.”

[From The Washington Examiner]

The audio is below – if I had been in that position, with Conway berating me over the phone, I would have 100% lost my cool and/or I would have laughed. I snort-laughed just listening to a few of Conway’s absolutely priceless lines about why in God’s green earth should we even care about what her husband says… when her husband is truly writing Washington Post op-eds calling Trump a racist and a cancer on the presidency. But why is that relevant?!!? Because it is, you f–king dumbass. Anyway… props to this poor journalist for getting this exclusive hissy fit.

Trump holds a Cabinet Meeting

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38 Responses to “Kellyanne Conway berated, demeaned & threatened a female journalist on the record”

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  1. Lipreng says:

    What a psycho.

  2. grabbyhands says:

    The fact that she’s on the record threatening to use the office of the president to try and find dirt on journalist’s personal lives if they don’t like what they report would normally make me insane, but I think I finally rage plateaued because I know not only will nothing happen, as soon as baby hands gets wind of it, he’ll tweet his support and his anti-woman base will cheer Conway and vilify the reporter in another round of hypocrisy.

    Lather , rinse, repeat.

    • MariaS says:

      I’m in the same place.

    • holly hobby says:

      Oops she violated the another Fed Employee code right there. Using the power of the office for personal gain. I like George just fine. He should divorce this melting cadaver, Catholic faith be damned.

  3. Skylark says:

    She must save a lot of money by not having mirrors in her house cos no mirror could withstand confrontation with that face.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Her kids have her as their mother.

      Also if their marriage is that bad – it would have broken up. A lot of people
      think those two are angling for something post-Trump.

      • Original Jenns says:

        I agree with their relationship being more than meets the eye. Her ego, though, it must be something pretty good to have to put up with that.

      • holly hobby says:

        From what I read they are Catholic. Mulvaney is Catholic too. She and Mulvaney are hoping to pray the sins away. Sorry it doesn’t work like that, get over it.

  4. Mira says:

    “there’s a rumor going around that Mick Mulvaney is no longer in the emperor’s favor as White House chief-of-staff”

    This made me chuckle because recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how Trump’s presidency reminds me of the reign of some early Roman empires. I think the only thing missing is him declaring himself a god.

    • Chaine says:

      He kind of did, didn’t he a few weeks ago call himself “the chosen one” or something like that?

  5. Lightpurple says:

    The Conways are both Republican party operatives. They make their living off of the RNC. George is only positioning them to have a role in the post-Trump RNC.

    • Mumbles says:

      I think I might hate him more than her. He was very excited when Trump won because he thought he was going to be appointed solicitor general, perhaps the most prestigious job for a lawyer. He even gave notice at his firm. Then Trump didn’t give him the job, and he became a hashtag-resister. Katy Tur even told a story about seeing him at the inauguration and how excited he was about it. He’s a snake in the grass. And KellyAnne isn’t lying when she says he derives his power from her. Nobody would give him any attention if not for her.

      • Lightpurple says:

        They’re a tag team. He’s her way back when Trump is done with her.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Yeah, they’re both gross.

      • DaisySharp says:

        I agree, and I hate that so many of my twitter peeps follow and retweet him!

      • Christin says:

        She’s going to write a book and carve out a speaking/consultant gig, right?

        I still think she could be Anonymous. Someone wants to claim clean hands and “adult in the room” status once this horror show closes up.

    • What. . .now? says:

      This. They are a tag team and his job is to make sure they BOTH have jobs after this crap admin is in the dustbin.

      Let’s be real here. So many here (I include myself in this), would divorce/break-up with a partner that was that far up that orange buffoon’s vast ass like she is. If my hubs had turned into a raging trump humper, I couldn’t take it and would have to leave.

      So the fact that she and her hubs stay married, he’s for sure in on it. And after its all over and the smoke clears she’ll be on her contrition tour, trying to rake in as much $$$ as possible. The longer she stays the more access she has which translates to more $$$ in the end.

      I try not to rag on women as we age, but I will say, she deserves that face, because I do think the outside is finally matching the inside.

      • Mumbles says:

        Yup. Like James Carville and Mary Matalin. Perfectly hedged to have an in, regardless of what party had power. And neither of them could have held their “beliefs” sincerely, or they wouldn’t have been able to tolerate the other.

    • The Recluse says:

      Yeah, these two have connections to the Mercers and the Kochs too, I think. Neither of them are good and they are playing a long game of Good cop/Bad cop, so that they won’t be ostracized when Der Fuhrer is gone.
      I hope they both become personna non grata.

  6. AnnaKist says:

    Oh, geez. What a bloody banshee this woman is.

  7. Jerusha says:

    “… because, if it’s not on Twitter or it’s not on cable TV, it’s not real.”
    My goodness, that sounds exactly how trump gets his worldview.

    At some point, maybe we should stop using the See You … euphemism for some women and just lay it out there. I started when the ignorant twat ann coulter first appeared.

  8. Christin says:

    This sounds like her audition to please the Emperor.

    The reporter was right to record her. There would have been massive gaslighting and denials otherwise. It’s obvious that the spouse issue hits a nerve with the 52 year old. Yeah, she’s only 52. She looks like she knew the editor’s grandfather before the editor was born.

  9. sue denim says:

    KAC — “It’s just lazy, respectfully of course…”

    I know I shouldn’t laugh at these nuts, but that one made my morning somehow, can’t wait to use it…even if only in my own head…

  10. DaisySharp says:

    And I used to think Sarah Palin had perverted feminism. Kellyanne blows her away at it.

    • What. . .now? says:

      I think the difference is that Sarah Palin is literally a dummy. She is a greedy, fake grifter–but her impact — other than being a punchline — is a mere blip on the political stage.

      Kellyanne is much more dangerous. She has the ear of the *president, and she’s smart and manipulative and cagey. Look at how she can turn shit around on the fly and start screeching about unfairness at the drop of a hat.

      I agree, she has perverted feminism and “powerful women” and one day I hope she pays a price for it, but I doubt it.

  11. Allergy says:

    Conway probably won all high school debate competitions. She simply exhausted and confused the opponent by twisting everything into Twizzlers. She never discusses anything, she only attacks. She starts communication already fighting.

  12. Justhereforthecomments says:

    The irony is the Washington Examiner is a right wing rag, isn’t it? And one that has been sympathetic and a positive platform for this administration just like Fox News.

    What must be going on inside lately that makes KAC go off on a fairly innocuous remark that has been made over and over on every form of media since her husband became some kind of reborn anti-Trumper? Methinks whatever plans any of Trump’s minions have been hatching over the last few disastrous years have not yielded the desired returns. I firmly believe everyone in his Whitehouse is exhausted from the nonstop shenanigans and disappointed they couldn’t parlay their sycophancy with a dithering buffoon Into their own Midas Touch. We are seeing and will continue to see until this clown car finally and irrevocably crashes and burns increasingly frenetic and desperate behaviours, even from his most staunch allies. The only ones left standing, with their pants around their ankles will be the truly gooberish fraternity boys like Jordan and Gaetz, who will take any spotlight even if it’s one that catches them red-handed against the prison wall…

  13. Veronica S. says:

    Make it a little more obvious, Kelly, that you don’t want people delving into your husband’s behavior to see what the long term play for both of you really is.

  14. pottymouth pup says:

    interesting she’s threatening someone at the washington examiner which is a conservative paper

  15. Macheath says:

    *Armchair analysis while listening to the audio book of The Sociopath Next Door*

    This shrew is 100% a sociopath. Absolutely horrific. Especially as a lot of western politics seems to have been taken over by them.

  16. tmbg says:

    Kellyanne is suffering from Trump rot. It’s taking its toll on her brain and her face, which seems to be collapsing in on itself. Trump is like Chernobyl and Kellyanne’s gotten about two lifetimes’ worth of exposure to him. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  17. FuefinaWG says:

    I don’t like to wish horrible things happen to people because karma is a bitch, but there are a few people who live and/or work at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. that I’m having a really tough time with.

  18. Another hostile attention-seeking nutjob in an administration of loons. Best moment today so far was when news cut from Mr. Trump screaming about the hoax, his perfect letter, Dems, whatever, assorted lies again. Was the usual in front of the helicopter (which drowns out the press questions, sigh) in a vocabulary of a 3 year old in a grumpy mood, they CUT HIM OFF to go back to Mr. Elijah Cummings service in Baltimore. GOOD!!! From Trump and Kelly and his people back to articulate, thoughtful, kind, ELOQUENCE again was amazing. LOVED President Obama and the service. (And Pompeo babysitting Ivanka yesterday for a photo op? Seriously, should he not be dealing with more important things at this time????? ) Can’t wait for a new administration Let’s go!

    • Christin says:

      Apparently some of his impromptu daytime press conferences are also interrupting the Price Is Right, which upsets their loyal fanbase.