Zoey Deutch: my mom Lea Thompson ‘loves my dog more than she loves me’

A couple of weeks ago, Quimby covered Zoey Deutch on the cover of Cosmopolitan. Zoey, 24, is the daughter of actress Lea Thompson and director Howard Deutch. She’s been promoting the Zombieland sequel, which unfortunately didn’t do well at the box office, and she’s also in The Politician on Netflix. Zoey’s Cosmo interview was candid and she came across as emotionally aware and vulnerable. It was a good read and gave a positive impression of her.

I watched her Access Live interview and I really like her now! She just seems like a genuine person who is grateful for her career and for the recognition she’s getting. My favorite part was when she said that her mom loves her dog, a pit bull named Maybelle, more than she loves her. Zoey adores Maybelle and even has two tattoos for her. The video is below and I’m transcribing the relevant parts. Mario Lopez was awful and questioned whether she actually ate carbs and if she had to take a sex quiz for Cosmo. Zoey handled both of those questions like a boss. Mario should not have that job! Kit Hoover and Scott Evans are so much better with guests.

On landing the cover of Cosmo
I was very confused when I got the email. I thought they were asking if I would just do a picture inside. It was an honor for sure.

Mario: Did they make you take any of those embarrassing sex quizzes?
No I was prepared to say anything. I told my grandma don’t read the article. They didn’t ask me anything about that. I talk a lot about my dog it was quite wholesome.

Scott: There’s some question as to whether this is your pit bull or your mom’s pit bull
She loves the dog more than she loves me. Maybelle has an instagram. I’m her social media manager. She’s so much fatter than that picture. I feed her two much, sorry about that Maybelle.

Look at this gorgeous dog! No wonder everyone in that family is doting on her. Lea Thompson seems like such a cool person too, her Instagram has lots of throwback photos, adorable selfies, and of course photos of Maybelle. As for Maybelle’s size I think that’s down to temperament and food access. Some dogs know when to stop eating or are picky eaters, my mom’s dog and the dogs I watch are like that you can leave food out for them all day and they won’t eat too much. Other dogs are gluttons and will eat until they get overweight. Zoey might want to curb Maybelle’s access to food a little. I’m not doggie fat shaming I’m just saying it’s healthier for the dog!

Also pit bulls are the most common breeds in shelters. I know three people who have adopted them and they are loving, energetic and sweet. If you are looking for a dog please consider visiting your local shelter.

Here’s the interview:

Who could resist this face?

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  1. Joanna says:

    Awww, Maybelle is a cutie

  2. ChillyWilly says:

    Maybelle is one cute doggie and definitely loved! Lea Thompson still has great hair! Zoe is adorable.
    My local shelter is mostly pit bulls. It’s so sad. They are beautiful and sweet dogs. They just need lots of exercise, training and love. I hate that they get a bad rap thanks to idiot owners who mistreated them.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Our humane society is overloaded with pit bulls,so sad.
      And THANKYOU for calling out the idiot owners as you correctly call them who are a huge reason for why these dogs get such a bad rap.
      I admit that I have concerns about pit bulls because they can be aggressive,but so can other dogs too!Seriously-people need to plan how they will care for these animals-exercise,toys,appropriate food,socialization,and of course veterinary care.

      We had a shar pei (similar temperament to pit bull IMO)who was so protective over my daughter and me when she was a newborn that we had to give her a new home because she was eager to attack anyone new who came over 😩.It was a safety issue and we worried what she would/could potentially do to even our daughter when she began to crawl/walk.And I just couldn’t give the dog the attention she needed so as to work with her so that she could have a better temperament.It was sweet to see she wanted to protect us,but she needed a home where she had more attention and some space to run outside.

      Thanks for this doggie article today I’m sentimental right now because we also lost our 15 year old dog Saturday morning-she was failing for some time and had to be euthanized by our caring loving veterinarian.We held her and it was peaceful,but I’m just emotional 😭 still.

      • delphi says:

        ***hugs*** Spicecake. It’s never easy losing a fur baby, even if you’ve been given time to prepare.

        My parents’ neighbors have the CUTEST. FREAKING. PITTIE. EVAH. Her name is Lily (she’s LilyBear to everyone), and she’s a gorgeous dark brindle, tiger-stripe coat color. She adores almost all of the pets in the ‘hood, but is terrified of any dogs smaller than her. She won’t attack them…she just does that low-hanging butt run until she can hide behind someone.

  3. Cee says:

    One of my closest friends has a pit and he is ADORABLE. He is very sweet, energetic and kind. He dotes on smaller dogs, too.

  4. BeanieBean says:

    My niece has the cutest pitbull-shar pei mix; just a sweetie pie with the best little face. Doesn’t care to bark at anyone, just eager to see people.