Duchess Meghan attended the opening of Luminary Bakery’s second location

Here’s a video from the SussexRoyal IG – the Duchess of Sussex did a lowkey event this week with no press, and only one or two videographers to capture the event for Instagram. Meghan attended the opening of a second location for Luminary Bakery, the same bakery she highlighted when she guest-edited British Vogue’s September issue. Luminary Bakery trains women who are survivors of abuse and assault, including marginalized women and victims of trafficking. The women are trained to bake and to make cookies, pies and cakes. And now because Meghan helped raise their profile, they’ve got a second location! Here’s more from the SussexRoyal IG:

Earlier this week The Duchess of Sussex visited the women of @LuminaryBakery as they celebrated the opening of their new location. It was a special moment to acknowledge the spirit of Luminary and their remarkable business model that opens its arms to women from vulnerable circumstances (be it abuse, poverty, trafficking, marginalisation) and equips them with the job skills and confidence to succeed.

Having sat down with @luminarybakery at their flagship location earlier this year and from that inspiring visit choosing to feature them as #ForcesForChange in the September issue of @britishvogue, Her Royal Highness was proud to be invited to attend the launch of their second bakery. This addition will enable the organisation to provide services, support and mentoring for four times the number of women.

Luminary Bakery – a sustainable grassroots organisation in the heart of London – is a beautiful example of community and uplifting those during hardship for the greater good.

If you find yourself in the area, please visit and support the women of @LuminaryBakery to enjoy their delicious baked goods and to see the impactful work they’re doing.

[From The SussexRoyal IG]

Great organization/business and I’m so glad that business is going so well that they could open a second location! My only qualm about the video is that Meghan shouldn’t be baking or decorating a cake without wearing an apron! You can see that she was given an apron… after she already had her hands on the cake.

Apparently at this opening, she did speak to a reporter from The Telegraph (this must have been embargoed until now) where Meghan “requests that people don’t even refer to her by her formal title, the Duchess of Sussex.” She also said that she doesn’t “want people to love her,” but she wants to be heard, especially when she speaks about issues which are important to her. The Telegraph also has her saying this during a speech at the Luminary Bakery opening: “We get into this habit of wanting things done immediately nowadays. There’s a culture of instant gratification, of the instant fix. But we aren’t mechanical objects that need to be fixed. You’re a wounded creature that needs to be healed, and that takes time.”

Meanwhile, the Sussexes also posted a Halloween message on Instagram where they called Archie “our little pumpkin.” Which is cute, but GIVE US PHOTOS OF THE PUMPKIN BABY. And the Sussexes are also using their Instagram to follow military and veteran-related Instagram accounts in the month of November.

And finally, the Daily Express (I KNOW) has Phil Dampier saying that if Meghan and Harry do move away from England, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be “devastated.” LOL.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex at the US Open Tennis

The Duchess of Sussex attends the Opening Ceremony of the One Young World Summit

Photos courtesy of Backgrid and Instagram.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    I love this. She looks happy, the people are thrilled to have her, the video is cute, and that line about wanting to be heard is so dead on.

  2. Astrid says:

    She brings so much joy everywhere she goes

  3. Sarah says:

    I know we love her to bits and it may seem like gushing, but the posture she holds, of seeming enthusiastic but also kind of embarrassed by people deferring to her, is exactly how I would feel in her place. She is so elegant but never for a moment seems like she expects anything special. She always seems so sweetly enthusiastic and a tiny bit shy. I love her. And do not understand why everyone doesn’t.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      A lot of people feel like you do (Moi included!😬)

      There are nowhere as many haters as they’d like you to think. Part of the larger goal or them is to creat the *illusion* that there are a ton of them and that she’s very unpopular. And then hopefully, the illusion becomes reality.

      It’s starting to backfire spectacularly though (thankfully). She’s getting open support now from all sorts of people, arch-bishops, First Ladies, Hollywood stars, 72 MPs, and on and on. People are rooting for her.

      She’ll be fine. Let’s just continue supporting her and keep things fun and happy and try not to get tainted by the few, very loud haters. (That’s the real challenge)

      • bamaborn says:

        So on point Bella. Loved your use of the word “illusion” in this situation. That’s exactly what it amounts to. We hate her, so we’ll keep up all this noise to give the illusion that everyone else hates her to. Useless people!

      • Sunshine says:

        @bella. So true. Exactly my sentiments.

    • Mego says:

      Me too Sarah. She is so genuine I totally girl crush on her. Think she looks beautiful in that video.

    • Sid says:

      Yes. I recall one engagement where when she arrived the woman greeting her curtsied and Meghan seemed a bit sheepish about it and sort of rushed to help her back up.

      In the entertainment industry if you have a bad rep with anyone, word will spread. The fact that there haven’t been any stories about Meghan being hard to work with or mean should say a lot.

    • THeCat'sMother says:

      I work in care homes in the UK and our favourite topic with some of the ladies is the Royals. And all of them agree that W&K are bland, and that Meg has been a breath of fresh air in the stale corridors of the establishment (paraphrasing here). I admit, a very small pool of the population but it seems to me the Brits in general like Meghan and are not impressed with the way things are handled by Westminster et al.

  4. Gabby says:

    What a happy, relaxed vibe! The Duchess has never looked better, and her work keeps her resolutely above the fray.

  5. aquarius64 says:

    Great project to champion and Meghan looks great. Despite the crap Meghan does her job. She and Harry will work with the press without the quid pro quo (salacious palace gossip and all access to Archie).

  6. Bella DuPont says:

    Re Phil Dampier, it’s more like his business model would be devastated.

    The Cambridge’s on the other hand, can’t wait to be the golden couple again.

    • Kebbie says:

      The tabloids piling on Meghan and Harry is what made them the golden couple. Without their favorite punching bags around, the tabloids might have to report negative things about other royals again. Imagine how much attention would have been on Will’s little whatever with Rose Hanbury if Meghan hadn’t been around wearing jeans to Wimbledon and not announcing Archie’s god parents!

    • Abena Asantewaa says:

      Phil Dampier( Spell check) is a consumate hater of Meghan, that headline is just to solicit abuse from his readers in the comment section. He is always praising Kate; remember, Smart Set Capsule? The Sussexes are not moving anywhere, that is wishful thinking in some quarters. They may go to America to visit Doria, no big deal. Who can forget the lie they told about the Queen inviting Doria for Christmas? Meghan’s birthday tea in Balmoral? I could go on and on. Meghan was looking fit ( nice body) and happy at The Luminary Bakery. Do you know that the shirt she wore has brought so much sales to the label;Nothing underneath, (am sure I have butchered it) are going to donate money to The Luminary! Duchess. You wear it well.

  7. manda says:

    She just looks so at ease! I think that is why I like her more than Kate–I can’t imagine Kate looking comfortable doing this. And I feel bad for judging her for that, because I probably would look awkward doing something like this, too. It’s been a real epiphany for me; we have no real idea what these people are actually like! That being said, I can’t help but be drawn to meghan. She just seems so nice and friendly. The smile looks so genuine! That’s what makes it so shocking to me that people hate her so much

    • L84Tea says:

      I’m with you. She looks like she is genuinely enjoying the work she is doing. Isn’t the whole point of a royal’s job to get out and be among the people and do charity work to raise awareness? That’s clearly what she’s doing, and appears to be doing it happily, so…WHAT. IS. YOUR. PROBLEM UK??

      Oh wait, silly me…

  8. Marie says:

    I adore her and how genuine she is. She is the sweetest. The Telegraph article is amazing and I love that Meghan encouraged Harry to do the podcast on his mental health.

    • Abena Asantewaa says:

      Funny how old Cammy T, is the royal reporter on The Telegraph but did not get the exclusive. She must be seething with rage for this obvious SNOB! Payback time! Harry said, ‘we are not going to be bullied, to play a game….’.

  9. Sofia says:

    I love this and her. I’ll see if I can make a trip to the bakery (I live in the general area) ;)

  10. Guest2.0 says:

    She looks wonderful and is supporting a great cause. Is this considered a bread and butter type of event? Also, I love the outfit she’s wearing. It’s something I would totally wear.

    • I wouldn’t call this a bread and butter event… those feel more like hey we are naming or opening something , send us a Royal.

      This feels more like a purposeful event building on an area she wants to focus on – uplifting women- this is part of a cohesive strategy. Educate and provide job skills – bakery, utilize those skills to secure a job – smart set . It’s a cohesive vision .

  11. Nanea says:

    It’s so reassuring to see Meghan being interested in a project after she initially championed it.

    How she puts people at ease, and listens to their stories, and *cares*!

  12. Mads says:

    This is what I really like about Meghan; she gets deeply involved with her projects, normally months in advance before the public unveiling and she stays involved. No PR announcements about upcoming initiatives that never materialise. Thinking about how all this work is done totally under the radar it is pretty obvious where the “royal source” leaks do come from.

  13. OriginalLala says:

    I really like that she seems to have long-term interest in, and relationships with, her patronages

  14. Rina says:

    I respect Harry and Megan’s decision to protect the privacy of their “little pumpkin” Archie. He is a cutie. Beautiful family.

  15. Charfromdarock says:

    You could feel the love and support of everyone in this video, of how excited everyone was that she was there.

  16. ShazBot says:

    I have to criticize them a bit – I wish she wouldn’t keep doing things undercover like this. I think it would be better if they were out there, announcing engagements, and doing the bread and butter work – the way Anne, Charles and Camilla do – to really have high engagement numbers and meet with people. Even if they did an hour of those a day, they’d have plenty of time for their bigger projects that they want under wraps for longer, but I think visibility, in their line of work, is pretty key.
    Meghan picks GREAT causes to support, and both her and Harry really care about what they’re doing – I just wish they would do some of the other more traditional stuff too – it would make it that much harder for the critics. And higher engagement numbers would flaunt it in the Cambridges faces.

    • Lucylee says:

      The focus is on quality time spent at an event vs quantity or number of visits per day.

    • Enn says:

      All four of them – Cambridges and Sussexes – should be doing more bread and butter events. Cut ribbons, unveil plaques, shake hands at village fetes, etc.

      • Harla says:

        I agree Enn, especially the Future King and Queen. Imho, these bread and butter events are very important to those who attend or work at the factory or the hospital and help connect them to the Royal Family. For a brief moment the Royal Light is shined upon them and all is right with the world.

    • one of the Marys says:

      I agree with you however I think at present it would be a logistical nightmare because of crowds and security

    • Becks1 says:

      I sort of agree with you, in that so far we have seen Meghan really focus on tangible projects and organizations that she has a relationship with, and not much of the typical bread-and-butter royal events. But at this point, I think its fine since she is trying to establish herself as a royal and she and Harry want to build up their foundation and its presence, and we see her highlighting programs/organizations/initiatives that I think we will see her working with for decades to come.

      My guess is that we will see her pick up some more of those “basic” royal engagements as time goes on to supplement her schedule, but at this point I think she’s fine, especially considering she’s only been married for 18 months and she has a young baby at home.

    • Mego says:

      Kind of play the court circular numbers game and I agree that it might earn them some respect.

    • Lexa says:

      I hesitate to agree here but I do think doing these undercover events + an article/video/etc that gets released after inadvertently puts a lot of focus on her rather than the cause itself. It’s great that she can rightly control the message by releasing on her own page and I bviously you can argue the flip side is the focus is always going to be on her no matter what and she’s using that to give exposure to these causes. But Bryony’s piece is sort of an example of what I mean—it captures the genuine, sweet Meghan well, and it talks some about the bakery and some of the women, but it skews heavily into let’s get positive PR for Meghan gushing territory rather than keeping the bulk of the focus on the bakery and the women there. Just my opinion.

      But I was trying to think of the last “bread and butter” engagement that Meghan had in the U.K.—a regular, visit causes and meet people engagement that wasn’t a project launch, panel, show, gala, or special high profile event like the baseball game and the Lion King premiere, and I think it was her and Harry’s visit to Bristol back in February?

      Maybe it’s just the way she and Harry want to proceed going forward and they’re over the typical royal routine, but I do think the bread and butter engagements still have merit and a steady flow of them is the best look for all royals. All of her projects so far have been amazing but I would love to see her out in the U.K. more, especially checking in on Hubb Kitchen. I’ve been wondering about the sales of the cookbook lately and if it might not need another publicity boost (the way all books do) to keep steady funds coming into the kitchen.

      • VS says:

        On your point about the Hubb Kitchen………I think it was said by one of the Hubb ladies that she does visit them and most of the times no one knows.
        I can tell from the 1.5 years she has been in the RF that Meghan is not going to be playing the CC game. A lot of her work is never announced, never! until she has completed it

        I have always thought that there are some who should do the projects with impact, that’s definitely Meghan’s style and there are others who should do the bread and butter because they can’t do the projects, that should be more Kate and perhaps William as well

        I do understand your point though, it would be good to see Meghan do some bread and butter events she did one when she was pregnant but she could do more……I am not from the UK so perhaps those who live there are in a much better position to comment on the bread and butter events than I could ever be but unveiling a plaque or naming a boat……I will just stop

      • Derrière says:

        I actually disagree, I don’t think these bread and butter events are worthwhile. They are cute, but how much time does this site or any site spend talking about Princess Anne’s bread and butter engagements? Even Prince Charles? There’s very little succèss in terms of publicity and awareness to their causes.

        If they want to play the game as it has always been played, sure. But I think they are trying to do actual work and create sustainability in their causes.

      • Abena Asantewaa says:

        Why not some positive PR for Meghan for a change, after being pillored in the media for so long, we will take any positive crumbs we can get. I have read the Telegraph article, it does focus on the individual stories of the women and also Meghan’s interaction with them, all in all a great piece. The instagram gives us audio visual, which brings more exposure than even the Telegraph, (9.7m) which by the way, was sold out! A Royal’s duty is to bring visibility to a cause. How many people have heard of The Luminaries, or will read about them, if Meghan hadn’t visited and featured them in The Btitush Vogue? All in all, winners all around.

      • PrincessK says:

        Remember when she went to visit that house for retired actors.

    • Charlie says:

      I would think those sort of ‘bread and butter’ event requests would come from higher up?

  17. Sassy says:

    Of course they will be devastated their human shield would be gone then it’s open season on Willy and his wife.

  18. S808 says:

    love that she gets really involved in charities she’s not even the patron of. she seems to have created a clear lane for her royal work and is doing well in that lane.

  19. Chelle says:

    The projects that Meghan and Harry have taken are substantial, much like the work Prince Charles has done, and should raise the bar for W/K to step up. I doubt they will. But we can hope. However, I kind of have a question for the UK based folks. Please chime in here to correct me or offer a different POV.

    Looking at this from a PR perspective, Meghan’s projects seem very urban, which, of course, is always wonderful code speak for black and perhaps brown people. The cookbook involved brown/black women of the Muslim faith. The clothing thing (I can’t remember the name of the organization) captures all women. But, and here is the but . . . does she need to venture outside of the greater London area to involve more working class, lower middle class, or poor white women to include under the umbrella. I’m asking because it’s so easy to be charged with “yeah, so only helps them” and them could be any group.

    As a black woman, one way I’m primed is to look at movies/magazines (or anything) to see if black people or any other minorities are included. Basically, to see who’s not there. I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen a lot of “poor” or working class white women in what looks like her London-based projects. In terms of inclusivity, particularly in the face of Brexit, and even for broader support of her work/brand, should she begin to push outside of London to capture some of the women I’ve mentioned? They need support too.

    I know it sounds like I’m trolling but I’m really not. I’m black. From Chicago. State Street is not what it used to be but Michigan Avenue and the lakefront are still pretty to walk. Bags cost 7 cents and if you smoke I’d advise you to buy enough packs to last during your visit cause cigarettes are $12 a pack. And don’t believe Trump. Despite the gun violence (which is horrific), Chicago is relatively safe and very pretty. And, yes, gentrification has been pushing a lot of working class folks out.

    • bamaborn says:

      Don’t have an answer to your question, but the way the Duchess is doing this makes perfect sense to me. Go where people are comfortable with you and want your help first. She can always include other areas. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin where nobody benefits from your patronage.

    • Lady D says:

      A package of Player’s Light cigarettes is going for $15.03 in my corner of BC.

    • Yup, Me says:

      Why would she need to expand her focus to white women when there are so many other royals who have prioritized (intentionally or not) white people for so many generations?

      Meghan’s doing a great job and what she is doing is working. There are plenty enough white people (men and women) at the various events she’s attending and being served by the charities she’s highlighting. Likely most of the people she encounters on a daily basis are white. If she were to focus all of her time and energy and attention as a duchess on black and brown women (which she does not) she would still barely scratch the surface in equaling the time, energy and attention white women have received. What about the white women is not a thing; let’s not make it into one.

    • VS says:

      @Chelle…….. very valid points; I think her work with SmartWorks addresses that. It would be great to see Meghan expand, not change her focus, but expand areas of impact. I am sure she will, the woman seems so organized and it looks like she has a well thought strategy
      The woman is doing great; I am in LDN quite often and I will stop by Luminary Bakery next time I am there……..

    • kerwood says:

      The British commonwealth is made up of many Black and Brown countries. Every once in a while, a member of the royal family will visit for a few days, pose for a lot of photos and then leave. See: Normal Bill and Keen Katie’s recent trip to Pakistan. There is rarely any mention not only of how important these countries are to today’s Great Britain, but how stolen resources from these country (including the people) were essential to making Britain ‘Great’.

      No matter what the world sees on the BBC Channel and Masterpiece Theatre, Great Britain is a VERY diverse country with lots of Black and Brown descendants from commonwealth countries. The royal family rarely has anything to do with these people. I’ve noticed there’s usually a Black or Brown child tossed into a photo when Kate does one of her kiddie things but I’ve never seen her actually have a real conversation with a person of colour. William gets off easier because a lot of British athletes are people of colour, so he can express his ‘boredom’ with racism and pretend that he’s in touch with today’s Great Britain.

      Meghan and Harry are two of the few members of the Royal Family who seem comfortable with people of colour. I think Harry even has a couple of Black friends. If Meghan gets the ‘urban’ brief, it’s because she sees people of colour as real human beings. I guess it helps that she’s a person of colour herself. I’d much rather see Meghan interacting with women of colour in such a free and natural manner than see other members of the royal family spend a couple of minutes on a walkabout making small talk, pose stiffly for a photo and then run off.

      Meghan’s greatest gift to the BRF is her inclusion of Britons of colour.

      • Chelle says:

        Ok. I can see that. I can definitely see that and understand it too.
        BTW, I’m not suggesting that Meghan stop doing projects that involve black and brown women/children. Never that.

        It’s only been 18 months and she’s done a lot already. A lot. But in reading what you said, I’m now kind of wondering, what would be the reaction from the W/K camp if Meghan / Harry, under the guise of the foundation) started a Phase II where similar projects are championed by them in say places like Liverpool, Blackheath, Essex and Manchester. (I’m just throwing out names. I don’t know anything about those places.) Hmm. Just wondering.

        Also . . .
        Kerwood said: I’ve noticed there’s usually a Black or Brown child tossed into a photo when Kate does one of her kiddie things but I’ve never seen her actually have a real conversation with a person of colour.

        Chelle says: I’ve noticed that too. That pisses me off. It pisses me off when anybody does it but I’ve noticed that that’s what’s happening with Kate more and more. The token inclusivity shot.


      • kerwood says:

        @Chelle, I think your idea is great. To sponsor projects outside of London would be a great idea and in keeping with their belief in inclusion.

        I thought it was just me that noticed how Kate always gets a photo op with a Black/Brown child. It pisses me off too. The narrative that Kate is the Great White Hope is offensive and absurd. White folks can’t come up with someone better than HER? A woman whose biggest accomplishment is getting Normal Bill to marry her? I’ve said it before; standards have gotten much lower.

    • Sassy says:

      When are white aren’t included they are always included in everything. She never done a project with black people as the focus yes brown people with the hubb kitchen. Sure there are black people involved but never the focus. She had that one engagement back when her and Harry still engaged where they went to hip hop radio station that’s about it.

    • PrincessK says:

      London is very diverse and black people form the bulk of the low income disadvantaged so yes , those people will always feature.

  20. Enn says:

    Have to agree with you on the apron, Kaiser. I moonlight with a couple friends who have catering businesses and apron, tied back hair, and gloves are mandatory.

    • Becks1 says:

      The hair threw me off more than the apron, to be honest. I would have expected it o be pulled back when she was baking. My guess though is that the cake isn’t going to be sold so she wasn’t involved in baking something for public consumption/sale.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        Me too becks1. I cringed when she was putting her hands in her hair and then handling the cakes. But otherwise it is such a happy post
        And I am loving the Sussexes and how they work and use their IG. It’s clear the focus is on their charities and I think this is the model for modern day royalty.

      • Ripley says:

        Oh, thank God. Lovely event, but if one is in the kitchen (especially professionally), really needs her hair back. It was so distracting the entire time.

        That being said, everything she does seems so effortless and she seems so engaged with people and the activities.

      • Rina says:

        Agree with the apron, hair tied back, and gloves when handling food in a restaurant/business setting.

        It appears that she touches her hair often. Perhaps those are the pics most published by the press. It could be a habit, coping mechanism in stressful situations, or nervousness. I guess it can be a little dustracting to the observer? Nitpicky detail. NBD.

        Most importantly, he seems focused on highlighting the visibility of the patronages. The Luminary Kitchen is a worthwhile organization. I am glad that the women are learning vocational skills in a supportive environment.

      • twoz says:

        Re: hair tied back etc., you should have seen the latest series of Masterchef. People with long hair continually running their hands through it and then touching their food, tasting their food and then putting the spoons in it, and not a glove in sight. Bleccccht. It’s a wonder no-one went down with food poisoning.

      • M.A.F. says:

        My attention kept going back to the hair. My first job was working with food. Doesn’t matter if you are cooking at home or in a food establishment, you pull your hair back & keep your hands off it.

  21. MellyMel says:

    She’s great and I love that Luminary was able to open up a second location! I’m in the States, but have made a mental note to visit their bakery when I get a chance to travel to London. It seems like such an amazing organization and I’m glad they’re getting more well deserved attention.

  22. Mego says:

    Well if Phil Dampier is concerned about the Cambridges being devastated about a Sussex exile he should stop trying to drive them out 🙄

  23. Mignionette says:

    By acting like arse-clowns the press are actually increasing Meg’s mystique and thus her star power. The thirst for Meghan related content has never been higher.

    The Cambridge’s must be seething that she continues to dominate headlines.

    Careful what you wish for William, the obscurity you demanded for so long is now here to haunt you and how ironic that you are now so keen to align with those who will give you an article in the heil which on a good day generates 200+ comments at best

    • VS says:

      That’s exactly what I said a few days ago….by attacking her with so much virulence, they have accomplished the exact opposite of what they were aiming for……They are turning her into a Diana 2.0 type figure and with SM, she will be even bigger…..someone who eclipses everybody. Whether she has an event or not, every word/article is somehow linked to her……

  24. Hermione says:

    Question. Is the Telegraph reporter Bryony Gordon, a legitimate journalist or a royal reporter?

    • Olenna says:

      She is a journalist. I recommend you look her up (Wikipedia, etc.); she has personal experience and is supportive of mental health treatment and advocacy. Also, she has interviewed Prince Harry and has not joined the RR corps of haters as far as I know.

  25. Guest says:

    It’s great to see so much diversity wherever Meghan goes. No wonder the royal reporters and palace courtiers are so pressed about Meghan.

  26. Guest says:

    Of course the Duke and duchess of cambridge will be devastated. Who will they be able to hide behind then?

  27. GR says:

    I don’t have a lot of use for inherited titles or rich people, but Meghan seems like such a sweet, generous person. And I love the way she makes women of color a priority.

  28. khaveman says:

    Great cause! Keep up the good work!

  29. kerwood says:

    I found this very moving. It’s likely that many of the women in this video have experienced things that I will never be able to imagine. The Duchess of Sussex went to meet them, to share their triumph. She didn’t go as some fancy ‘ROYAL’ but as a woman like them, who is going through something of her own. I’ve sure it meant a lot to the ladies at the bakery.

    This is the reason why I’m Team Meghan. She has the ‘human touch’ that is so important if the royal family is going to exist. The pomp and circumstance is great for Americans and tourists and the elderly who like that kind of thing. But the world is changing and, like it or not, the royal family is going to have to change too.

    Harry has the ‘human touch’ too and being with Meghan has encouraged him to use it more. He gets some of it from his mother but she never forgot that she was DIANA SPENCER, PRINCESS OF WALES. She always kept a touch of the grand about her. Maybe it’s because Meghan is a woman who worked to make something of herself and wasn’t just born into it or inherited it. Meghan was an established working woman with a successful career. She didn’t need Harry to ‘be something’. Maybe that’s what attracted him to her.

    A lot of people went into hysterics when they heard that Meghan and Harry were changing the royal family. This video is CHANGE, and it’s a beautiful thing. What a pity that the royal family and all their hangers-on and enablers don’t have the vision and are too blind with racism and hate to see it for themselves.

    • VS says:

      What a wonderful and thoughtful post!!!!
      I wholeheartedly agree with you……I admire her work and now I am Team Meghan……..and Harry by extension LOL

  30. Jaded says:

    I’ve tried to imagine Kate doing something like this and I just can’t picture it. She’d show up in one of her Little House on the Prairies dresses, look painfully stiff and out of place, tell the women how she likes to cook too, turn down the offer of a slice of cake or a cookie because CALORIES, grin maniacally for a photo op and leave.

  31. TheOriginalMia says:

    Her enthusiasm is genuine. That’s what draws people to her. They recognize that she truly cares and isn’t just giving lip service. Luminary is doing good work and it’s great the exposure has allowed them to expand.

    On a shallow note, she looks great.

  32. Mar says:

    I love her so much

  33. ChillyWilly says:

    That video was such a joy to watch! She is just so darn cute! She can connect with people so effortlessly. Charity is definitely her calling in life and I think she will overcome all the negativity and make a difference in the world.

  34. Rogue says:

    Meghan did quite a few lot the bread and butter opening centres, unveiling plaques stuff during away trips with Harry to Sussex, Bristol, Birkenhead when she was pregnant. She’s only just coming back from maternity leave so imagine she will again.

    I think she should do more of those type of visits as they are great at countering press narratives. her engagement at the care home for actors was a great visit. I wonder what new patronages she will pick up& wonder if she’s working on anything for her other two patronages.

    I think she likes the BTS visits to get to know the charity more. I remember Ingrid Seward said her secret visits to charities when she first married in had upset courtiers. I can see why as seems that’s not how they like to work& maybe that takes away research that a staff member should be doing.

  35. LindaS says:

    I worked in the food industry. All that hair hanging down and no gloves is disgusting and against health regulations. Around here the business would be given a warning, a revisit and if not complying would be shut down.

  36. LindaS says:

    I worked in the food industry. All that hair hanging down and no gloves is disgusting and against health regulations. Around here the business would be given a warning, a revisit and if not complying would be shut down. Its in a public business so would not matter if it was for sale or not

    • Sunshine says:

      @LINDAS. It’s for a photo op. She doesn’t work there.

    • Jaded says:

      Of course. Why don’t you fire her.

    • kerwood says:

      Hanging hair? Throw her in the tower!!!

    • Olenna says:

      Literally, your reaction to this photo op is hysterical, LindaS. When your displeasure for someone you only know through pictures and tabloids gets to this level, you should probably avoid following their activities.

    • Lady D says:

      Okay y’all I get your point but I’m sorry, @LindaS is right. I worked in the food service industry for over 20 years and you always tied your hair back, always. These days employees are wearing hair, beard and mustache nets. It’s really gross on cooking and baking shows when the contestants have their hair swinging over the food.
      Perhaps LindaS does want to slag Meghan, maybe she hates her, maybe not, and I know Meghan is there for her charity and I’ve made it clear I’m a fan, but she should have had her hair back. She might not have any background in the food industry to know this.

      • MsIam says:

        Then @Lady D the people running the business should have told her that. They should have said, “oh you need a hairnet or hair tie and gloves.” But evidently they did not, since she was not working in the kitchen.

  37. jackie says:

    I saw Sir Elton John perform in Nashville this past Monday. He flashed on the big screen a wedding photo of Meghan and Harry’s pose on the church steps! And there was a brief sighting of Harry in one of the videos highlighting EJ charity works.

  38. Miriam says:

    For those focusing on D.Meghan’s engagement numbers insisting she do more(not the future heir🙄) I’d direct you to the CC! They almost have a policy of burying her work which misleads people to think she’s done only 60+ things this year!! It’s DELIBERATE ex; they ONLY posted kate/Cambridges meeting with Richard Curtis misleading people to think they were the only people working on something!!🙄