Donald Trump thinks Duchess Meghan is taking the smears ‘very personally’

British D-Day Commemoration In Portsmouth

Do you know how long this year has been? So friggin’ long. So long that I actually forgot that Donald Trump called the Duchess of Sussex “nasty” ahead of his state visit to the UK in June. He agreed to an interview with The Sun, and he was told that Meghan made public statements in support of Hillary Clinton, and spoke about the divisive nature of Trump’s then-campaign in 2016. Trump responded with: “I didn’t know that she was nasty.” He later sort of backtracked but honestly, it didn’t change anything – the Queen still greeted him and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge managed to completely avoid having their photo taken with him. Meghan did not go to any events during Trump’s state visit either. She was on maternity leave. So… Trump was interviewed this week by Nigel Farage (gross) and he was asked about Meghan again:

Donald Trump today implied Meghan Markle needs to toughen up to deal with ‘unfair’ Press coverage against her during a live radio interview with Nigel Farage. The US President said he had watched interviews of the Duchess of Sussex complaining about her treatment from the tabloids and saw she had taken the criticism ‘very personally’.

He told LBC: ‘Well I’ve been watching her interviews and I’ve seen it and she’s taking it very personally. I guess you’ve got to be a little bit different than that but she takes it very personally and I can understand it. But I don’t know her.’

Mr Trump also used the interview to praise Prince Harry and the Queen while offering his views on the December 12 general election. Discussing his ‘wonderful’ visit to the UK in June, Mr Trump said he enjoyed meeting Prince Harry and the rest of the royals. ‘I met him when I was over at that incredible… we had something that was so incredible recently. What that was five months ago, time flies. He’s a great young man. The whole family is great, it’s a great family..’

Mr Trump used the interview to say Jeremy Corbyn would be ‘so bad’ for the UK while hailing Boris Johnson as ‘the exact right guy for the times’. He also said if Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage teamed up with Mr Johnson they would be an ‘unstoppable force’.

[From The Daily Mail]

Believe it or not, that was Trump actually trying to say something relatively mild. He didn’t want to unload on Meghan or any of the royals. He’s desperate for their approval, desperate for their acceptance. As for what he actually says… “she’s taking it very personally. I guess you’ve got to be a little bit different than that but she takes it very personally and I can understand it”… this from the man who tweet-rages and tweet-whines whenever there’s a negative story about him. This from a man who truly shut down the White House press room as “punishment” for the bad press he gets. This is the man who thinks Meghan is taking it a bit too personally. I know how the British tabloids are framing this, but here’s how I’d like to frame it: “Racist, white supremacist rapist tells biracial duchess to toughen up while being smeared and bullied by racists and misogynists.”

Meghan Markle visits the mothers2mothers (m2m) charity in Cape Town,

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  1. manda says:

    He needs to get her name out of his mouth. Just shouldn’t even talk about her, she doesn’t need his support or advice

    • Becks1 says:

      YES!! He just needs to shut up about her (I know he was asked, but even so.)

    • Jegede says:

      Actually Trump was restrained. Credit to him here.😮

      The odious SOB, Nigel Farage, is a big Meghan hater.
      And with this question, was hoping for something far more inflammatory and headline grabbing from his lord & master Trump.🙄

      • Sunshine says:

        Agreed. They were hoping for something sensational. His response was a dud. He didn’t say any of the words they are trying to put in his mouth.

      • Lady2Lazy says:

        I agree that he was restrained and should never be allowed to speak her name, BUT for him to state that she shouldn’t take it personally is laughable! Since the beginning of the Mueller and now impeachment investigation, he has been crying fowl and declaring that they are attacking him and that his actions were perfect and there was no collusion, which is not the true in any shape or form. Drumpf has been twittering away about these personal attacks and he tells MM not to take it personally. What a hypocrite!

      • GreenTurtle says:

        It is laughable, but I agree with Jagede. If can’t give a grudging, but honest nod when he actually does something non-heinous once a blue moon, then I’m not the critical thinker I want to be.

    • Nev says:


    • Mignionette says:

      Donnie commenting on Meg is his signal to his MAGATs and Megxit Trolls. Watch the hate increase 10 fold over the next few days …And all because she wouldn’t give him that photo-call that would have cemented his place in history alongside the real American Princes…

      KP are not taking their feet off that hate gas pedal. And the news cycle against Team Sussex continues…

      • Sunshine says:

        @ mignonette. He didn’t say anything hateful.

      • Mignionette says:

        @Sunshine he didn’t say anything nice either. Just by saying ‘she takes it too personally’ he signaled that her treatment was ok. That is another form of gas-lighting that WOC suffer everyday. When we do finally reach out and get support, that support is invalidated by privileged white men and we are deemed ‘overly-sensitive’ and wanting of ‘special treatment’.

        So yes he did say something wrong.

        And don’t even get me started on the intrusion or collusion into UK politics in such an open way that it has now become normalised. Google what happened when Obama commented on Brexit.

      • Sunshine says:

        @Mignonette. Perhaps I should have said “for Trump” it was not insulting. Trust Me Farage was hoping for worse. Trumps approval rating here in the U.K. is in the teens, so no one really pays attention to what he has to say with his limited vocabulary.
        I also believe he attempted to show empathy by saying he understands how she feels.

      • Christina says:

        @Migionette, I agree 100%. Just saying that she is taking it personally plays into the game of “I’m not being racist or sexist. I, the white dude, UNDERSTAND the biracial overly sensitive lady”.

        It’s the microagresssions that are regular part of being a minority or a woman in American a Society, and in a lot of first world societies. Once doesn’t seem bad to those who aren’t minorities, but when you or a loved one who can’t “blend” get it from multiple people all the time, then you understand it better.

        I say this as a white-looking minority with loved ones who cannot pass for white.

      • Christina says:

        @Migionette, I agree 100%. Just saying that she is taking it personally plays into the game of “I’m not being racist or sexist. I, the white dude, UNDERSTAND the biracial overly sensitive lady”.

        It’s the microagresssions that are a regular part of being a minority or a woman in American society, and in a lot of first world societies. Once doesn’t seem bad to those who aren’t minorities, but when you or a loved one who can’t “blend” get it from multiple people all the time, then you understand it better.

        I say this as a white-looking minority with loved ones who cannot pass for white.

      • Mignionette says:

        @Sunshine I am a Brit and I’m going to disagree with you a little. You’re right that Donnie’s approval is low but that is only with half of the population.

        I think sometimes as liberals we can have a myopia about how the other half perceive things and this is one of those areas.

        Trump is hated by half the population, but if he can get the other half the Brexit they want (i,e, a Hard Brexit) they will overlook his shortcomings. Make no mistake that when old guard Politicos like Ken Clarke, John Major and Heseltine all perceive our current govt as one of the most right wing govts to ever exist that we are in uncharted territory.

        However if there is one thing Brits are sacred about it’s the NHS hence why there is so much posturing and debate re Trump wanting to get his grubby little orange mitts over it.

        Trump also answered that Meghan question in a way which was just enough to to divert attention away from the NHS issue but not get himself caught up in the crossfire of 72 female MPS who backed Meghan.

      • Mignionette says:

        @Christina 100% agree. The sum total of the micro-agressions often is far more difficult to stomach than if someone just out calls you the N word, Because at least with the latter you know where you stand. But with the constant gas lighting is can create a sense of Alice in Wonderland crazy making PTSD where you can begin to doubt your own sanity.

      • Sunshine says:

        @ mignonette I am writing from Northern Ireland. What you have described was Farage’s and the right wing intention – to deflect. It does not matter what Trump’s answer was, his response was to deflect from real issues.
        On this occasion, Trump is not the main reason for my disgust . It is the right wing press once again trying to use this Duchess as a tool for deflection away from real issues. They want to gaslight the public and discuss anything but healthcare, housing, etc.
        The opposition have so far stayed on message because I believe they understand this. However US mainstream media keeps falling in to the Daily Mail and The Sun traps.
        I do hope that the Sussexes truly disappear to the states for six weeks while this election is being fought. Otherwise, she will continue to be brutalised for the benefit of our politics.

      • Mignionette says:

        @Sunshine – I 100% Agree. Lets hope that without the help of 1. Cambridge Analytica on facebook 2. Twitter ads and bots and 3. Meghan to change the news -cycle the UK will be forced to actually debate and resolve Brexit this time round. Personally I think it’s time for a 2nd Ref or at least a peoples vote.
        Also Dumpf seems a little more restrained since the call for impeachment. Yes he is still interfering in foreign elections but it will be interesting if he goes full metal jacket crazy as I’m sure the Brexit-Cons will want to restrain him a little…

      • Sunshine says:

        @mignonette if you read what Trump said without the Daily Mail spin, it’s actually very enlightening. She’s taking it “personally” means in his mind, it’s not about her. I would have liked a further analysis of that from a bully. What is it about? Why should she not take it personally. An interviewer without an alternative motive may have been able to tease that out.

      • Lady2Lazy says:

        I would like to applaud your MAGATS reference as truly brilliant and if you don’t mind, I would love to use that if I may! 🤣

    • Raina says:

      This coming from the most thin skinned “man” alive. No hyperbole, he probably is. What a brown nosing weakling bitch. He can’t even complete a sentence without his brain frying…but let me help him out.

      “Look she’s terrific. Terrifically…maybe terrific. I don’t know her but people tell me she’s great. Maybe a little nasty and the wrong color but that’s okay. I like her husband, Henry, yeah he’s a great guy. Known him for a long time and, not many people know this, but he proposed to me first. When I was in Scotland near Germany in England. Great guy. Couldn’t marry him. Was with Ivanka at the time…maybe Ivana…who knows. I like skittles.”

  2. Lisa says:

    I just snorted.

  3. Aims says:

    Now that’s rich!! This is the ass who runs to Twitter anytime something doesn’t go his way, or someone disagrees with him. He has a fissy fit like a two year old. He’s such a pathetic piece of crap he strikes on a personal level.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Spot on, Aims.

    • otaku fairy.... says:

      Of course he’d be the type of man who sees his complaints as Real Issues, while dismissing a woman’s experience with racism and misogyny as oversensitivity. Some people are definitely pressured to laugh off & dissociate from abuse both individually and as a group more than others. The MAGA crowd + their sympathizers lead the charge when it comes to this pressure.

  4. Lightpurple says:

    I just can’t. Fake News Orange Voldemort of the thinnest skin ever, whose violent minions have made bomb threats to newsrooms at his urging, is telling a woman, who is being dragged unmercifully, that she’s taking it too personally. Meanwhile, Princess Nagini of the Most Sacred Horcuxed Vagina is quoting Thomas Jefferson because her Daddy is the most attacked Daddy ever. Her Twitter takedown yesterday was glorious.

  5. Appalachian says:

    Twitler has no room to talk to anyone for taking things personally…..

  6. HK9 says:

    He thinks Megan takes things personally??? Welp-he should know.

  7. Tate says:

    trump should worry about his own problems cause he has plenty of them.

  8. BC says:

    Hopefully the US can do the world a favour and vote this man out this time around, come Russia come sunshine.

    • Lena says:

      I was so horrified when he was voted in the first time I felt the need to apologize to everyone I met from anywhere else. I have s dread feeling because it seems impossible to get him below a rock hard 43 percent approval no matter what happens and that would be enough to win if a third candidate came in which is what I think the Republicans and or Russians will try. Don’t ever laugh off Hilary!

  9. JanetFerber says:

    They all look like wax dummies from Madame Tussaud’s. Except some of the dummies are dumber than others.

  10. S808 says:

    he has a lot of shit he should be worried about and Meghan isn’t won’t of them. Also glass houses and all that.

  11. Kebbie says:

    This was really tame compared to what I expected. He knows she doesn’t like him and he still refrained from lashing out and really insulting her. For our little Swiss cheese brained toddler President, that’s impressive. So sad how low the standards have become.

    And of course the irony of him saying she needs to grow a thicker skin is completely lost on him. Old white men can complain, young biracial women cannot.

  12. TIFFANY says:

    There is a reason Fascist Farage asked about that. He was expecting a racist tirade from Prostate Pumpkin and instead got a answer from someone who took their meds that day.

  13. MelissaT says:

    I mean, is he wrong? Wouldn’t you take it personally? Im not a trump supporter but you tend to smear him on a daily basis, so a bit ironic and hypocritical.

    • horseandhound says:

      I agree. I’m not an american so I don’t care that much about trump, but he gets so much hate it’s crazy. he is clearly a narcissist and has his own interests and that may be in conflict with some other people’s interests, but there are soooooo many politicians like that. and have always been. I have no idea why people think he’s unique and why he gets called a nazi, a fascist,etc. as if he was the only bad man in the country when almost all politicians are the same way. the only difference is that he isn’t classy and shows his flaws and other politicians pretend to be wonderful and people buy that. I think he just seems worse because he’s so crass. I obviously don’t admire him at all. I wish world leaders were much much better than that.

  14. Valiantly Varnished says:

    This from the little b*tch who runs to Twitter to whine everytime someone says something mildly critical of him. Keep Meghan’s name out of your mouth you Orange Nazi.

  15. Murphy says:

    Yeah that was pretty tame for him. He was trying to not say anything at all with the “I don’t know her” but he just can’t help himself, he has constant diarrhea mouth.

  16. Jananell says:

    I just love you kaiser…..

  17. Ceecu33 says:

    Pot meet kettle

  18. Susie Moloney says:

    I hate that he even said her name. Gross.

  19. Liz version 700 says:

    The manbaby who Tweets for hours if someone offends him said what? Not today your case dude never just never talk about women again mumK?

  20. Valerie says:

    Everyone have this ready to remind him with when he flies into one of his 3 AM twitter rages.

  21. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I can’t imagine having to interview a turd. “So how shitty are ya?”

  22. Brandy Alexander says:

    Should have added the work hypocrite to his description. I know it was addressed, but it needs to be said again. He is such a hypocrite!

  23. JaneDoesWork says:

    I mean… he’s not wrong. If Barack Obama or Serena Williams were offering this advice we’d be like “they’re right – but its still messed up.” He’s certainly not one to take advice from, but that doesn’t make it bad advice. It sounds like he’s saying “she’s letting this cut to her core and its hard to watch and for her own sake I hope she stops letting it effect her so much.”

    I get it, how do you not allow a full blown smear campaign to effect you personally?? But, this is part of the life that she chose and it would do her good to not take so much of it to heart. As Michelle Obama said recently, “I can’t make white people not afraid of black people.” Meghan cannot control the horrible things people say about her, but she can control the way that she receives and handles that information.

    • Sunshine says:

      @janedoeswork That’s a very measured comment. The president is simply not articulate enough to give a clear response.

    • MsIam says:

      But Barak and Serena would call a hater a hater and not try and gloss over it with “don’t take it personally”. They would speak out against the bullying. But since he is a bully, he has no credibility to do that.

    • horseandhound says:

      absolutely. she won’t be able to control the press. and she will have to prioritize her mental health and stop reading crap people write about her. I know it’s ugly ugly ugly to read bad things about yourself when you know you’re a decent person, but the more she gives them attention, the more she’ll be in their focus. regardless of meghan, I think the press is out of control and the law should take care of that. a big change is needed.

  24. Aimee says:

    When does he have time to watch interviews with members of the Royal Family? I haven’t even watched that documentary yet and I love the Royal Family. WTF?

    Please vote. That’s all I got!

  25. Mego says:

    Always helpful to tell a victim of abuse that they are taking the abuse too personally. So over that 😡

  26. Rogue says:

    This was fairly tame for Trump. You can tell Farage wanted a harsher comment. I was so annoyed that jackass was calling her “young Meghan”. I agree with Mignonette that Trump saying she was taking it personally was suggesting she’s at fault for being too sensitive. And so that’s why Farage was being patronising. Part of gaslighting the press are doing to suggest it’s all just been fair criticism& she just needs to toughen up.

    @Janedoeswork she has been getting on with royal duties amidst this smear campaign& has been professional& had success with the cookbook& SmartSet so not like she hasn’t been getting on with things. On a podcast one of the mist hateful royal reporters commented that out of the young royals she was only that would greet them& help them get their shot.

    Michelle Obama has talked about how racist depictions hurt& frustrated her during her book tour. What I would guess has caused more pain to Meghan is that her family was weaponised against her, with her father colluding with the press.

    Also difference for Meghan which might have made the smear campaign more of a struggle is that she’s had to deal with it whilst also managing some of the most stressful things people can do: moving country, moving homes, getting married, having a baby& starting a new ‘job’. In the midst of that if rumours are to be believed some of her in laws don’t like her and are briefing against her. I give her a lot of credit for how she’s coped but also standing up for herself& making clear now she’s not prepared to suffer in silence& if something is actionable, she will take action.

  27. Catherine says:

    He’s a sociopath

  28. Sharonk says:

    It’s a sad day in American when that orange, fascist, moron dummy comments on anything.
    Come on people let’s vote him out in 2020. He can go hide
    in marilago.

  29. Meg says:

    Oohh this is perfect

    ‘here’s how I’d like to frame it: “Racist, white supremacist rapist tells biracial duchess to toughen up while being smeared and bullied by racists and misogynists.’

  30. Raina says:

    God does anyone even notice the twilight zone level of this lunatic not even remembering what event he went to and keeps regurgitating the same words. I am straight up scared. I’ve said it before; he sounds like my grandmother, at the end, diagnosed with dementia but God rest her soul, was a dick her entire life. Not ironic they share a bday.
    Why isn’t dementia impeachable when “acting” as head of state.

  31. Miriam says:

    Good advice from the President.


    The difference is that his detractors don’t like his policies or his behavior….which he chose, and should he wish to, he can change .

    Her detractors don’t like her race …which she was born into, and is part of the very essence of her being.

  32. teehee says:

    Mr TREASON WITCHHUNT thinks other people are too sensitive?