Mackenzie Davis shared a very bad sketch she made and it was endearing

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I know Mackenzie Davis, 32, from my favorite Black Mirror episode, the Emmy-winning “San Junipero.” I also saw her in the forgettable Blade Runner 2049 and she’s in the new Terminator: Dark Fate movie, where she also plays half-human, half-android. She was on Jimmy Kimmel where she was surprisingly funny and quirky, but just naturally so. Do you know how some people, specifically celebrities, act wacky and it seems like a put on? Mackenzie seems genuine and like she owns her quirkiness. She told a lot of cute stories about working on Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom she knows primarily from Twins. She said that Arnold will just say his famous lines from his movies, like “get to the choppa,” which she actually didn’t know before she heard him say that. She also told this complicated story about seeing extras on Dark Fate who looked like Danny DeVito and Arnold’s Twins characters. She shared a sketch she drew of them and it was ridiculously bad. She knew how inept it was and it was like she was shrugging at herself, which I found cute. She didn’t overplay that. Here’s some of what she told Kimmel and you can see the interview below.

“At the beginning of this movie you drop out of the sky and you’re fighting naked. What’s that like?”
It’s cool because you can’t get tripped up with anything. You understand your limitations. There’s a lot of adrenaline about being naked in front of people so that affects the weight of your punches.

They’d be like ‘do you want this disgusting underwear?’ It’s like trussing a turkey. It’s so much better to just be nude and not embellish it with these weird lines.

On seeing extras who looked like the Twins characters and how she ended up making that bad sketch
I was looking through the crowd and I saw this enormous man in this tan oversized suit and then next to him this very small round man in this oversized tan suit. I thought that the [crew] had this Twins Easter egg in the movie.

I spent most of the day trying to get a picture of them but they were elusive. I never got a picture of them. I told your producer the story. She asked if I had a picture, ‘no let me sketch one up quickly.’ This was my second try. So that’s Arnold and that’s Danny Devito. He doesn’t have any shoes. It’s about essence.

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That sketch is bad and potentially embarrassing but she owned it and shared it and that’s cool! Here it is.


Over the summer I took a drawing class which was intimidating because I didn’t think I could draw at all. It turns out that there are tricks you can learn, like shading and perspective, and that I was better than I thought I was. (Here is an example.) It was super scary to do though and I got that butterfly adrenaline feeling. You feel exposed when you do something you’re not good at! I guess that’s like being naked in a way, which you can also just own like MacKenzie did. People who can’t draw don’t seem odd to me as I can’t draw either. I do judge people who can’t spell however, maybe because I’ve always been a good speller. I should have more sympathy for them.

Here’s that interview!

Look at her arms. I’m jealous.



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  1. Qwkennedy says:

    I stopped reading after “Forgettable Blade Runner 2049”.

    • Celebitchy says:

      I didn’t like it!!

      • DC says:

        Clearly you have zero knowledge about science-fiction film. BR 2049 is largely considered a masterpiece now and one of the best sequels ever made. Please spare us with the film critiques. You need to know what you’re talking about.

    • Frisbee says:

      Blade Runner 2049 was awful, not least due to its gratuitous nudity and treatment of women, and putting one obviously strong female character (Robyn Wright) doesn’t cancel out the other stuff. Didn’t like the way nudity was used (WTF with all those statues/figurines of women with open mouths who looked like they were giving someone F and the virtual GF always nude in the ads) and the story/twist was stupid. Also Jared Leto’s tech-guru-slash-Zen-master character was the height of hilarity, so over the top and lame, and how they treated Sean Young’s character was yuck too. It was widely found to be disappointing and rightly so.

  2. Machine Elf says:

    I like her a lot! She was also good in Tully, which is a very under appreciated movie IMO

    • Veronica says:

      Yes! That movie was so real to me, it was almost painful to watch. Maybe not a good idea to watch two months postpartum, but I’ve always been a bit masochistic.

      • Doglas23 says:

        She was so great on the AMC series Halt And Catch Fire as computer programming produce, Cameron Howe, which basically got her noticed to be in the shitty Blade Runner sequel, Tully, Black Mirror’s “San Junipero,” and now the latest versions of The Terminator and The Turning.

    • lucy2 says:

      A ha, I knew I knew her from somewhere.
      I don’t have kids, but Tully was still a really good movie to me.

    • Lady Baden-Baden says:

      Agreed – totally underrated. My husband and I agree it was the best film we saw last year

  3. Doodle says:

    I know her from Halt and Catch Fire, which was such a great show.

  4. Red Dog says:

    I adored Mackenzie in the Martian before I saw San Junipero. Chiwetel Ejiofor + Mackenzie on Watney-Watch kept me company through many late night thesis-writing sessions!

    • Lightpurple says:

      I really liked her in the Martian too.

    • Sarah says:

      Ooh you’re just reminded me that I have this on DVD (we now have Netflix/Prime but I’m behind the times) and I still haven’t watched it! I loved the book and clearly need to get on and watch the film.

  5. Trillion says:

    I loved Terminator Dark Fate so much. Great casting w/ Mackenzie. She actually looks like a badass. (as opposed to, for example, Summer Glau, who probably weighs 95 lbs. Nothing against Summer, I think she’s a good actress, just not convincing in hand to hand combat)

  6. kiddo says:

    I know her from San Junipero, but I love her as Cameron in Halt and Catch Fire, that show deserve more love ,such underated show.

  7. Grant says:

    I saw Terminator: Dark Fate this weekend. It was great and Mackenzie was excellent in it in the John Reese role!

  8. Lucy says:

    I first saw her in What If and she was charming and very funny. She and Adam Driver should play a couple again!

  9. Frisbee says:

    She was good in The Martian but I always remember how her character – Mindy Park or something – was supposed to be South Korean (author of book confirmed this) but they cast an attractive blonde woman instead.