Evangeline Lilly shaved her head and looks like a total badass, right?

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Hello 🌏. It’s a BEAUTIFUL day.

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Last year, Joey King said that every woman should shave her head at least once. Joey was all of 19 then and she shaved her head for her role as the real-life Munchausen by proxy victim, Gypsy Rose Blanchard. That was easy enough for her to say as she’s young and beautiful and she had a real motivation to go bald for her job. What about women who just say “screw it” and shave it all off though? Britney is the first one who comes to mind, but there are women who do it just because they want to know what it’s like not to have hair. It looks like Evangeline Lilly just did that! The results of that are at the top of this story, and here’s a series of videos and photos she posted of the process, which she did at home. It looks like she’s trying to promote her series of children’s books, The Squickerwonkers.

There’s a woman in my town with a shaved head who looks amazing like this. You notice her clothing more, because it’s like her baldness highlights everything else about her, and elevates her already great style. My friend who is a breast cancer survivor has a really cute pixie cut, which is from growing her shaved hair back, and sometimes I wonder if I could pull that off. I don’t think I could, I really like my hair! As for Evangeline, she looks gorgeous and she also really promoted her book series with this. It was smart from that perspective. As long as this was something she’s wanted to do for a while, why not?

I hope she’s ok now though because she also posted this Brian Andres quote and painting, which seem like a hint that she’s going through some stuff.

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Feelin’ this right now @brianandreas

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  1. Laura says:

    I’ve shaved almost all my hair off. But I don’t think I have the facial features to actually look good with a shaved head, unfortunately.

  2. Escondista says:

    I’ve had many friends that shaved their heads and said they’d never been hit on more in their lives.
    If you want to do this, you might want to expect that as an unintended side-effect, wanted or not.

    • Goldengirlslover34 says:

      My hair stylist has a shaved head and is so gorgeous. All you see is face. She is in her late 40s and said she has never been hit on more. I have a pixie cut and one older man stopped me and said I display a level of confidence he wasn’t used to seeing. I don’t know what it is. I think to some people short hair equates to confidence because you have nothing to hide behind? I will say the upkeep is annoying but I do feel so confident once my hair is freshly cut. I stand taller and I feel my outfits look so much cooler with my pixie.

      • Giddy says:

        I have a pixie also and love it. When I began going gray I hated it, but I like white hair. So that’s what I have now; a white pixie and I’ve had so many compliments.

      • Carol says:

        I had a pixie cut for a couple of years and I was never hit on. LOL! But to be fair, I was rarely hit on with longer hair.

        I will have to say that I felt the most feminine with a pixie cut. It was a weird but very appreciated side effect. With longer hair I felt more masculine.

  3. Lauren says:

    Fortunately for her she is gorgeous with or without hair. Others of us would look like a cantaloupe without hair.

  4. Kittycat says:

    I hope she was able to donate her hair.

    More importantly she looks great.

  5. Erinn says:

    I had short enough hair as a kid that I won’t ever be tempted to shave mine. I basically had a pixie cut kind of thing going on for multiple years, and I hated every minute of it.

    But I love how other people look with their heads shaved. Evangeline is such a beautiful woman, and with the shaved head she DOES look pretty badass.

    • Monette says:

      Oh, my God! My family did this to me too.
      Until age 7 my father would cut my hair really short, pixie cut. I hated that sooo much.
      All the little girls had pony tails and I was very jealous.
      Now I have a son who is like a blond angel with blond, curly hair. He is 3 and we have never cut his hair. Overcompensation :))

      • smcollins says:

        My people! I had “boy short” hair as a child that I also hated. I used to wear shirts on my head and pretend I had long, flowing hair. Around 12 I started growing it out and it’s been medium to super long ever since. Maybe if I had the features to pull it off I would take the plunge, but nope…not gonna happen.

      • Erinn says:

        HA, Monette, I currently have my hair the longest it’s ever been, partially because of haircut trauma, but also a little bit because I know it drives my mom nuts. I also told my husband that if we have a little boy, they are 100% going through the long haired wild kid phase (as long as THEY want that). Long haired little boys are soooo cute. One of my coworkers has two that sound like they have the hair your son has – one is 2 and the other is 3ish. And they have the most beautiful wavy blonde angel hair, and these HUGE blue eyes. They will pull their hair into little ponytails once in a while if they want it to be extra neat and tidy, and it just looks so freaking cute.

        The ‘excuse’ given to me was that I would try to physically fight them as a toddler whenever they wanted to brush my hair, so they figured it’d be easier – and cute – to just cut it short. Which… sure, I’m convinced it would have been ‘easier’, but man I hated it. And it’s not super easy to grow out short hair gracefully.

      • Capepopsie says:

        @smcollins I used a towel! My hair Was kept ”boy cut” because it was very thin! Today I have healthy thick hair! I have just cut it to a nice pixi because the long hair to my butt was driving me crazy!

        Evangelina looks great! ✂️

      • Raina says:

        Now Kate Beckinsale will know what she’d look like with no hair…

        My mom is a hairstylist and she is the only person I would never let touch my hair. As a kid and then I would ask for a little trim and style and I’d come out looking like a person with a head injury and half my hair on the floor.I spent more money on hats than a car. Took me a while but never again.
        My sister is STILL learning the hard way in her 40s.

        Also I have sort of thick wavy hair and no matter what my hair won’t grow past a certain length anymore…maybe a bit below my shoulders and longer if I straighten it fully. I envy people with long hair.

      • noodle says:

        my youngest son (6.5yo) has long blond curly hair. People are a$$holes though. Even the adults calling him a girl..
        I shaved mine when I was 23 in solidarity with my hubs who is bald and newborn baby who was sporting very blond fuzz…

      • sammiches says:

        Ugh, you are all my people. My mother kept my hair incredibly short all while I was growing up. I also used to put towels on my head and toss it around like it was hair.

    • Esmom says:

      Oh wow, my mom did this to my sister while my hair was long. She looked super cute and my mom had a pixie so they were kinda twinsies. But my sister said she hated it, too! I think she grew it out once she started kindergarten.

      At almost 80, my mom still has the pixie cut she’s had since her late teens. I had one in my 30a and I loved it for awhile but after the nightmare of growing it out I vow never to do that again.

      • Erinn says:

        Oh. My. God.

        I had almost the same haircut as MY mother too. My mom had LONG hair in highschool then cut it short somewhere in the mid-late 80s and hasn’t gone back. Both mom and dad were like “oh but it was SO cute!” But I hated it so much. Right now my hair is almost to my butt – and every single time I see her she sneaks in a “sooooo what are you going to do with your hair next?” which is partially because I like to put fun colors in it… but mostly it’s her hoping I’m going to say that I’m going to cut it short again ahhaha.

    • Michelle says:

      Same here. My hair was kept short until 7th grade and I grew it out and my mom talked me into cutting it all off before my 9th grade year. I looked like a boy and I HATED IT!!! Never again will I have short hair if I can help it. Kudos to those that shave their heads though. Rock on.

  6. Seraphina says:

    Yeah, that fire quote is a sign she has some shit going on. Powerful quote. She looks awesome.

    • detritus says:

      Agreed. Plus major hair changes tend to mean something. Breakups, frustration with social expectations, a new leaf etc.

      I hope she’s well and this is her now rising from the ashes.

  7. SM says:

    She had such a great hair. This is so badass on her part since her hair was one of her assets.

  8. Ali says:

    When your hair distracts from the beauty of your face, shaving your head works. Kate Hudson comes to mind, too.

    Considering how awful I look in beanies, I don’t think that’s the case for me.

  9. grumpyterrier says:

    Just… why? She had such gorgeous hair.

  10. Cece says:

    I lost my hair to breast cancer….I looked up all these beautiful women with bald head and was ready to rock it! Unfortunately, chemo kicked my butt and I went into a pretty bad depression. I gained 20 pounds, started drinking again and now i look like an old, bloated, bald person 🙁 I guess i get a little resentful when someone does it by choice. That being said, I really like Evangeline, and hope she is ok…

    • CityGirl says:

      Prayers and peaceful wishes for you. May you feel better soon and may you know that you are strong and powerful. You are always beautiful.

    • Renee says:

      I’m sorry you are going through all of this Cece. *Hugs*

    • Jaded says:

      Sending you lots of positive energy Cece, been through that myself and you WILL come out of it well in every way.

    • Lizarama says:

      Be gentle with yourself. I went through chemo for the last half of 2017. I also gained weight from the chemo and just trying to get through. The only thing I liked was not having to shave my legs and the chemo glow on my face from all of those fast growing cells dying!

      Anyway, it’s hard. Get all the the help you need. You can do this and survive and you are not alone.

  11. Esmom says:

    She’s beautiful with or without hair. I’ll always have a soft spot for the Losties. And I hope she’s okay.

  12. Originaltessa says:

    But…her hair

    • Rosalee says:

      Love it..your comment was exactly what my dad said when I returned home from my first year in university. I cut my waist long hair and came home with a deep purple Mohawk. My poor dad didn’t recognize me for a moment. I also shaved my head when I was tired of dying my hair and decided to go grey. Sadly I regretted it but grew to love hats…a couple of years later my long hair was back..two weeks ago I spontaneously walked into a hair salon and now have a Shiv Logan type bob..Evangeline is blessed with that beautiful face so she can shave her hair and look fabulous. unfortunately I looked goofy as hell…

    • TQB says:

      … will grow back, if she wants. So what?

      • Originaltessa says:

        I mean fine, whatever… But if she got hideous bangs everyone here would say it looked crappy, but god forbid you question her decision to cut off her gorgeous enviable hair? It’s hair, I know. But hers was so beautiful! Hence my comment.

      • TQB says:

        Do you disagree with the assessment that, even though her hair was beautiful, her shaved head and what it’s doing for her features is stunning? If so, say that. That’s the equivalent of “her bangs are hideous” not just that she had hair before and now does not.

      • Originaltessa says:

        Come on, leave me alone

  13. SilentStar says:

    I love this. Although I never shaved it, I cut my hair down to a *very* short pixie for years and loved it. I just towel dried it with a dab of product and that’s it.

    It was very liberating to get rid of it. It made me realize what a slave we are to our hair, and that it can even hinder us as it sucks or time and money away and affects our self esteem. It was great to not have to think of that stuff at all.

    I will never grow my hair long again. Now that I’m older I like a softer look and keep it as a short curly bob, but if I had to shave it it would not bother me at all.

    I agree everyone should try it at least once in their lives.

  14. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Joey King is right. I was 38 when I shaved my head for the first time. And I LOVED it. It was the most freeing thing ever. I low key considered doing it again this past summer. I highly recommend it and I do think every woman should do it at least once.

  15. Jadedone says:

    I really wish I could shave my head but I have an odd shaped head (baby pictures confirm this). I think women with shaved heads look so powerful

  16. Ann says:

    I love my hair. I was losing it in big patches a few years ago from having psoriasis on my scalp. I figured out a way of styling it to cover up the bald spots. I would never shave my head unless it all started falling out. It’s great for women who feel comfortable with this, really. I like the statement it makes. I just don’t want to make that statement myself. My hair is long and thick and straight and soft and shiny. I love it and I don’t feel bad for loving it.

  17. Lila says:

    She’s gorgeous, hair or no hair. I absolutely adored her hair during the Lost years, but it seems like she’s had more misses than hits after that. Here’s hoping if and when she grows her hair back, that she embraces the Lost look again. It was so naturally gorgeous. Those curls!

  18. Siul says:

    I’m a gay man but bald women are super sexy. Plus, from my friends, women shaving their heads is empowering. I think it’s the same with men, too. It takes a lot of guts to shave one’s head. And I say more power!

  19. TQB says:

    I’ve always wanted to do this but as others have mentioned, i know i have a funny lumpy head. I really almost did it when i turned 25 but my roommate convinced me to get another tattoo “instead.” I don’t regret the tattoo, but that was kind of my moment to have done the shaved head thing, and I wish i had. I (and clearly others commenting) am overly fearful about my hair. The truth is, for most of us, it will grow back. As far as acts of rebellion or emotional release go, messing with your hair about the least self-destructive thing you can do.

  20. BANANIE says:

    I’ve considered doing this but due to some medication I’m on my hair is thinning and doesn’t grow anywhere near as quickly as it used to. So I fear if I were to shave it and not like it, it would take FOREVER to grow out.

    I also think about the many Fug Girl comments about women struggling to style their pixie cuts as they grow out.

  21. LA says:

    My daughter has Alopecia and has already shaved her head once (when she was 6). It’s growing in nicely now, but we never know when she might be bald again. So, I think the more women who willingly shave and get that aesthetic out there as attractive, the better it will be for people like my daughter. In short, I’m into it!

  22. sammiches says:

    I don’t really think it looks great, but that’s just my opinion and who cares what I think. If she’s cool with it, that’s all that matters.

  23. Sunnydaze says:

    This post is really helping me consider shaving my head. For whatever reason, my hair is coming out in clumps and I’m fighting bizarre dandruff, plus constant itching/burning on my scalp. Happened once a few a few years ago and just kind of went away, but this is worse. No amount of coconut oil, dandruff shampoo, apple cider vinegar, antibiotics, antifungal treatments have worked, no Dr, dermatologist, allergist, or aestitician can figure it out. My hair used to be my “thing”….now it’s all short frizzy new growth creating a Halo of tiny hairs that never stay down. It sounds so stupid to say out loud, but I feel like I always look unkempt, hair up or down. My hair always looks dirty and sloppy and it absolutely has taken a toll on my self esteem. I’m only afraid since I don’t know what’s going on it might never grow back. But maybe at this point it’s worth the risk.