Richard Gere, 70, is expecting another child with his 36-year-old wife

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Richard Gere married Alejandra Silva last year, April 2018 to be exact. At the time, she was 35 and he was 68. She got pregnant right away, and they welcomed son Alexander in February of this year. Nine months ago. And now… Alejandra is pregnant again. Richard is 70 years old. Alejandra is 36. This will be her third child – she has a 6-year-old son with ex-husband Govind Friedland and nine-month-old Alexander. Richard also has a son, 19-year-old Homer, from his previous marriage. Are they going for a girl?

Hollywood actor Richard Gere’s Spanish wife is reportedly pregnant with their second child. Spanish magazine Hola!, which broke the news of the birth of the couple’s first child in February and published exclusive photos of their May 2018 wedding near New York, says the baby is due ‘next spring.’

Pretty Woman star Gere, who turned 70 at the end of August, has a son aged 19, Homer James Jigme Gere, with former wife Carey Lowell. Alejandra, 36, who was born in Spain’s north-west region of Galicia, is mum to a six-year-old son called Albert with her ex-husband Govind Freidland.

Alejandra confirmed her first pregnancy in September last year after marrying screen icon-turned humanitarian activist Gere with a photo showing the Dalai Lama touching her belly in a blessing, a month after it was revealed she was expecting.

[From The Daily Mail]

Seventy years old and expecting another kid with his wife, who is half his age. Peter Cook and Dennis Quaid will be doing the same, except their wives will be a third of their age. So… how does this make you feel? It makes me feel sad. I mean, Alejandra knew what she was getting into and all of that. And for what it’s worth, Gere seems like a spry 70-year-old. But my lord.

City Harvest: The 2019 Gala - Arrivals

City Harvest: The 2019 Gala - Arrivals

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  1. Mignionette says:

    I wonder if this is life imitating art a la MotherFatherSon….

  2. Eliza says:

    He was so hot in his youth

    • asdfa says:

      He really is. I accidentally saw part of Pretty Woman the other day, I forgot how gorgeous he was/is.

    • Becks says:

      I saw American Gigolo on Sunday and could not help but think what a gorgeous man he was!

      • Snappyfish says:

        He was great looking in American Gigolo & that was actually a good movie. I just keep remembering he & Cindy Crawford broke up because she wanted children & he didn’t. Then He went on to have kids w/2 other women. Interesting. Maybe he didn’t want kids with her.

        I am a little put off by men having children so late in life but it’s their choice and that is their partner.

  3. Lara K says:

    On one hand, kinda ew.
    On the other hand, she is not a barely-out-of-her-teens moron. She is a 36 year old woman. So I’m not going to question her ability to make her own decisions.
    Peter Cook I’ll judge all day long – 21 may be an adult, but i remember how dumb I was at 21.

    • Ang says:

      I am 38 and my partner is 62. It’s not ideal of course, we didn’t choose it. But we fell in love and that is the only thing that matters. Yes, the timelines are unfortunate but we are also going to be having children. Yes, we know the risks.

      • lisa says:

        I am the daughter of a similar situation. Please don’t do this.

      • tealily says:

        No offense to you, @lisa, but just because you’re from a similar situation doesn’t mean you know the details of @Ang’s situation.

      • Ang says:

        Thank you, tealily. Just because they had a difficult time does not mean that our children will suffer. I never wanted children either until I met him and now we just know. It’s indescribable if you haven’t felt it.

    • Carol says:

      Yeah, for some reason I’m not so sleeved out by this relationship as I am by Quaid’s and Cook’s. Gere and his wife have dated each other for a while before they got married and they seem to have a happy union. Like most have said already,Gere’s wife isn’t 21 and she was already a mom when she met Gere. So mazel tov to them. But I do think it’s sad that Gere won’t likely see his kids with his current wife get married or graduate college.

    • tealily says:

      Yeah, this one doesn’t really bother me.

  4. Sila says:

    I am sure if the roles were reversed, most people would be disgusted.

  5. Kate says:

    I was going to make a snarky comment referring to the SNL weekend update jokes about a 60-something woman giving birth but changed my mind…

    • CoffeeCoffeeCoffee says:


    • MC2 says:

      Lol! Maybe they should start making fun of old men impregnating young women instead, there’s tons of material there.

      • Trutful says:

        Exactly !

        I am always surprised but how we are whyred to accept anything from menthe lowest of behavior always finds an explanation by someone.

        Okay she can make her own decisions… but why is it a justification of such a disgusting situation, what about him, what about his (horrendous) decisions.

  6. Bettyrose says:

    Plenty of children grow up not knowing their biological I guess what does it matter if the sperm donor isn’t around to teach the kid to drive. But doesn’t geriatric sperm come with all kinds of health risks?

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Yes! Increased incidence of PDD/ASD, for one.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Also increased chance of a gene mutation that could cause hemophilia (See Queen Victoria) and other metabolic abnormalities.

      • bettyrose says:

        Thanks for the link. This is why it feels so selfish to me. I get what’s in it for the woman. I’ve known more than one woman who settled for Mr. Wrong in her thirties to start a family, and marrying a celebrity you know there’s a guaranteed pay day. But knowing in advance that your child will likely never know their father (or only know them in advanced age and illness) and a high probability of congenital disorders . . . I mean, I could see a mixed age couple who was truly devoted to each other and had money deciding to adopt or foster, having a family together to solidify their connection for all time. We’d still side eye the age difference, but it would be much more understandable.

      • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

        Schizophrenia and Bi-polar as well.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      My father was older and he died when I was 21 years old. He was always an “older” father and we never did the things that I saw younger fathers doing with their kids. I hit all of the grown up milestones without having a father there. It was lonely. Does Gere realize that his children will likely have the same experience as mine? I feel bad for what his kids will have to go through.

  7. AmyB says:

    My thoughts are – I feel sorry for the kid. He/or she will def be losing their father before they even become a full-fledged adult. Assuming Gere lives into his 90s. That seems selfish to me. And I am someone who fully never grasps the whole age difference spanning decades. I just couldn’t relate to someone 30/40 years older than me in an intimate relationship, but I know to each his own.

    But yes, I feel bad for the kid.

    • Eliza says:

      I mean I know it’s impossible these days to lie about your age, but she does appear older than 36. It’s still a creepy age-gap. It’s still an imbalance of power. At the end of the day, they’re bringing children into this world and they should come first.

    • thaisajs says:

      Same. It’s a shame for the child.

  8. Lynn says:

    I find this to be selfish. That child will know that pain of losing his or her parent very early in life.

  9. Lowercaselila says:

    All I can say is that Cindy Crawford dodged the bullet with Gere. Remember they were married in the 90s for a few years.

    • r-e-s-p-e-c-t says:

      Everyone brings up CC but he dated a host of famous women before that. Barbra Streisand, Kim Basinger, Priscilla Presley, Tuesday Weld and Diana Ross to name a few.

  10. Stef says:

    This makes me sad too, for two reasons:

    1. Those kids will only have their dad for what, 20-25 years max? If they’re lucky…

    2. I still find Richard Gere a very sexy man, even at 70. I’m 39 and I’m attracted to a senior citizen!

    Wishing them both health and happiness.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      And the kids’ experience will be of having a “grandpa” dad. Even a spry 70 is still 70.

  11. Christina says:

    I judge him for not wanting kids with Cindy Crawford. My recollection is that his no-kids sentiments broke up the marriage.

    • Originaltessa says:

      It worked out for her in the end, imo. Randy Gerber seems a great partner, and her kids are beautiful and it’s seemingly a loving family. So all’s well…

    • Mignionette says:

      Which is ironic given he had a child with the next woman he was in a serious relationship with. I wonder if that break up finally made him question what he really wanted and again 20 years later he probably is proud that he’s not firing blanks given his age.

      Wasn’t George Clooney the same with ex girlfriends.

      • TQB says:

        Yeah, i think “i don’t want kids” is easier to say than “i don’t want kids WITH YOU.”

  12. Tx_mom says:

    Yikes, I was in my fifties when I had to help care for my 80-something parents in their last years. I would NOT wish that on my teenagers! Imagine being 15 and having to help your dad to the toilet.

    • Eliza says:

      I’m pretty sure Richard Gere will have help hired for that

      • Eliza says:

        I think she’s saying it’s not fair to watch an elderly parents health decline at a young age. Richard will be 80 when his youngest children are 10 and 9. No matter the money, they’ll never get the same experience of a family life their peers have.

      • Eliza says:

        I just realized we have the same name and my comment probably looks crazy.

      • tealily says:

        @Eliza (#2) yes, but do any two families really experience family life the same way anyway? Of course it’s sad to lose a parent, but it’s something everyone has to face at one point or another. And just because someone has their kids young doesn’t mean they’ll be around to see them grow up. I just feel like it’s such a personal decision — whether and when to have kids.

    • Shuffle says:

      It’s a great point. Does the individual being rich make it any less abhorrent to those judging these two for having children when Gere is in his 70s? Because he can certainly ensure the kids live very comfortably for the rest of their lives and never have to be his carers. Genuinely interested in what people think about the rich-vs-not-rich-elderly-parent thing.

  13. T says:

    I struggle with this kind of age difference. They are adults. They are aware of any challenges, differences, perceptions, etc. Also, it truly is no ones business. But these kids will have a dad who will not be around as long as the average father and that makes me sad. Even the most healthy and active 70 year old is still 70 years old. These last 2 kids will be lucky if their dad is still alive and with it when they are 20.

  14. Kate says:

    Not related to this but not sure where else to comment this – the cover girl ads on mobile are incredibly annoying and interfere with ability to read the posts. Please fix this!

  15. Lady says:

    Well she isn’t a baby and I think he’s super healthy and spiritual. He may have around 30 more years. His age may be startling but he’s probably in better health than many American men half his age.

  16. HeyThere! says:

    I’m sorry but this is wrong. When this kid is ten years old he will be 80!!!!! THAT is insane. It just seems so selfish to do this.

    • ME says:

      I agree it’s so gross. Having kids that age is just going to cause so many issues for the child and for the father. That poor child will only know what it’s like to have an elderly father not a young one with energy who can keep up. Why do this on purpose???

  17. Marzipan says:

    I agree with all of you saying he is incredibly selfish to father a child at his age…I‘m 54 and I consider him too old for me…!! Okay, he is/ was one of the most sexy men on this planet, my Mom used to fancy him, but… no, just no.
    His young kids will have to be without him too soon.
    There have been several articles in the DailyMail ( my guilty pleasure) about male celebrities with much younger women, like Dennis Quaid ( oder 60) who wants to marry his 21 year old girlfriend (WHY????), as well as David Foster (70) and his current wife (35)… it’s hard to believe that these ladies just feel drawn to them because of their personalities, right?
    Then I read an article about Keanu Reeves (55) who went out with his partner (46)… guess what?? The reader‘s comments were full of vitriol against this woman because she’s a) no Hollywood beauty and b) doesn’t dye her hair but goes gray…! How dare she…! Isn’t this sick???

  18. Marzipan says:

    … I just saw that I was wrong with the age of Dennis Quaid‘s girlfriend, however… and I forgot to mention the umptieth pregnancy of Alec Baldwin‘s wife… I just don’t get it. And when you remember that some marriages and relationships failed because these guys didn’t want to have children when they were younger, it’s ridiculous and sad…

  19. CAVandy says:

    reminds me of this gem: “Meet Your Second Wife!” on SNL

  20. Sorella says:

    So sad for the kid – my husband’s Dad was 55 when he was born and 70 when he died and he always said he would NEVER want to be an old Dad or wish that on others as in his words “hard as you NEVER EVER know or remember your Dad as young, your Dad is old from the get-go, all your memories of your Dad is as an old man and then a frail/sick man” and also said “not many of us are burying a parent at 15 unless they were sick, but not many due to old age”. He also said it does not include the VERY SENIOR years when the memory starts going which means you get even less time with them.

    My cousin married someone 20 years older and having a hard time now – their daughter is only 19 but her husband just turned 70 and the poor thing is SO WORRIED/STRESSED and teary about losing her father ALL THE TIME. She said she feels shortchanged.

    But alas, Richard’s kids will have $ to cushion the hurt!!

  21. JanetFerber says:

    Somehow I like the Foster-McPhee marriage better than this one. With Foster, rightly or wrongly, I get the feeling that he loves romance and women and will totally pamper the woman he’s with. I really just get that vibe. Not so with Gere or Quaid. Maybe I’m wrong.

  22. RoyalBlue says:

    Hmm I have no problem with May-December relationships. I think attraction can happen between all ages, Genders, races, beliefs, ethnicities etc. I was 32 and dated a 48 year old. We did not have kids but wanted a few of our own (of course that’s not a 30+ year difference). I can relate to their love and desire to have kids together. I have friends who are widows because their spouses died from cancer in their 20s and 30s and are even single parents. so it’s sad that some kids will not know their father but not unique.

    • TQB says:

      You know, it’s true. People lose their parents too soon all the time. I have no problem with the relationship but admit to feeling the sadness for the kids thing, but at the same time, does Gere “work” much? If they only get 20 years with him, will it be 20 years where he is super present in their lives? My husband works 40 hours a week and I work 50+. That’s a lot time we don’t spend with our kids that Gere (theoretically) can be there for because of his wealth and privilege. Maybe they will know him very well. So… Eh? Still going to suck for them when he passes.

  23. Bliss says:

    Are you guys saying an adult woman can’t make her own decision about being with an older man? Who cares if there’s an age difference?

    Its HER/THEIR choice! It’s not like an Epstein situation.

  24. Texas says:

    As an older woman, this pisses me off. There was a Sex and the City episode where Carrie was dating and older guy and her older boss/mentor got furious because she was taking older eligible man off the market. And it is thin pickings when you get older. I cannot stand rich, old men dating younger women. I think it is unfair and that they are jerks.

    • Bliss says:

      Maybe be younger and prettier then…sorry.

      • Your Cousin Vinny says:

        Yeah ok, wonderful and practical advice. You sound very young and naive. Age is the great equaliser, my friend. There will always be someone younger and prettier than you.

      • MrsRoper says:

        Bliss: Ew, you wrote this and thought it was witty.

      • Joanna says:

        Damn, bliss, you’re an asshole. I was in my early 30s and men my age wanted to date women in their 20s so I understand where Texas is coming from with her comment.

        @Texas, start dating younger men! Younger men love an older woman. If you don’t want to do that, just hang tight, you’ll find a mature man your age that wants a relationship with a woman his age. I did and we’re married going on 7 years. It’s just commitment phobic men that don’t want want women their age. A man looking for a relationship wants someone he has things in common with, not just youth

  25. Granger says:

    In 10 years she’ll be the same as me and he’ll be 80. My dad is 80. I cannot imagine being married to someone his age. Granted, Gere has all the money in the world for healthcare and no doubt has a personal trainer, etc. But still. He will be an Old Man. And she’ll still be in her prime. I know I sound rotten, but ugh.

  26. Whatnow says:

    I myself am not married but I have a close friend who is 12 years younger than her husband. She is 68 now. Her children are grown and they are financially comfortable but she does not get to enjoy these years with her friends cuz she’s home taking care of her husband who has failing Health at his Advanced age.

    She’s been caring for him about the last five years where he can’t be left alone for any great length of time.

    She loves him dearly but she’s missing out on one of the best times of her life.

    • TQB says:

      One of my closest friends was 21 years younger than her husband. They didn’t have kids (he had one from his first marriage, she never wanted any). so she wound up being in her early 50s, taking care of her husband who had heart failure. For the last few years, he couldn’t really travel or do much. It was hard, and then he died last year, and it was horrendous. I think on some level she expected to feel free and begin a new chapter – but she didn’t. She’s miserable and alone. Even though he’s gone, she’s still missing a great time in her life. I doubt she would have made different choices, but I also wonder if it’s even possible to enter into a relationship like this and really understand how much it will suck to lose this person.

  27. Annabel says:

    Let’s bear in mind that for most of human history, life expectancies were much shorter and losing your father in your 20’s would have been the norm. It’s only in the last few decades that we’ve come to expect more time with our parents in adulthood. I’m not sure any of us are entitled to X number of years with our parents. We should all be grateful for whatever time we do get with them.

    For me, the moral/ethical problem comes from the risks to the child when the father’s that old. The research is pretty unambiguous—that kid’s got a higher risk of psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia.

    • Ali says:

      That and the fact that complete assholes can breed at young ages and then their kids have years and years and years of misery ahead of them. You never know.

  28. Todd says:

    A little weird, since I’m 58 and my oldest daughter is 38. I am a gpa to my daughters 4 children
    Whatever works, but it’s like marrying one of your fathers classmates! Maybe older…

  29. Smalltown Girl says:

    This one doesn’t bother me as much as others. She is 36. Not 20. She is a full fledged adult. I am The same age and I remember when Richard Gere was hot. Now I have no desire to marry him or any other 70 year old but to each their own.

    As for the comments about his age and kids, I am of mixed feelings. On one hand, I feel like it is unfair to the kid but at the same time lofe doesn’t come with guarantees. My parents had me in their 20s and I still lost a parent at a young age because life happens, at least they are potentially prepared?

  30. Savannah says:

    The only thing I can think of seeing this old as f*ck man with this woman, who is my age, is the episode in Sex and the City where Samantha is with an older gentleman and sees his flabby *ss. LOL

    • schmootc says:

      Yup, I always come back to that too. She was good until she saw his butt and then that was it, she was out of there. It WAS really frightening, as I recall.

  31. KarenSue Palladino says:

    Congratulations on your second child .. God Bless the two of you ❤️🤗🙏🏻🎈🥰

  32. Peter says:

    Pure selfishness. No child wants an 80 year old for a father, if he even makes it that far.