Richard Gere, 68, quietly married Alejandra Silva, 35, and they want to start a family

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For the past three years or so, I check in on Richard Gere. These annual checkups are usually just me making note of the fact that he’s still with Alejandra Silva, his much-younger girlfriend. Alejandra and Richard got together… maybe 2014? They were quickly inseparable, even though he was still going through a long-winded divorce from Carey Lowell, which was only finalized in 2016 after they both fought about money and real estate for much too long. Anyway, I heard rumors that Gere wanted to marry Silva as soon as his divorce came through. Turns out, he waited a while, but they did get married this month.

Richard Gere has tied the knot for the third time. The Pretty Woman actor, 68, has married his girlfriend Alejandra Silva, 35, in a low-key secret civil ceremony earlier this month, according to Spain’s HELLO! Magazine. Richard and Alejandra are planning to celebrate their nuptials with a family party at their New York home on May 6.

The couple have been dating for three years and it was recently reported the wedding would be taking place early next month. Speaking to HOLA! about his marriage, Richard said: ‘I have found the quiet and happy life that I have always sought.’

Alejandra told the publication the couple are planning to start a family in the future.

It marks the third wedding for Hollywood icon Gere, who was wed to supermodel Cindy Crawford from 1991 to 1995. He was also married to model Carey Lowell from 2002 until 2016, with whom he shares son Homer, 17.

It will be the second wedding for Alejandra, who was in the midst of her divorce from Govind Friedland, the son of American mining magnate Robert Friedland, when she met Gere. The blonde raises Albert, five, with her ex-husband. Rumors of an engagement were first sparked in December when Silva was seen with a large diamond on her ring finger.

[From The Daily Mail]

A few things… one, 35 years old is a lot different than 25, so at least I feel like Alejandra knows what she’s doing in general, and it feels less like a creepy older man preying on a ridiculously younger woman. Still, she is 33 YEARS YOUNGER. He’s 68!! That IS ridiculous. Also ridiculous? The idea that he’s going to start a family with Alejandra. Homer Gere is going to get a new half-sibling because his dad has found “peace” with a 33-years-younger Spanish lady. Ugh.

Richard Gere arrives for the premiere of 'The Dinner'

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  1. WingKingdom says:

    Older genetic material comes with a lot of risks.

    • Alissa says:

      this. My fiance and I have an 11 year age Gap, and I don’t judge other couples that have each gaps for the most part. But I think it’s wildly irresponsible that just because you can afford nannies, you’re going to have a child at an age where you really won’t be able to participate in their life at all, and it’s possible that you could pass away before they even graduate high school. What’s the point.

      and yes, I know that anyone could pass away at any point, but you’re majorly increasing the risk when you’re going to be in your 80s when your kid is in high school.

      • erni says:

        I cosign Alissa.

      • holly hobby says:

        Tony Randall (anyone remember him) went that route. He was a bachelor for years then he married a really young wife. I forgot the difference but he was collecting Medicare and she was still young. They had two kids. I think he passed away before the kids were in high school.

    • Rhys says:

      But what about her – she wants children and she is with him, should she not have any? They are probably only marrying because she wants to have a family. Not that she is forcing him but it’s better to be legally officiated.

      • Snappyfish says:

        I always found it interesting that he and Crawford broke up because she wanted children and he did not. Then there was Lowell w/a daughter and then they had Homer. Now new wife and a want for another child. So it seems he wanted kids just not with Crawford. From the looks of her stage parenting her daughter I think he dodged a bullet.

        I think the age difference is a bit too much. Funny thing I used to do to decide if the person I wanted to date was “too old” for me. I figured out their age on the date of my birth. If they were old enough to have a “real life” (kids, house, wife etc) they were too old. My significant other is 12 years my senior and that was worked well for us.

        Best wishes to the new couple

      • noway says:

        She already has a six year old son with her ex husband.

    • barrett says:

      You said what I was thinking.

      • barrett says:

        Put it away grandpa!!!

      • MagicalDay says:

        I know this is maybe a bit superficial, but at 50- I’m barely attracted to men ten years my senior. It’s the “pregnancy tummy” that men acquire in old age; I can’t make myself form an attraction. I may just hang up my romantic yearnings- thank God for shearling Birkenstoks, because I ALSO crave a quiet life!!

  2. Leviathan says:

    Their age gap doesn’t effect me. No harm. No foul.

    • NoShame says:

      It’s not really the age difference anymore that bothers me, it’s the GIANT CLICHE of it all. These dudes are almost all the same.

      • Caroline says:

        THIS ^^^

        Also, it’s not like he and Carey Lowell were a Hollywood power couple. They lived in upstate New York FFS.

        “I have found the quiet and happy life that I have always sought.” … unlike the rip-roaring nights on streets that roll up by 8 pm where I live now. Please. GMAFB

      • Jayna says:

        @Carolina, I took him to mean it differently. He and Carey had a wonderful relationship and marriage for many years. He was over the moon about her and his stepdaughter. It’s what made him know he wanted a child, because he loved her daughter. But by the time a couple separates, the marriage has been in trouble for years and probably a lot of strife going on. I imagine their son kept them together. It’s kind of what you remember when you split, though, the last few years of problems and anger with each other. You forget the early years.

        His career is on the other side, and he only does now small projects that interest him, like the homeless, small budget movie he produced a couple of years ago. I really liked it. He is out of the big Hollywood machine of being a movie star. He never liked that part of his life anyway. He’s reclusive in many ways. He’s found his niche creatively. He has a new partner, and they are happy. Most people really appreciate their new relationship and finding love again after some bad years of going through a marriage ending. It doesn’t make him or Carey bad people, just a marriage that started out great but had run its course. I’m sure Carey was happy to move on from him also.

        I didn’t take it to mean where he lived regarding “the quiet” life he’s always sought, just that he is very happy and content with this phase of his life.

      • Megan says:

        It’s an even bigger cliche because he spent years telling us how enlightened he is.

      • tracking says:


      • noway says:

        Yes this!!!! Sure I don’t really care what he does, but from an overall societal point it’s just not a good idea or message.

      • indefatigable says:

        I doubt trying to embarrass guys like Gere by calling them cliches is going to override their desire to get with conventionally attractive young women.

  3. Runcmc says:

    Wow, this whole time I thought he was with Callista Flockhart. Turns out I was confusing him for Harrison Ford. Hey, their 22-year age gap marriage has worked for a long time, maybe these two can make it work too. Good luck and mazel tov!

  4. Margo S. says:

    This is messed up in so many ways. He is literally double her age. And that is bull that they are going to try for a kid. Not with his 68 year old sperm they aren’t.

    • Leviathan says:

      He’s a soft 68 though. He’s had an easy life.

      • anika says:

        Yes! But I think looks very much his 68 years. My in laws are the same age – but both look and seems younger. They love their grandchildren but are happy the only has to babysit for a few hours a month.

      • Dee says:

        Anika – my fil is 68. I cannot imagine him raising a child. He’s a soft 68, too. My daughter is with them 3 days a week and after 2 hour he is knackered (and she’s only 1).

    • Josephine says:

      I just find it odd that he would want a child that he knows he will not have that much time with. To me, that would be a heart-breaker, but I suppose better to have some time than not have that child at all? It’s a hard one. She, I understand.

    • Ladykeller says:

      Maybe they can use Mick Jagger as a sperm donor.

  5. Renee2 says:

    In the pic where her hand is on his chest he looks like Milhouse.

    • Josephine says:

      It’s a terrible angle – my first thought was, “wow, even Richard Gere shows his age.” Mind you, he’s still a handsome man, but that pic shows that age catches us all.

  6. Lila says:

    I asked my husband “Why do older men like Richard Gere marry these much younger women?” He said, “Because they can.” Then he asked me“ Why would a much younger woman marry a much older man, like Richard Gere?” I said, “Daddy issues, money, fame or because she can.”

    • Rhys says:

      That’s an interesting question to ask one’s husband 🙂 You surely put him on a spot!

    • Appalachian says:

      I think it’s almoat and illusion/delusion of youth. Maybe they feel younger if they have this spry younger woman with them. I’m sure most of the celebrities feel as if they are somehow granted more years on this earth. I’m sure he feels he’s lived a great life and has more years ahead….but there’s less ahead than there is behind Richard, even if he wants to start a family. At least the mother will hopefully be around for the kids life and many milestones to come.

    • HK9 says:

      I may offer you some insight here. I’ve dated some men who are older than I am. While I’ve had a hysterectomy so having children isn’t an option anymore, there’s less bull sh-t when dating an older man. Typically, if he’s interested in dating you, he wants you. Younger men can be flighty AF, and there’s none of this, date you for 10 years and then break up and marry someone else in 6 months (they’re older and know they don’t have all the time in the world). They put their cards on the table, you know exactly what the deal is (whether this is for fun or more serious) and you can make a sensible decision to move forward-or not.

      I’m also at the point in my life where there are as many people I love in a graveyard as there are living so I’m looking for quality of time with someone, not necessarily time in years-although that would be good too. While I date all kinds of people, this is what I’ve noticed about dating older men.

  7. Liberty says:

    This makes me think of my French grandmother saying, “Marry the mind, that is all that matters.”

  8. Jayna says:

    She has her little boy Albert. Her ex is based out of Spain and NYC, so I guess there would be no child custody issues living in NYC. And maybe another child isn’t a burning desire for her. She seems to be active philanthropically in Spain. She had said at the end of last year when asked about marriage that she had just gotten divorced and maybe she and Richard would do something, just not official. But I guess this is official.

    She’s not a kid. It’s a large age difference, just like Jeff Goldblum’s marriage. But this woman is a woman, not a child. And they have been together for several years. If they’re happy, good for them. Richard Gere has a young spirit, still very passionate about and involved in many causes. I can see her attraction to him. It’s not like he’s an older guy at home in a recliner watching Fox News. LOL

  9. Lahdidahbaby says:

    The gerbil was best man.

    • Kitten says:

      Thank you for paying homage to the infamous butt critter rumor.
      Poor Richard….can never read a story about this guy without remembering the gerbil.

    • GreenTurtle says:

      Yaasssss! 😂

  10. Reef says:

    I have so many questions for women that marry men 30 yrs their senior.

    • FUBAR says:

      Both my biological dad and my step father were married to several women who were my age. I have a sister 30 years younger than me. My biological dad was married to women who sincerely and genuinely loved him. They were kind, supportive, loving , nurturing to both my dad, myself and my daughter. My step father was not so lucky. He was married to women who were in it for all they could get. Once he became ill, the last wife took a reverse mortgage on the house and purchased herself a house in another state. She opened up 20 credit cards and was charging until the day that he died. My sisters had her arrested at his funeral. Reef: my answer to your question is for a zillion reasons. There are women who are truly in love with their old man. And there are women who are in it for money, power that comes with being with a powerful man or his good looks. Why are older men attracted to young women. I think they don’t like seeing someone whose body looks like theirs. An older woman reminds him that he is also old. Younger women give them the illusion that they are still youthful.

    • harla says:

      My husband is 15 years older, I was 35 and he was 50 when we got married almost 20 years ago. Sometimes I tease him that he married his midlife crisis! I agree with Fubar, there tends to be a lot less bs with an older man, he knows who he is and that’s pretty attractive. Of course, aging is a reality and knees give out, cholesterol goes up and naps become a big thing. But he was brave enough to take on a woman with 2 teenage kids and basically turned his life upside down to accommodate us and for that he’ll always be my Prince Charming (just with less hair).

  11. kNY says:

    It’s the baby thing that has me a bit concerned. Sir Pat Stew’s wife is probably just as young as this lady, but I think they are just going to keep fostering/adopting dogs, so I’ve never really side-eyed them. But starting a family when your new husband is 68? That’s a bit irresponsible. Will he hit 80 to see the kid at 10 years old? Most likely. Will he hit 90 to send it off to college? Even if he does, will he be able to really be a participant in the child’s life? The 90’s look different for everyone. My grandmother is 93 and she is extremely spry with some arthritis and GERD, but George HW Bush is her age and in and out of the hospital. It’s none of my business in the end, but I hope they are thinking of all of this.

    • Beth says:

      When I see couples like this,I wonder if they think about the future. When she’s still pretty young in her 50’s, he’ll be reaching 90. Yikes! If they start a family, he might have to leave the nursing home to go to the high school graduation. This guy is 10 years older than my grandfather was when I was born, and my grampy was fun, but couldn’t always keep up with me like my dad who was in his early 30’s. This couple should think about what’s fair for children they want to bring into the world

    • harla says:

      My parents had me later in life and I can tell you it wasn’t a ton of fun for a young kid. Older parents don’t have the energy to keep up with a kid and everyone was always asking me if my mom was my grandmother. I think they should adopt a couple of dogs/cats and just stick to fur babies.

      • Jayna says:

        She’s not later in life, only Richard. It’s a little different. She’s in her 30s. I don’t even know if I believe the story thatshe wants a child with him. It says the original interview was with a different magazine, a Spanish magazine. So maybe it’s not even a correct quote. If so, the baby will have his mother. And Richard is wealthy. The kid won’t be care-taking his father.

      • noway says:

        Now I had older parents at the time, but certainly not 68. Both my parents were in their mid-forties when they had me and my siblings, and conversely I thought it was great. My parents were the ones who took us all around, as a lot of my friends’ parents were really involved in their careers. Mine was just ending theirs. I still remember my Dad taking a carload of young girls to a David Cassidy concert, and going in with us. This was before those crazy parent rooms some have now. For a Frank Sinatra guy that must have been a bit much. I didn’t at the time realize how much my parents did, until I was adult. I think depending on the parents and the situation 40’s and maybe even early 50’s is okay, but 68 is crazy. I mean the average life expectancy for men is 75ish. Your odds aren’t even that good you’ll make it to your child’s 10th birthday.

  12. velourazure says:

    Nice looking father and daughter.

  13. Taxi says:

    My concern about elderly men siring offspring relates to sperm quality. It does degrade with age & is more likely than that produced by younger men to result in children with neurological or physical disabilities.

    Many studies link genetic defects, mental health problems, Aspergers & autism to old fathers.

    • GreenTurtle says:

      Yeah, the risk of schizophrenia for the offspring literally doubles after the father turns 50, if I recall correctly.

  14. thaisajs says:

    If you want to get married fine, but please don’t bring kids into it. Aside from the genetic problems found in older sperm (which others have mentioned), there’s also the emotional problems that it will cause for any offspring, who have a father that old. It’s unkind to have a child that late in life when there’s an excellent chance you won’t live to see the kid even graduate from high school. I know others will disagree, but I think it’s cruel to the children.

    • Lady D says:

      I think it’s a cruel act too, but it’s not my life.

    • Grinning mama bear says:

      Gere is lucky if he lives to see this child entering High School! He would be around 80 years old when the kid would be around 10 – if they start soon.
      It is cruel towards the child. This child will likely see his/her father die while he / she isn’t even old enough to drive or drink. That is too young to likely lose a parent.
      Face it, statistically there is a good chance he won’t be there for his child to guide the child into adulthood. And I doubt that somebody over 80 years old does have enough energy and capacities left to guide a teenager.

  15. lucy2 says:

    He’s my parents age. I can’t picture either of them starting over with a new baby. Or marrying someone younger than me!

  16. Veronica S. says:

    lol, I’m sorry, but I just look at these women marrying men twice their age, and I’m just like…uh, pass. There is no amount of money that can make me waste my youth letting an old man use me to vicariously recapture his.

    • Polly says:

      @Veronica S. ” There is no amount of money that can make me waste my youth letting an old man use me to vicariously recapture his.” SUCH A GOOD COMMENT! That’s exactly what it is. So gross, don’t waste your time, youth and freedom ladies.

    • Grinning mama bear says:

      Spot on!

    • Chaine says:

      yesss! my friend just spent 5 years of her life with a guy who was 25 years older than her. He had all of these health problems and it was like babysitting an elderly father. Since they broke up and she’s back in the 40-ish dating pool, she keeps asking everyone else, “What was I thinking!”

  17. Kitten says:

    I mean…blah. I agree with everyone that it’s a boring-ass cliché but I also agree with everyone who is pointing out that it’s not really any of our business. I don’t get why any woman would get with a guy that old, but I’ve never been the type to marry for money. And to be fair and give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she DOES genuinely love him?

    That being said, Carey Lowell is 57 and still one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She is so much more unique-looking than Richard’s current wife. I mean, she’s generically pretty, don’t get me wrong, but Carey is a stunner. And I’m saying that not to pit these women against each other, just to point out that youth doesn’t always mean more beautiful.

    • Taxi says:

      I’m sure she does love him. Hope she still does in 10-20 years as he deteriorates mentally or physically & her role shifts toward caretaker. But please, make no babies.

  18. Old Hag says:

    I blame it on Viagra. It makes these old guys feel young.

    • fubar says:

      Viagra may help with ED. but an old man still has old knees, old back, old hips, old heart and less stamina. So the pill only helps for the woman to please the old guy.

  19. Ladykeller says:

    He is the same age as my father. I’m terrified he won’t live to see his grandkids go up. I want to make sure my kids make memories with him and remember him. I can’t imagine becoming a father at that age.

  20. Penelope says:

    The man looks fantastic. He has aged wonderfully. I aways forget he was married to Cindy Crawford, lol.

    Hey, good luck to them.

    ETA Just looked up Homer Gere out of curiosity. He looks just like his lovely mother, with a dash of his handsome dad thrown in. What a gorgeous young man.

    • Jayna says:

      Richard’s dad is like 95 or 96 and still active I believe. I remember when he was 94 Richard had him with him for a Salvation Army event, and Richard said up until a few years ago his dad was delivering Meals on Wheels to those less fortunate. He adores his father and always talks about what an empathetic and caring man he was and is. His mother died a couple of years ago at the age of 91. So he has good genes on both sides of the family.

      So hopefully Richard will have a long life. I believe she really loves him, but there is a trade off for that love with the age difference as far as what she will face with him. I’m sure they’ve talked about that, but facing it later when it’s a reality won’t be an easy thing.

  21. No Doubtful says:

    I think it’s irresponsible to have kids at that age or older. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I don’t understand what two people with that much of an age difference would have in common, but whatever, not my business. I’m sure they are both getting what they want from each other in the end.

    • Grinning mama bear says:

      Right on spot.
      Higher risk of handicaps for the baby when one of the parents is old. And Gere is a VERY old parent in this case.
      Higher risk for the child to become half-orphaned before even going to High School – let alone graduation.

  22. Branvoyage says:

    This reminds me of a comment on the Madonna post the other day. Almost 70 year old Richard Gere can get away with talking about starting a family but Madonna gets flack for just wanting to still be seen as a woman in her 60s.
    No one will knock Gere for this anywhere except here. Thank god for the woke women on celebitchy.

    • MarDelSur says:

      Good point. I don’t really have a problem with age differences, even large ones (unless the younger half of the couple is really young, like 18-20), but what I do have a big problem with is the double standard applied to women vs men. When the man is much older, everyone, including a lot of people here, ties themselves in knots to explain why it’s ok (e.g. the ‘at least she’s not 20’ thing etc.). When the woman is much older, she’s generally derided.

      Hell, some people (not here, but I’ve seen quite a bit of it elsewhere) even make a big deal out of someone like Meghan being 3 yrs older than Harry.

    • enike says:

      Exactly Branvoyage!!
      I just wanted to point this out, after the bashing what went on the Madonna thread … (its true thou that Madonna messed heavily with her beautiful face, so maybe that is the reason…. Gere? I am not sure… Jagger definitely not, he is ugly now as a sin 🙂 )

      but at least some posters are consistent, and frown upon Gere as well..

      I dont mind Gere´s marriage and I wish him happiness…. and I dont mind Madonna being an “Insta girl” and I say: you go girl 🙂

  23. Jeanine says:

    Sorry this is gross and wrong. I’m not going with the whole well she s 35 not 25, or love has no age bs. This teaches men once again Women’s value is their youth and if men can marry younger they should. What happens to this woman when she’s in her 60s and the men her age are dating younger? Stop doing this ladies.

    • Grinning mama bear says:

      Let’s be more honest here:
      She gets a baby daddy who can pay a hefty alimony. I bet she will jump ship soon after birth. It is not as if Gere’s attraction lies in his body or his personality but his attractivity is the size of his wallet.
      He can pretend to feel young again – until that baby of his becomes a toddler and he can try to run after him or silence a noisy little toddler. Likely his lady will insist on having a child together because that means alimony and likely more divorce money.

  24. Grinning mama bear says:

    I am not okay with this. Even if they start a family pretty soon then Gere will be around 80 years old when his child is 10 years old. When the child is 20 years old Gere will either be 90 years old or be dead already. How much energy does the average 90-year old have? Is there enough energy to listen to a 20-year-old for two hours during an extended dinner? Is there enough energy to visit a college with your young adult child? That is plain selfish of Gere.
    It is simply better for children to have two parents younger than retirement age and if it is just to balance out the deficits of one of the parents.
    I would even say that children do have a right to have two parents who support and guide them. Honestly, today even college graduates still need their parents to support them financially because business pays its youngest employees not even enough for rent.
    Not okay with this.

    And Gere’s child can probably forget about ever having paternal grandparents, right? What about a child’s right to an extended family? I still fondly remember my grandparents and Gere’s child will have one set at best.

  25. Mimz says:

    This doesnt affect me at all,but Im 32 and I cannot see myself with a man older than my dad. Who is 66 years old. No thanks.
    I might want to meet an older man but still in his 30s. But not my dads new best friend. Lol.
    On the other hand i have an uncle that since he turned 50 hes been having kids with all his girlfriends and sidepieces (he has 3 adult children from his only marriage and a couple of offspring from his side adventures that caused his divorce). Hes turning 62 this saturday and i believe his youngest is 3. That we know of. There might be more. We’re counting around 10 or eleven kids. We dont even care to ask why at this point.

    • Scarlett says:

      Gee, I kind of hope your uncle doesn’t have much money , with all of those offspring things could get UGLY when he goes. Much less the mothers involved.

  26. adastraperaspera says:

    I don’t know. I’ll always think his female partners are beards. I blame the Herb Ritts photos for making me think this. The advertisement he and Cindy Crawford took out in The Times of London in the early 90s, where they felt compelled to defend their marriage, was also kind of strange.

  27. april says:

    Any celeb couple that has a significant age difference I doubt marries for long term. It’s just about the now and the near future.

  28. Skippy says:

    I seem to recall the Dali Lama feels Richard needs to focus on others, which is the main principal of Buddhism. Apparently his Holiness has found Richard sorely lacking. I wonder why RG didn’t have a Buddhist wedding?

  29. Shannon says:

    Whatever; it’s their lives but I still find it kind of ew. She’s my age and he’s my dad’s age – and I watch my dad daily as he ages, and it happens fast. To be fair, he’s 73 so a little older but wow. He’s fallen, broken hips, needs a hip replacement, had to ask what happened on 9/11, I mean I’m not saying that happens across the board. But I hope she’s aware of what she could end up dealing with while she’s still relatively young. Of course, he’s got tons of money so that will help. But it still strikes me as a total, “EW”

  30. crazydaisy says:


  31. Violet says:

    I’ll believe in Gere’s highly touted “spiritual” principles when he deigns to get involved with a woman his own age. And then they wonder why the “industry” is so hard to reform, and women are insecure as they age, etc., etc. I’m sure she’s old enough to think things through, but that isn’t the point. The point is, she’s still young and beautiful, and the 33-year age difference is between her and an aging but rich movie star, not between her and her tax accountant. It’s still the old “to the victors belong the spoils” routine.

  32. SJhere says:

    OK, so they are married. Congrats to them.
    Now about starting a family at 68? No. That is just ego talking. He has a 17 y/o, she has a 5 y/o.
    Think about that situation. At his age, if she wanted more biological kids she should never have started up with a man 2X her own age. She is young enough to have another child. Have a newborn with a man who will be 69 at the birth? No.

    With his level of wealth, they will have a very comfortable life together and good for them.
    But, at 68, Richard needs to be realistic and accept that his time has passed, and enjoy his 17 y/o.
    They could very easily spend time/money offering educational grants to deserving young people. That would keep them involved with younger generation, build lovely relationships to enjoy with the kids who receive the grants. Charity work of their choice.
    Having a newborn at 68 is simply selfish.