Favorite and most useful things including a car organizer and microfiber makeup cloths

This is a post full of the best things I’ve bought on Amazon in the past few months, mostly after finding them for these posts and from your recommendations. The most useful products become things you take for granted. They just make your life easier and become habitual. With that in mind, I’ve gone through my orders (I’m embarrassed at how much stuff I’ve bought, but it’s part of my job!) to find the things I like the most. I got the power scrubber from the last post and I really like that so far. I used it to clean my sink and baseboards and I felt like it went quickly, worked well and I barely had to bend over. I haven’t even had to charge it yet. Honestly some of these products do not have great fakespot ratings as I found many of them before I learned how to use that. These are all things I own and use which is why I’m recommending them.

An organizer for your trunk that will help keep your car clean
My trunk is still a mess, I’ll be honest, but with this in it I feel like I have my sh-t together. I bought this in April, it’s still in my trunk and I still have it stocked with stuff I use on the go, like snacks, bug spray, a blanket, sunscreen and more. It’s held up well and seems super sturdy. This car trunk organizer by Drive Auto Products is just $24 and is 23 x 17 x 10.8 inches. It has three internal compartments and multiple mesh and covered pockets on the sides to organize just about everything. Reviewers say “it surpassed all expectations,” that they’re “incredibly pleased” with it, and that they like the straps it has to attach to the sides of your trunk. This also folds up easily and you can use it fully open or half open if you need less storage.

A phone mount for your car that’s so simple and useful
If you read these posts regularly you’ll know that I tried several phone holders before I found this simple and effective one by lamicall, which attaches right in your vents and expands to hold just about every size phone. (Check your model first.) There are no magnets, the adjustment for your phone is quick and easy, and it stays put in the vents and has a good grip. It can be easily moved for vertical or horizontal viewing too. I’ve already bought this as a gift and may give more out at Christmas.

A cooler bag that is sturdy enough to use every day
I bought this cooler bag in August and I still use it a few times a week! If I worked in an office I would probably put my lunch in it. It even came with two ice packs. I like how many compartments it has and the size is just perfect for loading up with drinks when I’m on the go. It’s easy to carry, it’s sturdy and has held up, and I love having it when I’m away from home because I can always buy frozen stuff and not worry about it melting on the way.

A battery-powered women’s shaver for a close shave without irritation
I use this as intended. If you’re careful it doesn’t nick, it works quickly in intimate areas and it doesn’t irritate my skin much, especially compared to other electric razors I’ve used. It’s the best electric shaver I’ve ever owned, with only a German brand coming close. Reviewers call the Philips Satinshave “convenient,” “painless,” and “the smoothest shave I’ve ever had with an electric shaver.”

An automatic bright stick-on light that’s so easy to install
This bright LED light has made such a difference in my closet which did not have a light. It has a little stick on magnet and was so easy to set up. It’s run out of juice a couple of times and it’s very easy to detach it to be charged for a few hours and it’s ready to go. I have it set for motion detection, but it also detects light so you can set it to go on only at night when it detects motion. There’s also an always-on mode. I would buy this again for other dark areas of my home.

Microfiber makeup remover cloths will make your skin so soft
These were a recommendation in the comments after I found a more expensive microfiber makeup remover cloth. You get five cloths for $7, which is such a bargain. They come in a variety of colors and prints. I use them with my cleanser to wipe off my makeup at night and then I rinse and use a regular washcloth to dry. (Treat yourself to new washcloths too if you’re using ratty ones! Once I made that switch it made a nice change in my routine and feels luxurious.) These make my skin feel so soft, like I’m exfoliating every time I wash and they help get all the eye makeup off. They’re also nice for wiping under my eyes to catch the fallout after I apply makeup. Reviewers say they really work, that they’re easy to use and quickly remove makeup, and that they’re as good as the more expensive Makeup Eraser cloths.

The best coffee maker I have ever owned
I love this versatile all-in-one coffee machine and it’s really made my life more convenient. My last coffee maker, a standard Mr. Coffee, was a pain to set up and the coffee grounds were always getting in it. The Ninja hot and cold brewing system can make pots of tea, hot coffee, cold brew and single cups. The water receptacle is detachable so you can easily fill it. I program it at night so my coffee is ready in the morning. It detects whether you’re making tea or coffee and even has an easy-to-use milk frother on the side. This has mixed reviews and some people are mad at it, but it’s worked great for me and I’m happy with it after about five months of use.

A set of tweezers that gets every hair
This set of incredible tweezers by Tweezer Guru is just $15 for four different style tweezers to meet all your needs. I’ve used them to get rid of tiny hairs, stubborn hairs, and even small whiteheads although you should use a comedone set for that. I use these tweezers just about every day and they work better than any tweezers I’ve ever owned. People call them a “game changer,” say they’re “obsessed” with them, and regret not buying them sooner.

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  1. Liz version 700 says:

    I have a similar pop up thing for my small SUV trunk from Amazon and I love it! It is so good for groceries and keeping other items from just rolling around in the trunk. You won’t regret that purchase.

  2. TIFFANY says:

    I have been looking for a good set of tweezers, so I will look into these.

  3. RMES says:

    Long time celebitchy reader that never comments. This new thing you are doing with the reviews is THE BOMB! Thank you for this feature. Also love the book reviews and all the comments. I will lurk less and comment more there if that keeps them as a regular thing. I have found the microfiber towels to be extremely effective and a lot less wasteful than the single use ones. Also a lot less irritating to my eyes. I buy in bulk and dole them out to everyone in a small effort to improve the planet…

  4. Nicegirl says:

    Our coffee maker just broke. Timely as ever!! Thank you 😊

  5. HK9 says:

    You know, I just ordered the car organizer. I have a problem with cd organization in my car (#mycarisoldersoamIandsoundqualitymatterstomeok) and I legit just looked at the mess on the passenger side of my car and thought I have to fix this. And now I have-thanks Celebitches!

  6. Who ARE These People? says:

    You once posted a mesh net that installs between front seats and holds handbags — I got it and it works great, thanks!

    If you do a kitchen gadget post, I recommend the green kale stripper (with holes and a serrated blade…maybe OXO) and an amazing cauliflower cutter. The Chef’n Stalkchop Cauliflower Prep Tool, Green

    • JV says:

      I also bought the seat net, and I absolutely love it!!!!! Keeps all my water bottles from rolling around in the floor, and holds my purse, too!

  7. Bosandi says:

    I have the make-up remover cloths. They are wonderful. I’ve saved a bunch not buying the neutrogena wipes.

  8. Astrid says:

    I bought the femail pink shaver when it was first posted and I love it. I had no idea these products were available. highly recommend

  9. ariel says:

    I bought the electric shaver the last time y’all had it listed- and OMG I LOVE IT!!!
    It of course does not shave *quite* as close as a razor in the shower- but close enough, and I don’t have to risk falling from an odd position in the shower while shaving my damn legs.

  10. JennyJenny says:

    I’m sorry, but I have that tweezer set from a post a long time ago and I’m not impressed.
    They do not keep their sharpness for long.
    Tweezer Man tweezers are still worth the price.

  11. Jensies says:

    We got a refurbished Ninja coffee maker off Amazon after our Mr Coffee broke, and it’s been the best thing. It’s so easy to use, great design. Can’t recommend enough.

  12. Reece says:

    The trunk organizer is awesome!
    The tweezers for me at least are not. They are strong and grip the hair but (maybe it’s me) I’ve used them and it cut through the hair. So that I’ve pulled a piece of hair away but the root was still in the follicle. You know when you’re using tweezers and you might grab a piece of skin, I’ve literally drawn blood. The edges are cut so sharp! Don’t even think about running them across your skin to get the tiny little hairs, just leave them.
    There is absolutely an invisible tweezer/nail clipper thief in my house but I would rather go buy a pair at the store (and have done so) than use those. Maybe someone with thicker hair and less sensitive skin can use them but not me.

  13. Jessica says:

    I wanted to tell you that I purchased the Teva sandals you linked to months ago. I wore them all summer. They are the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned! I walked all around Hershey Park and then Boston in them with no issues. I opted for the maroon ones which were $5 cheaper! Keep up the great work.

    I wanted to alert you to 2 products that are working great for me. One so much that I do Subscribe and Save:

    I did a huge search for under eye masks and found so many from companies that sounded so random. I finally found this one and researched the company and liked what I read. So I trust the ingredients and that they are actually cruelty free.


    I have puffiness and purplish discoloration under my eyes along with fine lines. So I can’t just slather on concealer – it will break apart and/or settle and look horrible. So I take a 2 pronged approach now: I use these masks and then I mix my Tarte concealer with a bit of this:


    You can easily find it at the drugstore for even cheaper. I was shocked at how well it worked for me! And with the eye masks I really do look different. I wear them right after my am skincare routine before applying make up. Not every day, but if you have time, they are so worth it.

    Thanks for listening!