Princess Beatrice’s soon-to-be stepson is taking ‘etiquette classes’ at the age of 2

Prince Jean-Christophe Napoléon and Olympia d'Arco-Zinneberg are married

As I’ve said before, it feels like there’s something big which has gone unspoken with Princess Beatrice’s engagement to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. I don’t know what that unspoken thing is, I only know that it feels very much like royal reporters are talking around *something*. Edoardo was engaged to Dara Huang and they have a child together, a two-year-old son named Christopher (nicknamed “Wolfie” apparently). The fact that Beatrice is marrying a man who had a child “out of wedlock” and who dumped his fiancee as soon as someone better came along… well, it feels like it should be more of a thing. But, you know, Meghan is biracial, so therefore no one says sh-t about Bea and Edoardo’s weirdness. So, let’s double-down on the weirdness: apparently, Wolfie is getting etiquette lessons ahead of his dad’s wedding:

What do you do when your son’s soon-to-be stepmum is a princess? Get him urgent royal etiquette training, of course. When Princess Beatrice marries Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi next year, a youngster will enter the family too.

Edoardo has a son called Christopher with glamorous ex-fiancée Dara Huang. Bea is already believed to be close to the two-year-old, whose nickname is Wolfie. And despite being an innocent toddler, I’ve learned he has been having etiquette training in preparation for entering the world’s most formal family.

The lessons are being conducted by Myka Meier, a well-known etiquette trainer who is close friends with American architect Dara. Helpfully, she also happens to be Wolfie’s godmother. Myka lives in New York with her Swiss husband but is certainly the woman for such a job, having been trained in etiquette by a former staff member of the Queen. She is the founder of Beaumont Etiquette and The Plaza Hotel Finishing Program and next year publishes debut book Modern Etiquette Made Easy.

Myka, who says she brings “a fresh and relatable perspective to modern manners”, flew to London last week to start working with Wolfie and catch up with Dara.

A source close to the family told me the decision was made to train the youngster “so he knows how to act in the presence of the Royal Family”. Dara posted a picture of Myka on Instagram talking to Wolfie, with the caption: “God mums give the best advice. Thank you.” It’s all part of the very modern approach to this coupling, with Harvard University graduate Dara heartily embracing her ex-partner’s decision to marry Beatrice.

[From The Sun]

“The decision was made to train the youngster ‘so he knows how to act in the presence of the Royal Family’” – if the Royal Family is seriously going to expect a two-year-old to “behave properly” in front of them, THEY are the ones with the issue. I mean, I would hope that a two-year-old wouldn’t throw a massive screaming tantrum at the Queen’s feet as well, but kids are kids and a two-year-old is gonna do whatever the hell he wants, etiquette lessons or not. Wouldn’t it be easier or smarter to simply have Edoardo and Beatrice sit down with Wolfie and say, “all you have to do is stand still for five minutes when we get to the palace and then you’ll get ice cream.” I mean, bribery works. If I was trying to get a two-year-old to behave, I would bribe the sh-t out of him.

Prince Jean-Christophe Napoléon and Olympia d'Arco-Zinneberg are married

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45 Responses to “Princess Beatrice’s soon-to-be stepson is taking ‘etiquette classes’ at the age of 2”

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  1. Lauren says:

    This sounds like an attempt by Dara and the godmother to plug the godmother’s book and business. It likely has nothing to do with Beatrice and Edoardo needing to make sure a two year old knows his royal etiquette.

    • Mignionette says:

      Yep pretty much another – look I’m a ‘Royal adjacent person’ so let me plug my wares story…

    • Becks1 says:

      I think this is exactly right. Anyone who has a 2 year old knows the idea of “royal etiquette” is laughable, but this is a chance to promote a book/business.

      • Erinn says:

        Personally, I’m just impressed when I see a kid that age do… anything vaguely related to what their parents asked them to do haha. The attention span just isn’t there.

    • Lisa says:

      Completely agree.

  2. Mignionette says:

    Will George, Charlotte, Savannah and Isla be going to the same classes after their yearly antics at TOTC ?

    This sounds like a made up story btw…

  3. Aims says:

    I think that’s bizarre. I have an idea, maybe if they’re handing out” lessons.” They should give her father lessons on common sense. Like, you don’t party with a pedophile and you don’t hook up with underage girls.

    • Amy Too says:

      Aims, an adult man can’t hookup with underage girls, he can only rape them.

      • Aims says:

        You’re right. I regret even saying that. He raped underage girls. There is no consent if you are underage. As soon as I made that comment I immediately regretted it.

  4. Ariel says:

    Now I’m curious. What do you think the press is talking around?

  5. Eliza says:

    Considering it’s his Godmother and mother’s good friend, and his mother is the only one in the article and therefore helping her friend with some PR… I feel weird saying this is on Bea/Edo or royal family. I doubt Wolfie is going to NYC for etiquette lessons. It’s just a nice business PR article.

    Edo/Dara appear to have gotten engaged when they found out they were pregnant and broke up after the baby came… babies are not band-aids. I don’t think it was Bea. I don’t think he’s with Bea for a huge romantic love story either (hes shady), but I think him and Dara were over.

    • dchesschicana says:

      They could have been a mutual benificial relationship, where Bea could be taken care of and Edo gets exposure ? Doesnt mean they could have fallen in love, stranger things have happened.

  6. Snappyfish says:

    Edo reminds me of Lord Snowden. I hope Beatrice fares better than Margaret did with her lout.

  7. Cee says:

    She’s plugging her book and etiquette classes.

  8. Oui oki says:

    She’s not someone better who came along. They knew each other a while right?
    The ex is prettier, fitter, and successful. I’m guessing they weren’t happy together, it happens. Some people can’t stay together due to personality.
    Etiquette classes are big in china , is Dara from there?

    • LadyLaw says:

      While they did know each other she almost certainly was in a relationship with David Clark for the majority of the time he knew her. Then when she hit the market all of the sudden his relationship fell apart. If she didn’t have such a penchant for users and terrible male role models I would agree that maybe he should get the benefit of the doubt but she does.

    • TQ says:

      @Oui oki — Dara is Asian American of Chinese ancestry like me. So no more from China than I am. Definitely not the same thing.

      • Oui oki says:

        Thanks for answering :) yup I’m aware it’s not the same thing for sure. So two brits who were previously with Americans are now together, that’s something they have in common

  9. TheOriginalMia says:

    Nothing shady. They weren’t together for long before Wolfie came along. He wasn’t enough to keep them together. It happens even in royal adjacent circles but they have a son and therefore work together to raise him. And this sounds made up and promotion for his godmother’s business. The great grandchildren are allowed to be normal. Wolfie should fit right in.

  10. Bookworm says:

    While it doesn’t have to be formal, there’s nothing wrong with teaching a child good manners. Please and Thank You were among my kids’ first words. Bribery can teach them to be brats. Children should be spirited and fun, but still have the basic knowledge of proper behavior.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      I agree,frankly (although an occasional bribe isn’t the worst ).😉
      IMO,It’s the wording *etiquette lessons *-sounds a bit much for a two year old.Teaching a little one to be polite and say Thankyou,share,be quite in church or wait your turn,that’s fine.
      Maybe the bigger issue is that he’ll have a role in their wedding and they think helping him learn a little isn’t so bad.

  11. Jane says:

    Dara denied this on instagram.

  12. TQ says:

    Agree about the split — seems clear he opportunistically saw the advantages of being with Bea and dumped Dara for her. Dara didn’t even have time to find her own flat!

    In any event, as others have said can’t foresee this being a long term marriage. But they’ll each get what they want/need from it, I suppose (her: marriage like her younger sister; him: next level publicity & fame being a royal spouse).

    And even if this item is just PR for Dara’s friend’s firm, I still think Dara has come across looking like a class act given all the circumstances. Definitely on TeamDara on this one. She seems like a badass!

    • dchesschicana says:

      I think Dara is really Awesome and nice, but I dont agree the times she allowed the press to publish photos of their son

  13. Michelle says:

    My son’s daycare has had an etiquette teacher come in once a week since he was 2. At that age, it’s basic table manners, being kind to each other and please and thank you. I see no reason to hate on that 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Mignionette says:

      This sounds so cute and I like the being kind to each other bit. At that age those positive traits stick really well.

    • minx says:

      We’re a pretty relaxed and low-key family but my husband and I always said please and thank you in front of our kids, from the beginning, and we expected them to say it too. They have turned into polite adults, thank goddess.

  14. JanetFerber says:

    TQ, I agree totally. Bea has a totally shady pedophile rapist dad and she wants this compromised, shady, handsome, opportunistic flim flam man as her husband. Yes, yes and yes. Mess all around, so the innocent two year old child takes etiquette lessons. Makes sense to me! Then all will be well.
    Better to give how- to -be a -decent -human -being lessons to his dad and soon-to-be step-grandfather. Nahhh. Never gonna happen.

  15. Other Renee says:

    I checked out Dara’s Instagram page and she wrote “Obviously Wolfie is not taking etiquette classes. He’s 3!” Goes on to say Myka Meier is her best friend and is in London to visit. Dara seems incredibly talented, leading a really chic and cool life.

    Anyhoo, now that that’s cleared up… I find this guy so so so suspect. But look at her father, what a terrible role model. And after ten years she’s dumped only to see her ex quickly marry someone else. Poor Bea.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      This “Poor Bea” sentiment is exactly WHY this relationship IS happening. Bea is the older, unmarried sister; isn’t she the last of this group to be getting married? And after the Dave Clark fiasco of being dumped after the ultimatum, I think she pretty much grabbed onto the first opportunist that “played along”.

      I get SUCH MAJOR douche/user vibes from this guy. While I’m not a fan of Bea or any of the Yorks, I don’t wish this guy on her. I just don’t think it will end well.

  16. Gigli says:

    Dara denied they are etiquette classes on 24th october, well over a week ago…

  17. Steph says:

    I can’t decide if Edoardo is handsome or looks like a serial killer…

    • minx says:

      To me he looks boring and blank, like deer-in-the-headlights. I just see him using his new connections and then dumping her, or giving her reason to dump him.

  18. Jen says:

    I think it is more about publicity. I think the Royal Family is more about hiding the kids away for formal dinners, etc. Though I already predict a double standard if this child acts up, whereas if Charlotte does something that many would consider rude, it is “look at the cheeky girl! Such a marvelous personality!!!!”

  19. L84Tea says:

    Enjoy the lessons, kiddo. They won’t mean much when this marriage inevitably implodes.

  20. Redgrl says:

    They should be teaching him to stay away from Prince Andrew. Gallows humour aside, I just can’t with this bunch – the Yorks are grifters the lot of them.

  21. Sass says:

    God there are some weird ass stories coming out of the palace these days.

  22. Lisabella says:

    Etiquette classes need to be given to the future Brides PARENTS…