Prince William will go on a solo tour to Kuwait & Oman in December, hmm

Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge unveils the plaques as he officially opens the new graduate building, the H B Allen Centre, at Keble College, Oxford University in Oxford, central England on October 3, 2019.

Personally, I thought the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Pakistan tour was probably their most “successful” tour as far as good media coverage, and doing what they set out to do. William and Kate are not sent out on politically sensitive tours, tours where they would need to do a lot of meetings with high-level political figures or work behind the scenes on economic or diplomatic issues. No, the Cambridges are sent on tours to boost tourism, to make charitable connections and draw attention to charities and local issues. They’re the very definition of “soft diplomacy.” And they leaned into that in Pakistan, big time.

A large part of the success of the Pakistan tour was Kate, quite honestly. Her clothes were great, she seemed incredibly engaged with everyone she met, and… well, she’s always the main attraction on the Cambridges’ tours anyway. It’s a combination of things – William is so dull, and we’re always going to be more interested in royal women anyway, because of fashion, jewelry, makeup, etc. Kate will always shine in comparison to William. But William will have to “shine” on his own during a four-day tour to the Middle East next month:

I wonder… do you think William requested a solo tour? Do you think he told Kate to sit this one out? Or was this an order from the Foreign Office? Or perhaps Oman and Kuwait simply wanted William solo? That’s what I don’t believe – countries know by now that if they really want a royal tour to get international coverage, Kate (or Meghan) has to be there. The Foreign Office knows that too. Which makes me think that the request probably was for William AND Kate. But somehow, William is just going solo.

Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge interacts with Bambam, a robot designed to understand the environment and pick up objects during a visit to officially open the new graduate building, the H B Allen Centre, at Keble College, Oxford University in Oxford, central England on October 3, 2019.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Enn says:

    Wasn’t Charles just in Japan without Camilla? I don’t see the big deal.

    • Ksias says:

      Right. William, Charles and Harry all take solo tours frequently. I’m confused about how this is possibly a conspiracy.

      • ADS says:

        Sorry! My question is answered below.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        I could be wrong but I think Camilla has a problem with flying overseas (health???) and this is the reason she did not go on the Japan tour.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Travel-induced vertigo. When they go on longer tours farther away, she may fly out earlier to a nearby location to adapt. For quick flights it may not impact her as much.

    • Sam Louise says:

      Harry was just there over the weekend.

    • Becks1 says:

      I thought it was odd that Charles went without Camilla, since it was for the coronation, but I have read that flying makes her sick (vertigo maybe?) so I wonder if it was just too long a flight for her.

    • Eliza says:

      It’s probably a quick tour. Less than a week. Yes, men’s tours arent as press hounded, but they’re not bound at the hip, they’re allowed to work solo. It’s not the womans job to do everything because navy suits are boring.

      I’m sure this tour of Williams will be more political: meeting officials, dinners, security talks. But 2 days in each country and gone.

      • SKF says:

        I can’t see them talking security with him. What would be the purpose of that? He’s not a politician. I’m not as familiar with Kuwait’s situation; but Oman is pretty much the Switzerland of the Gulf – neutral. They are friends with everyone (Saudi, Qatar, Iran, etc.) and extremely peaceful.

  2. RoyalBlue says:

    They have been embiggening William over the past year. I think he made a solo trip to Israel in the past year in an attempt to make him appear more serious and important.

    • Chelle says:

      Yes. He did. There are many reasons but I think he also does those types of solo trips to look like an elder statesmen.

      • Evie says:

        And in another 10 to 15 years or so, Wills will actually BE an elder statesman! Hard to believe that he’s already 37 and Diana’s been gone for 22 years. Time is flying by! Wills needs to step up big time.

    • Hannah says:

      Maybe she’s pregnant?

    • Hannah says:

      Maybe she’s pregnant?

      • Jackie says:

        She was out just last night (or the night before) and has been doing engagements recently. Everytime she’s been pregnant she gets awful morning sickness and is unable to do anything. So I’d say it’s unlikely that she is.

  3. Sam Louise says:

    Oman and Kuwait aren’t exactly “women friendly” places. Perhaps Kate asked not to be included?

    • Enn says:

      Or maybe they specifically asked for just him?

    • Chelle says:

      True but the spin will be that she stayed home to look after the kids added to the fact that they were so recently separated from them due to the Pakistan tour.

    • A says:

      I doubt it. Both Kate and William are fully aware of the royal MO, which is that no matter how personally distasteful you might find a given person or the political apparatus of a country, you maintain your manners and good behaviour because respectability is what matters the most above everything else. The Queen regularly hosted genocidal dictators and had people like Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair and David Cameron over for a meeting every week. If Kate had been asked to go on this trip, she would have gone, no questions asked, and been treated much better than any local woman because she’s a member of the BRF and they can hardly tell her not to drive or to cover up her ankles. Different rules for different people.

      • Vava says:

        Too bad Willy and Kate successfully avoided the Trump visit to England recently. I would have LOVED to have seen that!! LOL

    • SKF says:

      Yeah, I’ve lived in Oman and it is perfectly woman-friendly. Some of the laws for women need improving; but on a day-to-day basis they are largely just ignored.

      It is a country full of extremely strong women and all of my Omani girlfriends live their lives the way they want. They are university educated, they’ve had And co ti he to have plenty of sex before marriage, some are bi or lesbian, they drink, some smoke weed, they’ve all tried party drugs in the past too. They party and have fun, they wear what they want.

      They all drive, in fact one of my female Omani friends is a drift race driver. They are bad-arse drivers because they all go four-wheel driving so much (wadis, dune-bashing in the desert, beaches, up the mountains, etc.).

      You can wear what you like – there was a Russian woman in my building who wore mini dresses with cleavage and bare arms every day. Most of the British ex-pats and Filipina maids wear what they would wear in any hot weather. If you want to respect the more conservative elements of culture though, in public away from beaches and outdoor activities we generally wore loose pants and light blouses for work and then casually maxi dresses and skirts or palazzo pants with a scarf over your shoulders when in public. At the beach and pools everyone was in swimwear; singlets and shorts. At bars people wear whatever. When hiking or engaging in adventure activities (super common) you also wear shorts etc.

      I loved living in Oman, and I am a strong feminist. It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had, with the most incredible group of friends. The hospitality is second to none. Kate would have a great time if she went, it’s a stunning country.

      Omani law is a combination of English and Sharia; but sharia is interpreted differently in every country. For example, in most countries that follow sharia, abortion is legal until four months unless performed in an illegal manner (against the woman’s will or on herself in an unsafe manner). However the details vary depending on the interpretation. Additionally, Oman is majority Ibadi Islam which is a very peaceful and tolerant form of Islam, and Christians and Jews have historically been able to practice their own religions openly in Oman. A 2008 law stipulates that the testimonies of men and women before a court are equal in Oman (although child custody laws need improving).

      I’m not very familiar with Kuwait; but I do know that Kuwait’s legal system is a mix of British common law, French civil law, Egyptian civil law and Islamic law and sharia law only applies in some instances and again is based on interpretation. It’s likely extremely hospitable, like most middle eastern nations.

      Treatment of maids (Filipina, Indian, Bangladeshi, Kenyan, etc.) varies but in general needs massive improvement across the whole of the Gulf. Yes, there are horror stories. Especially coming out of Saudi. This is also the case on wealthy Asian nations and households, where these maids are treated atrociously. Wide-scale reform is needed there. The Filipino maids I knew personally in Oman had pretty good bosses though. One we became good friends with and used to take partying. She and her boss were buddies – he was very much still her boss; but they hung out, drank, did karaoke, and made jokes at each others’ expense.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        @ SKF : thanks for the information. I’m in Saudi and it’s a bit of a drag about clothes but it’s changing quickly.

      • Wisca says:

        What western & specifically American women think of as freedom–to cut open our bodies to put in implants, to mutilate our feet / spine in stilettos, to hide our gray hair, to not eat, to attack anyone not conforming to patriarchal prescribed beauty norms is not, in fact, freedom. It is an ideology of male dominance masked as freedom. It is ideological because our “choices” are seemingly neutral and natural. In free America, our president is a sexual predator beloved by millions of women. Our legislatures restrict our reproductive rights. I could go on. Women in the West, specifically in the U.S. should worry about our own, very powerful fundamentalists.

  4. Becks1 says:

    I think William goes solo for tours that are less “soft diplomacy” and more what you described initially – politically sensitive tours that involve meetings with high level diplomatic and political figures. So it makes sense to me that he is going by himself.

    • Chelle says:

      Totally agree.

    • notasugarhere says:

      William couldn’t bow properly to the Emperor of Japan, sit through a Tea Ceremony without squirming, and he mocked the historic outfits he was shown in Japan. He was begged in the press not to go to a particular elephant sanctuary in China, because they were known to beat and abuse elephants. He went anyway, because he wanted the photo op with elephants. He flubs the whole ivory question, both on that Japan/China tour and repeatedly at home.

      Sending him to do something politically sensitive is a mistake, when he cannot even handle the basics or things related to a cause he claims to care so much about.

      • Sam Louise says:

        So true. He is quite useless in his role. I hope Charles reigns for a long time; it will take all those years to get William up to “adequate”.

      • Leah says:

        He pushed to go to an elephant establishment known to beat their elephants!? And went even after he was informed of the conditions these elephants were forced to live in? And I thought I couldn’t hate him more.

      • Becks1 says:

        @nota I didn’t say he was good at it lol! Just that I’ve noticed those are the kinds of tours he does alone. the ones with Kate are much more tourism and fashion focused.

      • Chelle says:

        Oh wow. LOL. Diitto. I didn’t say he was good. I just agreed that they send him on those type of trips. He has wasted his time being petulant and resentful instead of becoming knowledgeable and well-groomed. He even looked uncomfortable IMO when meeting the Obamas, who go out of their way to make people feel comfortable with them.

        I think all of us have had enough (work or other) with people who look and dress the part but who don’t know sh*t (or very little). IMO that’s Will and Kate.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It feels so much like “Barbie and Ken on holiday” every time they show up for these gigs. Nothing important said, nothing accomplished, lots of grinning and posing, with a few cultural slip-ups and offenses thrown in.

    • A says:

      Which is all the more insulting to Kate, no? “Oh honey, you stay at home and mind the children, I’m going to be off doing important man things like political stuff, you wouldn’t possibly understand with all of the clothes and coat dresses you have to wear.”

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        “like political stuff, you wouldn’t possibly understand with all of the clothes and coat dresses you have to wear.” — and yet, sadly, this is actually a *true* statement.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It is kind of you to think William capable of understanding the “political stuff”.

      • Lady D says:

        Could you imagine her ‘accidentally flashing her ass in one of those countries? It would be an international incident, that could land her in jail there. It wouldn’t even have to be flashing, it could be as innocuous as holding his hand or kissing his cheek.

      • swirlmamad says:

        @ Lady D I could never imagine them holding hands or kissing cheeks in public, EVER! M&H they are not.

  5. Mignionette says:

    I don’t see this as a big deal. He did a similar tour of Israel and Palestine last year. I think he goes alone to these events so that one parent is available for the kids. This is not a meet and greet type event, he’s actually going in an official capacity so going alone makes sense,

    • Becks1 says:

      Well, for Jordan/Israel tour, Kate was still technically on maternity leave, so i’m not sure if she would have been included had that not been the case. But, I agree that this isn’t a big deal, William can and should do solo tours.

    • minx says:

      I don’t see it as a big deal either.

  6. Catherine says:

    After seeing the recent news in Pakistan, there must be security issues. “Soft diplomacy” is the only international job for the BRF. The UK is a democracy 😜 Prince Charles, The Queen, or PW aren’t hammering out trade deals. Never have.

    According to the court circular… one was “working” in August. That’s such a easily verifiable fact, why they would draw attention back to that month? PH did attend a rugby match, but I didn’t see any other official engagements in August. They did a lot of “work” in September, but August??

    • Eliza says:

      Correct. They can’t “do” much. They can create interest in a dinner party on a tour or at home that puts the people who can do things together. That’s…. about it. That and continuity/tradition and pomp.

    • A says:

      Yes, but even that soft diplomacy has incredibly powerful consequences. For a royal family that arguably has very little political power, they more than make up for that with the perception that they are the arbiters of tradition and pomp. And there are a lot of places around the world that place a great deal of importance on that perception. The Kuwait and Omani royal families are likely clambering over themselves to hang out with William, as weird as that might sound to the rest of us. My only question is what does the foreign office want from either Kuwait or Oman that they’re sending William out there to make everyone look good.

      • mercury says:

        As someone who is originally from Oman, I can tell you that the Sultan of Oman is not “clamboring” to host these guys.

      • SKF says:

        The Omani Sultan had his schooling in the UK and is good friends with the Queen already. However, he is dying from cancer and his heir isn’t clear (he has no children or direct nieces or nephews); so maybe the Omanis want Wills to meet the next gen possibles in line to be Sultan.

  7. DS9 says:

    I wouldn’t think twice about this if I thought Kate had some work lined up.

    But whatever, I guess.

    • Rusalka says:

      She’s really hard-working! She… probably has to… apply her own eyeliner.

      Or… gardening! She likes to garden! Er… well she likes to let others do the actual gardening, but she’ll visit it! Like, once.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Perhaps she’s busy inventing sitting on a rock, to go along with inventing sitting on a log?

    • Sam Louise says:

      She has to stay at meetings for the full hour! Poor sausage is exhausted!

    • SKF says:

      Kate is a mother of three. I am fully behind the mothers of young children (or fathers) spending a lot if time parenting their children. Yes, it’s be great if she did a bit more. But while those kids are young; I think it’s okay for her to spend a lot of time at home with them. Once they are all in school she should do more engagements during school hours and if she doesn’t, that’s very much on her and very slack.

      • Becks1 says:

        She didn’t do a lot before she had kids, so I wouldn’t hold your breath that she is going to do more once Louis starts school.

  8. Guest says:

    Hes so gross and disgusting. What a future england has, Brexit and mr egghead.

  9. JemimaLeopard says:

    Royals do solo tours a lot so not that odd but I’m wondering when Kate is going to do a solo tour? She’s been there 8 years and has never undertaken a solo tour. I know she was meant to at one point (was it Malta??) but she got pregnant and had to pull out. I’m sure she did a solo trip to the Netherlands a couple of years back, but it was a day trip which I don’t feel counts as a proper tour. Just wondering are they waiting for M to announce her first solo tour at some point and then be like “COOEY I CAN DO A TOUR TOOOO!”

    • Kristina says:

      Does Camilla do tours alone, or Sophie? Did Fergie? (Those are the only names I know lol) I truly don’t know- I’ve never followed royals much. I know Diana did but her situation was a unique one with the divorce and complete dislike between her and Charles. Just curious- I didn’t know if “blood royals” have to be attached to tours or not.

      • Becks1 says:

        Sophie does, and she does interesting tours that I wish garnered more attention. Recently she was in Kosovo and before that Kenya.

      • Harla says:

        Sophie has done solo tours to Qatar and India. Camilla did a 2 day tour to Paris to learn about the charity Emmaus and did other engagements.

      • Kristina says:

        @Becks1 @Harla thanks! Yes- I wish I had heard about those. They do sound interesting

      • Becks1 says:

        @Harla – I had forgotten about her trip to India. That was a pretty big one IIRC, and lets not forget that she also has two children at home.

        so yes, the senior female royals can and do go on tours by themselves. I imagine we will start seeing Meghan doing a few tours on her own fairly soon, even if they’re relatively short.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, Camilla does too. Not as frequently because of her flight-induced vertigo.

    • Rusalka says:

      Imagine her let loose abroad. I don’t think she’d know how to handle herself anywhere that’s not Mustique haha.

  10. iamcait says:

    That bored, constipated look in the first photo says it all.

  11. Rusalka says:

    You know they say you get the face you deserve?


  12. Steph says:

    Do they normally announce a tour so close to its start date? Also, is Kate pregnant again? With how sick she gets early on, they’d already know she wouldn’t be able to go.

  13. Ally says:

    I suppose if a burka is the traditional dress we wouldn’t be seeing many looks from Kate, anyway. What’s the point of the tour?

  14. notasugarhere says:

    We’re ignoring the group of diplomats who walked out of the royal reception, a story that was hushed up by the embiggening press. The tour wasn’t a success, it was a strictly-controlled fashion and photo op, with negative stories covered up quickly.

    • PsychoBot says:

      Where was it ignored? Not here, you didn’t have to dig it up in the darkweb to know about it. It was reported on. And from what we all read, it was, in a way logistical issue that both Kate and Will had nothing to do with.

      Seriously though– the tour was a success in however way you rate tours. You can argue that there hasn’t been a felt impact, but then again what has the SA tour changed? There were some Pakistani women who appreciated the tour and felt it was more than a photo op and controlled fashion– and since you and I aren’t Pakistani we have no right to reduce something that showed the country in a positive light so something so simplistic and vain like that just bc we don’t like W and K. Come now

      • Becks1 says:

        How do you rate a tour as a success? I ask because I keep hearing that the Pakistani tour was such a success, and i’m not sure why that is, at least not compared to any other recent royal tour. What was a recent royal tour that was NOT a success?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Becks1, to me a fashion show where they still manage to insult local culture? Where diplomats leave receptions because they feel insulted? That isn’t a success to me.

      • PsychoBot says:

        @Becks1: I dunno how people rate tours, that’s why I said “however way”, but it was well received by the people– on the ground + twitter + they had all those government officials.

        You can have a conversation about the impact and what people thought of it yes, I also want to know if tourism has at least increased or if people have a better perception of Pakistani, it’s people and their cultures and traditions. But dismissing it as vain (this how was it was described on a past thread), to make it sound so worthless just bc it didn’t measure up to a set standard from a person who the tour wasn’t totally meant for is uncalled for. It’s dismissive, it disregards indigenous voices that have spoken in favor of, esp when the comment is coming from a regular.

    • Linda says:


  15. Sofia says:

    I don’t think there’s much of a conspiracy. Royals do solo tours all the time.

  16. A says:

    I wonder what the intention of this tour would be. I have a hunch that the palace is embiggening William in a way, just like they’re trying it with Kate. They often give him “heavy” diplomatic tours, like the one he did in Jordan a year or so ago, so that they can gush about how he’s just ever so diplomatic to go to a place ridden with such conflict and not say something to piss everyone off, so truly kingly, what a good future monarch. That’s what this is about. Also, the foreign office trots out the British royals to go to all of these places because they need good relationships with countries like Oman and Kuwait, and those countries, which are ruled by actively ruling monarchies, desperately want validation which they find by hanging out with the British royals. Also, all of the photo ops in the tour gives the press yet another convenient af excuse to ignore the human rights violations in countries like Oman and Kuwait, so it’s a win win all around.

    Look, with both William and Charles, they have to learn to accept that they’re not exactly the hot sh-t when it comes to the news cycle. I know it runs anathema to everything they’ve ever been taught growing up, that being the future monarch means they’re number one, that they must be top dog in everything, but short of just flat out kicking every last sibling out of your family and keeping your spouse out of the public eye, you’re going to have to accept that there will never be an equal amount of attention given to all of them. If the monarch is supposed to be boring and the font of stability, the fact is simply that this doesn’t sell with the press. Sorry. So instead of being pissy about it constantly and letting your jealousy wreck your relationships with your family, why not learn to grow tf up?

    • Nic919 says:

      They undercut William looking serious during the Israel tour when he posed with that cut out of Kate as a kid visiting that location in Jordan.
      That was ridiculous. He was also photographed playing video games on the same tour. Let’s hope they don’t do anything that silly during this tour.

      • A says:

        I don’t think it’s fair to blame William for the cutout of Kate–that was purely the host country’s doing. It’s cringe, but it’s not like William can say, “I’m not standing in front of that cutout of my wife that you’ve painstakingly put together thinking it’d be cute because I think it’s cringe, sorry.”

        I couldn’t find anything on the video games, but what I did find was him very conveniently sitting around watching the world cup and being joined “spontaneously” by the Crown Prince of Jordan. I think you’re talking about a different story though, so I’m not sure. Either way, his supposed silliness would actually matter if, you know, his tour received adequate coverage per HIS standards, but I distinctly remember a story about him pitching a sh-tfit at the time because he felt like his tour was not getting the attention he thought it deserved.

      • Becks1 says:

        I actually liked the World Cup thing. It wasn’t spontaneous, the crown prince invited him to watch with him in his “private” media room, since William hadn’t been able to watch the match live. It was clearly staged and I guess done to show that there were good ties between the UK and Jordan among the younger generations, but I still didn’t mind it.

      • A says:

        @Becks1, my primary issue with it is the fact that Jordanian royal family is full of d-ckheads whose first and foremost function is to uphold Western hegemony in the region at the expense of the people living there. So cutesy photo ops of that type really grind my gears because it’s patently obvious that it’s intended to be propaganda for a Western audience who might not be aware of what the Jordanian RF gets up to at home. “Oh hey, look, here’s the relatively good looking, young prince from an RF that has repeatedly stymied any attempts to foster a working democratic process in the country for the past 70 years but let’s ignore that and focus on how nice he is and how him and William are both such huge football fans.”

        Yeah, suffice it to say, I was NOT a fan of that tour, and for once, it wasn’t because of William.

    • spookie says:

      @ A Sorry to disappoint you but the tour is at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. I don’t think the RF choose the tour locations.

      • Nic919 says:

        The cutout was arranged by the UK office in Jordan and not the Jordani govt. The British aides were seen brining it to the location by the media. William could have said no, it’s not like he does anything he doesn’t want to do.

        The only moment of reminiscing about the past that had any value was when he visited where his great grandmother was buried. The other stuff cheapened the supposed seriousness of this tour.

      • A says:

        @Spookie, what makes you think the RF and the British Foreign Office don’t have any level of collaboration between them when they decide and plan on tours? Like, I highly doubt this is the FO showing up and saying, “You’re going here.” It’s not as if the FO has no understanding of public relations when it comes to the royals. They definitely have that in mind and choose accordingly who they want going where. This is definitely a tour that’s intended to show off William as the future heir, who’s liaising with other ruling royals around the world on behalf of the British govt, who have incredibly important ties with these people. There’s a reason they’re not sending someone like Prince Edward, or Sophie of Wessex.

    • notasugarhere says:

      ‘So instead of being pissy about it constantly and letting your jealousy wreck your relationships with your family, why not learn to grow tf up?’

      It interests me to see old-school, thought they were over this centuries ago, royal dynastic jealousies playing out in a modern context. What would it have been like if we’d seen Richard III and the princes in the tower situation played out in the press and SM. All six of Henry VIII wives discussed on a global stage, with their courtiers leaking to tabloids and vying for attention. Or Elizabeth, Mary, and Mary Queen of Scots zinging back and forth about each other on instagram.

      • A says:

        @nota, I don’t think the comparisons with previous monarchies in England/Britain work. Richard III, Henry VIII, all of them (and their wives and heirs etc) were fighting over actual political power. They weren’t crying because their good works weren’t getting enough attention in the press. I’m not saying that element to it didn’t exist, because clearly, even back then, being a ruler was primarily a popularity contest and people exploited that to great effect when it came to taking power. But it wasn’t the petty, banal type of infighting we see here today, where none of this actually matters. Harry being more popular than William or Charles doesn’t mean he’s going to raise an army and usurp the throne. There is no part of Harry’s popularity that is, in any way, a threat to Charles or William’s actual positions. They’re just mad because people don’t like them. And that’s an extraordinarily stupid thing to be mad about when you’re in a position that serves a fundamental constitutional function for not just your own country, but a bunch of nations around the world. That is their actual JOBS.

  17. liriel says:

    Honestly, without the wives it’s boring. Strange move after their best tour..

  18. spookie says:

    My reaction to this news was to be pleased given the way women are treated in those countries.

    An aside – recent programme on the Duchy of Cornwall showed William engaging with farmer tenants etc. as part of getting to grips with the organisation in preparation for when he takes over. Apparently a lot of these visits are done “under the radar.” I’m no great fan of his but perhaps it should remind us that not everything they do is in plain sight or for PR but a means of getting things done better more easily if the cameras aren’t always around.

    • SKF says:

      I know lots of Omani women, having lived there. Pretty sure they’d be rolling their eyes at your comment.

      • Navywife says:

        As someone who’s husband currently lives in Kuwait and have been there several times, I would say the OP is right on point.

    • Suzy Webster says:

      @SPOOKIE no, behind the scenes work only counts on this site when it’s Meghan doing it😂

  19. Basi says:

    This is a gossip site so I’m going to state the obvious. There were rumors that when Kate didn’t join him on that solo trip he took recently and Rose supposedly joined him. So supposedly the affair is still going strong and therefore will likely join him on this solo trip as well.

    • liriel says:

      Isn’t it a bit too risky though? You can have an affair without being on official trip.

    • spookie says:

      No way would Rose have gone without the press knowing, that is one almighty stretch – rumour I wonder who started that.

    • Sorella says:

      A rumor started by Basi? LMAO, never heard of this “rumour” !!

      • Basi says:

        Lol Sorella You’re right it sounds suspicious. I did read that somewhere and I am starting to believe that most blind gossip is made up. I can see the point it would be very difficult to have her on a trip and not have anyone in the press notice but the press seems to paint the Cambridges in a Particularly nice light.
        That nugget seemed a little too good to be true hence bringing it up here to see what you all thought. Thanks for the replies

    • Becks1 says:

      I don’t believe the Rose thing for a minute (that she joined him on a tour), but wasn’t there…..something….on a recent tour of William’s? Like he had some interaction with a model and Kate actually commented about it later, about his flirting or something?

      the whole thing struck me as bizarre but I cant remember the details now.

    • Anance says:

      My first thought – Rose is meeting William and staying at the Embassy. I was wondering about that catty praise-filled article about Kate in the Sun yesterday.

  20. Lowrider says:

    This is his “ job” so what’s the big deal? He will be travelling on a lot of trips at the request of the foreign office. If people have issues take it up with foreign office.

  21. Silas says:

    Here’s a random thought: Harry’s birthday pictures on Instagram had William and Philip. Philip is not a fan of the Queen and Andrew photo ops. William and Kate however were happily photographed in the car with Granny shortly after that photo op because they’re all in for the monarchy. The Instagram picture was William and Harry on Harry’s wedding day and we know that part of the abuse Meghan has recieved has been to take focus off Andrew. Other reasons being Rose, the embiggenning, petty Windsors, racism and xenophobia.

    So, were the pictures a message? Harry reminding his brother of his support?

    And Charles wasn’t in it at all. Something has happened there.

    The picture of baby Harry was relevant later because of the baby hat.

    And Harry and Meghan will be doing something with Camilla for Rembrance Day. Camilla skipped Eugenie’s wedding.

    Also, can we have an article on all the royal gossip in Kenneth Rose’s diaries?

  22. SJ says:

    I think the Royal Family is basically a front for arms dealing.
    And it’s mostly the courtiers making bank off it. That’s why they’re so invested in Royal Family continuing.
    Just google Royal Family and arms deals.
    Kuwait and Oman spend billions on arms.

    • spookie says:

      Oh my goodness

    • Lowrider says:

      I believe it.

      This is why Andrew will not be stripped of his titles. He was the trade envoy for the UK. The RF and British government knew exactly what Andrew was doing.

      Looks like Prince William will be the new Andrew for arms trading with the Middle East…

      • Guest says:

        No it is actually all of them so I don’t know why you are signalling William out. Charles and Camilla have done it plenty times so has Harry when he was there back in 2015. You’re all naive they have been doing this for decades. Why do you think the women going back to Diana always receive such priceless jewels from these countries???

    • Guest says:

      Err no the UK makes the bank/profit that’s the whole point!!! Why else do you think the Royal family is so useful to the country??? Military weapons and arms. Harry is at it with his Invictus. Google who he has bankrolling the games disgusting. You all want to gloss over the facts and revel in the silly gossip and play favourites. No they are all the same. They sell bombs & arms & military aircraft.

  23. Dani says:

    I live in Kuwait as an American but can say that Kate would not only be welcome here but (eyeroll) worshipped. Her choice of dress would not be inappropriate at all. The women here revel in all that is superficial. Love the designer clothes, bags etc. It’s definitely not a women’s right or burkha (another eyeroll) issue.

  24. Navywife says:

    Women just got the privilege to drive in Kuwait not that long ago. And only because Saudi did. You can’t wear shorts or tank tops. Kuwait and Oman both still follow Sharia Law which heavily discriminates against women. There is also really no penalty for rape. The victim will also be arrested as pre-marital sex is illegal. Even women in power aren’t respected. My friend is an naval officer that had to debrief a room of Kuwaiti higher ups in the their military. They saw one look at her and her female JG and literally got up to leave. They wouldn’t cooperate with the country that pretty much is their only military just because the message was being delivered by a female. It could be worse though, you could be an Indian or Filipina women. Then you’re not even considered human and can be killed with little to no consequence done to your killers.

  25. Sam Louise says:

    Navywife answered your question very well. “Disappointed”: did you really not know how women are treated in these two countries?

  26. PsychoBot says:

    @Linda: I’ve seen a comment like this one a few weeks ago and it didn’t surprise me but its really dismissive and it’s almost like who cares what Pakistanis think. Are we really the type of people who think something is worthless just bc it meant nothing to us?

  27. Becks1 says:

    @Psychobot – I think there is a valid question to be had as to who is the target audience for these royal tours. If they’re meant to promote tourism and to showcase a country’s culture, natural landscapes, etc, then its worth considering what people think of it, both those who live in that country and who live outside and are, presumably, the ones to whom the country is being showcased. but that goes to the general question of what is a point of the royal tour.

  28. notasugarhere says:

    All 127 million of them told you that, Linda, or just the headlines in the approved and UK tabloid media?

    This was another of their fluff tours, where anything negative was quickly shoved under the carpet.

  29. Geane says:

    Yes Linda and PsychoBot. Other Pakistani commenters including myself were active during the tour talking about firsthand perceptions in our country and our voices continue to be blatantly ignored and disregarded by several commenters just because they don’t fit their “William and Kate can do nothing right” narrative. If one is clearly biased then they may very well continue to think what they want but should not, under any circumstances, be declaring on our behalf that it wasn’t a success.

    FYI nota, there are almost 200 million of us. Get your facts straight if you’re going to keep commenting on our behalf.

  30. notasugarhere says:

    I’m not commenting on your behalf, you can do that for yourself. Quick lookup provided that stat, apologize for sources being wrong. Other sources put the population at 207 million, yet another puts it at 213 million.

    This notion that a handful of commenters on one website or an airbrushed set of stories about this tour showcase the reality just isn’t true. So much of the positive commentary about this tour from UK tabloids and RRs was not because of W&K, who were their general inept selves. It was merely an excuse to attack Meghan and Harry sideways. Many of them did it in their posts about W&K’s activities and the tours. They didn’t even bother to cover the events more than a paragraph or two, and just used their column inches to attack the other couple. That is obvious.

  31. notasugarhere says:

    I’m not claiming to know more about this tour from the perspective of someone from Pakistan, but you seem to be trying very hard to make it look that way. I can only discuss how it looked to me, the obvious press slant, and the hiding away of any negative stories that came out about it.

    Comments from a handful of people on one site, and I mean any of us, are simply comments from a handful of people. None of us represent anyone other than ourselves. Your initial comment claiming ‘the people of Pakistan’ disagree with me was inaccurate, which was my initial point. Going on and on about it is disingenuous.

  32. Lady D says:

    @Geane, “our voices continue to be blatantly ignored and disregarded by several commenters just because they don’t fit their “William and Kate can do nothing right” narrative.”
    You had a few detractors, maybe 3-4, but the vast majority of us were more than happy to read your’s, PsychoBot, and a few other of your citizen’s delightfully informative commentary. Thanks again for your comments, you made W&K’s tour WAY more interesting.

  33. tcbc says:

    If the point was to promote tourism to Pakistan, then the opinions of non-Pakistanis do matter more in this instance.

  34. Becks1 says:

    @TCBC – that’s something I keep circling back to it. It’s great that the visit was well received in Pakistan. But to the extent it was about promoting tourism and showing off Pakistani culture, landscapes, etc – then the opinions of non-Pakistanis do matter and should not be dismissed summarily.