Duchess Meghan looked chic in black & navy for the Field of Remembrance event

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Here are some photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the Field of Remembrance wreath-laying event today. Meghan wore black and navy, which was appropriate for the somber, respectful service. I’m struggling to find designer IDs, and I suspect that the Sussexes’ people still aren’t confirming the IDs on Meghan’s clothes, which started during the Africa tour. From what I can see of Meghan’s outfit, it looks fine – I don’t really like the “slouchy boots” with a longer skirt/dress and I don’t think the coat needed a skinny belt, but it’s fine. From the neck up, Meg looks gorgeous. And she’s slowly figuring out the hat/fascinator thing, thank God.

The Duchess of Cornwall was supposed to do this with Harry and Meghan, and the royal reporters were all geared up to write about how Camilla was the one doing a big show of support for the Sussexes. But… Camilla has a cold/chest infection. She’s been coughing throughout her events this week, she had to cancel an appearance last night, and she pulled out of the event today. Katie Nicholl had already done a Vanity Fair story about how Camilla has been a “pillar of support” for the Sussexes:

“I think Camilla was probably just as surprised as anyone else when the documentary came out and perhaps didn’t realise how much Harry and Meghan were suffering,” said a source. “She wants everyone to get along and be happy. Her mantra is carry on and keep smiling. She doesn’t want to see anyone struggling and she is fond of Meghan and she could be a very good ally too.”

While it is not known what Charles and Camilla thought of the documentary – which is said to have rattled some senior aides and members of the royal household – Camilla is understood to have been in touch with the couple. She is known for sensibly steering clear of family politics and not getting involved in William and Harry’s personal lives, but Camilla is also known—and liked —at the palace for her genuine and compassionate nature. According to royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith, she is also in a unique position to advise and even help Meghan, as someone else who married into the royal family and faced more than her fair share of media scrutiny.

“I think Camilla can easily empathise with Meghan because of what she went through in the media,” said Smith. “At one stage, no one was more beleaguered by the tabloids than Camilla, but she was shrewd enough to know that antagonism would get her nowhere.”

[From Vanity Fair]

Sources go on to say that even though Camilla had it hard with the British press, she’s still quite friendly with royal reporters, unlike Harry and Meghan, etc. The thing is, Camilla was merely implementing a PR strategy set up by Prince Charles’ PR gurus to “embiggen Camilla” and make her seem like a worthy queen-consort. Those are likely the same PR gurus who are tossing Meghan under the bus with some regularity. Just FYI.

PS… Yes, I saw that the Sussexes did an event yesterday. I will cover it separately. Please don’t threadjack.

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  1. Seraphina says:

    I think she looks great. And I love the coat. The boots, I could do with something different. But I can’t help but think of sausage curls when I see her hair.

    • Cidy says:

      I thought of that too, but hers are a bit looser. It looks like she curled her hair a few hours before and then let them fall, so it looks less “sausage-y”

    • Sarah says:

      Did she learn nothing from seeing Kate’s ridiculous sausage curls all those years?? Ugh. And the boots are vomitous. Otherwise she looks angelic and perfect.

      • Alexandria says:

        But Kate has matured to perfection so she should follow Kate the best ‘Queen’ evah!

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        Yes, slouch boots are an abomination. Agree with Kaiser on the belt also. And I wish she pulled her hair back so we could see more of her face, but I understand wanting to hide if that factored into her decision. :( I hope she doesn’t change her style too much/frump up to look more ‘royal’ and less ‘Hollywood.’

      • Grant says:

        The boots are not “vomitous”. I LOVE them! I think she looks incredible.

      • yinyang says:

        I wonder if she is pregnant?? She looks sweet, but don’t like the hat (too elegant for daytime), she’d do better with a more modern conservative minimal look. I really wish she would cut her hair, I love WOC with shorter neat hairstyles than the typical long boring hair, plus it takes shorter time to style. Don’t like the slouchy boots either. But still, I dare to compare Meghan second year remembrance day look to Kate’s, lol. Meg’s look will blow her out of the water. I hope it’s not true about Camilla’s PR gurus, if anyone should be thrown under the bus it’s not Meghan!

      • Aurelia says:

        Defo preggers again. She’s now at the point where her face is puffing up too.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      I think she looks f-cking amazing, head to toe. I want that coat.

      • Seraphina says:

        The coat is amazing. And she looks great. I love seeing Meghan with her hair pulled back because she has beautiful features. And she has a sweetness or a softness to her face which shines when her face shows. Not all women have that. Take a look at that close up, sweet and beautiful features.

      • Melissa says:

        Agreed. What’s with the boot hate. They are a pair of…black boots🤷‍♀️

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Melissa, Agree with you. Black boots are just black boots.

      • Solidgolddancer says:


        Agreed. I love the texture of the coat and the styling. She looks great. Not sure where people are seeing sausage curls….

    • Gorey Girl says:

      Badly fitting clothes, wrong boots and hair flying everywhere. Can the budget not stretch to a stylist, a seamstress and a hairdresser? Or if budgets are that tight, a mirror?

      • ProfPlum says:

        Maybe you should try the mirror.

      • Nic919 says:

        There are photos today of a Duchess with hair flying in her face but it’s not Meghan. Interesting you never commented anything about that in the other post.

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        Her hair is gorgeous, just wish it was back from her face a little more. But it’s hardly ‘sausage-y.’ Or flying around.

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        Too bad we can’t post pictures, I just thought of a really fun post: first Kaiser, then we commenters, style Duchesses Kate and Meghan.

        Could also do Bea and Eugenie now that I think of it.

  2. Cidy says:

    She has the most gorgeous face. Seriously, so beautiful. I still think both she and Kate suffer from “too heavy makeup” – especially during daytime events. Full top and bottom heavy eyeliner.

    Her hair is looking amazing!

    I’m not a fan of the outfit, again I think just some tailoring could have improved this. Shes still trying to find her duchess style and that’s cool.

    • Diana says:

      Agree. She is such a natural beauty and fresh faced.

    • CROWHOOD says:

      @cidy- I really appreciate your comment. I have Been a celebitchy fan for years and one of the reasons why were the comments. Lately everybody is BEYOND aggressive and arguing with each other and the commentary regarding these celebrities has turned nasty. You expressed your opinion but were kind.

  3. Kittycat says:

    Lest we forget.

    But both the Sussexes look amazing.

  4. runcmc says:

    Meghan looks stunning and appropriately dressed for the event! Her makeup has improved sooo much too.

    However- and don’t shoot me here- the way the belt cinches the coat and then flares out makes her look pregnant. Obviously she’s only 6 months post-partum and her body is totally normal and healthy! It’s just the optics/the way the coat fabric probably wasn’t meant to be cinched that way or that high. It’s a pretty minor “issue” if you’d even call it that, but with the extreme scrutiny she deals with I would be worried about the coat starting a new round of pregnancy rumors if I were her. Whatever, a+ otherwise!

    • Babs says:

      @runcmc, its not unheard of for a mother of a 6 month old baby to be 4 months pregnant, it happens all the time. Meghan is a gorgeous gal for sure, and I love everything about her on this event. And her husband looks dashing in that uniform, they’re such a beautiful couple.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        My aunt went in to her obstetrician for her eight week check up after her first child and was told by the doctor that she was three weeks pregnant with her second child. It does happen if couples are engaging.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        Yeah I don’t want to be all…she must be pregnant again,but she could easily be,especially if they want their children close in age.Why not?
        Just hope her stress levels are lowering and that she’s happy and healthy no matter what.

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        There’s even a phrase for it, ‘Irish twins’- when siblings are less than a year apart.

      • Lady D says:

        I wonder why Irish?

      • Steph says:

        Yup, it happens. My sister and I are only 11 months apart.

    • FHMom says:

      That belted coat definitely makes her look pregnant. If she isn’t, I feel bad because people are going to speculate

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        She was recently shown in trousers ( I think ), and had a flat tummy. I think it’s just the coat.

    • My3cents says:

      That coat is totally a pregnancy rumor starter.
      Hey if they’re up for it, another little cutie would be great news!

  5. Sojaschnitzel says:

    Love the hat. Also love the colour, and even more how beautifully it fits with her hair colour.

    • L84Tea says:

      Her hat and hair look the best it ever has here. Just gorgeous. And in my opinion, Meghan’s track record with hats and fascinators has not been the best, but this is a huge improvement. And Harry as always looks dashing in his uniform.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        Yup, totally agree. She’s getting there…. inching closer and closer to perfection. 👏

  6. PrincessK says:

    I am not a fashionista and don’t normally comment on clothing but that coat does not look good. It does not fit and looks very untidy.

    • Chelle says:

      I don’t usually comment on the clothes threads unless it’s something I absolutely love. I like the coat but it does look untidy. It looks like a bathrobe hastily tied.

      Perhaps if she had worn a wider belt it wouldn’t look like that. Or maybe the coat needs some inner hooks/closers for greater structural support when closed, then the skinny belt may have looked better. I like her but she needs a tailor (pre- and postpartum).

      • Prairiegirl says:

        Agree to all of this. A good tailor really can work wonders with a pre-existing garment.

      • Cate says:

        Yes, it needs a different belt (thicker would be good) and maybe the belt to be more at the waist. That belt looks more like something you would wear with pants/skirt/dress, not a heavy outdoor coat. From what we’ve seen at other events she DOES have a waistline again since giving birth so I can’t believe this was forced by her post-partum figure.

        The boots look a little informal for this kind of event but they aren’t bad. Really with a different belt I would be 100% on board with this look!

    • Lexa says:

      I think the coat might have worked if she had worn different boots and had pulled her hair back? She’s kind of swamped by that length and volume of hair + the oversized coat + the slouchy boots (I know they’re made that way but those style boots always read like they’re too big in the calves and slipping down to me).

      The colors and overall looks is definitely appropriate for the event, though.

      • Anners says:

        She has such slender legs – I wonder if she has a hard time finding boots narrow enough to stay up? I had a roommate with this problem in college. I, alas, had the opposite one.

    • noway says:

      I like the coat especially the color, but I think the belt is what is throwing it off for me. I’m not sure why but her belts always look a bit off, and I just want to adjust them, size, style, placement just something with them. I’m a fan of slouchy boots. I know some don’t like them, but I do. I think they look good for an event like this. Also, the fascinator which is a weird British accessory to me does look good on her. The person who thought her hair looked unruly I just don’t get. I think it looks great.

  7. Florianight says:

    Not a fan of this bathrobe style coat. She’s drowning in all that fabric. Also not really feeling the hat with that hairstyle, she should have had her hair up.

    • Chelle says:

      I like the coat. It could have even went well here. The skinny belt is too little for a coat with that much bulk. Hence, it looks like a hastily tied bathrobe.

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        I like the coat too. That belt, however, reminds me of Chanel’s famous maxim about taking off the last thing.

    • Elisa says:

      +1, she looks lovely from the neck up, but there is simply too much fabric everywhere, even the boots look bulky. She needs a stylist!

  8. Arizona says:

    The reason that Camilla faced so much media scrutiny is so entirely different from the reason that Meghan is that I really don’t care about the comparison here.

    • Toot says:


      Camilla is chummy with those who tore her apart because she was a blatant mistress and the public hated her. She needed them to repair her image. Meghan hasn’t done anything like Camilla to kiss up to a-holes who have been pure evil to her.

      • Iknow says:

        This, all day every day!!! Camilla was a jump-off to a married man for decades. She had to do a whole reputation make-over. You damn right she had to be chummy

      • Chelle says:

        Delete comment

      • noway says:

        That’s true, but no one really deserves the extent of bullying some of these tabloid coverage seem to create. I mean it’s one thing to say what happened, but then another to embellish and criticize over and over again. It’s just too much. I see the similarities, just as there are to Diana, which Harry has freely made. No one’s experiences are identical, but I can see why she might commiserate with them, and not sure why that seems to be a bad thing to people on here.

        I mean hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but a lot of people are racially discriminated or bullied in many ways some better and some worse than her. Plus, taking words directly from Meghan, I’m sure a lot of people feel like they are just surviving not thriving. Comparing who has it worse doesn’t improve her situation. Plus it can makes her a caricature of poor poor pitiful Meghan, so I don’t think it’s really a good thing to do. Honestly, if Camilla who will most likely be Queen Consort someday, as I can’t see the monarchy ending before Charles at least, shows some camaraderie with the Sussexes isn’t that good?

      • Lady D says:

        “no one was more beleaguered by the tabloids than Camilla, but she was shrewd enough to know that antagonism would get her nowhere.”
        Another dig to get M&H to end their lawsuit against them.

      • MsIam says:

        @noway, no one is saying the Camilla would not commiserate with H&M as far as bullying. But the argument from the press is that H&M should just shut up and take their medicine like Camilla did rather than protest. Camilla wanted everyone to forget the whole mistress ordeal so she was more motivated to play ball in order to make things go away as soon as possible. H&M don’t have to do that. And you are right, any bullying is unacceptable for anyone.

      • Tourmaline says:

        The whole world heard her caught on tape having phone sex with the married heir to the throne, while she herself was a married 40 plus year old mum. Not only their lovey talk but also they were taped arranging their assignations, figuring out which country homes of their friends they could hook up at…
        Meghan has nothing like this on her record

    • Nic919 says:

      Exactly. Camilla had an affair and that’s why the press was after her. Meghan is being attacked for just existing. There is a hell of a difference.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      @ Arizona, Toot & Nic919

      Completely agree with all your points.

    • Chelle says:

      Totally agree with all of you.

      It astounds me that the prevailing advice seems to be “just shut up and take the ass kicking.” If it weren’t a daily barrage of lies, distorted truths and family members looking for a $10 come-up then I’d probably say laugh at the big-foot stories and keep moving. However, given the relentless stories from day one to take her down and out, I say don’t roll over. Fight back. The tone of the stories coming at her are way more sinister then those that were aimed at Kate. Those were mainly about her middle class background and willingness to wait William out. Camilla’s were uglier than those aimed at Kate because they attached her looks and had leaked tapes. It was bad. Mainly because Diana was a woman scorned but Camilla didn’t have family members acting like $2 tricks.

  9. minx says:

    I love black and navy together but there’s too much fabric here.

    • Cidy says:


    • Chelle says:


    • Spicecake38 says:

      Loving black and navy it’s my favorite go to – when I want to dress up a bit.She is wearing too much fabric and add the slouchy boots,we just don’t see any lines,all fluff.She still looks pretty just a little tweaking of the outfit might have improved the look a lot.

    • Green Desert says:

      I also love black and navy together, but I disagree about the fabric being too much. I think the coat looks lovely and so cozy; it’s that damn belt that’s making it look so bulky! I wonder what it would look like without the belt?

    • olive says:

      i love it. she looks warm and cozy.

  10. RedRoyal says:

    Meghan looks gorgeous. She looks so much more confident.

  11. Cidy says:

    The lack of tailoring makes it look like she is drowning in fabric and a little bit – only word I can think of -thrown together. I just need a little bit of tailoring to bring the outfit together. The belt so high up doesnt help. I do love the boots, I would love to see them with another high waisted skirt outfit.

  12. Smalltown Girl says:

    That is an ugly coat. Her hat is nice and looks good on her but the coat looks like a bathrobe and I don’t like the dress/boot combination.

  13. Maria says:

    I noticed on the DM they combined Meghan and Harry’s article with W&K visit today as it wasn’t getting enough traffic on its own. Which is a shame as today’s event for Will&Kate is a worthwhile cause as well.

    • Mignionette says:

      So let me get this straight they TRASH Meghan by order of the Crown and the use her to drive up engagement for other family members.

      Honestly abolish this sh*t show already…

      • Britt says:

        The Sussexes need to leave as soon as the Queen passes because that family and the media are horrid.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      If BP, KP and CH told The Fail, The Dim and The Slow to start writing positive stories about about M&H, they would not do it. The Fail, The Dim and The Slow would just stop writing stories altogether about M&H as positive stories do not generate click$ for revenue. The Fail, The Dim and The Slow would move on to someone else to write negative stories about that generate click$ for revenue. The Fail, Especially the Fail, will NOT give online space to some story that is not generating click$.

    • Jan says:

      Not only did they combine the coverage of the visits, but they listed the pricing of Meghan’s clothing, but not Kate’s. They are so obvious.

  14. Mrs. Smith says:

    She looks gorgeous! But the belt/coat look off. I’m sure she will see the photos later and correct it for future wears. I don’t think I would notice it in a mirror, but in photos it’s too much heavy fabric and not super flattering. Perhaps this is why Kate wears coat dresses so often?

  15. S808 says:

    I guess I’m in the minority who thinks she nailed this look. I absolutely love it ugh especially the coat. She looks warm and stunning. She’s aging backwards also it’s ridiculous. Please drop the skin routine I know I can’t afford.

    • Toot says:

      I love the whole look too.

      Keep doing you Meghan.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      I agree. I think this is one of her best winter/cold weather looks. I also love the coat and this is possibly the best fascinator she’s worn.

    • QueenMeow says:

      I love the whole look too! I think that one shot of her standing there the belt does not look great and isn’t doing her any favors, but the shots of her walking and moving and bending? It looks perfect; lovely and warm and the detail of the belt in the back is so pretty. And man, her face is just STUNNING.

      • S808 says:

        yess! There were a few pictures that took my breath away, she looked so beautiful. Her best navy look and one of her best looks period imo.

    • ADS says:

      Yes, I love the look too. I think it is modern and kind of edgy (for a royal), but still smart and appropriate. I would wear it!

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      I agree. But Meghan and I have the same aesthetic in a lot of ways I’ve come to notice. I belt blazers and jackets all the time and in the fall and winter I wear boots with pretty much everything. And I love navy and black together. I think she looks great.

    • swirlmamad says:

      I really like her look a lot too!

    • Gabby says:

      I agree, she looks stunning. I love the coat, the boots, everything.

    • Le4Frimaire says:

      I think it’s a good look too. A little untraditional but it works, although I’d prefer a wider belt. Even the Telegraph was liking it, but maybe they’re being nicer because Meghan talked to one of their reporters recently.

  16. Becks1 says:

    I think she looks amazing, and she is definitely figuring out hats/fascinators. I love those boots and am pretty sure those and the gloves are repeats.

    That said, I feel shallow commenting on clothing choices for these kinds of events (I do it, but feel shallow doing it lol).

    • notasugarhere says:

      I agree she looks amazing. This is the best of her hats thus far, and the coat looks both suited to the occasion and cozy.

  17. aquarius64 says:

    This is about remembering the war dead not walking the catwalk. If Meghan was done up to the nines and dripping with royal jewels she would have been dragged for not showing respect and making it about her. At least she’s not twirling her hair unlike a certain future future queen during a Remembrance event.

  18. Bethany Karger says:

    Why does she insist on belting everything? And that hair!

    • JayDee says:


    • Bella DuPont says:

      There’s eff all wrong with her hair imho. 🙃🙃🙃 What don’t you like about it?

      • Bethany Karger says:

        It’s too long and mop-like. It overwhelms her face & is raggedy on the ends. It needs a major trim to even it.

      • Lorelei says:

        Mop-like?? Wow. I think her hair looks absolutely beautiful.

      • MsIam says:

        @Bethany, mops are long and stringy. If you think Meghan’s hair looks like a mop, then please get your eyesight checked asap.

    • olive says:

      “that hair” indeed! her hair is gorgeous. i like when she wears it down, it just softens her face.

      i don’t know why you’d have long hair if you’re just going to tie it back all the time like people seem to expect here.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Um, her hair looks beautiful, glossy and full. Not sure where you’re getting “mop-like” from.

  19. JaneDoesWork says:

    This whole outfit looks super messy to me. Like something I would have worn when I was 16 and thought I looked chic and professional. The coat is ill fitting and bunches oddly around her midsection, the slouchy boots enhance the overall “messy” vibe and even though her hair looks lovely it just adds to the problem. Not into any of it, but her face remains lovely as always.

    • JayDee says:

      I think there’s a self-consciousness to her facial expressions at these very ‘public’ events that gives her a sort of smirking/smug vibe.

      • ADS says:

        I strongly disagree. She never gives me smug vibes. She is just a warm and naturally smiley person.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ Jaydee

        This is a very royaldish-esque critique of Meghan. To me, she tends to look comfortable with her lot in life….grateful, even. But some people tend to read this as smug, which I find facinating. It is possible to look happy without looking smug?

        PS: Just explain, royaldish is a site where the commenters have a tendency of taking the most aggressively cynical view of Meghan and everything she does……to the point of being downright unhinged. For instance, they were 1,000,000% stalking Harry and that MI5/6 were trailing her……right up until the point where they came walking out hand in hand at the invictus games.

        Maybe she’s just happy. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “Just explain, royaldish is a site where the commenters have a tendency of taking the most aggressively cynical view of Meghan and everything she does”

        Sounds just like comments on the DataLounge regarding Meghan but to be fair the commentariat at this site dislike Cathy Cambridge just as much.

    • Cerys says:

      I agree with you. I thought her outfit was badly-fitted and her hair was a mess.

  20. C-Shell says:

    The more I look at the whole outfit and Meghan’s styling, the better I like it. I want to go tweak her coat a little to tidy up the way it’s hanging, but I can see how it would gap a bit from riding in a car and disembarking straight into the event — no private moment to adjust. I like the coat, actually. She’s so beautiful.

  21. Sofia says:

    I love the hat!

    I think she’s starting to nail her “normal” engagements style down a lot more but her “traditional duchess” still needs some tailoring. That’s expected since she doesn’t wear those types of outfits often so she’s got less of a chance to see what works and what doesn’t.

    • Bethany Karger says:

      Can’ t she just look in a mirror? She is a beautiful woman but so often she isn’t doing herself any favors.

  22. HK9 says:

    I LOVE those boots.

  23. Beli says:

    “All she does is glow!”

    This is a really good hat on her. And I like the coat too, it looks really cosy.

  24. Eliza says:

    Camilla did have it hard though. Press and public. She was spat on, had food thrown at her. Every detail of her life was put in press. The tampon phone calls. OMG. Most would drop Charles and go into hiding. Charles has been slowly working on rehabbing the public’s image of her, but as future Queen Consort really it has to be done – can a monarchy survive when a barely popular prince and his hated wife take the thrown? Of course not, her image/PR is wrapped up in his own. It’s been slow, methodical and still so many will never like her. She’s shown focusing on work, local people, and she’s actually quite warm so adds levity to stuffy engagements. She can’t piss off the press because she truly needs them on her side.

    • Britt says:

      Thank you. Meghan hasn’t done anything remotely controversial and the press are always trying to equate her to Camila, Fergie and the horrid Andrew. The press want to have the same connection to her that the American press does but the problem with the British press is that it can’t help themselves and even if she met or acknowledged them, they would still attack her. It’s an illusion that the royals fell for.

      • Lorelei says:

        Yes, Camilla sort of needed to atone for her years of awful behavior. Meghan did absolutely nothing wrong and has been trashed even worse than Camilla was.

  25. Britt says:

    Basically, they want Meghan to give them access and it’s really foul that she’s been basically hounded and bullied because they’re trying to force her to come to the press. Camilla actually needed the good press considering the messiness of her affair with Charles and being the woman that “replaced” the beloved Diana. They need to leave Meghan alone and get over it. The woman wrote a blog, interviews and they’ve combed over her past and family. What more do they want ? At this point, the press are spoiled and have been acting out because they’re not getting their way.

  26. SackDress says:

    Hat – Philip Treacy
    Coat – Sentaler (it’s not on their website, so it may be ~*bEsPoKe*~)
    Boots – Victoria Beckham

    Okay, I’m turning in my test now.

  27. one of the Marys says:

    She didn’t leave charles but Camilla did go into hiding. at some point I read she or some such.
    The only thing I like about Meghan’s outfit is the hat. The hair looks so unusual for her. For once I think the outfit is wearing her, it’s like a costume and the hair adds to that impression

  28. Loretta says:

    Meghan looks great. She looks so young!

  29. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Im a boot girl (Im wearing a pair right now) and I want those boots! They are fab!

  30. MellyMel says:

    She’s looks great and I love that coat!

  31. carmen says:

    Is Katie Nicholls still writing for Vanity Fair? Based on the cr*p I’ve seen from her elsewhere (the Fail perhaps?) it surprises me that they would come to her for royal info. They typically use credible, reputable, talented writers & journalists.

  32. TeddyPicker says:

    I wonder what she, as an American, thinks of getting to grips with all the Remembrance Day stuff. I moved to the UK 15 years ago and it took me quite a while to understand all the nuance and details of it. I know she’s a quick study but this is, like, cornerstone Royal Family business, so I’m sure she’s had a lot to catch up with.

  33. PatCliff says:

    Our beautiful Duchess

  34. Tinashe says:

    Okay she needs to STAHP with the gdamn bathrobe lookin coats! Girl is GORGEOUS and petite and surely has access to a good stylist who can put all those back in the bathroom closet and get her some flattering, sleek coats tailored to her physique.

  35. RoyalBlue says:

    She looks toasty and warm. That would be me because I am always feeling cold.

  36. Marie says:

    I think she looks stunning! I really love her coat and hat.

  37. Lucylee says:

    She is wearing warm clothes. That’s all that matters. If the coat was unbelted there would also be complaints. I think she is attempting to divert attention away from what she wears so as to not be in competition with the other duchess at these events.

  38. Lowercaselila says:

    I love her coat. She looks great.

  39. Velvet Elvis says:

    That skinny belt has got to go. And, is she wearing a wig or hair piece? Something looks really different with her hair.

  40. MsIam says:

    She’s so pretty! But yeah, I don’t like this belt with the coat. I wonder if the coat had a belt made of the same fabric and she switched it out to look dressier? I don’t see any buttons on the coat so it would need something to keep it closed. If so, I think a self-fabric ( I think that is what it is called) would have looked better. The boots look fine to me.

  41. Charfromdarock says:

    It must really drive the RRs and her other detractors nuts that she keeps on shining.

    I think she looks lovely.

    • Mignionette says:

      The woman is beautiful in and out and strong minded with it. That is what drives them nuts. Her whole life prepared her for these snakes (not that she needs to put up with them).

      I wish her only the best. I hope that she continues to shine as the rest of their arses (primarily Andy, Lilibet and Billy) are hung out to dry…

  42. Hotsauceinmybag says:

    Not a huge fan of the slouchy boots but I love everything else.

    She looks put together but also nice and cozy – is it really cold in London ATM?

    Also, she’s just absolutely stunning. It’s ridiculous.

  43. eyeroll says:

    I think the eyelash set is a bit too much for a day time event but otherwise she looks unreal – just facial perfection. Maybe would have swapped out the boots for heels but she makes them work tbh.

  44. Guest says:

    It must make the racist crazy that she looks young and healthy. Girl is close to 40 but looks the best out of the royal family. Thank god for her mamas side of the family.

    • notasugarhere says:

      She is only half a year older than Kate. Did you feel the need to mention Kate’s age on the Kate post?

  45. Dali says:

    I still remember the British press calling Camilla „the Rottweiler“ in huge latters on the frontpage. the whole world (who cared for royals) hated her for many years.

  46. Well-Wisher says:

    Simply beautiful and appropriate. The Sussexes.

  47. qtpi says:

    Wow . One of the best looks on her yet. Love the hat. And the Blue.

  48. Le4Frimaire says:

    The Hat frames her face beautifully and the teddy bear coat is very on trend. Don’t mind the boots. They both look really good and have good posture. Also, they both look tired so hope they have a proper, relaxing break.

  49. Dorothy says:

    I think she’s pregnant and wigletted for what it’s worth (nothing who cares just thoughts)

  50. yinyang says:

    I wonder if she is pregnant?? She looks sweet, but don’t like the hat (too elegant for daytime), she’d do better with a more modern conservative minimal look. I really wish she would cut her hair, I really love WOC with shorter neat hairstyles than the typical long boring hair, plus it takes shorter time to style. I hope it’s not true about Camilla PR guru, if anyone should be thrown under the bus it’s not Meghan!

  51. Lowrider says:

    Too much fabric on her petite frame.

  52. Silas says:

    She’s too petite to pull off the big coat and the skinny belt doesn’t work.

    Everything else -her hair, hat, boots, color of her outfit are great.

  53. Minxx says:

    She has the sweetest face, seriously! So dewy and fresh.

  54. Bosandi says:

    She looks beautiful but I don’t like the overall look. I like the pieces but not all together if that make sense. I think the coat is the source of the problem for me. Her hair looks great just not with that coat – too much volume that it overwhelms her delicate frame and features. I’d definitely wear the coat – I love robe-looking coats. Just not how she’s wearing it.

  55. Lily says:

    Duchess Meghan’s face is perfection. She really does seem as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Stunning woman!

  56. Molly says:

    The Sussex’s look so good together in navy/black…beautiful couple!

  57. Nightsky says:

    Why the skinny belt, why?? The coat is gorgeous and would look so much better if it were allowed to hang properly. The belt causes it to bunch up and looks bulky and unflattering at the waist.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Just a thought — the last time she wore a loose-fitting navy coat, it was right before they announced she was pregnant with Archie. Maybe she thought cinching it would put the kibosh on any bump talk. It’s not terrible to me, but probably would have flowed even better without the belt.

  58. Gingerbee says:

    I love this look, except for the skinny belt. She looks amazing.

  59. dlc says:

    She looks incredibly beautiful here. I like how she’s mixing things up with the slouchy boots.

  60. Busyann says:

    I want her lipstick and the coat. Gorg! Omg gorg.

  61. Flying fish says:

    She looks beautiful.

    I hate the slouchy boots and I agree with Kaiser, about the belt.

  62. Sass says:

    I hate that Camilla allegedly thinks she people should keep on and keep smiling. As someone who is going through an extremely difficult time myself right now in a similar but smaller scale situation to Meghan, hearing that people feel bad but think I’m not being positive enough and that’s the problem is the biggest load of victim blaming vitriol trumped up as support I’ve ever heard.

    Another difference between mine and Meghan’s situations is I have the ability to totally cut ties and never look back. She can’t do that. I so wish I could just send her an instant message telling her that I know just how she feels without sounding totally unhinged.