Jeff Goldblum ‘would consider working with’ Woody Allen again, of course

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For a few months now, I keep seeing some rumors from female journalists on Twitter, rumors about Jeff Goldblum and how… everything is not as it seems. There are journalists telling women that their DMs are open for Goldblum stories, and I get the feeling that we might be hearing a #MeToo tell-all at some point soon. I just thought I’d put that out there. I hope people know that if you have a tip or a story to tell, you can totally email me: or you can tweet me @KaiseratCB. Anyway, Jeff Goldblum was interviewed by the i newspaper and wouldn’t you know, he said some things about Woody Allen and #MeToo.

The aspiring Goldblum won an early role in Annie Hall and it was the jazz-loving Woody Allen who first suggested that he pursue his love for music on stage. Allen is persona non grata in the film world since renewed accusations – which he denies – that he molested Dylan Farrow, his adoptive daughter. Would Goldblum work with Allen again?

“I think there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty,” he says. “I know I enjoyed working with him many years ago and I sat in with his band once too.”

“Even though I feel like this cultural shift [the #MeToo movement] is very, very positive and long overdue and I support it wholeheartedly and take it very seriously, I also admire his body of work. So I would consider working with him again, until I learned something more.”

[From the i newspaper]

So he thinks that Me Too is super-important and a great thing but he’s still going to work with accused predators, okay? Even if everything is above-board with Jeff Goldblum and he’s never personally hurt or manipulated a woman or girl or been a creepy jackass, then why even stan for Woody Allen in a HYPOTHETICAL? It’s not like Woody Allen has called him this week to offer him a role and that’s what Goldblum is trying to justify. Goldblum is just letting everyone know that he’ll still work with rapists and child abusers and wife-beaters ad infinitum until they’re “found guilty” by a court of law. No mention of the facts of Dylan Farrow’s case either, where police did investigate and decided not to charge Woody. Ugh. I need to scream into a pillow.

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  1. Erinn says:

    Well duh, $$$. Jeff seems to be down to play whatever pays well lol. And it’s not like he’s a target of Allen, so in his little man brain it’s probably pretty easy to dissociate.

    The only thing I’ve ever seen of him that I’ve enjoyed was the odd line from the Thor movie he was in, and the Vine where he imitates the girl that imitates him in another vine.

  2. Arizona says:

    there has been rumors that he’s a predator, so this along with his super young wife and those rumors makes me not be on board the Jeff goldblum train anymore.

  3. Lucy says:

    At the risk of sounding like He Who Must Not Be Named, sad. I really, really hope he hasn’t done anything of the sort to any woman. And that he does better, obviously.

  4. emmy says:

    Learned something more like…. dude married his daughter?

    • Lucy2 says:

      Yeah, people always conveniently forget that part, don’t they?

      • Xi Tang says:

        Cue in the “wElL tEcHnically sHe’s nOt his dAughter” folks.

      • DS9 says:

        This argument pisses me off so much.

        No one knows how old Soon-Yi and it’s likely younger than than her legal age by two years. A bone scan when she’s adopted puts her at 5-7 years old. She speaks no English and within a year of her adoption, Mia and Woody are together. The household she grew up in was unstable at best.

        And we’re supposed to believe this uprooted child wasn’t vulnerable to the predation of a man in therapy for just that thing?

      • Kate says:

        @Xi Tang – LOL!! If I didn’t know this site better I’d be looking for some asshat to make that comment

    • Anners says:

      I also hate how they constantly refer to Dylan as his “adoptive daughter” as if the fact that they’re not genetically related makes his abuse somehow less depraved.

    • Deehunny says:

      When I first read this I immediately thought of Morgan Freeman

  5. Faithmobile says:

    Why is so hard to say nothing? I love J. G. and I used to love Woody Allen too but I will cancel a fool. The movement is more important than fools who can’t evolve with it.

  6. TIFFANY says:

    What is it with people getting a resurgence, goodwill or having a hot hand feeling to need to kill that by going to bat for a man who groomed and married his stepdaughter and had another daughter say he did abuse her.

    What the hell? Read the room dude.

    • Some chick says:

      He Just Doesn’t Get It. Look at his wife! (Assuming that’s not his daughter.) Young, tiny… some dudes have a type. They want to be the Big Man. They want to feel like the Boss. Like they could snap you in two.

      Back when I was teeny tiny (and young) I had the misfortune to date one of these dudes. He turned out to be a totally controlling narcissist. He liked to pick me up without warning, which I hated. Once he tried to choke me while we were getting busy. Creepy!

      He went on to date younger and younger girls.

      One of the benefits of being older and fatter now (besides never getting carded, haha) is that I’m completely invisible to those dudes. Perfect!

  7. Mia4s says:

    Interestingly I think this comment would get shrugged off (just like Scarlett’s, just like Javier Bardem’s)….except it appears this may be said in anticipation of his own actions. Sigh…disappointing.

    Can I ask a question though? Why are actors only being asked if they would work with Allen? Why are Seth Rogon and Judd Apatow not asked the same about James Franco? Why is Hugh Jackman not asked about Bryan Singer? There’s nothing wrong with asking about Allen, but it feels vaguely disingenuous how that’s pretty much the only one who gets asked about. He’s basically done in Hollywood, so less risk for journalists to ask. There’s an awful lot of predators quietly working in Hollywood and making their way back. It’s worrisome.

    • Xi Tang says:

      Focusing on Woody and Weinstein makes the problem seem small in scale. Because obviously there’s a “shift” o in hollywood. And everyone can feel it…I mean they did wear black gowns at the oscars. And those pins and everything… #progress

      • Mia4s says:

        I think that might be exactly it. That shift in focus to someone who is old and pretty much done anyway (and Weinstein was just too egregious for them to ignore). Look, see! We got rid of Allen! We’re fixing things! Please don’t notice James Franco and others we think can still make us money! Gross.

        Oh and Allen? He’s kind of doing fine. You would think his current movie Amazon dropped would be his lowest grossing ever right? Nope, it’s making money overseas (and has a fresh rating on rotten tomatoes…seriously). His next movie is already filmed and stars a two time Oscar winner. So yeah…once again, men are doing fine. *internal screaming*

    • Jamie says:

      Personally, I think because Allen’s movies are still considered Oscar bait in the film industry. So for an actor to do mental gymnastics in order to work with him allows journalists to reveal their hypocrisy quite easily.

    • Dutch says:

      Woody Allen makes the kind of “cinema” that people like Martin Scorsese approves of. The question is as much about what the actor will do for “the art” as much as it is about working with an alleged predator.

  8. Ariel says:

    The woody Allen campaign of misinformation both at the time of the investigation and afterward were very successful.
    People do t know the basic facts in evidence that the child molester admitted. Including already being in therapy for his creepy sexualized behavior with his daughter before the molestation “allegedly” occurred.

    So Allen’s pr team certainly earned their money. And their places in hell (if you believe in that sort of thing)

    • whatWHAT? says:

      AND that the judge said there was enough to go to trial but didn’t want to put Dylan through that trauma.

    • Mtec says:

      @Ariel @WhatWhat?
      Exactly. Came here to say the same thing.

      You’re right, the misinformation campaign by Woody and his team has been very successful. So much so people are willing to overlook he married his other daughter. And before anyone says he wasn’t “really” her dad, go google pics of them together when she was a child and sitting on his lap like a daughter would with a father. He is disgusting and a predator.

      But honest question… because his misinformation campaign has been so successful… is it appropriate to find fault with people like Goldblum who have been fooled to believe Allen’s false version of events? Maybe they’re just misinformed? I don’t know.

      • Christina says:

        Allen’s attorneys “legitimized” Allen’s position by hiring some psychologists from Yale who didn’t review all of the evidence. That’s the report everyone talks about. This was in the media, and people willfully ignore the court-appointed psychological reports and the judges excoriation of Allen in the final statement because “YALE people studied it and he didn’t do it.” The court appointed folks are the pros who see this every day. They know abuse. The Yale folks didn’t have all of the evidence, but they could put “Yale” on the report. Other-siding with academic bonafides to discredit a child who was targeted for sex in her own home.

        I read everything I could find on Allen’s case because of what happened to my kid. That’s how I found out that one of the court appointed psychologists had worked my case in California. He determined that my ex was a narcissistic sociopath. It saved my kid’s life.

        Et to, Jeff? Et tu? Cancelled MF-er. People like me push rocks up hills because of morons like Jeff Goldblum.

      • DS9 says:

        If Woody hadn’t engaged in an affair with his children’s sister after more than a decade of being in a relationship with her mother, then maybe, just maybe I’d say he’s misinformed.

        But even without Dylan, there is clear evidence of predatory behavior.

      • Mtec says:

        You’re right.

        Maybe I just didn’t wanna totally “cancel” him cause I really liked Goldblum, but if he is himself as predatory as the rumours here say, then i’ll no longer be a fan.

  9. Babadook says:

    Shoot. Anotha one bites the dust. Is Keanu the only non-problematic white male actor over 40 left in Hollywood?

    Oh! Maybe Mark Ruffalo? Or Ethan Hawke. But I’m open to correction :/

    • emmy says:

      Bill Hader. Loving Barry right now, that guy is super talented and by all accounts a great guy. Maybe not as famous but I don’t care. Love him.

      • Babadook says:

        Yes! I love Bill Hader! Let’s add him to the list.

      • Carina says:

        Bill Hader is not a predator thank god,

        but he is like most other guys. His current gf is 18yrs old & a freshman in NY college I will not name. It’s consensual but still, blegh.

      • Meg says:

        I read the same blind item about Bill hader dating a NY college freshman back when he and his wife first split years ago. Unless she’s still a freshman years later that blind item doesn’t sound true

      • emmy says:

        Errr… let’s not trust BIs too much. I’ll believe he is dating a teenager when there is more than a BI. I could write he’s actually dating Henry Winkler. Doesn’t make it true.

    • DS9 says:

      Ethan Hawke is a chode. I haven’t heard he’s a #MeToo chode though. Just a garden variety asshole. I thought this was common knowledge.

    • Ali says:

      I can happily switch to both Ruffalo and Hawke (who I thought had an affair with but then married the nanny). I don’t need my celeb crushes to be perfect but I need them to not be down with known child molesters for a pay check.

    • Christina says:

      Keanu is part Asian. He’s not white. Popular misconception. He mentioned it during press for Crazy Rich Asians.

      • Babadook says:

        Oh you’re actually right! I’m so embarrassed I forgot that. That said, I think even if I broaden the statement to just ‘non problematic guys over 40 in Hollywood’ Keanu is still one of the few good ones.

      • tina says:

        Wouldn’t he be part white and not “not white” as you say?

      • Alyse says:

        *press for Always Be My Maybe (he wasn’t in Crazy Rich Asians)

    • Babadook says:

      Also Paul Rudd maybe?

    • Jerusha says:

      Agree with Rudd, Ruffalo and Hader. And Keanu-of course! Goes without saying. Maybe add John Krasinski. Haven’t heard anything bad about him. Surely, Emily Blunt wouldn’t be with a jerk, would she?

      • Some chick says:

        You can’t judge a person by their partner. Plenty of amazing people have been bamboozled by narcissists (and nearly everyone in the movie industry is one). I have. You may have… I guarantee you have friends who have shitty boyfriends.

        Let’s hope for Emily’s sake that he truly is a good guy. (They do exist! Enjoying this thread!)

        Is Tom Hanks still OK?

        And… if it makes men feel uncomfortable that they are being discussed this way, maybe they need to reflect on why that might be.

  10. Sayrah says:

    I’ve been on another message board for years and a known poster had a personal story about him that was upsetting. I’ve never looked at him the same again.

    • Savannah says:

      What was the story?
      Or could you link to the post?

      I’m so dissapointed but not surprised.. The precentage of men who’s not trashy is going down by every minute.
      At least we still have Ruffalo. And as long as the trash is exposed, I’m happy to be dissapointed.

      • Xi Tang says:

        I too read things way back in 2004 and 2006. Seemed credible at the time but you’s still is just something on the internet. But yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be true.
        Basically the stories are that he’d hook out with girls as young as 15.

      • Sayrah says:

        I tried to search for it but it was years ago. The gist is that she was a young woman out with work colleagues and they happened to go to a place he was playing in a band (who knew?). At some point he grabbed her and shoved his tongue down her throat. She said lots of people were telling her how lucky she was, but she didn’t expect that at all and felt violated and embarrassed. It made me sad for her because I could imagine her feelings of great discomfort having it happen in front of people she works with and that he is looked at as some big stud who much like DT thinks he can just grab women he likes and do whatever he wants because of who he is.

        Edited to add: apparently he’s in a jazz band and performs. I guess she was in a jazz club

    • BorderMollie says:

      I believe it. I saw a few likewise very believable threads about him on Twitter last night from sources I’d trust. Disappointing and yeah his moment is probably coming.

    • Savannah says:

      Oh god, I feel so bad for her.
      I’m hoping women come forward and get the support they deserve. And I hope we keep cleaning out the trash.

  11. Adrien says:

    For the love of God, please don’t ask Keannu Reeves or Dolly Parton what they think of Woody Allen. I might get disappointed with their thoughts.

  12. DS9 says:

    Again, even if you leave out Dylan, what he’s done with Soon Yi is reason enough to black ball him.

    And I think I say this every time, but Soon Yi and her daughters have mutual siblings. How is that not a messed up dynamic?

    • Chaine says:

      Right??? Like, Ronan Farrow is both the uncle and the brother to Soon Yi’s daughters with Woody…

  13. DS9 says:

    The other thing I find offensive is that you can guarantee if Allen cast him, it would be in one of Woody’s surrogate roles.

    So double ick.

  14. Ann says:

    No surprise, old men who marry women decades younger than them are always massive creeps.

  15. zee says:

    I once read on a message board that somebody met JG at a wedding (IIRC) and he tried to hit on a visibly uncomfortable 17 year old girl and he just wouldn’t leave her alone until somebody stepped in.
    The other rumors regarding him are that he’s into BDSM but there hasn’t been any mention of it being unconsenting on his partners sides.
    But he always had extremely young girlfriends.

  16. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Listen, I have never fully gotten the Goldblum love. My Mom had a crush on him for YEARS. I have always liked him as an actor and a general kook but I have always had the sneaking suspicion that the reason he is good at playing slightly creepy dudes…is because he is one. And so the stories that have been floating around didnt surprise me in the least. And neither foes his defending Woody Allen. Sleazeballs stick together.

    • Dee says:

      @VV I could never for the life of me get his and Bill Murray’s appeal. In fact, I can’t stand either of them just on sight, before knowing much about them.

  17. Izzy says:

    Someone tweeted about this, yesterday I think, they said JG once groped a friend of theirs.

    Yeah, his #MeToo moment is coming.

  18. Bettyrose says:

    Just came here to say that my father worships Woody Allen and refuses to hear accusations or evidence. He’s not in the entertainment industry but I’m sure he’d work with Allen in some capacity given the chance. In no way though is he a predator himself. He can be condescending to women but thats the worst of it.

    • Ann says:

      “He can be condescending to women but thats the worst of it.”

      Wow. That is awful.

    • Christina says:

      I’m so sorry, Bettyrose.

      The abuse I experienced has made me intolerant of the male family members in my life who have abused or are condescending to women. I’ve cut them all out of my life. If I see them at family events, I avoid them, but I’m cordial. They sometimes get all huffy when we are forced to communicate about my frail mother; I handle it like a business situation when I am forced to communicate with my step brother about my own mother’s health and safety. My case was severe, though. I’m married to a wonderful man, but cousins, my stepdad, my step brother: cancelled. I had to protect my mental health. If my mother still wants that life, I can’t stop her.

      • Ladiabla says:

        Hi Christina, your post resonated with me because I’ve had to cut off male family members for similar reasons – basically for being misogynistic assholes (cousins, I don’t have any brothers). It’s been very difficult and I’ve just recently learned that the one I trusted has also been emotionally abusive to his wife. It makes me want to avoid any family gatherings with them, but then I’m the one who ends up feeling isolated (I’m not married and my parents are deceased). I know you said you’re cordial, just wondering if you have any further advice on handling those uncomfortable family events. I’m not a confrontational person. The main ahole and I had it out around 7 years ago and haven’t spoken since. I’ve mostly just left the room when he appears, but it’s always uncomfortable. Makes me just not want to deal anymore.

  19. Normades says:

    His #metoo moment is totally coming. Wait for it.

  20. A says:

    He knows he’s got bones in his closet but he’s still doing interviews like this cause he’s not afraid of consequences. That’s classic predator mentality. When his #MeToo moment arrives I hope he is boycotted like Kevin Spacey.

  21. TheOtherViv says:

    I worked in PR many many years ago, did a lot of VIP liaison at film festivals and met JG once. While he was utterly charming my colleague and I were constantly perplexed if he was inappropriate or not. He basically flirted with everyone -female, male, pets- and giggled like a 5 yr old. He also constantly apologized about being possibly inappropriate. We called him the toddler in the tuxedo. He was kooky to the point that it felt like he was moving and humming to a melody in his head that the rest of us could not hear. Not just a moment -for several days even. He didn’t seem high but more like intoxicated by life. Like the kind of guy that would stop mid-sentence to tell the 7-11 cashier that her hands are ‘exquisite’. He seemed charmingly bananas which may have just been complete self-obsession. I’m not surprised he digs younger women- he may think he’s Peter Pan and he was def always looking for someone who wanted to play. I hope he doesn’t get a METOO moment. Despite of what he said about Woody. I would rate him as inappropriate but not a predator. Let’s hope not. Keep us in the loop, Celebitchy!

    • Christina says:

      Theotherviv, that’s how I saw him, too. My personality is similar to Goldblum’s. Is man with that personality is “charming”. A woman with that personality, which I have because I had to in order to survive, can be grating to people. I code switch for survival.

      I have always adored him and his joy of life, but saying he’d work with Allen has made me believe that he is willfully ignoring what is clear to me. Still cancelled, at least to me.

  22. Olive says:

    of course he did. he’s next. check out nicole cliffe’s tweets about him and all the responses about his behavior.

  23. drolf says:

    Not to defend Woody Allen but for all the folks coming with the pitch forks for anyone willing to work with him, don’t forget Mia showed up on set for a costume fitting after these accusations were made and while he was with Soon Yi. So she should be cancelled as well. I think JG was speaking off the cuff and it is coming back to bite him in the ass.

    • DS9 says:

      Mia has always been cancelled for me because I believe both Moses and Soon-Yi when they say she was abusive and neglectful.

      But I don’t know what the value is of throwing the dirt you did at Mia when discussing Woody’s predation

      • drolf says:

        Dirt, honestly? And at no point did I discuss WA’s predation. The post was about JG. You read an awful lot into that.

      • DS9 says:

        “I’m not saying Woody didn’t do it but if he did, why did she go to a costume fitting for Woody’s movie?”

        But you weren’t defending Woody and your post was totally about Goldblum.


      • drolf says:

        My post was about people who are willing to work with WA. I have never defended WA. You threw Mia under the bus more than I ever did or would, BTW. Done. Find someone else to come for. And when you put something in quotations it is supposed to be a quote. Buh bye.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        DS9, there’s always one “but but but what about MIA?!!!?!”

        she’s no angel, but in NO WAY does her dysfunction/alleged abuse cancel out Allen’s predation/inappropriate relationships/alleged molestation.

        and let’s remember, part of the whole problem in Hollywood with the rapist/predators was them having so much professional power over their victims. was it maybe the same with Woody/Mia?

        there was really no reason to bring her into this thread at all, since it was about Goldblum’s comments on Allen. her behavior or actions have zero relevance to this post.

        ETA: drolf, every time someone in H’wood defends WA, says they’d work with him or work with him again, Celebitchy does a post on them. ScarJo, etc…they all get their own posts. you didn’t need to make a post about all the other people (“My post was about people who are willing to work with WA.” No, your post was about Mia Farrow working with WA.) who are willing to work with Allen. THIS POST was about ONE of them, and there was no reason to bring Mia into except to, in a backhand way, defend Allen. if you mentioned Mia specifically as someone who we should be coming for with pitchforks, in addition to Goldblum, why did you not mention all the others? it was to get a dig in at Farrow, pure and simple.

    • Carina says:


      Can’t believe I had to scroll this far down to find the wHaT ABoUt mIA!??

      Did you seriously just type out I’m not talking about Woody Allen’s predation, this article is about Jeff Goldblum… It’s about both. Please, you’ve already shown your ass – what’s the point in trying to defend your mess?

  24. Valerie says:

    Disappointed but not too surprised, and I won’t be shocked if stories about him surface. There seem to be a lot waiting for their moment, if twitter is to be believed.

  25. Ally says:

    For some reason I remember years ago TMZ or The Daily Mail had footage of him hanging around The Grove all day trying to pick up anything that moved… like, chatting up one woman after another. Not predation exactly, but kind of compulsively and dehumanizingly looking to binge young women as a consumer good.

  26. Ally says:

    As a separate issue, might be time to reconsider John Stamos as well, who in 2005 confessed to rape by deception a la Dustin Hoffman:

    And Disney just cast him for one of their streaming shows, btw.

    • sue denim says:

      ooof, not sure if the article you posted is being sarcastic but it made it sound like haha what a great little trick Stamos pulled, let’s hope he doesn’t get called out for it by those dull Finns… And that Stamos would tell it as a fun story, wow…just depraved…what a culture we’ve been living in all these years…I didn’t know this about him…

      • Some chick says:

        I read it as snark. I don’t think the writer was condoning it at all. I think he was mocking Stamos for thinking it was a cool story. (I also think it sounds kinda fake. But even if so, it’s still super gross that Stamos thinks it’s bragworthy or cute.)

  27. Carina says:

    I forgot about the hand fetish thing. Lol he should hang out w/Tarantino and his foot fetish, eugh

  28. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    Is this really the hill you want to die on Jeff??