Drake got booed off the stage at Tyler the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival

Los Angeles Premiere of the new HBO Series EUPHORIA

If you saw “Drake” trending on social media last night and into the morning, this is why – Drake made a surprise, unannounced appearance at Tyler the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival at Dodger Stadium in LA. Perhaps the festival-goers were expecting to see Frank Ocean, maybe people just weren’t in the mood for Drake. But damn, Drake got BOOED OFF THE STAGE. He performed a brief set to a mostly hostile & negative crowd, then stopped and told the audience, “Like I said, I’m here for you… If you want me to keep going, I’ll keep going.” To which the people yelled “no” and “booooooo.” So he just left, saying: “It’s been love. I go by the name of Drake, thank you for having me.” Here are some videos:

In one of these videos, you can hear the crowd chanting “we want Frank,” meaning Frank Ocean. People really were expecting Ocean to perform and there’s some evidence to suggest that no one understood that Drake was supposed to close the night, and people thought Frank might eventually come out when Drake was done. I’m just trying to figure out/explain the groupthink happening here.

Honestly, Drake handled that as well as he could. He did his thing, asked the crowd if they wanted more and they didn’t, so he respectfully stepped off the stage. It’s an “L” for him, for sure, but he handled it like a professional and good for him.

Los Angeles Premiere of the new HBO Series EUPHORIA

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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29 Responses to “Drake got booed off the stage at Tyler the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival”

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  1. Alarmjaguar says:

    Damn, that’s got to sting, but he did seem to handle it professionally. Can we also talk about how Don Jr. was yelled off the stage (by conservatives) at UCLA? That was delicious.

  2. Monette says:

    Hahahahaha. It’s like if you opened the door expecting Michael B Jordan, but instead you got Kevin Hart.
    I understand why they booed.

  3. Leriel says:

    Lol i’m happy his time is finally coming to end. Can’t stand him and his weird voice, and not surprised that he’s creep.

  4. Sarah says:

    Wow that’s really mean. I remember when Justin Timberlakr was booed at a rock fest in Canada. Sure he didn’t fit the bill, but everyone felt like jerks later on. I mean these are real people.

  5. stepup says:

    Those fans don’t have time for corny ass DRAKE!

    Drake cracks me up. He is aggressively cheesy.

  6. Nina says:

    I thought he was popular?

    • Tiffany says:

      He is, but Frank is mystique. When Frank goes away, it is to the point where you miss him so much you will cry in the rain when he does not show up for your date in front of the restaurant.

    • Wow says:

      He is. Those “fans” are ridiculous. Frank Ocean doesn’t even care about them

  7. Texas says:

    People are so rude these days.

  8. ME says:

    That crowd seemed immature. It would be another thing if they were told Frank Ocean would be performing and PAID money specifically to see HIM, but that wasn’t the case. They heard rumors and those rumors weren’t true. Don’t be mad at Drake for that. Drake has his own faults but my God people grow up.

  9. sassbr says:

    I really like Drake’s music so I wouldn’t mind seeing him. Even if it wasn’t Frank Ocean, whom I also like, I would be so aggressively disappointing. It could have been a worse replacement and it’s not Drake’a fault they messed with the line up. He didn’t bounce Ocean off the line up.

  10. Originaluna says:

    I’d be sympathetic if it weren’t for the hissy fits he threw in Brazil in Rock i Rio this year. Refused to televise his performance (every other artist’s was). Was rude. All diva.
    Refused to eat local food (having his own personal chef cooking his own food) – I’m not even Brazilian, but since I’m from a third world country that is much smaller than Brazil, african and with amazingly tasty food, I felt as insulted as they did.
    So this is his Karma.

  11. Dee Kay says:

    Ever since Drake recorded with Chris Brown, he’s been a non-entity for me. Plus that terrible song about his baby mama. Drake is Not a Nice Person.

    • Original Jenns says:

      AFter all of this, I’m shocked people are defending him. I’d boo him too for his past actions and terrible decisions. That’s not rude. That’s consequences.

  12. Dal says:

    Lol bout time drake got what deserved. making moves on teenage girls .. he’s gross and his music all the same beat. Over rated for sure