Aussie model Erin Langmaid gave birth to a baby without realizing she was pregnant

Hello, I’d like to introduce you to Erin Langmaid, a 23-year-old Australian model. Erin gave birth to a baby girl on October 29. The birth was a surprise because Erin… did not know she was pregnant. I read this story this morning and I really didn’t know what to make of it other than “how?” and “that’s a really big baby for a pregnancy she didn’t know anything about.”

An Australian model recently had a life-changing surprise when she gave birth to a baby in her bathroom, despite not knowing that she had been carrying her daughter for nine months. Erin Langmaid welcomed a healthy 7 lbs. and 7 oz. baby girl, Isla May, on Oct. 29, but says she had no idea she was expecting after not showing any typical pregnancy symptoms and consistently using contraceptive injections, 7 News reports.

“I wasn’t showing obviously because I fit into everything,” Langmaid, 23, told the outlet. “It’s just really bizarre.”

Langmaid and her boyfriend Daniel Carty’s world was flipped upside-down two weeks ago when the model started feeling ill and took a trip to the bathroom. Within just ten minutes, Langmaid said her daughter had unexpectedly arrived in a “dramatic” fashion — a moment that Carty, 31, said also caught him off-guard.

“I heard a scream and I ran in there and then I saw the little one and I thought, ‘Hang on, there’s two,’” he recalled to 7 News of his shock, which quickly turned to panic when he realized Isla had stopped breathing after making her grand arrival. Thinking on his feet, Carty called 000 (Australia’s version of 911) and had the operator walk him through the steps to restore his daughter’s breathing and save her life. Thankfully, Carty was successful in his attempts and his girlfriend and daughter were soon rushed to the hospital, where doctors determined that Langmaid had experienced a cryptic pregnancy.

A cryptic pregnancy, also known as a stealth pregnancy, is when conventional testing methods fail to detect a mother is carrying a child, according to Healthline. One in every 475 women experience a cryptic pregnancy which goes undiscovered until the mother is 20 weeks along, News Medical reports. Some others, like Langmaid, don’t learn they’re pregnant until the baby arrives. Weeks after the major surprise, Langmaid and Carty are now settling into their new lives and unexpected roles as parents.

Carty shared the exciting news on Instagram with his followers on Nov. 1, alongside a sweet family photo of him holding his new daughter while Langmaid watched on. “We want to share with you our new little family member. Isla May was brought into the world on Tuesday night, she lived in mummy’s tummy for 9 months without letting us know,” he wrote. “After an extremely tough few days both mother and daughter are perfectly well and ready to go home.”

[From People]

The whole “consistently using contraceptive injections” thing might explain a bit of this… if this was Fifty Shades of Grey, I guess (in case you don’t know, that was a plot point of that series). My guess is that when Erin missed her period or felt her hormones going haywire, she just thought it was because of injections? I’m trying to explain this, because I have no idea. I have no idea how a model-trim woman of 23 could miss a baby-sized bump and a kicking fetus completely. I just… wonder about this whole story.

Here are some Instagrams dated just weeks before she gave birth. She, uh, seemed to take pains to hide her midsection, huh.

2019 People's Choice Awards

2019 People's Choice Awards

2019 People's Choice Awards

Photos courtesy of Instagram.

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  1. carmen says:

    Was she in a coma for nine months? Extremely long torso? Forgive my skepticism.

    • LadyMTL says:

      Something similar actually happened to a former childhood friend…through my aunt (who was still in touch with this girl’s mother) I was told she hadn’t realized she was pregnant until she was like 7-8 months, or something like that. Apparently she’d always had irregular periods, and had only put on about 12-13 pounds in total, so it just never occurred to her.

      I tend to be skeptical about these stories too, but never having been pregnant I don’t want to just out and out call this woman a liar either, hahaha.

      • styla says:

        I put on 15 lbs with both my pregnancies and I was as big as a house. Not to mention the giant fetus in my gut kicking my organs around and the 24/7 hiccups she had kind of made it extremely obvious.

        I believe that some pregnancies just don’t show as much, I’ve seen it… but not enough to not have any clue that there was a living being in there.

      • Agirlandherdog says:

        Some women do still get their periods while pregnant. It happens. Some forms of birth control can also either stop periods or make them really like, just like spotting, so I mean … I guess so?

        I don’t disbelieve her. I guess I am just very aware of my body and feel like even with a screwy period I’d have figured it out at some point. You know? But if she’s only 23, maybe she hasn’t gotten to that point in her life where she listens to what her body is trying to tell her.

      • Mia4s says:

        Happened to my mother, she was well over five months before she knew. She’d had amenorrhea her whole life, so the occasional spotting she got during the pregnancy just seemed like her normal period. Surprise!

      • Moneypenny says:

        @Mia4s I definitely believe that you might not know you’re pregnant for 5 months, but there is a big difference between that and not knowing until a baby literally popped out of your body.

      • Mia4s says:

        @Moneypenny I agree, this is far more extreme! I just mean that the absence/presence of periods is not necessarily a reliable indicator for many women, as much as popular understanding insists it is. Which is a WILD thought! 😂

      • Spicecake38 says:

        True story.A relative of a relative (yes I know her)about 25 years ago had a baby-completely unknown until she delivered the child in her bathroom at home,alone.
        This lady was/is very overweight so maybe she didn’t show or feel different,I have no idea what her periods were like,but she seriously didn’t know.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        A friend of mine in high school didn’t find out she was pregnant until the day before she gave birth, and even then, she was so small the doctor mistakenly told her she was six or seven months along, and that her back pains were probably a kidney infection (not labour).

        On one hand, she said her period had continued as normal, and because she’d dieted right before she got pregnant, when she started gaining weight, she just assumed she was yo-yoing.

        But on the other…I remember *thinking* this friend was kinda pregnant-shaped, at the time, and in hindsight, she was a person with an UNUSUALLY high ability to live in a state of self-deception.

        So…I’m not quite sure to what degree it was *really* a complete surprise to her.

        But she claimed it was, and she gave birth on her mom’s living room floor, alone, and cut the umbilical cord with sewing scissors, which would be a pretty metal level of commitment for a faker.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I’m skeptical too. missing the periods? unless she was always VERY irregular…I mean, I’m not regular, never have been, but the longest I went without one was 78 days, and that was high school and I didn’t know anyone who was regular in HS.

      if she didn’t menstruate for months at time normally, I could buy this. and if she were a heavy woman, or at least heavier than she is…

      …but someone so small not showing at ALL? NO noticeable weight gain?

      sure is a good way to get some attention, and get her some name recognition…I just have a really hard time buying her story.

      • Smalltown Girl says:

        There are a lot of contraceptions that stop your period and it sounds like she was on one. Look at the picture of her post birth, shr is wearing normal jeans and the ones from her instagrams, she looks slim. But she is also 5”11. There is a lot of room to hide a baby.

      • Malificent says:

        I naturally have higher than normal progesterone levels. It was completely normal for me to go 5 or 6 months without a period. I’d get some hormonal symptoms, but no actual period. (Then I’d get a period that would last for weeks….)
        And my mom and one of my sisters had full periods while pregnant. My mom was 3 months pregnant with my oldest sister and sure she had the flu because there was no change in her periods.

      • Moneypenny says:

        I’m 5’11 with a long torso. There isn’t THAT much room. I show much less than others when pregnant, but you can still tell I’m pregnant.

      • Erinn says:

        I’m on depo, and haven’t had one since my second round of injections.

      • bre says:

        I’m a bit skeptical too BUT when I was on norplant I didn’t have a period for 3 years, not even spotting. But I was so paranoid I was taking pregnancy tests all the time (even though I used condoms). Depo shots did the same.

      • Sequinedheart says:

        I have a friend who didn’t know she was pregnant for 5 months. She was and still is a skinny minnie. She just thought she was finally filling out but it was by no means and obvious tum tum. She felt funky so went to the doctor and theres a healthy baby boy writhing away in there.
        She went into labor a month early so in her mind, she was preg for maybe 3 months! Poor girl! but she raised a beautiful son and just kept on going.

        Saying that, I don’t buy this girls story. this is why: 23 yr old instagram model wants a career: let me grab a headline.

    • Allie says:

      “Extremely long torso?” With the baby standing up straight or what? Haha!

      I can’t see how a skinny woman does not have any signs of pregnancy. Some kind of bump would show in the end, even when it’s just a small one.

      • Delph says:

        Yes it happens. It is a psychiatric condition. I don’t know how you call it in English. The baby barely moves and is not in the usual position. It is making itself discreet. The mother still has her periods. I am surprised she is a happy mom as usually mothers are denying the baby at birth like it never existed

      • SM says:

        Exactly. I call bullshit on this story.not because you may miss the signs but because someone as slim had to store the baby who came out carried to term in her body. Even more as a model she could not have overlooked or wasn’t bothered by her body changing. I am skinny, I got to know I was pregnant very early on and I felt my fetus friend in my belly at 9 weeks, my doctor said this is because I was so skinny. There is no way a slim person carries a baby to term without knowing something is up

      • Another Anne says:

        Even if you’re not showing at all in your last trimester (unlikely), your abdomen is hard as a rock with that baby in there. How do you not notice? And yeah, some babies move less than others, but they do move. You would have to be exceptionally clueless and unobservant not to notice something is up.

      • s says:

        Delph – psychiatric condition of the mother? and the baby .. is stealthy? i can understand missing a pregnancy, skinny or not, until it is possibly even 7 months along. but around that time they become so active. they bump the ribs, they shove their feet against your abdominal wall. they hiccup. they react when you have sweets or juice. theres that awful heavy feeling and pains shooting down your legs when they step on a nerve. this is so bewildering.

      • detritus says:

        She would have gained more than the 7 lbs too because of the placenta and amniotic fluid.
        We’re talking about someone who’s job
        It is to maintain a low weight gaining over ten lbs and not noticing?

        I mean, always assume stupidity over malice, but this is pretty far out there.

      • Sunnydaze says:

        @delph, I’m going to assume English isn’t your first language, so let me be very clear: a baby not moving or being hidden is NOT a psychiatric condition. However, there are codes in the ICD-10 that acknowledge “cryptic/stealth” pregnancies may be attributed to the carrier’s inability or unwillingness to acknowledge pregnancy symptoms or the possibility of pregnancy due to her own mental health concerns. The other thing worth noting is that while cryptic/stealth pregnancies are real gathering data on the plausibility of such events so close to birth is extremely hard because you are relying on information in hindsight. For example, it IS a real thing someone can go a few months. But after a while, especially if someone is full term, then it is impossible to tell if the carrier did know and couldn’t say because of safety or other fears, had suspicions but couldn’t admit to themselves, etc. Basically, there is no way to prove one way or another as you are relying solely on self report and absence of any data. Cryptic pregnancies rarely (I didn’t say never) end well if they do go full term simply because of the lack of prenatal care and other issues that may have come from being concealed – mental health concerns, physiological concerns, etc.

      • Col says:

        When your skinny there’s nowhere to hid the bump and it looks bigger proportionally . i’m skinny, just under 5 months, with a long torso, and my bump is already huge. My friend was a nurse and she’s had a few patients who had no idea they were pregnant, and there was a TLC show devoted to this topic. So it’s a thing; part of me tries to be understanding, another part can’t imagine being that out of touch with your body.

      • Selena says:

        the placment of the uterus is important here. A retroverted uterus can affect how you carry your baby. It can be barely noticeable. Also she states she is “a model” so perhaps underwieght affecting menstruation. Movement of a baby feels odd, if you have never felt it before why would you know what it was? These pregnancies happen, rarely but they happen. I had a woman that was EXTREMELY slim, she wore her normal jeans (tight) right up until two weeks prior to the birth of her third child and then she only had to undo the top button. She knew she was pregnant, obviously. Please don’t judge every woman by your own experience, every pregnancy is different for every woman.

    • Yzzah says:

      I’m 6′ and didn’t show much at all until the 3rd trimester. I had a very modest bump. However, I also had a baby kicking me in the lungs, hiccupping constantly, and I was sexually active and paying attention to the status of my uterus at all times like a responsible woman so…..

      • Moneypenny says:

        Thank you! I’m 5’11 and didn’t show that much either, but you still show in the last trimester! Also, you’re still peeing constantly. There is no way you could think nothing is going on when you’re getting kicked in the bladder by a baby!

      • megs283 says:

        I’m 5’11” and looked like I was smuggling a house for all three of my pregnancies.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Yzzah, exactly. It’s not just about not showing, its all of the other things that go along with being pregnant that I am surprised a person could miss. Darker nipples, braxton-hicks contractions before the actual labor, etc. The list is pretty long of changes a woman’s body goes through.

      • Delph says:

        S – yes condition of the mother. They showed a teenage girl once who was in denial. When the doctors told her she was in labour her belly grew from nothing to a 9-month pregnant person within hours.

        I’m from France and in the medical field btw

      • dlc says:

        Wait…to be a responsible woman you have to pay attention to your uterus at all times? Ugh.

      • Janice says:

        Well, I’m not going to pay attention to your uterus for you.

      • Xiola says:

        I am also 6’0″ tall and I didn’t show much at all until the end of my pregnancy. Also, my mother was on birth control when she got pregnant with me and didn’t know she was pregnant until she was almost 5 mos. She had periods and had lost weight due to what she thought was a prolonged GI bug – but it was morning sickness. 🙂 I was her second pregnancy, she knew what to expect but it didn’t occur to her because she was menstruating.

    • Eliza says:

      Happened to my coworker. She thought she miscarried and never showed or felt anything. I mean I can confirm she did not look pregnant. All of a sudden had horrible stomach pains and hospital informed her she is in labor. The baby was followed for development because obviously there was no prenatals and alcohol war consumed during pregnancy, but was completely fine and no issues.

      • Ange says:

        I knew a woman who didn’t know until 4 weeks before her due date. She posted a full body picture the day before and I can confirm she didn’t look pregnant at all. She was a tall, slim woman and had a tight dress with a wide belt on. Hilariously the second she found out her belly popped, it was like the baby was just waiting for confirmation before it appeared.

    • Arizona says:

      it seems strange to me, but I had a coworker who didn’t know she was pregnant until she was at 8 months. she had an IUD, so wasn’t expecting it and also didn’t get her period. she only gained like 5-7 pounds the entire time, and had some medical stuff that often made her feel tired and bloated so she just attributed it to that. she would have given birth without knowing except she had an appointment about her medical condition and that’s how she found out! she wasn’t model thin, but she wasn’t an overweight person at all either.

      a girl I went to high school with didn’t realize she was pregnant until she gave birth, either. she was also very tiny. that one was sad because she was drinking and doing drugs during the pregnancy and the kid had some very mild issues – she almost lost her kid because of it, but she truly didn’t know. once she was a mom she stopped with the drugs and got her stuff together and has been a good mom ever since though.

      • dlc says:

        I was wondering if she has stomach issues. I get super bloated, and sometimes it lasts awhile, especially if I am stressed. That could hide a pregnancy on a thin woman.

    • minx says:

      There was a tv series a few years ago called “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.” I was skeptical until I saw some of their stories, and yep, I guess it can really happen.

    • helonearth says:

      I believe her, having seen this happen to a colleague.

      She didn’t put on weight as the baby grew up her back – and this was her second baby. Wasn’t sick and still on birth control.

      She didn’t show up for work and we found out two week later that she had given birth.

    • Jodeceit says:

      In one photo, in front of the door, she had clothes pins on her jacket. Isn’t that a baby shower game? Like, they put clothes pins on the mother to be, and everytime someone says baby (or something) they get a clothes pin off of her. And the one with the most wins, or something…? Does anyone else know what I’m talking about?

    • Anna says:

      My mother was (my grandmother’s) cryptic pregnancy. My grandma survived the Leningrad Blocade but with massive physical trauma, and after having my aunt two years before my aunt was told that she wont even be able to have anymore children, and I think she stopped having periods altogether. She also put on some weight around the middle, which masked the pregnancy to everyone. She found out about my mom two weeks before her due date, bc she suddently started feeling unwell and went to the doc. Naturally, she freaked the F out. But, here we are.

    • DonnaQ says:

      i looked like I had a basketball under my shirt at 8 months along, going from about 135 lbs before becoming pregnant to 164 lbs on the day I gave birth. I am 5’5”. I just do not understand how this tiny model lady did not know she was pregnant! Oh, and also, my son was only 7 lbs 4 oz at birth, sooooo. Hmmmm.

  2. jessamine says:

    Esp covering her midsection with a wine glass … yikes.

    • Risa says:

      I just glanced over her Insta and there are several pictures like this… all within the time she’d have been pregnant. So odd.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        honestly, that’s ONE point in her column that supports her story…like, hopefully she wouldn’t be drinking if she knew she was preggo, but she could also just be holding them, not drinking.

    • Starkiller says:

      In most rational countries, pregnant women, with the backing of science, continue to drink in moderation. To fastidiously avoid all alcohol is seen as a bizarre, prudish, American thing to do. Going on a bender isn’t advised (then again, going on a bender whether pregnant or not is also an almost unheard of), but a glass of wine with dinner with not hurt anyone.

      • detritus says:

        Hey star killer, I thought this too, but the most recent research points to it being negative and at best neutral, all depending on the moms biology.

        I encouraged one of my friends to have a beverage and I felt horrible after finding out. I mean ea h to their own, and every pregnant lady needs to determine her own risk but it’s definitely not as clear cut ok as science originally thought

      • Jb says:

        Starkiller Yeaaaa I don’t think it’s just an American “prudish “ attitude as studies in both America and other countries state there is no solid evidence that drinking in “moderation” is safe for pregnant women. Since there is so much that could potentially be harmful the advice most doctors (in all countries hopefully) Is to play it safe and abstain. A year of trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant has had me reading article after article on fertility, pregnancy, things to avoid etc. Again as said below to each their own but no it’s not just an American view point that no alcohol is safest option

      • Miss America says:

        This is ridiculous. Why risk it at all? Sorry Americans are so ignorant and backward that were choosing that not poisoning tiny 3lb babies in utero with alcohol. BTW you’re completely wrong. All “science” you’re referring to is purely anecdotal as it’s not ethical to test these things on a grand scale. And the real science that does exist shows alcohol enters a fetuses blood stream and I’m sorry, tell me again what amount of alcohol is good for a growing fetus?

      • Col says:

        Not in the first trimester.

      • Rational german says:

        Well, I can tell you from Germany that drinking while pregnant is considered a huge no no and not at all accepted or encouraged. The myth of the “occasional” glass of wine might get brought up by some people (usually older) but the consensus is to not risk it and don’t drink anything at all.

        Edit: Only “safe” period is the first couple of weeks after conception because the egg is not yet connected to the bloodstream of the mother.

  3. Veronica S. says:

    My coworker’s daughter was super tiny during her last pregnancy, but even she gained a bump by the 8-9th month. A small one, but she had it. I have…doubts. Most of the cases I’ve known where people didn’t know they were pregnant they had some weight on them or were dealing with things like GI or endocrine issues that caused things like excessive bloating that could hide the gain.

    Mostly, I’m like…how do you NOT feel it moving?? When my friend was pregnant, we could literally see her stomach jump when the baby kicked toward those final months.

    • ReginaGeorge says:

      Oddly enough, when I was pregnant I never saw my baby move inside of me. Like I’ve seen videos of people seeing hands and elbows pushing against the belly, but that never happened to me. I felt her -A LOT- at night, but if I didn’t know better, I would have chalked it up to gas, cuz it felt the same to me tbh.

      Also, I was 21 going on 22 and 5’8″ and started at 135lbs. I actually lost weight in the first trimester, even though I didn’t have morning sickness. My obgyn (an old school male) even went as far as to accuse me of not eating, when in reality I ate like a savage. I’ve just always had a super fast metabolism, and he forced me to double-up on meals. At the end of my second trimester/beginning of last, I finally started putting on weight, and in total gained 45lbs, which is unheard of now and I’m pissed that he made me gain so much weight, since I hear that now women are told 20-25lbs is the norm.

      Anyway, I can totally see how someone could not know they were pregnant, especially if they’ve had issues with skipped/unpredictable periods or they spot through the pregnancy.

    • Smalltown Girl says:

      If you have an anterior placenta it hides a lot of movement. I barely felt my second one and the movements I did feel were subdued, while my first and third both tried to kick their way out and I could see their little limbs.

      • Veronica S. says:

        You two are making me never, ever want to risk having a sexual relationship with a man again. My paranoia is FIERCE now lol, especially since I do suffer from dysmenorrhea and irregular bleeding. The next dude I date, I’m going in with HAZMAT suit on.

  4. Nicegirl says:

    Huh. Best wishes to baby Isla May ❤️❤️🖖🏽

  5. Betsy says:

    Very weird for sure, but look at her in late August – she should be getting pretty big and she’s not really even thick! I think the blazers are because she started to look thick and bloated (well for a model) and didn’t know why. But for a nine months’ pregnancy? She was very small. Poor thing. Also I hope the poor kiddo is alright – nine months with whatever her mother’s regular drinking and eating habits (i don’t think a lot of models eat enough calories for a pregnancy) are with no testing or medical care.

    • fifee says:

      Are you saying that the baby was small for a full term pregnancy? The baby weighed 7lb 7oz which is roughly 3 1/2 kg’s. Thats not a small baby, thats a fairly normal sized baby.

  6. Scarlett says:

    Yeah, it’s called being in denial…I keep telling my mind I am not a menopausal size 18, my mind doesn’t listen though lol.

  7. Kebbie says:

    Hard to imagine you wouldn’t know, but it does happen. That wine glass…I hope she wasn’t a heavy drinker!

  8. Socks says:

    Nope. Don’t believe her.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I think something psychological was/is afoot.

    • Ann says:

      Me either. Not one bit.

    • amanda says:

      Same. 7.5k followers. How many did she have before this story? Idk. I’m cynical but this seems to be a way to increase her exposure.

      • ChillyWilly says:

        Yeah, she is full of it. If she were overweight I would be more apt to buy this. I have seen some overweight pregnant women who didn’t look pregnant. This girl is clearly hiding her bump in those Instagram posts. She did this purely for publicity.

      • Mel says:

        I am not sure she did it for publicity, but I agree she appears to be hiding her stomach in many of the photos, and the one with her in pink posted recently looked much thinner than the ones on either side. I think she knew.
        I can understand not knowing until 8 months if the baby doesn’t move much and you are already slightly overweight.
        I didn’t show with my first until 6 months and only weighed 105lbs which was just enough to say there was a bump. My second child was very still most of my pregnancy (she still doesn’t move much at 27 LOL) but once you reach 8 – 9 months I don’t see how you could not know you were pregnant or at least that there was something going on. Maybe complete denial.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      I can’t either. If that baby is alive, it’s moving. It’s kicking. Your stomach sometimes resembles the Alien movies. At one point I could almost grab a foot. And even if she miraculously avoided the plethora, no…the MYRIAD of symptoms, the baby would’ve moved. Eight months plus is what it is. Unless this is all a facade for an adoption lol.

      • ReginaGeorge says:

        My pregnancy was pretty easy. I didn’t have any symptoms. No morning sickness and I was losing weight at one point and didn’t really gain until I was forced to start doubling up on meals at my obgyn’s instruction, and finally started gaining weight around 27 weeks. That’s when I “popped”. I never actually saw my baby move inside me. Around 7-8 months I finally started feeling her move at night, but it was subtle. I actually thought it was gas. By the end it was a lot more intense though. But if I didn’t know I was pregnant, whatever I did feel, I could have probably explained away as something else.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        You’re right Regina, toward end of term, the ante is upped. My last pregnancy was the easiest. I wasn’t sick the entire time. But all three, I lost a lot of weight during first two months. The last one didn’t bring on diabetic leanings, I didn’t bleed like a stuck pig every doc visit lol. My breasts weren’t black and blue throughout nine months looking like I was in a car crash. I was dancing on delivery day on the way to my c-section! But yes, the final couple of months are quite unmistakeable. I’m sure nothing’s impossible, but damn. It’s next to impossible for my brain to comprehend.

      • Nicole76705 says:

        I never saw much movement, but by the end you could feel a kid that size literally flop over from time to time. There’s no way she didn’t know. My kids weren’t big movers either, but had I had felt them flop not knowing I was pregnant, I would have taken myself to the emergency room 🙂

      • JanetDR says:

        I know someone who didn’t know until the last month. It was a foot traveling across her abdomen that got her attention and explained why she had been feeling off. She has a beautiful healthy little girl. She was using birth control and hadn’t noticed any changes.

    • BorderMollie says:

      Same. I believe this kind of thing can happen, but she just wants a headline here lol

  9. Smalltown Girl says:

    I have had friends who barely looked pregnant into their 7th month. If she is a taller girl it is possible. And if you have an anterior placenta, then it is really hard to feel the baby kick and the movements are a lot more subtle (I had an anterior placenta once and a posterior placenta twice adn the difference was Incredible).

  10. savu says:

    Has anyone ever seen the show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant? Dozens of women go on that show and detail their experiences giving birth to often healthy or full-term babies, with doctors giving explanations. It’s wild. It truly does happen, and it does happen to people who have gained little weight. Her story isn’t any different from the ones on that show, supported by medical experts. In fact, there are lots of crazier ones! Only she knows if she’s being truthful, but based on all those stories, it’s entirely possible.
    Also, is it possible a model was hiding her midsection because she had gained a little weight? Just playing devil’s advocate here. The immediate skepticism is a little surprising to me.

    • ab says:

      Yes! This is exactly what I thought of when I saw the headline. That show was a trip! I’m surprised so many commenters are just flat out not believing her, stealth pregnancies are a real thing.

      • Xoxo says:

        It’s a thing now where if it didn’t happen to you then it’s not true. Sad that people can’t accept evidence from experts that yes this does happen.

  11. Smalltown Girl says:

    Also I went back to November on her Instagram and she has alwyas favoured cropped shots or shots where she holds a wine glass in front of her, I think it is just how she is comfortable.

  12. Krista says:

    There is more to this story . . .

  13. sassafras says:

    I know two people that this happened to. The first was very tall (like this model?) and a former college basketball or volleyball player (I forget) so still athletic and muscular. She found out at 8 months at her annual gyn visit.

    The other woman found out at 7 months. She had been breastfeeding her first child and never got her period. She had suspicions that she might have been pregnant a few months earlier, took a test and it was negative. She finally went and got checked out by a doctor when she was consistently feeling movement but until then, she thought it was gas because, well, she had a negative pregnancy test!

    These stories have haunted me for years even though I’ve had an IUD for over a decade. *cue Jeff Goldblum saying: Nature finds a way…*

    • Green Desert says:

      Ok but…like others have said up-thread, finding out at 7 or 8 months, sure. But not knowing AT ALL and then there’s a baby coming out of you…um, no.

  14. Scal says:

    The only time I have believed this kind of story is on ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant’ and there was a picture of one of the moms in a bikini the day before she had her baby. And she did NOT look pregnant at all. It was bizarre. But the rest? Nope.

    With the supposed lack of prenatal care I just wish baby well and hope she’s healthy and happy.

  15. Christina says:

    Tons of people just move past weird symptoms. She does look small, and her stomach probably did look and feel weird, but she still fit in her clothes. People ignore cancer until it’s too late: a cousin of mine died at 31 because he ignored his symptoms of colon cancer. There were symptoms. He just didn’t talk about it with anybody because he didn’t feel bad enough to get checked out until he was at stage 4.

    If she gets her money from modeling, and she’s young and inexperienced about health issues, and she still was able to work because she fit into the same size, she probably didn’t want to acknowledge that something was happening because she didn’t really feel bad. Many people move past irregularities that eventually right themselves all the time hoping that they will resolve after a while. Many times they do. Sometimes you die of cancer, and sometimes a baby drops out of your body.

    My body is so sensitive that I would have known, but everyone is not the same.

    • Nicole76705 says:

      I think this a lot of the case for many people, but I just have a hard time not thinking you’d at least check with a doctor when it feels like a fish is flopping around inside of you 😀 My kids weren’t big movers but at the end when they were bigger, the would occasionally “flop” over. That movement alone would have me at least asking the doctor what the hell that was.

  16. Cee says:

    One of my best friends discovered she was pregnant at five months. She kept having her period, was bloated, etc. She finally got a blood test when everything she ate begun to sit ill with her. She was in shock, to say the least. This is also the time she had a small tummy (she’s very tall and thin) pop out.

    Not buying this model’s story. Seems like a publicity stunt.

  17. HelloSunshine says:

    I just don’t understand how people don’t know. I carried very small with both kids. If I put on a sweater at 8 months pregnant, you’d barely be able to tell I was pregnant (long torso) BUT how do you not feeling the baby moving?? Especially at the end when they’re big. Her baby came out bigger than both of mine and I was so uncomfortable at the end because I felt every movement lol even if she had an anterior placenta or whatever it’s called, doesn’t that stop affecting feeling the baby’s movements once they get beyond 20ish weeks?

    • Smalltown Girl says:

      My experience, there were movements but I knew I was pregnant and I knew that is what they were but even later on they were never very strong with the anterior placenta and I could see someone dismissing them as gas. It was a big difference compared to my other two pregnancies.

  18. Va Va Kaboom says:

    My immediate take is that it was a cryptic pregnancy… up to a point. But she definitely knew before actually giving birth. I’d normally give her the benefit of doubt, but those photos are straight up posed for maximum effect, especially those of her grasping a glass of alcohol.

    Maybe I’ve just become hella negative over the last few years. But I’d bet she realized if she kept up the pretense then she might have a case against the injections. Or it could be as simple as wanting the publicity. I mean we’re talking about a random Aussie model no ones ever heard of before now, right? I wonder where my belief in people ran off to sometimes.

    • Veronica S. says:

      She’s also in a career where having a baby can be anathema. Playing it as a surprise even if she did figure it out close to the end protects her from potential retaliation from employers.

  19. Velvet Elvis says:

    It seems so crazy to give birth not knowing you’re pregnant but this happened to a friend of mine. She was actually on a boat with us a couple of months before she had the baby, wearing a bikini and everything. She looked like she had gained a couple of pounds but that was it. We were all shocked (including her) when she gave birth.

    • Christina says:

      I believe her.

      I wanted to see the kicking when I was pregnant. I saw it once on my stomach. I was huge, but my pregnancy symptoms were mostly gastrointestinal: not the kicking that women talk about.

      I can see her knowing the month she was due or not at all. People are different. This happens to people all the time. I’ve never seen it in my life, but others have and it’s been documented by the medical community too many times to too many other women of different shapes and sizes.

      I think that people who don’t believe her should take a minute to think about why we don’t believe her. IMHO, being skeptical of things is good, but our personal life experiences are individual. We can’t rely on our own life experiences exclusively in situations like this. It’s hard to believe if you had a hard pregnancy, like I did, but this stuff if documented to have occurred many times before. I think we jump on women, especially young women, and reflexively assume that they lie. Double that up for women who are public figures or in media-driven fields. Yes, the Kardashians lie. That doesn’t mean that everyone does.

      • dlc says:

        Thanks Christina, well said.

      • Marigold says:

        I’m with you, Christina. I saw that, thought it was a cool story, and then saw all the hostile comments.

        I’ve only been pregnant once. It was horrible. Never did it again. Love my kid…would never have another one on purpose because my pregnancy nearly killed me (figuratively).

        I’ve watched many friends and family members have pregnancies, and they all have different experiences. None of them had a pregnancy like mine. Some got big as a house and dropped it all two weeks after baby. Some barely gained anything but never lost an ounce. Some were sick and vomiting all the time to the point they had to be on meds. Some felt awesome and ran/Crossfit/pilates all the way to the end. Some had their hair fall out. Some had stronger, healthier hair that grew really fast. So…there is no “correct” way to be pregnant.

        I will not assume someone is lying because her experience is different to mine.

        For what it’s worth, I got big as a house, but I never saw my stomach moved, and I WATCHED for it because I thought that would be cool. I never had dramatic kicking or felt her moving a lot. No rolling over or gigantic movements…so the flutters I did feel, I thought were gas (there was a lot of that, too) until the doctor helped me discern the difference (because I was worried that the baby wasn’t “kicking”)

  20. emmy says:

    Well, now we all know who she is, right?

    I have no idea how these things happen but the human body is wild. I am in no way qualified to analyze anyone but from personal experience with friends and family, I would say a lot of people “don’t know” because they don’t ever listen to their bodies or don’t want to. My sister is always tired. Always. Well, she works a LOT and is… shall we say a social person. Girl, if I lived like this, I would be tired. There’s no mystery.

  21. Sarah says:

    Something similar happened to a French singer. She was around 6 or 7 months along when she realized she was pregnant.
    It seems absolutely crazy but I don’t see why she would lie about this. Although – and I might annoy the commenters who are tired of all the royal coverage – I remember seeing both Victoria of Sweden and Meghan Markle’s baby bumps basically move/jump under their clothes towards the end of their pregnancies. If I can detect that in video, how does the pregnant woman cannot feel the baby move around?!

    • Erinn says:

      “It seems absolutely crazy but I don’t see why she would lie about this”

      That’s where I am. I mean, people lie about crazy things, but I just can’t imagine putting this out there if it wasn’t true. Maybe she has some sort of condition that she already experiences some nausea or fatigue or whatever from, and just chalked it up to that. Freaks me the hell out though, because I’m on depo and haven’t had a period since pretty much starting it. So it’s not like I’d have that as a predictor that something is up haha.

    • Marigold says:

      I never saw my stomach move, and my kid was a large baby. On the ultrasound, we could watch her moving and kicking, but I felt nothing and you couldn’t see it on the surface/through my skin. It happens. Different mothers. Different wombs. Different babies.

  22. Marigold says:

    “I wasn’t showing obviously because I fit into everything,” Langmaid, 23, told the outlet. “It’s just really bizarre.”

    It’s just really a lie. Sorry, don’t believe it. She gained *at least 10lb* in one relatively compact area of her body (baby and placenta) and all her pants fit? This isn’t a large woman who could gain 10lb in one small area and not notice it and continue to wear all her clothes. That one sentence tells me she’s full of it.

    • Sparkle says:

      I am of this opinion. She knew at some point and didn’t face it. Might be some psychological issues going on with her as others have pointed out.

      I Knew a young girl who hid and lied about her pregnancy until the day she gave birth. Thats also a possibility here- that she didnt want to deal with it.

      I have a feeling she isnt the brightest bulb. On her instagram, she has left up several photos
      Of herself drinking large glasses of wine…while pregnant. Any person with half a brain would have taken those down by now. Not the greatest look.

  23. Mia4s says:

    “ One in every 475 women”?!?!?!?!?!?

    *Looks suspiciously at my bloated stomach which I thought was from all the pasta I ate this week* 😱 😉

  24. Sarah says:

    Happens all the time. I volunteered at a maternity ward in a big city, and every month or so a girl would come in with an unexpected birth. The mothers were usually very heavy, so didn’t notice the extra weight and swollen belly as anything abnormal. But this girl likely thought she was gaining a belly from weight gain, so made pains to hide it. I try to hide my gut on “fat days” too. Nothing suspicious here, to me anyway.
    Plus that baby’s hair is gorgeous!

  25. Charfromdarock says:

    I know two women this happened to.

    One had regular periods and never gained any weight. She is tall and athletic (not skinny). She thought she was having really bad cramps and it turned out to be labour.

    The other had two children previously and had a lot of complications and required multiple surgeries. She was told she would never conceive naturally again. Her periods never came back.

    A few years later she went for her yearly exam and was 8 months. She had already had two pregnancies and had no clue she was pregnant as she didn’t have any symptoms other than feeling tired which she chalked up to have two small kids, full tine job, running a household etc.

    • Christina says:

      I believe her, and I believe you knew two women who this happened to.

      It’s dumb to believe everything that you are told, but I think that we reflexively disbelieve young women, don’t support them, and that comes back in society when women are assaulted. “She has to be lying” sounds misogynistic to me. That’s what is told to DV and assault victims.

      We don’t understand how this bubbles into reflexively disbelieving women in general. It’s like the Trumpies who won’t accept new information. “We knew he was a liar, so we don’t care. And, by the way, everyone lies”.

      No, everyone doesn’t lie.

  26. Sparkle says:

    Goodluck to that child.

    She had a long term sexual partner, had no period for 9 months and ended up birthing a 7lb baby. Never thought at any point in that 9 months without a period that maybe she should take a pregnancy test at some point?

    I suppress my periods (under doctor supervision) and when I have a sexual partner, i take pregnancy tests periodically for peace of mind.

    I think she probably at some point figured she might be pregnant and didnt deal with it. Feel sorry for the kid.

    • Marigold says:

      So now she’s going to be a bad parent? Really?

      I mean, I get cynicism, but isn’t that a bit harsh?

    • Joanna says:

      It says in the article that she was getting contraceptive injections. I used Depo Provera shots for years for birth control and didn’t get periods. Sounds like that was what she was on to me. If that’s the case, there would have been no period to miss. And if she didn’t gain much weight, I can see how she would not realize she was pregnant. As a model, she probably weighed herself and cut back if she gained a couple pounds. I read somewhere that pregnant women only need to eat an extra 300 calories while pregnant. So if she’s used to watching her weight, she would adjust her eating if she noticed a weight gain. So the 2 key indicators of pregnancy for most women was missing.

  27. Moneypenny says:

    Ok, 5’11 skinny mom of 2 here. There is no way she had no bump at all. I was very small with both pregnancies (more so the first, of course), but you could still tell I was pregnant. Even if you didn’t know you were pregnant, certainly you noticed a bit of weight gain. Or constantly having to go to the bathroom! Sure, I can gain 15lbs and still fit in my clothes, but that baby belly is different.

    I buy not realizing you were pregnant until the 6th month or something, but not until the baby pops out if you are a skinny person. Who knows, I guess some psychiatric explanations can be taken into account.

  28. JulieCarr says:

    With my first two pregnancies I was only obviously pregnant in the last month, and even then it was just the kind of bump that comes with really bad bloating. Noticeable, but nowhere near a normal 9 month bump. I’ve had a bigger bump a few times due to awful indigestion. I also didn’t feel that much movement, and what I did feel felt more like stomach issues than kicking.

    If I hadn’t been trying to get pregnant and they’d been totally accidental pregnancies instead I could easily see how I could have missed it. Most birth control methods I’ve used have stopped my period or made it irregular, and all my pregnancy symptoms could have been put down to something like gluten intolerance.

  29. Lwt00 says:

    Happened to a friend of mine. She has PCOS so missed periods was common for her. I saw her around 7 month and she had LOST about 20 lbs and her belly was flat (she’s apple shaped and not thin but she did not look pregnant at all). She attributed the movement to gas. The only reason she found out she was pregnant was throwing out her back at 9 mos. Went to the doctor, they did their routine check ups and oh hey ma’am? You are having a baby SOON. As soon as she knew, her belly popped. We rushed to put together a shower. Kid was born 3 weeks later, perfectly healthy and 99th percentile.

    • Andrea says:

      Scary! I have Pcos and an hourglass shape. Never had a regular period without bc. I am on birth control now but I get really light periods.

  30. BlueSky says:

    This actually happened to a friend of mine’s daughter. She wasn’t feeling well and she kept asking her was she pregnant. Her daughter ended up given birth in the bathroom. She was hysterical in the ambulance, swearing to her mom that she didn’t know she was pregnant. This girl was not little like this model so she could have easily been carrying and convinced herself she just gained weight. Plus I think she was still gettin her period. My mouth just hung open when she called and told me this.

  31. lucy2 says:

    I wish we could post gifs here, because I’d post the Anchorman “I don’t believe you” one.

    I don’t know how anyone could grow a 7 1/2 lb baby and not notice, unless they were overweight. A model who is well aware of her figure and weight? No way.

    I know a woman who claimed to have not known she was pregnant until she went into labor – she was fairly small, and her weight gain was very noticeable. She wore stuff to camouflage it, and denied it anyone who asked her. I think she had to have known, but was in deep denial about it.

  32. Lurkers says:

    Stealth pregnancies are very rare but do happen. A girl I went to college with had one during the school year and none of us could tell she was pregnant!

    Admittedly, she was reckless party girl and clearly not in tune with her body. She wrote off the weight gain as the freshman 15 + bloating from drinking, and still spotted during the pregnancy which she just though were light periods. She later said that she did think something was off but didn’t really care about her health enough to see a doctor. She didn’t consider pregnancy because she was still taking the pill, although she admitted she regularly had missed days.

    She went to the campus med center for what she thought were bad cramps and it turned out she was in labor! She gave birth to a boy around 7 months whose healthy (thank god he didn’t have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). Her family helped her out so she was able to finish college after taking a semester off. The baby’s father was wonderful throughout everything and they later married and had another child. They are still together and seem really happy + stable.

    She talked about how it was hard when he was born because she didn’t consciously bond with him during the pregnancy and didn’t have that immediate maternal love. She views this surprise pregnancy as a blessing not just for her son but it made her get her life together and forced her to take responsibility.

    But yeah, it was such a shock because nobody had any idea. It was during the fall + winter in New England so we were in sweaters a lot but she just looked like a normal college girl, not somebody who was in their 3rd trimester.

  33. Andrea says:

    My old hairdresser had this happen at 44 and she already had two kids! She didn’t find out until she was 6 months. She was stressed out at the time because her father was just put in a home for alzheimers. Her husband had had a vasectomy 7 years ago, so she thought it was impossible and convinced herself it was stomach cancer on her way to the doctor. They never got the vasectomy checked and it failed. She was a wide framed heavy woman so no one could tell she was pregnant, just maybe gaining more weight. So many stories on this thread make it sound so common!

  34. Jax says:

    My sister is 5’3” and she didn’t know she was pregnant until two weeks before she delivered. She lived at home with my parents and both sets of grandparents. Oh and two other nosy siblings. I had moved out by by that time. She worked full time, standing on her feet doing 12 hour shifts. She started suspecting she was pregnant and thought she was maybe 4 months along due to when she last had sex when she took the pregnancy test and went to the doctor to see her options. She was shocked when they said she was further along. She thought she was just gaining weight because she had slowed down from her days of being an athlete and her period was never regular so she didn’t think much of it. She even went on weight watchers for some of it. So she was scheduled for a sonogram two weeks out and never made it to that appointment. Her son was born before that. We called him the miracle baby. I don’t think she was hiding it because she’s always been an emotional wreck about things when she tries to hide stuff. Also I met someone when I was in the military who didn’t know she was pregnant until she went into labor and had to go to the hospital. It happens.

  35. Hmmm says:

    There was a whole show about this on TLC so it does happen. Often times the babies are born at home lol

  36. Adrien says:

    Oh, this happened to my aunt’s friend. She thought she reached menopause because she stopped having periods then one day she thought she was having symptoms of appendicitis or gallbladder stones so her college level son took him to the E.R. Turned out she was having a baby. There was a similar situation in the TLC series “I didn’t know I was pregnant”.

  37. Texas says:

    I can’t imagine not knowing you were pregnant. Everything was different when I was pg. my hormones, emotions, body and exhaustion. The kicking, the baby hiccups, the Braxton Hicks. I was aware very early on. I loved the experience! But that is me. Everyone is different.

  38. Lisa says:

    I have to admit I am totally in shock reading all of your stories about surprise births. I had no idea that it was this common, especially after the 6th or 7th month. I did look through this model’s IG and she was wearing a lot of tight fitting belly-baring clothing last winter. And then last summer and this fall she’s been wearing much looser clothing and a lot of blazers. I doubt she didn’t know.

  39. Leah says:

    Good for her but I don’t know if I believe she was pregnant for 9 months and didn’t know. As women, we know. Models are usually thin by design so how could she not know of weight gain, changes to her figure, her period coming to a halt etc? Interesting.

  40. Swiz says:

    Happened to my friend. Two babies, no bumps with either. She found out at 7 months with her first because she was going in for an op. Tried for the second baby so knew she was pregnant but never developed a bump. It happens 🤷‍♀️

  41. Busybody says:

    I knew I was pregnant, but I am 5’9” and was 120lbs at the time and did not show at all until about 7 months. I wore my regular clothes. Of course, I was uncomfortable and very tired—maybe her hormone birth control injections made her breasts sore and maybe the baby was preterm and maybe she has digestive issues that masked kicking…seems unlikely, but maybe she just really doesn’t pay attention to her body.

  42. Busybody says:

    Dang! I keep coming back to this. Ok, so she is totally oblivious to her body. Fine. But did she abstain from sex for the whole pregnancy? If you have had an orgasm while pregnant, you will know why I am asking this question, lol! The massive uterine cramp that makes your whole belly rock hard would be very hard to ignore, even for her partner.

  43. Silva says:

    My friend was wearing joga paints with crop top. Week later she gave birth. She didn’t know that she was pregnant…

  44. perplexed says:

    She seems thrilled to have had the baby. At least she’s not flipping out…

  45. Savannah says:

    Wow, a lot of judgement people on her (but what do I expect really). It’s different for every woman and she could have noticed her mid section growing a bit so she covered it in the photos but, she didn’t think she was pregnant.

    Some babies grow more to the back and not everyone show that much.

    Instead of doub being the default setting to things women say, we should accept that our reality and experiences cannot be translated to ALL THE WOMEN on this planet, and this can actually happen.

  46. AA says:

    I hope she is not making this up. Literally like 2 weeks after I got pregnant I started having suspicions mostly because I was completely exhausted and felt sick and dizzy (and then of course, no period, but I was always very regular). I just can’t imagine going 9 months and never even considering it. I felt like I couldn’t ever forget it, there were so many things happening. She must have the ability to compartmentalize to the nth degree, i.e., “oh, I’ve just got a stomach ache” when the baby is kicking the he!! out of you.

    • CairinaCat says:

      If your placenta is on top of the baby, in between the outside of your stomach and the baby, you don’t feel movement from the baby much if at all.

  47. Jesys says:

    I mean.. Its rare but it happens. I never got preg so i cant talk much about it but i gotta point out that some contraceptive methods do cut out your periods completely. Models do this a lot. She could be lying yes, but it could just as well be the truth. And if shes lying……. Who cares lol

  48. JanetFerber says:

    I don’t believe her, either. She looks pregnant to me in the full body pics. Denial? Seems very strange to me. She’s not a teenager, after all.

  49. Claire says:

    This happened to my sister in May of 2018. She didn’t realize it until she was in labor. Granted, she suffered brain damage during her own birth and has a fairly significant learning disability. That phone call was the shock of my lifetime. Despite having zero prenatal care, my niece is absolute magic. She’s a happy, healthy almost two year old now. It does happen.

  50. Sara says:

    It happened to a friend of mine. I saw her just before she gave birth. She was always chubby, always had messed up periods.
    I read about another young woman. The way it can happen with some is that the baby is close to the spine. One young woman found out when the baby rolled over, away from her spine. She went to bed with a flat stomach, the next morning, her belly had popped out. I believe her. It happens.

  51. Sleanne says:

    A co-worker just announced to the office staff she’s pregnant with her second. She’s tall and lean, abolsutly no bump whatsoever. Congrats and standard questions follow, like when are you due. Cue entire office’s eyes popping clean out when she says December. Next month. Everyone was creepily watching her at every angle for days. We chatted later and she said she was waiting to show before announcing past HR/bosses but it never happened. She suddenly grabbed my hand and put it on her belly and said he’s moving and I felt it. Flatter than my stomach has ever been! She said she feels him moving and he’s a great size, just tucked in there. Didn’t buy any maternity clothes. Mind blown.

  52. justmysay says:

    She looked pregnant to me in those photos.

  53. Boxy Lady says:

    I once met a lady from South America named Aparecida. I said,”That means ‘appeared’ in Spanish right?” She told me that her mother hadn’t realized she was pregnant and gave birth to her at a Christmas party!

  54. CairinaCat says:

    It happens.
    I worked with a friend who went to the ER because she thought she had food poisoning. She had a baby instead. She was in her 40’s and had had three kids before this one. Believe me I asked a TON of questions. She had gained 10 lbs but just thought it was because she was eating more crap. She got her period the same as always every month. She never felt more than what she thought was gas. She was about 5’8 and probably around 130 lbs. I worked right next to her the entire time, she didn’t look pregnant.

    I went with my friend to the dr who thought she had a bladder infection. She came out to the waiting room and told me she was 8 months pregnant, WITH TWINS. I literally fell off the couch laughing. She was my height 5’10 and was maybe 150lbs, always had irregular periods. She DID NOT look pregnant, with twins.

    My own grandmother went to the dr when she had a kidney infection, he did an exam and she was 7 months pregnant with my mom.

    So just in my life I have known 3 people who found out by surprise.

  55. Molly says:

    Everyone seems to know someone who didn’t know they were pregnant, and I call bullshit on every one. Your period may come and go, and you may be too tall/skinny/overweight for others to tell, but you still have a watermelon-sized alien rolling around in your stomach. YOU KNOW. I’ve been pregnant, and I was constantly reminded, every single day of that last trimester that I had a giant living creature inside my body. There was zero question.

  56. Viktoria says:

    Sorry but bitch is lying!

    If you click on her IG and look at the fotos where she is tagged in…look at the one where she is walking in that pant suit. You just have to slightly zoom in and boom you see that the white T-shirt is protuding out under her boobs in the shape of a baby belly …
    …I’m so sick of the stupid girls who are willing to come up with all kinds of stupid shit in order to get on the insta fame bandwagon!

    • The Long-suffering Sequin says:

      Yeah, this. There is NO WAY these pregnancies fly under the radar unless the baby itself is tiny, mother has a long torso and/or is fat to begin with, or the mother psychologically convinces herself she is not pregnant.

  57. Silvie says:

    She may have been spotting all along, and feared she was just gaining weight. She’s only 23, and she’s a model. Probably a fair amount of ignoring/wishful thinking going on – especially if her relationship and livelihood may have been jeopardized by a pregnancy. I genuinely wish her well – she’s so lucky to have had a healthy baby!

  58. Christina says:


  59. Ye says:

    She was probably hiding her midsection because she felt that she looked a bit bloated lately. That doesnt mean she knew. I cant imagine she’d prefer to give birth alone in a bathroom because she wanted to pretend not to have known. Seriously?

  60. Mandy says:

    I actually know this person, for all the nay sayers and doubters out there.. SHE REALLY DIDNT KNOW.. and isn’t one just out for insta hits.. she is a pretty reserved level headed mature young adult.. this has thrown a curve ball in her life.. but fortunately she has a very strong support network .. they are blessed

  61. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe her. I’m sorry, but i just can’t. I think she was in denial. She was scared that having a baby would end her modeling career so she pretended to herself that nothing was happening. Or maybe she was scared she’d lose her boyfriend? Who knows. But she is too tiny and too body-conscious, as someone whose body is her livelihood, not to know there was something going on.

  62. Most ego trips I won’t but this I believe. My first pregnancy was like this tell 6 months . I only gained 30 pounds my last one and found out at 4 months we were knocked up .I am small framed too . But not super model Just saying lol

  63. Tuntmore says:

    I can absolutely believe that a woman could go 6-7 months without realizing she’s pregnant. Especially if she’s still getting periods! But there comes a point in late pregnancy when your body changes so much (and the fetus becomes more active) that, even if you don’t think you’re pregnant, you’re probably going to be visiting a doctor to find out what the hell is going on.

    I mean, maybe she really is just *that* stupid. But I also don’t put much past these IG “influencers” in making up dramatic stories to get their 15 minutes of fame. That poor child…

  64. Cookie monster says:

    My cousin weighed 96 lbs til the end of her pregnancy she weighed a whopping 115 lbs. She didn’t know that she was pregnant but after giving birth and peeing a few times she was back to 96 lbs.

  65. veroS says:

    I have an IUD and my period stopped completely. My weight fluctuates and I have a dodgy stomach. If I became pregnant (which would be incredibly unlikely, but it could happen) I would definitely not know until I started looking visibly pregnant.

    Some women don’t show or barely show when their pregnant. Especially tall women. She’s 5’11′”. It could definitely happen.

    As for her disguising her stomach a bit, I’m guessing that she did gain *some* weight, maybe felt self conscious about it, but it wasn’t enough that she thought she was pregnant. In neither picture does she look pregnant. And I saw a post baby picture and she doesn”t really look like she just had a baby.

    I think this is just a case of her being on BC and not gaining a lot of weight in pregnancy meant that she missed the signs.

    I hardly think she wanted to give birth the way she did and almost lose her daughter.