Kevin Federline offered $2.5 million to endorse weight loss product

K-Fed, who has recently turned his hand to acting, is spotted with his girlfriend in Vancouver
In the latest “life is grossly unfair” celebrity news, Kevin Federline has reportedly been offered $2.5 million for endorsing a diet product. This is despite the fact that Kevin is still noticeably overweight and is losing weight with the help of a trainer and diet plan developed to add some kind of plot to his upcoming reality show. Maybe this company thinks if they can snag Kevin before he starts to lose the weight they claim it’s due to their products:

With his filled-out physique getting a lot of attention lately, Kevin Federline may have found a way to get some more buck for his diet bang. A source tells exclusively that the former Mr. Spears has been offered a seven-figure deal to endorse a new weight loss product.

Federline is reportedly considering an endorsement deal with a company called EP-2 (Extreme Physical Performance). The source said the former back up dancer has been offered $2.5 million to become the new face of the fat-burning tool which is set to hit over 1,400 GNC stores.

While a rep for Federline has yet to comment, a spokesperson for EP-2 confirmed to “Yes, we’re trying to do a deal with him, but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

Last week, broke the news that trainer to the stars Chris Cormier had put Federline on a strict high-protein diet so that he could shed 45 pounds for his new reality show.

[From Radar Online]

Checking out the website for this company, they have products with pharmaceutical-sounding names that promise to help naturally increase testosterone and build muscle. The language they use to describe how their pills supposedly work is loaded with scientific terms and would seem convincing if I didn’t know better. I’ve taken protein supplements and used GNC products before, and I think they’re sort-of useful when you’re trying to build muscle. To me they’re just meal supplements, though, and I really believe that the best way to gain muscle is to work out systematically, and eat small lean protein meals throughout the day. K-Fed is doing all that, and he’ll probably lose weight because of it. This company wants to take credit for it, though, and they somehow think that’s worth a couple of a million dollars. It very well could be, as much as it pains me to admit it. We may want K-Fed to go away, but fat and thin he still gets plenty of press coverage and it’s about to amp up considerably for that reality show he’s working on.

K-Fed, who has recently turned his hand to acting, is spotted with his girlfriend in Vancouver

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  1. YT says:

    Oh my. If he makes real money, his child support payments can be lowered.


  2. Leni says:

    Why is he even considered relevant enough to make any one care what he uses or whether he loses weight or not. He is not even worthy of being “infamous”. What a waist of money. Pun intended.

  3. Cinderella says:

    Will he be a spokesperson? Good lord, how does he do it.

  4. BiggieShortie says:

    Oh, please. This will be another case just like Anna Nicole. There will be HGH injections, SlimFast, and God only knows what else going on behind the scenes.
    Just eat right and excercise, people. It’s the ONLY thing that TRULY works.

  5. Kerri says:

    Please not another reality Tv show… there’s only so much i can stand…

    Couldn’t they just give the money to charity instead….oh wait, this is charity.

  6. j. ferber says:

    How come when I get fat no one offers me 2.5 million dollars? Life is so unfair.

  7. Warad says:

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  8. Sharon says:

    Thank you! I liked it a lot.

  9. hcg drops says:

    oh my. i cant believe how short, pudgy and ugly he looks!
    he used to be in great shape.. what happened?!

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