Kristen Bell jacked up a bed to clean child’s vomit, asked Instagram how to remove it

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I am starting to come around on Kristen Bell. She’s just being herself and although she can be annoying and over the top, she owns that. Like this Instagram story she posted about how she jacked up her bed to get out a child’s vomit underneath. She then had a hard time figuring out how to get the jack down, so she just posted another video asking her followers how to do this. I heard about this on US Magazine, they have the videos on their site, because I don’t spend much time watching celebrities’ Instagram stories. I would probably be better at my job if I did that, but that is just so tedious. (I know it’s ridiculous that I’m complaining about this cushy job which I do from home.) Here’s what she said and you can see her videos on US’s site:

“If your daughter ever pukes on the carpet and you can’t lift that bed up by yourself to get the rug out, jack it up,” the actress, 39, said on her Instagram Story. “Jack that bed up.”

A few minutes later, the Frozen 2 star added, “OK, I stand by that this was a great idea, but I don’t know how to put the jack down. Does anyone know how to put this down or is my bed going to be like this for the rest of its life?”

Thanks to her “excellent community” of Instagram followers, Bell managed to “twist the handle” and lower the jack. “That baby came straight down,” she gushed.

[From US Magazine]

I think this was her bed and that she let whichever daughter was sick get in bed with her, which is what a lot of parents do. At first I thought “that’s TMI for someone who guards their children’s identities so closely,” but then I watched the videos and realized it’s more about her solution to this relatable parenting issue. I can’t tell you how many times my poor kid has gotten that stomach virus. At one point it was every six months and I started stockpiling Zofran after a $650 emergency room bill. (Ask me about this Canadians and British people, I will tell you the story. Mine is typical.) She could have easily googled the solution to getting the jack down. There are so many YouTube how-to videos on just about anything, but she probably knew she would get the answer immediately and that it would make for a more interesting and interactive Instagram story. This is her brand and I respect her hustle.

Here’s Kristen making an announcement that they’re giving away a year’s supply of diapers every Tuesday from her company HelloBello. She loves helping people and this makes me like her too. Plus this is smart promotion.

Maybe I should watch Good Place again.

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  1. Casey says:

    Unpopular opinion- Hoping for less Kristen in 2020.

    • Lady Baden-Baden says:

      I think that would be the popular opinion around here! Veronica Mars gets her a pass for life as far as I’m concerned (although I still haven’t watched season 4). Good Place is great too

      • CAVandy says:

        Don’t spoil your memories of Veronica Mars by watching S4. It was devastating.

        re: the Good Place 100% wonderful and worth every second!

  2. Marie says:

    What made me like her was her guest spot in Hot Ones. She took to those hot sauces like a beast!

  3. Moco says:

    I like her instagram and go back and forth on the TMI stories. But my respect for her and Dax has gone up significantly since I started listening to his podcast, which is amazing and very thoughtful. And I think she did a helluva job in Frozen 2. It’s one of the first time I’ve really recognized the amount of acting in voice acting.

    • sammiches says:

      I just started listening to Dax’s podcast within the past couple months and I’m obsessed. I find him SO interesting and thoughtful with his words. I never really had much of an opinion on him beyond loving him in Parenthood, but now I’m a full on fan.

  4. Dani says:

    JFC she is so annoying. Take a break girl. Less is more.

  5. LNG says:

    I had no strong feelings about her until I started watching the Good Place. It’s a great show and she is great in it. I’m sad that this is the last season, but also glad they are going out on their own terms rather than trying to drag it out. They do a weekly podcast to go along with the shows that is also lovely (but VERY spoiler heavy for the first two seasons, so don’t listen unless you’ve watched the first two).

  6. ChillyWilly says:

    Gimme them shrampies! 🍤 I love The Good Place. It has made me a Kristen Bell fan. And I agree she is kind of annoying in real life but also seems to be a genuinely kind person. I also give her props for cleaning up her kid’s puke herself. I would totally hire someone to do that if I had her money.

  7. ME says:

    That’s not “hustle”…that’s attention seeking. Why not just go on YouTube and figure it out? Nope, gotta make it seem like she’s too dumb and needs her fans to come rescue her.

  8. Nancypants says:

    I have no opinion about her.
    I guess she seems nice.
    I couldn’t get past the first episode of Good Place but I really like her husband, Dax, in Bless This Mess.
    Love that little show and it’s cool that Lake Bell stars, produces, writes, directs…she pretty much does it all and the other characters are a hoot.

    I thought Dax did a good job in the tv show Parenthood too but I’ve always wondered how his wife felt when he recently stated that he used to be a sex addict.
    I’m guessing she thought, ‘WHAT??”

    As for child puke, I’ve had my share and you can’t let that set so I give her props for getting up and working on it herself.
    My husband once let our little girl eat all the shrimp cocktail she wanted right before bed and at 3:00 a.m. she went off like Old Faithful.
    I scooped her up and ran for the bathroom.
    It was red and all over her, me, the rug, her bed and I started yelling for the old man to get the carpet shampooer while I got her and myself (It was gross.) and the bedding done.
    Partly digested shrimp cocktail with sauce is not pretty.

    I’m still confused as to the reason she needed to jack up the bed.
    Was the kid sleeping under there?

  9. Mo says:

    I would probably find her exhausting IRL and don’t follow, but I enjoy the moments of her life that I come across her and other places.

    I watched the most recent episode and got so angry with all the WTforkery feels when it was over. I learned the next morning that it was the FALL finale, not the series finale. Maybe I should follow.