Leo DiCaprio partied until 6 am at Art Basel Miami with Kendall Jenner & the Hadids

Leonardo DiCaprio at the premiere of the movie 'Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood' at the Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. Tokyo, 26.08.2019 | usage worldwide

Leonardo DiCaprio has been with Camila Morrone for almost two years. They started dating in early 2018 and she’s gotten comfortable enough, at this point, to speak about their relationship openly in interviews. Which is usually the kiss of death, but who even knows at this point. The thing is, Camila still has several years left before her 25th birthday – Leo started up with her when she was 20, and she’s 22 now. Of course it will be over before her 25th birthday (them’s the rules) but will it be over much sooner than that?

Leo is currently in Miami for Art Basel, one of his favorite events of the year. He goes to Miami for all of the Art Basel events – the art, the parties, the dinners and charity auctions. Tons of celebrities are in Miami right now for Art Basel too. Including… Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters. So…

Leo DiCaprio partied until sunrise after hitting Art Basel Miami’s VIP preview. Sources said DiCaprio rolled up to megaclub E11even in an Escalade at around 4:30 a.m. and entered via a private entrance. Inside, the star was joined by A-list pals including Kendall Jenner and Gigi and Bella Hadid. We’re told there were about 50 people at Leo’s table, including art pal Helly Nahmad.

The group was seen sipping E11even vodka and Don Julio 1942 into the wee hours, and DiCaprio made an exit with two guy friends at 6 a.m. Jenner and her crew trickled out a half-hour later. Earlier, she hit the DJ booth at Liv to celebrate her Apple station Zaza World, and was also spotted dining at Swan Miami.

[From Page Six]

It’s perfectly possible that famous people can party at the same nightclub without partying “together,” just as it’s possible that Kendall and the Hadids hang out with Leo and there’s nothing happening. Out of those three women – Kendall, Gigi and Bella – I would think that Leo would be more into the Hadid sisters. They both seem like his type. Bella’s back with The Weeknd though, but I think Gigi is single? And Kendall always seems to be dating basketball players, so blah, I don’t know. Maybe it was nothing. Or maybe Leo is on the hunt for a new model.

Here are some photos of Kendall and Bella in Miami this week.

Kendall Jenner leaves the Setai Hotel in monochrome fashion

Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner take their hot beach bodies to Miami!

Photos courtesy of WENN and Backgrid.

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  1. HMC says:

    Kendall and Gigi are 24. They’d age out before he could properly play them with yachts and movie premieres. However he may befriend them to get access to models more in his age preference?

  2. ADS says:

    I really genuinely don’t understand men who never date women their age. Even if it is a shallow looks thing, there are tons of stunning women in their late thirties and early forties for Leo to date. Hollywood is full of them.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      It is tougher to manipulate a woman their own age and she may not stand for his nonsense, easier to play games and keep control with a younger, inexperienced woman/girl.

      • Michael says:

        I hate to agree but you are right in my opinion. Harder to gaslight a woman who has some experience. Sad but ego rules with some people

      • Amy says:

        Exactly. Very young women (under 25 years of age) and girls are still coming into themselves as people and will often put up with a lot more shit that fully mature, grown women won’t. It makes them much easier to manipulate, especially if you’re the sort guy who wants to spend his days partying on yachts with girls who are quite literally young enough to be his daughters.

      • AnnaKist says:

        Yes, I agree with all of you. In addition, younger women and girls are more impressed by, and bask in the reflected light of, a big-name celebrity or an otherwise rich man, who will (as alluded to above) use his fame/wealth/influence to manipulate the female and any situation he cares to orchestrate.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      It all boils down to manipulation and maturity. An older woman isn’t wide-eyed and excited and hopeful. They know themselves, and they know what they know and what they don’t. A girl in her early twenties is wispy and blows light in the wind like a feather. So carefree and easy and agreeable and so happy with minimum effort lol. So yes. Bottom line it’s flat out disgusting.

      • Oui oki says:

        Euh i think it’s not so simply disgusting. ANother part of the appeal with guys like Leo is the woman might be happy to date for 2 years then bye. So isn’t it better than wasting the time of a woman who wants more? Maybe it ended badly with Bar or Giselle (his exes who weren’t 20) wanting more and it was sad. To me it’s kinda harmless as we as women closer to his age arent even missing out on a hot guy. He’s not attractive and hasn’t been for like 15 years at least .
        Anyone here find him attractive? Just curious. I’m not saying he’s the worst or gross but just neutral, doesn’t do anything for me looks wise

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        Oh absolutely there’s another side. But I was speaking from a dense, self-absorbed older male ego perspective lmao. Things are definitely simply defined or they would find maturity a much sexier option. And no, I don’t find him attractive, but that probably stems more from his actions than looks.

      • horseandhound says:

        I was so depressed and anxious and afraid in my 20s. nothing light or carefree about my 20s. I’m getting more light and carefree as the time passes. but yeah…he likes them young because they all look great and don’t want commitment and real intimacy. they probably want to have some fun, they think he’s so cool because he’s a celebrity and takes them to parties and stuff. an older woman would want a real relationship that leads somewhere. the sad thing is that he’s too old to be that immature and to lack the capacity or even the desire to love somebody. what a downer.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oui oki: Yes, I find him attractive.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      I wonder if anyone at the club asked them if Leo was their Dad!

      • Alaska says:

        A friend of mine is a middle aged woman who is dating a guy in his early twenties. A few weeks ago she was at liquor store and her BF was taking awhile to decide on what he wanted. So the woman who worked in the shop tried to throw same shade at my friend and said ‘You’re son is taking a long time and my friend said ‘Yeah, and he’s a dud root too’

    • Eliza_ says:

      Younger women might put up with a lot more BS than say someone in their mid-20s or older with a little more life experience and career experience to help bolster their confidence in the “adult” world.

    • Carina says:

      Leo is the 21st century Rock Hudson.

      It’ll be interesting to see the public’s reaction to all the ‘girlfriends’ and ‘womanizer’ labels after that eventually comes out, probably posthumously for Leo I can’t imagine it happening while he’s still alive

    • SKF says:

      I think he’s super immature and women older than that wouldn’t put up with him. He’s also shallow and wants “perfect” young, disposable (in his eyes) bodies.

      Additionally, young women are easier to control and more likely to be submissive to him. I actually think the three models in this story are too famous for him now. The Hadids work a lot and wouldn’t be available enough for him. I think he wants more controllable girls who are there when he wants them.

      Finally, there are stories out there about him being an atrocious lover. Like, lying back with earphones on and doing nothing. Young girls might accept that but women? Hell no! We know what we want!!

    • Ramona Q. says:

      Men are innately/biologically attracted to the physical look of youth. They love that youthful glow. When they can still see the little girl in her face, they love that, the sickos.

  3. Aeren says:

    Why does Bella always have bruises on her legs?

    • MC2 says:

      I bruise easily & am active, plus clumsy, so I usually have some at any given time.

    • Jensies says:

      I remember a post a while ago, on Lindsay Lohan I believe, that said that those bruises were very common amongst models and actresses that mixed with a certain crowd. . .that they were actually badges of honor to let others know that they were available for that lifestyle. MBS was brought up as being into that, I believe.

      • SKF says:

        That is an appalling thing to insinuate!!! Not okay AT ALL.

        I can think of a number of reasons that don’t involve being a call girl.

        1. She rides horses in her free time and used to be a competitive rider

        2. She works out a lot

        3. She could be a bit clumsy

        4. She might bruise easily (especially since so many of these girls eat very little and exercise tonnes to be model thin)

        5. Numerous other activities.

        Bella Hadid is hardly Lindsay Lohan. She’s one of the top models in the world, she makes serious bank. She’s the daughter of a billionaire and has a rockstar boyfriend. She most definitely does NOT need the money. By all accounts she is a sweet girl. I don’t think she’s supplementing her income by being a call girl to Saudi royalty.

      • Laura says:

        @SKF – being that it is a free country, it’s absolutely ok to have different opinions on a gossip site. Also considering how thirsty her mother is for connections, and how close the world of modelling with the yachting circuit, it’s really not a big leap.

      • nessa says:

        Mbs and Lindsay? He can get the most gorgeous model, women in the world and he chooses Lindsay? It’s hard for me to believe this because, in the Middle East, Lindsay is considered ugly. Heck, even in other parts of the world she is no longer in-demand and known as a washed-up actress.

        However, I am curious about MBS. What else do you know?

  4. Michael says:

    Leo was trying to get with Bella really hard back in 2017 when she and The Weeknd were broken up. I would not put it past him to try again even though he is actually good friends with Abel. I do not think he is any more loyal as a friend than Drake is. However I do think Bella and Gigi are way too smart to fall for it.

  5. Nikki* says:

    this reminded me of my favorite Keith Richards story. His doctor told him to come in for a 9am appointment, and Keith said “I can’t stay up that late.”

  6. Karen says:

    Lol Leo wouldn’t go for any of these women as his arm candy walking 2 steps behind (if they’re allowed to walk with him at all). Gigi has the face of a Persian cat, Bella looks like a robot after all her plastic surgery and Kendall comes with the attention-seeking Momager from Hell. DiCaprio likes to be the only one in control. Though if he was partying with this crowd, he’s really come down in the world.

  7. Jadedone says:

    After Giselle I feel like Leo specifically picks young women who he can control (as someone mentioned above) but also less famous. Leo likes to be the star, the center of attention and with smaller known models he stays being the star. I think the Hadids and Kendell are too well known for his taste, they might outshine him. Also by being the bigger star Leo controls the narrative of the press too.

  8. AnnaKist says:

    They even get dolled up to sun bathe? Oh, wait, wait… cameras.
    The Hadid girl looks like she’s at least 35. Whatever she’s done to her face was unnecessary. And Ms Jenner looks like her mother looked ten years ago. That’s not a compliment. Di Caprio is just creepy now.

    • Anne Call says:

      I find DiCaprio really creepy also. He’s also showing his age and partying lifestyle with the bloated face and body. His treatment and relationship with women also makes me really dislike him, it’s like he refuses to grow up and mature. Wouldn’t be surprised if some studio head tells him he needs to get married to help with his maybe waning popularity. I stopped watching the Tarantino movie half way because the long scene with Leo trying to shoot the guest star role got boring and I just didn’t care about Leo’s character.

  9. That pic of Bella gave me a visceral reaction and it wasn’t pleasant. I rarely feel pity for these women but she just looks … empty?

    • jenner says:

      I agree, she is just over the top with the plastic surgery, and she looks so lost. Not sure the link will post, check out the website, the skincareedit, before and after bella hadid. yikes.

  10. Andrea says:

    He has been gross for 10+ years. He should be mindful what ultimately happened to Jack Nicholson, who is currently lonely.

  11. Steff says:

    It’ll be soon enough these girls will age out of his bracket and he starts going after girls born in the 2000s. 🤮

  12. Mrs. Peel says:

    Leo looks far older than his 45 yrs, but has the intellect of a 14 year old.

  13. Luna says:

    Dude’s shelf life has expired. There is nothing more to Leo than you see here.

  14. lobstah says:

    Color me naive, but how are these people staying out so late? He got TO the club at 4:30 a.m.?! I get up at 5:30!

    • Karen says:

      To add to that – clearly shows what his true priorities are. Nevermind that big climate change summit going on in Madrid that his new friend Greta made such an effort to get to. He’d rather party it up in Miami at 4:30 am with a bunch of dimwits. Won’t see Leo at a climate summit if there’s something more fun to do (even if it’s something he does every single year). Won’t let anything cramp his style.

      • Andrea says:

        To be fair, I have rarely gotten up before 8 or 9am in my life. I hate early mornings and am definitely a night owl. However, I can’t seem to stay up past 1-3am these days. Back in my college days, 4-6am was routine though. I cannot imagine arriving at 430am.

    • Alaska says:


    • sammiches says:


  15. sammiches says:

    The name of the club bugs me so much. E11even? So “E-eleven-even”?

  16. Alaska says:

    ‘The term chronophilia was used by John Money to describe a form of paraphilia in which an individual experiences sexual attraction limited to individuals of particular age ranges

    You’re a chronophile, Leo.

  17. Mylene - Mtl says:

    No Leoooooooo .. no