Greta Gerwig compared her astrological chart with Louisa May Alcott’s

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When I was covering a recent Saoirse Ronan interview, I mentioned how often Greta Gerwig has been quoted in Ronan’s promotional interviews for Little Women. I said that it was almost like… Greta Gerwig wants to do more promotion for Little Women than the actors. Gerwig adapted the book for the screen, and Gerwig directed the film of course. But writer/directors rarely get the cover of Vogue. If someone other than Millennial It Girl Greta directed Little Women, would they have gotten a Vogue cover? Hm.

Anyway, I don’t hate the cover. Greta posed with her infant son Harold – that’s truly his name – her first and as-yet only child with her partner/fiance Noah Baumbach. Noah and Greta are this year’s It Couple, because everyone has high expectations for his film, Marriage Story, and her film too. There are such high expectations that no one wants to rock the boat or ask any questions about the timeline of their relationship, and how it really seems like they started up while he was still very much married to Jennifer Jason Leigh. Noah’s split from JJL was his inspiration for Marriage Story, and it’s increasingly bizarre to read interview after interview with both Baumbach and Gerwig where journalists completely ignore JJL’s existence. I mean, it’s more than possible that JJL has moved on and maybe there wasn’t much angst there (that wouldn’t explain Marriage Story though?). But Jesus, NO ONE is even bringing her up, and people are treating Greta and Noah’s son Harold as Noah’s first foray into fatherhood – he had a son with JJL as well. Vogue even goes into the history of Gerwig’s artistic collaborations with Baumbach and the timeline and everything and… still no questions. Anyway, you can read the full Vogue piece here. Some highlights:

Gerwig is into astrology: After the 2018 Oscars Gerwig retreated to a cabin in Big Sur to revise Little Women: “I needed to spend some alone time with Louisa,” she says. Gerwig felt such a kinship with Alcott (at 36, she is the same age as the author when the novel was published) that she had an astrologer compare their charts. “Because so much of making art requires some amount of mysticism,” she says.

Making a subtle change to the Little Women story: “I had the idea that if I could make Jo publishing a book at the end the thing you didn’t know you needed to see, it would be the way you want people to end up together in a movie. You want her to get that book, and you don’t realize it until you see it and she’s holding it in her hands. You’re like, That’s the thing. That book.”

Motherhood: “I was always scared about being a mother, in terms of what it would mean for what I was able to do.”

While she was pregnant, she watched Cardi B’s Instagram every night: She watched the rapper’s pregnancy and birth reveals. “She’d do videos about how her hair looked better, but then she was mad because she had terrible heartburn. Everything. I would eat it up. I’ve just been very moved by women who’ve claimed all of it.”

Naming her son Harold Ralph Gerwig Baumbach: “I gave him all the names.”

When she was Baumbach’s collaborator & people called her his “muse”: “I remember being very frustrated by that and wanting to correct it,” Gerwig says. Journalists also asked whether Baumbach had opened doors for her. They do that less now. “But the answer is: Yes, of course, for so many reasons. But he’s also this incredibly important collaborator and influence on me. The most important. But I think I was hell-bent on making my own films, so I would’ve done it anyway.”

Being an actor & a director: “[Directing is] big and it’s scary, but it’s also the thing that comes most naturally to me. I think Francis Ford Coppola said to me that all the best directors had been actors. He said, ‘I acted. Marty acted and Steven acted. Orson acted.’ I was like, ‘Well, what a wonderful group!’ ”

[From Vogue]

I knew that Marty Scorsese acted/acts but I didn’t know that Steven Spielberg acted? Hm. Of course I knew that Orson Welles acted – he’s one of the greatest actors of all time, honestly. As for Greta’s blissful life with Noah and the baby and dual films and dual Oscar campaigns… it’s all very nice. I genuinely hope everything works out and six years from now, Vogue isn’t editing out all references of Greta in the interview of Noah’s latest partner/collaborator.

Photo and cover courtesy of Vogue.

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  1. LaraK says:

    Headline has a typo – it’s LouisA May Alcott.

    Value add for the day complete.

  2. TIFFANY says:

    “I genuinely hope everything works out and six years from now, Vogue isn’t editing out all references of Greta in the interview of Noah’s latest partner/collaborator.”

    Don’t worry, Greta’s moment will come.

    • BillyB says:

      Hilarious she says she was mad when people called her Baumbach’s muse (she was) & asked if he opened doors for her to make her own movies (he absolutely did). Greta wouldn’t have any greenlit film projects or this amount of exposure this soon if it wasn’t for Baumbach & the ‘interest’ he took in her since . Without him, she’d still be acting & hustling, trying to get her films FINANCED. But bc of him, not only did she fast track to the directors chair, she got her debut film an award season campaign – keep in mind the most established of female directors often don’t get that investment. These are facts, not analysis.

      definitely picked the perfect ‘door’ to ‘open’ ….while non-actress female directors & WoC directors have to actually put in the hard work taking the stairs…instead of taking the elevator as someone’s ‘muse’ – Very Hollywood tho as can be expected.

  3. Belinda says:

    I’m starting to actively hate her.
    Her earlier work really endeared her to me but every now and then she would drop quotes where I just …. couldn’t? Her love and praise for Woody Allen and now this bullshit here …
    And yes, WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT JENNIFER JASON LEIGH?! She is so awesome! Marriage Story is about her too …

    Marriage Story is a great film BUT the way the reason for the split is just mentioned like once “oh whoops he cheated” and supposedly the wife was all that angry about it but doesn’t matter, she is the bitch because she spoke to a lawyer first whew!!

    So why isn’t Jennifer Jason Leigh even mentioned?! Is there an embargo? What is this??

    • Case says:

      Baumbach has said that he sent the script to Jennifer Jason Leigh before he made the film, and that it’s only because people would think it’s about them, but it’s actually not.

      I didn’t see ScarJo’s character as being portrayed as the bad guy. It presented both sides and made you feel bad about the child custody issue, but it was, to me, leaning in her favor most of the time.

      • gw says:

        How is the film not about Noah and JLL’s marriage and divorce? Noah has always written about his life in all his films.

      • Ali says:

        “The emotional resonance of the film comes from the feeling that this is lived experience,”

        100% agree

      • Belinda says:

        Case, are you familiar with Baumbach’s work? Noah Baumbach is ALL ABOUT NOAH BAUMBACH!!! That is his claim to fame and brand.

      • Green Desert says:

        @Case, yes. I read some quotes from him and unless he’s a total piece of sh*t (which, he could be of course) it sounds like he and JLL have a good relationship. No one actually knows what went down or how all of these adults who have to be in each other’s lives because of children really feel about each other.

  4. Raina says:

    That name is like she was dared. I’m sorry. It’s like she wanted to go anti-hollywood to the extreme and went for the most “normal ” to the extreme. No one willingly does Harold Ralph even if it’s family names.

    I’m looking forward to Marriage Story, had no idea it was about Jjl. I wonder if anyone’s asked HER about it.

  5. Call_me_al says:

    Didn’t you say in an earlier post that GG and NB got together while JJL was in labor? Gross.

  6. emmy says:

    It’s 2019, why is Vogue doing covers that slap you in the face with their Earth Mother vibe? She is literally lying down on the grass with her naked infant. And why does the baby look like the doll in Servant?

  7. Lala11_7 says:

    I had been following Jennifer and Noah for YEARS…onscreen and off….and I’ma let you know something…THIS WHOLE THANG WITH GERTA AND NOAH? Well…all I will say is that Jennifer has WAY MORE HUMANITY THAN ME! Because…MY GAWD….WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE IN THAT SITUATION!

  8. Sarah says:

    It’s so fascinating to see which woman gets or does not get branded a dirty homewrecker in Hollyweird. Cause you have some really tight, sketchy timeline with Noah and Greta’s relationship, with his wife filling for divorce just a few months after giving birth – which would indicate something major went down. But nobody really says anything.
    On the other side, you have La Jolie who still treated as a man-eating temptress almost 15 years after Pitt left Anniston. If you think the Jolie-Pitt timeline was sketchy, than so was Noah and Greta’s, right?
    I wonder if that is because Angelina has that bombshell thing going on for her and she better fits the stereotype of the “evil temptress” than Greta.

    • A says:

      “I wonder if that is because Angelina has that bombshell thing going on for her and she better fits the stereotype of the “evil temptress” than Greta”

      Yep. Agree 100% based on what I’ve observed homely homwreckers or adulterers have much easier time than the attractive ones. But I’m only talking about women here, men ugly or not get a pass for every indiscretion.

  9. not so gullible says:

    Even though the headline & photos clearly say Greta Gerwig – I read the whole article as Greta Thunberg….

  10. Elaine Stritch says:

    She’s always bugged me and I’ve never been able to put my finger on it. Maybe it was the hoopla around Lady Bird? I thought it was…ok. I was unmoved and everyone was losing their mind. Maybe that coloured things for me? I don’t know but I don’t get the hype.

    • Arizona says:

      I felt the same way about Lady Bird!!! like I was supposed to really like it, and it was just moderately okay to me.

      it seemed like a movie I would have really liked in high school, like Garden State or something.

  11. Marjorie says:

    Fabulous post, Kaiser! The shade is with you!

    JJL is second generation Hollywood and was a star at 18, so I’m not thinking this is anything she can’t handle. If a situation arises where she needs to go ballistic, she’ll be fine.

    She and Alan Cumming wrote and directed a movie called the Anniversary Party about 20 years ago. They played a Hollywood couple who were this close to divorce and threw an anniversary party anyway. Mayhem and debauchery ensued. Someone who could write that movie was already wise to the world.

    • Lala11_7 says:

      My GAWD…that movie is one of my FAVORITES IN THE WHOLE WORLD when it comes to movies about relationships…because it kept it…REALLY…REALLY…REAL! And yes…you are correct about ALL THAT!

      • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

        I SO enjoy that movie! The parade of stars and actors, love. I want more melodramas in this next decade.

    • asdfa says:

      that was a GREAT movie

    • BellaBella says:

      Two words: Phoebe Cates. Wish she would do more projects. It was great to see her in that movie.

  12. gw says:

    Steven Spielberg had that cameo at the end of Blues Brothers but I don’t know of any other acting role he ever had?

  13. DragonWise says:

    Call me old fashioned, but I believe in the Girl Code, even if others don’t. I don’t mess with another woman’s man, period, and I hate that men seem to get away pretty clean in these situations, and “the other woman” often ducks behind being blameless as the one that isn’t married. It’s total crap. I think because I remember when JJL was EVERYTHING, it bugs me that her name isn’t in anyone’s mouth. JJL is a titan, and deserves to be considered in this hot mess of a situation, and definitely not buried because she complicates their “two artists in love and at the top of their game” narrative.

    The Earth Mother cover is just gross.

  14. Carina says:

    You have to be borderline sociopathic to (and as a woman???) literally runoff with a man who’s wife IS IN LABOR. And JJL wrote Greenberg, the film Greta & Noah had an affair during.

    Gerwig & Baumbach are terrible people, and it’s unfortunate to see two individuals reap such award season success and energy knowing they don’t care about hurting others. It’s esp ironic since Greta tries to do the whole pro-woman stories & advertise herself as a feminist. She’s so full of it

  15. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    “ I genuinely hope everything works out and six years from now, Vogue isn’t editing out all references of Greta in the interview of Noah’s latest partner/collaborator.”

    Shade. Baumbach’s next film in 2 years is going to be about an older director’s younger girlfriend overshadowing him and them breaking up as a result. I’ve watched ALL of Baumbach’s films (why why WHY?) and this relationship was over the moment Lady Bird became a hit. I hope her next guy is some one less insecure and more single.

    • Belinda says:

      This is exactly what will happen. And it’s all there for everyone to see. Even Greta would (!) be able to see it in Noah’s films … if she cared. But she clearly doesn’t.
      Will be quite a thing to see her cope when Baumbach “suddenly” shacks up with a new probably younger woman!

      • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

        Right?! Like anyone who is familiar with his work knows how this relationship will end. Does Greta know? Her sake I hope she does…

      • Carina says:

        Even more ironic would be Gerwig writing a script for Baumbach to shoot w/a young beautiful actress – they have an affair on set while Greta’s belly grows & grows, and then the ingenue & Baumbach run away together while Gerwig is **literally** pushing Baumbach’s baby out of her. That’s too specific to happen but what a delightful load of karma.

        I just can’t believe how cruel and sociopathic you have to be to know the guys wife you’ve been hooking up with for months is In labor & you still decide to be with that type of man. Plus this cover knowing that background?? yuck yuck. Greta was the Manic Pixie Dream Girl 2.0 & now wants to be a director but not BTS, she wants to be a *star* director, with the covers & the vids movie stars would do, but instead it’s her. Transparent AF. It’s only a matter of time before she is replaced.

  16. KL says:

    Whew. It’s such a little thing, but I’m so glad I’m not the only one uncomfortable with… all this.

    Also I love, love, love “Little Women” and have read it too many times to count, but Alcott as a writer was incredibly Puritanical, moralizing, and had a lot of “she’s not like OTHER girls” narrative issues. “Little Women” is all but saved from this because she was forced to focus on four different heroines instead of one, and of course she was drawing loosely on real life. (Although apparently the real-life Beth was a lot less missish and had a very dark sense of humor.) I get that the 1994 movie is now something of a classic, but I’m a little weirded out that this book is (according to clips of the new movie) being re-dressed in “progressive” clothing when at brass tacks it very much believes women function best as helpmates to men. None of these characters are perceived as truly whole or happy until married. Again: I LOVE the book! I just don’t understand pretending it was anything beyond a product of its time and a surprisingly conflicted author.

  17. Catting says:

    That sucks. Affairs happen, I guess, and they suck, but JJL just being whitewashed out of the picture is super insulting and gross on top of that.

  18. Mo says:

    Methinks Jennifer Jason Leigh sees herself as well rid of him. At least that is my interpretation.

    So many couples have a baby thinking that will repair the relationship and it blows up instead. I remember in my early 30s ending up in a social group that had several very bitter 40something divorced women with toddlers. Made a huge impression.

    • Courtney says:

      Why do you think they had relationship issues when she got pregnant?

    • Lena says:

      From what I’ve read, they had been together about 5 years before the baby came, but they had been trying for years. She was somewhere in her forties before getting pregnant with her first – I remember being as surprised as when it happened to Rachel Weisz. And then 7 months later she filed for divorce and I was shocked. But according to the movie infidelity was kind of secondary to their other problems (he was already sleeping on the couch). Yeah according to HIM

    • KLO says:

      I think Jennifer maybe just really wanted a baby and Noah was her chance. And after she got her baby she was ready to move on and let the relationship go because it was going nowhere. I also think it is really dumb to always try to figure out this “one” thing that led to the break up of a couple. From my experience it is always several things and many of them are usually issues that have been there since the beginning. It seems to me like all of them are doing just fine now.
      I dont think there are any real bad guys in this story. Just human beings and stuff happening.

  19. HRH says:

    I really like Greta and I root for her. People make mistakes. It’s hard for me to imagine that there’s anyone without regrets. Hopefully you learn from them and try to move forward in a positive way without repeating them. If I’m going to wish for bad karma on anyone, I’m going to save my energies hoping the republicans in power have repercussions for their abhorrent behavior.

    • Gazillion says:

      @HRH & @KLO

      There’s a big difference between making mistakes and making choices that you know unequivocally are hurting someone or will hurt them. While Gerwig & the Republicans are morally incomparable, dont whitewash the truth – Greta Gerwig made a choice, knowing it would hurt someone else – because it was what she wanted (same w/Baumbach but he’s always been awful).

      That particular attitude of relativism, HRH, is dangerous. What these two did willfully inflicted pain on others, but yea, have fun rooting for Greta. Her & Baumbach have a THR cover out today with both on them on it titled The First [White] Couple of Film 👏👏👏 your thank you cards is in the mail, HRH & KLO

      Personally I think Lulu Wang & Barry Jenkins are my favorite first couple of film, but THR wouldn’t want an asian woman & black man when they can have a self-important, Woody Allen wannabe white guy & an quirky attractive blonde white woman who now wants to be the Star Female Filmmaker.

      Sounds about white.