Princess Beatrice is changing the date of her splashy engagement party

Prince Jean-Christophe Napoléon and Olympia d'Arco-Zinneberg are married

Last week, we learned that Princess Beatrice was ordered not to announce her wedding date until after the British election. My guess is that she probably won’t announce it until after Christmas, just to play it safe. But Beatrice did set one date: the date for her big, splashy, ill-advised engagement party. Beatrice was set to have a big engagement party on December 18th at the Chiltern Firehouse, which is one of the big “hot-spots” among celebrities and posh peeps in London. It was also believed that Bea’s mother and father would attend. The reaction to the announcement of the engagement party was… poorly received. People have sympathy for Beatrice because her gross father is disgusting and he used her as an alibi against claims that he raped a trafficked teenager. But the idea that Beatrice was throwing a big engagement party for herself on the heels of her father’s royal shunning… well… it did not go over well. So Beatrice is changing up those plans. From the Daily Mail’s Talk of the Town column:

Just as her friends feared, Prince Andrew’s shattered reputation is affecting his daughter Beatrice’s wedding plans. Bea has had to change the date of her engagement party at the Chiltern Firehouse because of fears there will be too many photographers outside – looking for him. As I revealed, correctly, last week, Beatrice has sent out invitations to friends for the do on December 18. But the venue choice caused alarm among pals concerned it was far too high-profile given the sensitive time her family is going through.

Now it seems Beatrice and fiance Edo Mapelli Mozzi have taken note of their advice – not to mention my story – and changed the date so that Andrew can sneak in under the radar. They really should hire me as an adviser!

PS: Edo’s ex, architect Dara Huang, has been wedding outfit shopping, picking up a bargain ‘pre-loved’ handbag and Chanel jacket from second-hand designer shop Worn in South Kensington.

[From The Daily Mail]

So will the party still be held at the Chiltern Firehouse? Hm. The problem wasn’t exactly the date or the venue (but neither was great), the main issue was the optics. It is NOT business as usual for the royal family when they’re in the midst of one of the worst crises of the decade. I’m not trying to oversell this – Prince Andrew is toxic, and everyone around him is toxic too. This is the moment when the royal family would normally try to keep a lower profile or simply push forward their most popular figures (the Cambridges and Sussexes). Beatrice looks tone-deaf.

Eugenie Jack wedding Windsor

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  1. Mignionette says:

    At this point the whole wedding needs to be moved to Italy and funded privately. It would also set a new precedence for Royal Weddings for RF members not directly in the line of succession.

    If I were Bea I’d get some sort of connections VP role like younger sis and use the opportunity to break free. After-all she is already marrying money, why continue to be tied down by the restraints of protocol and monarchy?

    • Stephanie Hawkins says:

      She already has a role with afanti and did a speech for this last week

    • what's inside says:

      I agree with you that it would be the smart thing to do.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      But…but… she is a BLOOD princess!! BLOOD!!! She is ENTITLED!! (Well, at least in her mind, and that of her Pedo father and Freeloader-Complicit mother).

      This is *completely* tone deaf. I can’t believe there is NO ONE that surrounds these inbreds that will tell them anything other than what they want to hear.

      • Maria says:

        If they have a wedding in Italy I don’t think the Queen and Phil would go, not even sure about Charles, Anne, and Ed.

      • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

        Personally, I think a smart move would be a family wedding at a smaller chapel near Windsor or Sandringham (closer for Phillip), and then do their blow out party for their friends in Italy (privately paid for). But of course, Pedo and Freeloader would NEVER go for that; for that matter, I don’t think Edo or Bea would either.

        Considering how far she is down the line, and that it’s his 2nd wedding, I don’t think public funds should be spent on them (other than the security needed for the direct line members going to the wedding).

    • Ainsley7 says:

      She isn’t tied down by any of it. She’s as free as Eugenie, Zara, Peter and the Wessex kids. When she was a kid, she was told she would be a working Royal. So, she grew up doing charity stuff and supporting the Queen now and then. She’s never been a working Royal and never will be. She has a job just like Eugenie.

      • Fiona says:

        I would barely call it what she does a “job”. At least not if you’re comparing it to regular folk

      • duchesschicana says:

        @fiona I dont see whats wrong with her job? So she represents or is the face of a company whats wrong with that? Same as her sister.They allow her to do charity work on their behalf seems like a good fit to me..

    • PrincessK says:

      Not so sure about marrying money. The future mother in law is supposedly wealthy, but not the son. In any case I am not sure that they would fully be able to keep Beatrice in the style to which she is accustomed.

      • duchesschicana says:

        Edo made his own buissness from his ground up, he became weloff l after thw faccthis biological father never helped him it seems

  2. RedRoyal says:

    I don’t believe the rumor. It was from the daily fail.

  3. Harla says:

    Wow, someone needs to save this family from themselves!

  4. LawyaGal says:

    What was the weird aside about Edo’s ex? She is shopping for an outfit at a second hand shop? They really need to leave this poor woman alone and stop trying to embiggen Bea over the mother of this guys child… just marry the guy and stop pushing this bs

    • My3cents says:

      Agree, that was not well intended, and there is definitely no need to drag her into this.

    • duchesschicana says:

      Totally got wrong his ex wouldnt be shopping there is well off in her own right she wouldnt be shopping there

  5. Minxx says:

    She should have a low key party in a less conspicuous spot and an Italian wedding, entirely privately funded, with a location known only to the guests. But she probably wants the glass coach and Westminister Abbey, with PA and Fergie waiving to the crowds. It’s gonna be interesting…

    • Bettyrose says:

      I don’t know if I should be feeling bad for her or not. She’s hardly a fairy tale princess, so it’s kinda sad if that’s the life she thought she was getting, but by 30 it’s time to start dealing in reality. A private wedding in Italy followed by life of luxury isn’t exactly tragic, and she’ll stand out in history for it.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “But she probably wants the glass coach and Westminster Abbey, with PA and Fergie waiving to the crowds.”

      The Above WILL NOT HAPPEN. There will be NO carriage ride. Wedding WILL NOT take place at Westminster Abbey.

    • Mary says:

      I do not know if it was true or not but the DM reported that, prior the car-crash interview, the Yorks had wanted a “semi-state” wedding for Beatrice like Eugenie had. I would, however, not be surprised. The Yorks really do seem to be totally unaware of the optics regarding their shenanigans and their effect.

      • Becks1 says:

        I can see Andrew and Fergie wanting that, I feel like Beatrice knew her wedding would be different from Eugenie’s? Maybe not though, and maybe that was still her expectation.

        I agree with the above suggestions that she should have a small, private ceremony in the UK and then if she wants a big party, do it in Italy.

  6. Maria says:

    Did she really not think that would happen? An big engagement splash three months after the fact and weeks after her father gave that train wreck of an interview? If she hadn’t made that big announcement, maybe the press wouldn’t have gotten wind of it.
    How really stupid can you be? Really?

  7. S808 says:

    I would be fighting for a private wedding if I were her. No way would I want to be in the headlines for any reason at a time like this.

  8. Mignionette says:

    I feel like Andy and Fergie are manipulating Bea and using her as a human shield. For starters why announce the wedding now at the WORST possible time. And then there is the whole she told Andy to do it….

    They must think she is not very bright or a sandwich short of a picnic. Even Edo seems to be taking the piss…!

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      They thought people would think: “LOOK! A “ROYAL” WEDDING!! OOOOH! SHINY!!!” and be distracted from Pedo and his bullsh*t.

  9. Bookworm says:

    Why does she need an elaborate engagement party? Just do the darn wedding!

    • Paige says:

      She’s a big party girl. I go to Chiltern Firehouse sometimes and she’s big on the London party scene. It would be weird if anyone from her scene didn’t have a big flashy engagement party. Like she’d be the only one in her group not to have that.

      I do agree the optics are terrible.

  10. Teebee says:

    His ex is beautiful.

    Did he really throw over this woman and his child for a shot at a royal life?

    One that is imploding before all our eyes?

    • duchesschicana says:

      He has physical custody they seperated when he was a todddler they ex seems to get along with them now, or at least with Edo as they still work together in projects sometimes.

  11. Eleonor says:

    I think Beatrice is much more entitled than people think.

  12. My3cents says:

    Entitlement and stupidity run high in that family.

  13. duchesschicana says:

    Those engagemnt date rumors started with the Sun and DM, not the best source to have. Either that or they changed the plans when the press leaked info, I would want to change plans if things were leaked. Still there is no real evidence that there was truth for the date of the dinner party

  14. Mrs. Peel says:

    I want my party, don’t you know who I am? *Throws royal tantrum*

  15. Nic919 says:

    A while back someone posted here that they went to the same university as Beatrice and that she was never fully there. She would do things like park where the profs parked just because of who she was and she was in a little bubble of privilege. At the time the discussion was based more on how she could be played by Dave Clark, but I don’t think Beatrice really understands what has happened here. Eugenie was lucky in that Andy hadn’t been an idiot in public yet, but really she should never have had the public wedding that she did either. Have it at Windsor castle if you want, but no carriage down the streets. It’s not like this Epstein thing wasn’t bubbling in the corner at this time anyway.

    • duchesschicana says:

      For the part random people who actually meet her say she is really nice back when she had internership in london going to her job when someone would ask for a photo she would take them and be nicem h ebit she might have gone theregh a teenager rebellion phase. And no one is ever %100 gracious. she has took the appropiate courses in finance to qualify for her job, sneaky studentends would take photos of her , so eventually she did take school seriously , if that comemnt is even true to begin with

      • Paige says:

        You can be nice to people and still live in a bubble of privilege. I know lots of people who are extremely privileged and out of touch and most of them are absolutely lovely to say hello to or hang out to. Really nice but the kind of girls who go “omg your dress is amazing” [four drinks later] “hey we’re flying to Dubai tomorrow do you want to come?” Like the concept of “jobs” (or jobs you actually need to show up to” just baffles them completely.

  16. Paige says:

    I hate to say it, but I think Edo is going to back out. This is the first sign.

  17. RoyalBlue says:

    I actually thought his was a precursor to a broken engagement. We will see.

  18. holly hobby says:

    What’s the deal with the Baby mama invited to the nuptials and celebrations? Don’t tell me Edo is keeping her and Bea?

    • duchesschicana says:

      most british royal/ high society invite thier exes
      prince harry invites cressida and and Chelsy Willaim invited his exes etc

      She is not only an ex but a mother to his three year old who will most likely attend as well