Prince Andrew retained his honorary military positions, but won’t do anything with them

Prince Andrew interview

Queen Elizabeth II “fired” her favorite son, Prince Andrew, on November 20th, the Wednesday following about 90 hours of the most catastrophic headlines for the royal family since Princess Diana’s death. The Queen had little choice in the matter – her (terrible) instinct was to protect Andrew at all costs, even as the stories kept getting worse. But several things forced her hand. One, Charles basically ordered the Queen to fire Andrew. Two, the courtiers had no idea how to manage the crisis and it was spinning out of control. Three – and this is significant – the few charities on Andrew’s plate were jumping ship, and all of the companies allied with Pitch@Palace (Andrew’s pet project) were withdrawing their support. He was already persona non grata with charities and businesses by the time the Queen fired him.

Here’s something I didn’t know though: the Queen let Andrew keep his honorary military positions in the British Armed Forces, including his position of Colonel in the Grenadier Guards. I would imagine that despite all of his criminal behavior and sh-tty PR, Andrew would relish those military honors and attend to them diligently. Not so much. From the Daily Mail’s Eden Confidential column:

Amid the turmoil engulfing Prince Andrew, courtiers have made it plain that he will retain his honorary positions in the Armed Forces. That’s a very significant consolation for Andrew, who served with bravery and distinction in the Falklands War as a young naval helicopter pilot. But the most precious and intimate of these links now appears to be imperilled. For I can reveal that the Duke of York, who succeeded his father as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards in 2017, failed to attend the regiment’s most glittering dinner of the year — despite being expected as guest of honour.

‘He said he would be coming,’ a military insider tells me, explaining that last week’s dinner was for the First Guards Club, whose membership is restricted to serving and retired Grenadier officers. There was a chair for him, but he never arrived.’

The sight of an empty chair, intended for the Colonel of the Regiment, was unprecedented. It made a stark contrast with the record of Prince Philip, who attended this highlight of the Grenadiers’ calendar even when well into his nineties. ‘He was wonderful: seemed to remember every single name and detail, wanted to know exactly what was going on in the regiment and in the Army and to hear what the serving officers were doing, particularly when they were on operations in Afghanistan.’

It would seem certain that Andrew intended to do his utmost to emulate Philip. ‘He was obviously thrilled to succeed his father,’ recalls the military insider, who explains that the appointment is in the gift of the Queen — the Grenadiers’ Colonel in Chief — who joins him on Horse Guards Parade for Trooping the Colour. ‘The Trooping’s a testing occasion for someone who’s not a natural or experienced horseman but Andrew has done well, made a real effort.’

The Grenadier Guards decline to comment on the Duke’s extraordinary last-minute absence. But regimental voices have expressed disquiet about his continuing association with the Grenadiers — voices which he appears now to have heeded.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman tells me: ‘The Duke of York has stepped back from public duties. We do not expect him to undertake any activity in support of his patronages or military associations during this period.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Oh. OH. So even though he gets to keep his honorary military positions, he won’t DO anything with them or attend any military events. Because he’s “stepped back from public duties.” The whole thing makes it sound like it’s just a temporary situation and that a year from now, Andrew will be back at these kinds of dinners. Anyway, I can’t decide what’s worse: the fact that he retained his colonel position and then didn’t attend the dinner, or the idea that he could have kept the position and attended the dinner, where he probably would have been greeted warmly. Which is worse?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family enjoy a flypast by the RAF at Trooping the Colour on Saturday 8 June 2019

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, WENN, BBC.

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  1. Jumpingthesnark says:

    So no toy soldiers for Andy for Xmas? Poor dear!

  2. Charlie says:

    The military units that said they wanted him stripped of his ranks really ought to have the right to do so.

    • Kristina says:

      That is ridiculous. Why should the military be stuck with him when everyone else gets to drop him? He either ignores the position (rude) or he goes (awkward and unpleasant for them). That’s like a slap in the face. They should get an honorable person for that position, and that person should attend their events! I am incensed on their behalf.

    • Lucy De Blois says:

      But if it’s honorary, only the Queen would have the right to strip him off , isn’t it?

  3. Rapunzel says:

    Randy Andy must need that military discount at the Woking Pizza Express.

    Now mummy’s (supposedly) cut him off and his shady friends are running from him, he’s got to economize.

  4. Lullu says:

    Great shot of the chubby fingers!

  5. Mignionette says:

    Delusional as fuk. Can’t wait for the further evidence reveal in January and the Ghislaine interviews.

    BP will be scrambling for cover when those bombshells drop and all interested parties start throwing each other under the bus as cover. I fear that we will never know everything porky fingers got up to, but something tells me Epstein planned his exit in a way that implicated a few people here and there.

    Andy could do with a little time spent at her Majesty’s pleasure….

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Danish television is airing Virginia’s interview tonight. I don’t know if they’re going to air Andrew’s but if they do it will be after all the accusations, which will make him look even more guilty and ridiculous. I’m cackling on the inside.

  6. Becks1 says:

    “during this period.”

    oh. So it really is just temporary. I mean we kind of knew that, but still…..

    • MsIam says:

      Exactly. Everything is being couched as “for the near future” and “at this time”. It’s a joke really, they are just waiting for the furor to die down.

  7. jenner says:

    Omg that photo, it looks like he has fangs.

  8. Ib says:

    My brothers fancy national guard unit had a long-planned training and exchange trip to the UK in September and was extremely excited about a reception that would be attended by the queen. Well, in the end the Queen backed out and his troop got offered Prince Andrew instead. My brothers troop said “eff that even we know he is a creep and bad dude” and turned down the offer for Andrew to come.

    • Ib says:

      Also ahh anyone know to remove the pic of me that appears alongside my username? It just started appearing on my comments, out of the blue

  9. Liz version 700 says:

    The pics of him are perfect. One shows his jowls to perfection and the other shoes his fat stubby fingers. He was such a handsome man in his younger days, but life has done the Dorian Gray treatment on him. His ugly soul is on full display in his gross pictures. I agree with other posters that the wording of this makes it sound like he is in time out. I hope they don’t try to trot him back out just no.

  10. Nucks says:

    Have we talked about his teeth? Point me to the discussion if I missed it. It’s crazy that my teeth are better than someone in the British Royal freaking family.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Others have commented recently. I recently saw a photo of Prince Philip & it seems Andrew got his teeth. Nobody bothered with braces at that time, I guess, although that doesn’t explain the color….

  11. Genuine Dinosaur says:

    Does anyone else remember reading Jilly Cooper (the raunchy Polo books) and remember her thirst for the war hero HRH Randy Andy?

    I love those books.