Ghislaine Maxwell is ‘protected’ by ‘powerful contacts’ in a series of safe houses

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For months now, the near-constant question is “where is Ghislaine Maxwell?” Maxwell comes up in nearly every story about Jeffrey Epstein, and nearly every story about Prince Andrew. Andrew even name-checked Maxwell as the one he was closer to, the one who introduced him to Epstein. Virginia Roberts name-checked Maxwell as the person who procured her, and the one who ordered her to have sex with Prince Andrew. We’ve been told repeatedly that Maxwell pretty much ran the human trafficking organization and she was the one doing the most to recruit and procure children, both for Epstein and all of Epstein’s friends. We thought Maxwell was in the wind until August, when she posed for photos at an In-and-Out in LA, reading a book and looking unbothered. So… wtf is happening here? Why hasn’t the FBI arrested this bitch?

Ghislaine Maxwell — the British socialite who’s long been accused of serving as Jeffrey Epstein’s madam — is hiding in a series of safe houses and is being “protected because of the information she has on the world’s most powerful people.” Maxwell, 58, allegedly procured young women and groomed them to have sex with Epstein and his wealthy pals, but she has remained out of public view after the convicted sex offender’s re-arrest last year and his death in jail in August. She has always denied any wrongdoing.

On the heels of a Reuters report that Maxwell was the main focus of an investigation by the FBI into several “people who facilitated” the dead pedophile’s alleged sexual abuse, a source tells Page Six: “Ghislaine is protected. She and Jeffrey were assets of sorts for multiple foreign governments. They would trade information about the powerful people caught in his net — caught at Epstein’s house.”

The source added of Ghislaine, who has homes in Manhattan and London, “She is not in the US, she moves around. She is sometimes in the UK, but most often in other countries, such as Israel, where her powerful contacts have provided her with safe houses and protection.”

The source added that Britain’s disgraced Prince Andrew had begged Maxwell to come forward and give an interview to protect him after he was accused of having sex with one of Epstein’s most vocal accusers, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, which he strongly denies. But Maxwell refused, forcing the prince to conduct his own disastrous interview. The source said: “Andrew pleaded with Ghislaine to publicly defend him. She carefully considered it, but decided no good would come of it (if she came forward). It isn’t in her best interests.” Lawyers for Maxwell didn’t get back to us.

The source also added, “If the US government was really interested in bringing in Ghislaine, the IRS would have looked at her tax returns and the income she may have got from Epstein and perhaps some of his powerful associates.”

[From Page Six]

“If the US government was really interested in bringing in Ghislaine…” “If” is doing a lot of work there. I also believe that if the Attorney General (sh-tshow Bill Barr) or the DOJ or FBI wanted to arrest Maxwell, they would have. They truly have the evidence. They’ve always had the evidence of her crimes and her criminal empire, the one she built around Epstein’s perverted needs. I don’t believe Maxwell is in hiding as much as she just moves around a lot and she’s “protected” by a lot of rich criminals who are afraid of who she could bring down. She clearly posed for the New York Post back in August, so was that a taunt, or was it a scheme to throw people off about her whereabouts? I truly don’t know. But lord, I wish someone at the FBI/DOJ would take this sh-t seriously.

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  1. Erinn says:

    I will never understand why so many pieces of flaming dumpster trash get to walk around without real consequence. Especially in cases like this – where there’s just PILES of evidence.

    • Ye says:

      Evidence doesnt matter when Epsteins rapebuddies are the richest people on earth. They could hide anyone.

    • Jan says:

      Simple, it’s because society is messed up. As a species we allow these people to proceed and succeed.

    • boodiba says:

      Money rules the world.

      • Casey says:


        It is never about ‘allowance’ @jan

        Money rules the world. And money = power. Money has become humanity’s god & key to survival. The consequences of that will be the demise of mankind (one example: climate change)

    • Casey says:

      When one domino falling can bring everybody else down, it’s crucial to make sure it doesn’t happen. Spacey’s 3 accusers dying, the helicopter crash near a hotel known to allow a child trafficking ring last year (everybody on board knew about it so they ‘had to die’)

      Murder means nothing to these people. Ped0philes & those interested in raping underaged girls & boys will do literally anything to eliminate any and all liabilities. When Sascha Baron Cohen handed over names & everything w/his creepy experience during his prank at that one hotel, where staff alluded to them being able to get young boys & girls for them…ofc the FBI does nothing. If there are certain ppl who are so powerful & wealthy it would cause ‘problems’ they leave it all alone. We’re talking about royalty, billionaires, people in high positions of political power, celebrities…there are predators out there that can make *anybody* disappear.

      The first video Spacey put out, he had the teacup w/the royal family narkings. Keep in mind this was before Andrew’s fiasco in the media…look at the book in those pics that Maxwell posed for at In N Out. These people are all about sending ‘messages’ & they never make them explicit.

      As long as money & power rules the world, these ppl will be free. Weinstein didn’t fall until his power & ‘hit-making’ (read: oscarbait) waned. Mark Salling was going to name names of ped0philes in the industry to get a better plea deal – then he got ‘suicided’. Oh…and Ryan Murphy is still besties w/Bryan Singer. Nothing changes.

      • Vev says:

        The devil is in the comments. I never heard that Sascha Baron Cohen story. I have to research that.

  2. Ye says:

    I feel like she is untouchable because she could bring down the powerful- and if she ever wanted to flip they would just Epstein her. I would love to be wrong- but I dont think she will ever be seen in public again.

    • Becks1 says:

      I agree. She is being protected now because she is keeping her mouth shut – both about what she did and about what she knows. If she ever decided to start talking, she would be silenced pretty fast IMO.

      I am kind of laughing in a sad way at Andrew though. no way was Maxwell ever going to defend him in any way shape or form. I cant believe he thought she would.

    • Godwina says:

      Well, this. If she does have major dirt on multiple powerful brutes, her days are numbered. I’m amazed she’s still walking around. Men who rape women and girls aren’t exactly moral.

      • R2Blast says:

        Yes! I would be shocked to learn that she’s even alive at this point. Why would any of these non-moral people care to go through the trouble? The first mantra is always self-preservation.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      Wouldn’t surprise me if she made a trip to Brazil at some point to rise again with a new face and a new identity, courtesy of her rich “protectors”. She would still be known to them, so if she steps out of line…. But she will NOT surface under her own name/identity again.

      She has WAY too much dirt on WAY too many .01% people; wouldn’t surprise me that it’s squirreled away with different lawyers to be opened in case of her being “Epsteined”.

    • Nikki* says:

      Someone who can bring down the powerful is just one “accident” away from not being a threat. She’d better be very, very careful.

    • Mac says:

      I suspect she is in Russia. She is a wealth of kompromat.

      • Lensblury says:

        That’s an interesting thought. I thought she’d choose a relatively small European country like Austria or Denmark (not the Greenland part) where it’s cold and it gets dark earlier now. I mean, she could definitely be anywhere and obviously has access to multiple hideaways, and maybe I’m thinking too much like I’m playing Mister X. But if I were a villain, I’d choose a country that’s relatively small so I could get out quickly, and also a country where I could hide my face behind a scarf and a beanie without looking suspicious. I’m probably way off anyway.

  3. Mia4s says:

    She’ll most likely be dead soon. And the only reason that bothers me is that the wealthy and powerful people who took advantage of this whole disgusting enterprise will get away with it. This whole thing makes my blood run cold. Eat the wealthy.

    • Normades says:

      She probably has a deal with her lawyers that if she’s found dead to release all the information. The rich protectors know that thus why she’ll manage to hideout and survive.

      • Mia4s says:

        Ah. True. It depends on if she was smart enough to hold on to the type of evidence that would protect her (clearly Epstein wasn’t). I guess we will see.

      • YaGotMe says:

        Except there is no guarantee her lawyers will release anything, those firms also protect other clients.

        It’s no accident that it took DAYS after Epstein died to raid his island after it was conveniently cleared out.

      • Nikki* says:

        Ah, I didn’t think of this.

      • Casey says:

        These people don’t care if they have to kill her lawyers too. Heck, they would kill their families just to send a message. No murder is bad to these people if it eliminates threats to them & their crimes.

      • JulieCarr says:

        Any lawyer who’d take her as a client and agree to hide proof of child abuse is a lawyer who could very easily be bought.

    • GG says:

      I think part of Ghislaine’s saving grace is that she’s made her business the business of secrets. Not just personal secrets though, political ones as well. That’s the kind of leverage that she could take down countries with, stop political deals in their tracks, etc. I would imagine that it was her job to procure the under aged girls, and maintain a level of control and sobriety at these disturbing “parties.” People say things when they are inebriated they might otherwise not so my guess is she was walking around picking up little tidbits of information and stringing them together, using them when she could.

      Sure, they could find a sniper to take her out, but what would be the point if her legal team released damaging information posthumously? That’s a risk I’d wager none of the people in truly powerful positions would like to take. It would be self preservation to keep her safe and Out of the clutches of the authorities.

      • Casey says:


        Yep, and ppl like her keep archives of blackmail. Audio & video recordings – Epstein had his whole mansion equipped. The Island too. These ppl are all about keeping a record just in case they need to use it against someone…

    • boredblond says:

      She IS part of the disgusting enterprise…if she talked, she’d implicate herself, and I’m sure that’s all she cares about. No way she’d lift a finger to help anyone else. I’m not even sure she could be forced to return for any civil suits against his estate.

  4. Arizona says:

    can we talk about how infuriating that headline calling her his gal pal is? fucking A.

  5. Betsy says:

    While I do think there are people from “both sides” who are guilty parties here, this confirms for me that Fobald Trump and his cronies are deeply enmeshed in these crimes. First Epstein is killed – two guards falling asleep, cameras not recording and an atypical bone breaking? Yeah, murder – and Donnie is running the FBI and DOJ like his personal attorneys.

    I’d say that I wish the victims would get vocal, but they’d just get hushed up again anyway.

    • Peg says:

      There is a show on ABC (I think) next week about Epstein, the young ladies are on, I did not realize they actually recruiting 14 year olds, sick.

      • BabyYoda says:

        Recruiting tweens from trailer parks. She is no “madam” and I detest this misnomer. She’s a child rape trafficker for the 1% wealthiest and sickest. IF donny was innocent she’d be El Chapo’d- the fact she’s “protected” points to the our fake president’s real guilt.

      • Casey says:

        They’re recruiting a lot younger than 14 year olds. I don’t want to even think about it.

        But there are many rich & powerful ped0philes that ‘(insert: allegedly) ‘ask’ for prepubescents & single digit victims. Those victims are likely to be from poor countries, their rapists prefer they don’t speak English. Many of them thought to be ‘disposed of’ after being abused/assaulted. This is so much worse than what’s in the headlines, you guys. if the general public knew how horrific it is & even more that many countries/ppl in law enforcement just look the other way….everyone would be enraged AND throw up right then and there. Literally. It’s both sides of the aisle too. Perversion doesn’t know or care about party lines.

      • Kosmos says:

        What she did was criminal. I cannot think that the authorities would not follow up on looking for her, and they will find her eventually. I don’t think she can be protected from the FBI or more powerful groups if they want to question her. She may now have to live her life on the run or in hiding more or less. And there were other women who helped procure the younger ones for Epstein, so their names have also been made available. It’s all horrific and all of the guilty parties need to be brought to justice for their crimes.

  6. Peg says:

    Just saw a story about the Queen being angry at what Randy Andy did to the Monarchy, but I don’t believe it, otherwise she would not be driving around with him.
    The latest to strip Andy of his patronage is a golf club in Vancouver, there is a school in Canada named after him the parents want his name removed.
    The BRF can prop him up all they want, it’s not going to stop people from erasing him from their organizations.

  7. Mignionette says:

    I personally think Ghislaine is not long for this world. The very fact that she has so much info on so many powerful men does not bode well for her. Even if she has decanted that evidence to law enforcement agencies as a fail safe, she is still not safe due to evidence rules.

    The sad fact is she will never say anything meaningful whilst Trump is in office as a lot of evidence points towards him being complicit with Epstein.

    This is also why decent politicians do not get elected. Too much dark money and power to be protected.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I agree, the fact that she keeps moving around is enough to say that she fears for her life. Keeping her mouth shut isn’t going to be enough as that lawsuit in NY is the gift that is going to keep giving and other names will be dropped into the public domain because of it.

      As for Trump the DOJ and the Feds are now his muscle – the evidence has been buried now, Barr has seen to that.

      • Mignionette says:

        Agreed DU – I wonder if that is why her PR is putting out this message as a kind of threat and maybe that is why she is refusing to corroborate Andrew. Bc if she speaks up on one thing she has to start speaking about everything else and naming a lot of people.

        Either way she is now a liability and living on borrowed time.

    • R2Blast says:

      You fail to mention the royal family and the Clintons. I personally don’t believe that ANY of these slime balls would allow persecution.

  8. Michael says:

    I would not be surprised if one of her powerful “friends” has her killed. I am sure she has evidence stashed in the event she has an accident of some sort. This is simply how things work for the very rich and connected. They are not part of the moral of legal structure of society. It has always been that way. Laws and religious piety were and are a method of control but they excuse themselves from both.

    • Raina says:

      The people housing her are simply applying the tactic of keep your enemies closer.
      For now, that is.

      • minx says:

        Yes. Someone will get to her. She may be protected by some people but targeted by others. I fully expect to see a headline about her death before too long.

  9. Onomo says:

    I had truly forgotten about this woman. Is there any way Virginia Roberts or any of the other trafficked women could sue her? Or, God Forbid, would Andrew try to get her go corroborate his claims? It is frustrating the victims are not getting help from law enforcement in pursuing her.

  10. HK9 says:

    Epstein died in police custody so her days are numbered, if she hasn’t “transitioned” already. Dead men tell no tales.

    • Elisa says:

      IMO that’s one of the main reason why she is in hiding (somewhere outside the US) as she clearly does not trust the US justice system.

      • HK9 says:

        Anyone who can kill someone in police custody with ease and without impunity already has the rest of the world on speed dial. Ghislaine is not safe anywhere

  11. kerwood says:

    What a shock.

    Maxwell is NEVER going to have to worry about being arrested. She knows where ALL the bodies are buried and has probably made sure that the powers that be know that information would be released if anything happened to her. Maxwell’s got the government of the United States, the UK, and various other countries watching her back. She’s the safest person on earth.

  12. Some chick says:

    Pretty sure the LA burger joint photos were debunked shortly after they came out, as being old – different ads on the bus shelter, for one thing. It was covered here.

    She’s hiding out – if she’s smart, it’s in a country that doesn’t have an extradition agreement with the US.

  13. Lala11_7 says:

    I’ve studied the rich and powerful in human history since I’ve been able to read…pretty much, on the whole…they’re awful sociopaths…depraved…and criminal…and because they control…EVERYTHING…they will ALWAYS be protected…and their horrors will NEVER stop…

    Maxwell…Epstein…SANDUSKY…were conduits to providing under-aged children for criminal use to some of the most powerful people on the planet….Maxwell will be fine…as long as she keeps her mouth shut…and if she IS dealt with…it won’t be by the justice system….she knows this….

  14. YaGotMe says:

    Or she’s already dead and these stories are carefully planted.

  15. Sean says:

    I think it’ll all come out (it always does eventually) but not until everyone involved is dead and can no longer face earthly consequences. This is just a peak behind the curtain and it’s quickly being pulled back into place. Ghislaine was the procurer of victim’s for Epstein’s parties. Her father was Robert Maxwell, a wealthy media proprietor who was involved in all sorts of fraudulent behavior. He was a Mossad agent that helped Russian mobster Semion Mogliovich obtain an Israeli passport so the latter could legally leave Russia. Mogliovich is one of the oligarchs who’ve been laundering money via Trump properties since the 80s.

    Robert Maxwell died under mysterious circumstances while at sea aboard his yacht, Lady Ghislaine. His body was found naked, floating face down in the Atlantic Ocean. The yacht had been purchased from Emad Khashoggi, cousin of slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

    Jeffrey Epstein was college dropout who was hired to teach physics and mathematics at the prestigious Dalton prep school. He was hired by then-headmaster Donald Barr, an English professor at the school. Epstein was dismissed from Dalton in 1976 for “poor perfomanc” but interviews with former students have revealed he acted inappropriately with female students. Donald Barr himself resigned in 1974 due to”conflicts with the board of trustees”. Barr also penned two science fiction novels in the 1970s. The plots involved the trafficking of sex slaves in outer space. It has been noted that Epstein’s crimes are similar to the plot of Barr’s novel “Space Relations” from 1973.

    Donald Barr is the father of William Bar, current Attorney General. Yeaf it’s too coincidental all of these people are connected. We won’t find anything out until no one is left to protect.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      You nailed it.

      This is all the tip of a mammoth sex-trafficking and money-laundering iceberg. The people involved are amoral and feed their appetites without regard to consequences because they either are in power (whether via wealth or office) or hold power over fellow parasites.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      Thank you for this! JFC I have NEVER seen this laid out so simply! These interconnections are WAY too “coincidental” to BE coincidental!

    • Joanna says:

      Wow, holy shit ! Idk that, thanks for the info

  16. Mellie says:

    Has anyone read some of the revealed blind items on the Crazy Days and Nights site about this situation? Yikes. Not sure if these are all true, but wow, this world of the rich and famous is really a horrid, dark place. It’s hard to have anything good to say about any of them. I would be willing to bet that less than 10 percent of our politicians/royals/musicians/movie/television stars are decent humans. And that is sad. I need to stay off that site. It’s depressing.

    • Truthiness says:

      Read The Lady’s Revenge about Dina Merrill in that case. Then leave and never look back. Once in a blue moon they have a gem. I on the other hand have to practice self care and stay away from too many stories about Trump and McConnell, both of whom need to DIAF.

    • Casey says:

      Sadly, CDAN has shown it’s so much more than the repubs .as for some blinds on there (I actually don’t believe they are all true – I think Enty sometimes purposely puts a few falsies so to speak for multiple reasons…)…

      I still to this day hope to hope that the Obama, Raul Emanell one w/the two murdered gay men isn’t true. I think one of the mothers still speaks on it in Chicago…

      The Michael Jackson soundproof room built posing as a recording studio. Macaulay Culkin never being messed with bc of his celebrity but as he got older he started remembering weird things (like the soundproof studio). Ryan Murphy’s supposed connections to Singer & other suspicious deaths like Sallings.

      The FBI interviewing Spacey…AND allegedly…Spielberg (ugh!!!! pls not Spielberg)…about their time spent on the island (ah yes, the old vacationing sun & sand excuse, ofc). Apparently Spielberg was quite shook up by it, and I recall the line in the blind “he’d kill himself if it ever came out” since frankly, if true, would change film history forever. Ugh, please no Spielberg. But honestly the crown jewel? Geffen. I’ve been reading the sight since 2014 & to this day, it feels like if those blinds have even half merit…then he is evil incarnate.

    • JulieCarr says:

      CDAN is nonsense. Enty didn’t have a clue who Maxwell even was before the whole thing was laid bare, and he basically had to ret-con all his previous Epstein blinds because they made no sense when you take into account her role. Then when he did catch up he tried out about a dozen different versions of her before settling on a final persona. There was one week where he portrayed her both as a convenient lovestruck idiot willing to go along with anything to be in her ex-boyfriends orbit, and as a master spy taking dozens of nations for a ride.

      On any given day at least half CDAN’s ‘blinds’ are just taken directly from yesterday’s news. If he had actual sources he wouldn’t spend his mornings rewording the Daily Mail’s stories.

  17. olala says:

    I am actually suprised she is still alive tbh.

  18. Maria says:

    They should hire the Israeli police. They would definitely find her and bring her back to the US to face justice. They did a brilliant job with Eichmann.

  19. Other Renee says:

    In some study I read, at least ten percent of people are sociopaths. They live among us and try to mimic so called “normal” behavior so that they can function in society. A lot of powerful people are sociopaths. It takes a certain ruthlessness to get to these positions of power and a willingness to step on others to get there. A sociopath has no real regard for others so that makes sense. Epstein and Maxwell certainly fit this description, as do the bulk of the world’s power players.

  20. Minxx says:

    I very much doubt she’s still alive. She knew way too much. It’s not like the FBI doesn’t want to bring her in. They were told not to look. I doubt she could move undetected, maybe she tried but someone surely sold her out, probably getting a very good deal as s payment. She will never resurface.

  21. What. . .now? says:

    So wait a minute. Ghislaine is “on the move” and according to authorities they don’t know where she is. BUT– PRINCE ANDREW picked up the phone to beg her to help him out? So PA can STILL get in touch with her but authorities have “no idea” where she is? REALLY? So MI6 can’t pay a discreet visit to the disgraced, disgusting prince and tell him to give up the number?

    This story is a plant. She’s either dead or someone is just teeing it up so that when she is found dead it won’t be a surprise. . .and she’ll be blamed as the mastermind of the whole Epstein organization (he was just the face of it doncha know) OR so guilt ridden she couldn’t take it and like Epstein “committed suicide.”

  22. Marzipan says:

    I know many people I would label as sociopaths, I’ m convinced they are more than ten percent…!☹️
    The whole story with the girl trafficking and child abuse and the many famous and wealthy men in this who will probably escape justice… it makes me sick!!! And as a woman and mother I cannot fathom how a woman supports and plays an active role in the abuse and rape of children and vulnerable young girls and women… let alone cash in on their misery…😡🤮

    • Casey says:


      a group of people w/major power/money are always full of sociopaths, functioning psychopaths – tons of CEOs & billionaires have flourished & made TONS of money bc well, they are sociopathic/psychopathic. It makes them do so well – bc they don’t care about anything except succeeding (re: making money) even if it hurts/kills people. Their absence of a moral compass aids them.

      • Marzipan says:

        Hi Casey,
        Yes, I think so, too. Since I’m interested in history, I learnt that the higher people climb in politics or economy, the more thick-skinned, reckless and selfish they become. There are hardly any (really) decent people in high positions, and they are all guilty of horrible things and have skeletons in their closets, regardless the time, place and culture, ethnicity or religion.

    • McMom says:

      Because she didn’t view these women and girls as human. To her, they were basically trash and their lives worth less than the men for whom she was procuring them. She probably viewed them as little more than animals.

  23. Nibbi says:

    Travelling from country to country requires a passport.
    Passports are easily tracked and identified and controlled.
    If she’s able to cross borders at will like that, she’s got a lot of help on a state level, imo. She’s being allowed to move about while governments look the other way.

  24. sassafras says:

    “They” know where she is and they’ve always known. Her father worked for multiple countries’ intelligence agencies and the fact that she hasn’t been arrested by anyone is evidence that she has too, IMO.

    • Casey says:

      Yep, and Israeli intelligence services…black cube etc (Weinstein used them), Mossad…. they are known to be one of the best in the world. The initial good intention was to protect Israel in a region where a lot of countries want it wiped off the planet. But ofc, and unsurprisingly, it ultimately provided evil people effective ways of eluding justice. It’s so messed up.

  25. Jaded says:

    My guess is she’s travelling under an assumed name with a fake passport. Easily enough come by if you’re friendly with the right people (i.e. Israeli or Russian intelligence). She may have changed her appearance drastically to evade justice as she was tracked to Brazil with Jean-Luc Brunel and Brazil is the plastic surgery capital of the world. This thing is a mystery wrapped in an enigma drizzled with conundrum and I only hope the FBI is playing the long game and will give her enough rope to hang herself.

  26. Missy says:

    Why would Barr go after Maxwell, other than yo have her murdered, as he did Epstein?

    AG Barr has known Epstein for most of his life. Barr’s father also knew Epstein, for most of Epstein’s life.

    AG Barr is in his position BECAUSE he has MUCH to lose, if he doesn’t play by the “rules”.

    Make no mistake, this is typical CIA-Mossad stuff. They know EXACTLY where she is, because they provide the safe houses she stays in.

    Maxwell isn’t stupid. She has mechanisms in place for her safety, and the continued collaboration with multiple agencies, in order to force their hand into that collaboration.

    It’s just spy craft 101, and as long as Barr and Trump are in office, she’s golden. And dare I say, she’ll be golden, no matter who’s in office? Yes, I dare say it.

    We shall see what happens.

  27. Nicegirl says:

    Who do we pressure to get justice? This is absolute shit. Ghislaine needs to be brought to justice. I’m so upset about this fuckery.

  28. noway says:

    This story makes me sick. Plus it really doesn’t get the coverage it should. The Prince Andrew and celebrity crap on this story always gets the lion share. Sure he’s a creep and probably knew everything, but legally it’s hard to prove. Unless the men were told by the women they were being forced, or they have legal proof they knew about the sex trafficking it wouldn’t be illegal. I always did find it odd everywhere someone was accused of this the girls were the legal age of consent in that city. This is from the girls testimony too. Personally, I’m sure that was done on purpose, but again I couldn’t prove it in in a court of law. It’s not like the victims would tell the men they were forced to do this. That would mean more punishment I’m sure. However, Maxwell procured these women or girls really, and told them what to do, and multiple women say the same story, plus since she was in the money part of it there has to be some solid connections. It just seems she was in so deep there has to be legal proof of it if they were going after Epstein. The fact that she is out and no charges yet, makes me sick the most. She wasn’t just a person who turned a blind eye, which is bad, but still she was heavily involved based on what the victims have said. I wonder if there is some sort of deal she was going to testify against Epstein or something. Even with all the crap out in the US justice Department it just doesn’t make sense.

  29. Bookworm says:

    I’ve had the feeling that since Epstein died that she’s been hidden by and has a deal with the FBI.