Rob Lowe: My ‘stupid Christmas elephant movie’ was streamed more than ‘The Irishman’

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For years now, I’ve said that the business model of superhero franchises is not sustainable. And it’s true – the major studios cannot continue to pour $300-500 million into one film’s production, visual effects, marketing and worldwide promotion, all while ignoring original stories and mid-range budget dramas and comedies. Weirdly, the answer to the studio-superhero dilemma has been streaming. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and now Apple+ are all financing those mid-budget dramas and comedies. And at the same time, those streaming companies are picking up the slack when it comes to financing and producing “prestige films,” films which will win awards. Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman was one of them – no one knows how much Netflix really spent on that, but it’s definitely more than $100 million, probably closer to $200 million. So will Netflix see that money back? It’s weird because Netflix hates to release its internal data, and so the model has changed again – it’s not about box office, it’s not even about how many people streamed it.

All of which to say, Rob Lowe is bragging about how his dumb Netflix movie was streamed more than The Irishman. Someone at Netflix told him that and he repeated it to People Magazine.

Rob Lowe has seemingly just earned bragging rights over one of the biggest directors in Hollywood! The actor, 55, spoke to reporters at the Television Critics Association while promoting his FOX show 911: Lone Star where he claimed his Netflix Christmas film, Holiday in the Wild, surpassed Martin Scorsese‘s The Irishman in terms of viewership.

When asked about filming locations, Lowe said he doesn’t “care where I’m working as long as it’s with people I like, people I like to work with and are telling good stories.”

“I just did a movie for Netflix, it was the number one movie that they have,” Lowe claimed. “It was a stupid Christmas elephant movie. Take that Martin Scorsese. They were like don’t tell anybody.” Lowe added, “Anyway, I will work wherever the opportunities come from.”

Holiday in the Wild was released on Netflix in early November. It stars Sex and the City‘s Kristin Davis as Kate, a woman who embarks on a solo second honeymoon in Africa after her husband ends their marriage. There, Kate meets Derek, a pilot played by Lowe, and the two rescue a baby elephant.

[From People]

First of all, do you even believe that this is true, that his movie was more-streamed than The Irishman? I believe … someone told him that. Maybe it’s even true. I still haven’t seen The Irishman, but isn’t it like five hours long? CB talked about this in her mini-review of The Irishman, that Netflix bragged about how millions of people had watched at least 70% of the film. So, more people might have streamed Rob Lowe’s “stupid Christmas elephant movie” but The Irishman is the one winning awards, so blah.

Here are some photos of Lowe in the stupid Christmas elephant movie.




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  1. JJ says:

    I definitely watched that stupid elephant movie and it was everything I expected/wanted it to be. Thought about watching the Irishman but didn’t. Then binged the Witcher instead.

    • Onnit says:

      Watching the Witcher; watched an hour of The Irishman; probably won’t bother with Lowe’s movie. The Irishman was OK, just not as compelling as I expected it to be.

  2. Tiffany says:

    There was a article someone linked me to on how to watch The Irishman because of 3.5 hour running time. It was basically a step by step guide on how to not watch it in one sitting and the best places to pause to give yourself a break. If you watch it, it is for Joe Pesci and…that’s about it. He is fantastic in this.

  3. Cindy says:

    I wouldn’t be that surprised lol. A click is a click, and some films and series are just enjoyed better when they are just background noise for doing house chores.

    The Irishman bored me to death. The most engaging thing about that movie was laughing at how unnecessary that CGI was and the joke got old pretty fast. It felt like a Scorcesse tribute done by a director far less talented than him. I’m so done with Award-baiting movies.

  4. Chlo says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the stupid elephant Christmas movie! This background info from Celebitchy made it even more enjoyable:

  5. tealily says:

    I’ve never heard of this stupid elephant Christmas movie. That doesn’t sound like good information to me, but what do I know about elephant Christmas movies?

  6. lucia says:

    I watched both. I appreciated what The Irishman is and what it represents, but enjoyed the stupid elephant movie more. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Renee says:

      I also watched both and enjoyed Holiday in the Wild (the elephant movie) a lot more. It was a feel good nice holiday movie that didn’t require too much thought.
      The Irishman was okay but waaayyyy too long. Also, it was boring.

    • fatladysinging says:

      I knew it shouldn’t, but I fell hard for the elephant movie. By the end, I wanted to move to Zimbabwe and be with the elephants.

      • stormsmama says:

        @fat lady singing
        me too
        I loved it

        Im actually insulted (not really) and embarrassed for him
        that he would diminish 1) the success of the rom com 2) the importance of the conservation and sustainability part of the story
        He is such a dumb brat
        Shhhhh Rob, just act and stop ruining it by talking

      • Ashley G says:

        Stormsmama I agree. How awful does he look calling it a stupid Christmas elephant movie. He looks like an asshat. Let’s not pretend he’s some in demand actor who can choose his work. He should be so lucky.

        I have it in my queue but now I don’t even want to bother giving it the clicks less it gives him more to brag about. What an a—hole.

        As for the Irishman, also in my queue but I don’t care for the length and I haven’t been in the mood for it. I find more and more these days that I can only watch certain movies depending on how I feel in life. It’s weird. But eh

  7. Jillian says:

    The Irishman was boring as hell and entirely derivative of Scorcese’s other films. Self-indulgent old white men bullshit. I will definitely watch this Christmas elephant movie, Netflix Christmas trash is the finest trash in all the world

  8. Amelie says:

    Ha! I loved Holiday in the Wild and yes it is exactly a stupid Christmas elephant movie!
    Holiday movies are never expected to be deep or thought provoking but the fact they included elephant rehabilitation and release into the wild (a real thing they do at several sanctuaries on the African continen) and were very careful to treat the elephants humanely during the filming of the movie brought attention to elephant conservation. The rest of the movie was cheesy predictable fluff but it had an underlying message!

    I have yet to watch the Irishman and honestly I don’t think I’ve ever watched any movie by Martin Scorseses. Doesn’t he mostly do Mafia /gangster movies? I don’t find those interesting (part of the reason why I’ve never watched any of the Godfather movies either!) plus I don’t want to watch bloody violence all the time. I say Rob Lowe should lord it in Scorseses face haha.

  9. L4frimaire says:

    I saw the stupid Christmas elephant movie, mainly because it was nice to see an age appropriate couple romance and it had lots of elephants. It was cute, was nice to see Kristen Davis in something. Rob Lowe is still very good looking but the elephants were the best part.

  10. Rob Lowe’s comment about his “stupid elephant movie” is such a disappointment. Anything that shines a light on the plight of elephants is a positive thing. The clip of Kristin Davis speaking of the film, the sanctuaries, the work being done, and of Netflix’ willingness to invest more money so that she could get it right is heartwarming. I can only imagine how she feels about his comment. Rob always seems to open his mouth and insert his foot when things are going right for him.

    • Allergy says:

      Completely agree.
      The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee is a great place, by the way. We donate and buy gifts from there, they have really nice hoodies and stuff. Love love love what they do for elephants.

      • Marianne says:

        I dont think hes saying “stupid” as in the work with elephants is stupid and rather that its a formulaic romance movie. Like, not going to win any awards type of movie.

  11. Sean says:

    Of course The Irishman is winning/being nominated for awards. It Martin Scorsese. That guy could shit in a box, film the aftermath and it would still recieve major nominations because he did it.

  12. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Perhaps that statistic was on a particular day within a particular time frame. On December 14th, from 11am to 4pm, Rob has bragging rights.

    • Ali says:

      I believe more Netflix viewers tuned in for the elephant movie. Netflix made the Irishman for an Oscar. And we know the Oscars don’t care about anyone actually seeing the movies they nominate. Just that white guys are involved.

  13. Grumpier than thou says:

    Another guilty acknowledgement for the stupid elephant Christmas movie! I know I should watch the Irishmen, but sheesh…

  14. Laura says:

    I think he meant stupid as tongue in cheek compared to The Irishman which was considered a prestige flick.
    That said I enjoyed it, it was like a high end lifetime movie. Rob and Kristin elevated it because they’re good actors and they had great chemistry. And it had elephants (bonus, baby elephants) 🐘

  15. Dee Kay says:

    I loved Holiday in the Wild, it was definitely a stupid Christmas elephant movie and it was absolutely great at being what it was. Silly, romantic, beautiful to look at, super cute elephants. Davis and Lowe knew what kind of movie they were in and delivered — lost-but-sweet New York socialite divorcee meets hot-mysterious-but-sensitive wildlife preservation guy. It was awesome. I watched it by myself then made my H watch it with me.

  16. Snazzy says:

    So many people saw the holiday elephant movie and I didn’t even know there was one! I feel like I’ve missed out!!

    And no, I still haven’t seen the Irishman. I may at some point, perhaps after I finish my current binge – Friends 🤷🏽‍♀️

  17. Dorothy#1 says:

    I tried watching the elephant movie, it was so bad I had to stop midway. It was awful!!

  18. Mo says:

    Folks. Romance is big business. Romance is 25% of the book publishing business, but it doesn’t get reviewed, the authors are unknown outside of the romance field, and everyone laughs at it. When people complain about how indie bookstores are dying, my romance friends go “no shit, they don’t sell the most popular genre.” Mystery sells about half what romance does, and sci/fi fantasy a little more than one third.

    Romance sales had a huge jump when e-readers came along and people didn’t have to show romance covers when reading in public. I’m not surprised at all that romance movies do well on Netflix, when they can be watched in private, alone or with family. Also, I’m guessing that there were far more repeat viewings of the elephant movie than The Irishman. I’m wondering what the number of accounts viewing numbers are. That is actually more important to Netflix’s bottom line.

    Because I’m going long already, why doesn’t Hollywood respect the romance industry? Well, misogyny, of course. But also, it is a specialist field. There is a reason studios are developing Christmas movie divisions. Creating a believable romance story is hard. You can’t fix it in post or add another fight scene to pump things up. It’s really interesting to see romance get a toe into TV through the Christmas movie. I am guessing you are going to be seeing more holidays added as romance movie fodder. Also, remember that Christmas movies last for years. People will be wanting to show their kids that stupid elephant movie.

    Note: I’m not a romance reader, mysteries are my jam. But I have romance reader and writer friends and I enjoy chick-lit enough that they let me stay around.

    • StormsMama says:

      You nailed it
      I personally always go to the genre list and seek out Romance
      I want rom coms and romantic dramas
      I want wedding stories
      I want divorcee vet On safari meets hot conservationist while also learning about elephants!
      I love romance and I am not ashamed but I agree it gets no respect and misogyny is a huge part of that.

    • Ashley G says:

      Actually if you look at RomComs lately they aren’t getting any play. Since I’ve lived in France I don’t pay as much attention to Hollywood release dates so I could be wrong but I have found that since living here I haven’t watched as many Romcoms. In fact I feel like there aren’t any. Every time I want to watch a new one I don’t see them. Where are the How to Lose a Guys and Maid in Manhattens? Hollywood stopped making them a long time ago. And it’s good that Netflix has decided to pick up the slack because they could really win in that category. I enjoyed Rebel Wilson’s.

      Just one irk, I don’t like watching them without known stars. They feel too Hallmark and I associate Hallmark with cheese which is probably why I can’t find any good romcoms lately. No big stars are making them. Which is exactly why the Stupid Christmas elephant movie made it across my radar because it looked like a big budget romcom with known actors.

  19. Sara says:

    I liked that movie! Mainly because it was really about saving elephants!

  20. Marianne says:

    Honestly, I can believe it. Theres a reason why Hallmark is so successful with their wash, rinse, repeat Christmas movies.

  21. frankly says:

    Did “The Irishman” have a cameo in “A Knight Before Christmas”? I think not.