The Sun: The Sussexes are considering moving to Canada & giving up their titles? (update)

Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (C) and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (L) stand with Canada's High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom, Janice Charette, as they leave after their visit to Canada House in thanks for the warm Canadian hospitalit

Update by Celebitchy: The Sussexes have made an announcement that they plan to split their time between North America and the UK. They are making the move to “step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent, while continuing to fully support Her Majesty The Queen.” They say they will continue to focus on their charities and patronages and will “make a transition this year in starting to carve out a progressive new role within this institution.” Kaiser is at the gym and we will have full coverage shortly.

Dan Wooten stopped complaining about the vegan food at the Golden Globes long enough to come up with an “exclusive” story about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The exclusive? It’s all about how Harry and Meghan are considering a move to Canada, with a bonus of “they’ll give up their titles.” For the love of God, what is this messaging from the royal family? To be clear, I do not think Wooten has sources within the Sussex camp. I absolutely think that people like Wooten are being briefed regularly by Kensington Palace though. And that’s the lens through which you should read this story:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are looking to move to Canada for a significant portion of this year as they actively consider their future role in the Royal Family. Long-term options being floated include the Sussexes relinquishing their HRH titles or relocating their office to Canada. The Sun has learned they will start discussing their plans with senior royals — expected to include the Queen and Prince Charles — in the coming days. But sources stressed the talks are preliminary and nothing has yet been finalised.

The couple have told close friends they want to spend some of the next two months working out of Canada after a six-week trial holiday over Christmas and New Year was deemed highly successful. Friends of the couple in Canada and the US are supportive of the move, which they say comes after the couple have been sidelined by the monarchy.

A pal revealed: “It is true that Harry and Meghan will spend a fair amount of time in Canada over the next couple of months and possibly going forward too. Right now they are starting talks with their family about their plans for the future. Those conversations are at a very early stage. There is a very careful and serious process to go through which they are going to respect. But it is clear they are on a different and unique path, and they are very much thinking about what the future looks like for them.”

The friend went on: “That could include being based in Canada or the possibility of walking away from their HRH titles, although hopefully it will not come to that. It’s been a very tough year — they’re newlyweds and they have a young baby — so they’re looking at what their life looks like in the future. Everything is on the table.”

Canada has replaced an African state as the number one option for the couple to make their semi-permanent base outside of the UK.

[From The Sun]

I will never get over the decision, en masse, by the royal reporters and royal commentators to simply ignore the original reporting about Prince William wanting to EXILE his brother and sister-in-law. That was the beginning of all of this, and after William – rightly – got slammed for such medieval machinations, the story changed to “Harry and Meghan WANT to be exiled.” Hint: they do not want to be exiled. They want to be able to live their lives and do good work and for that, ill-tempered Willy wants them sent away.

Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex react during their visit to Canada House in thanks for the warm Canadian hospitality and support they received during their recent stay in Canada,  in London on January 7, 2020.

Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex gesture during their visit to Canada House in thanks for the warm Canadian hospitality and support they received during their recent stay in Canada,  in London on January 7, 2020.

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  1. ME says:

    They won’t have trouble getting job offers here. She could always go back to acting. He could work for a charity. I wonder if it would be easy to give up the perks of being “royals” though. I just don’t see them doing it.

    • Redgrl says:

      Leaving aside how ridiculous that story is, even if it were true, they would have to go through the immigration process like everyone else. British residents have to follow the same procedures and they don’t get to jump the queue – Harry can’t just “decide” he wants to live in Canada. He also just can’t “decide” he’s going to work for a Canadian charity with out proper work status. I have several friends from England who went through the process and it took years. I assume Meghan was on some sort of a work visa when she was on Suits but that would be tied to employment so she would have to go through normal channels too. Sick and tired of these UK tab articles suggesting Canada is still some colonial outpost that Brits can just “choose” to live in & that it somehow automatically happens. And as several of us Canadians posted yesterday – unless they want to live as private citizens and foot their own bills, Canada does not want any royals setting up shop here. When the Queen goes, so should the monarchy in Canada in my opinion.

      • ME says:

        Of course they would have to go through the immigration process or work visa/permit process…at least I’d hope so. They shouldn’t get special treatment but you know how things are…

        Anways, looks like the story was true afterall !

      • Christina says:

        It’s true. They just announced it on their Instagram, SussexRoyal, and it was just posted on the New York Times website. They will split their time between Britain and North America, and they will live off of their own money.

        I admire Harry and Meg deeply. It is a courageous, BALLER move that takes a lot of courage. They are modernizing the monarchy by no longer being a financial drain on the British people. I hope that the British people won’t have to pay for their security, but they are targets, so that might not go away.

      • Genessee says:

        They just said “I quit this bitch!”

        I’m so impressed by the way they handled all this. I mean, really dropped the mic on the Royal establishment, news-wise.

        Now I can go back to ignoring Will & Kate, who are a complete bore.

      • Virginia says:

        @Christina, l agree wth you, they are very courageous, l wish them the best and as a Canadian l would welcome them in Canada if they choose this country to live in. I hope their next baby will be born here.
        @Genessee “Now l can go back to ignoring Will and Kate, who are a complete bore” lol 👏👏👏

      • Aneeda Margarita says:

        I think Harry and Meg just told everyone…”don’t come for us, unless we send for you.”

        Financially independent…how ya like that big brother? Now, you can be the only senior royal left standing once PC takes the throne. I wonder if this will move Eugenie back up to senior royal status…William and Kate will not do it all on their own.

      • Modiglia says:

        I do think the part of the statement that rang badly was the bit about “working to become financially independent”. She’s a millionaire, he’s worth close to £20 million. They could easily be financially independent immediately. If not, maybe don’t include that bit.

      • Sue M says:

        Sure they could live in Canada, even without becoming citizens. British citizens can visit Canada for up to 180 days at a time, with multiple entries allowed, under a 5 year electronic travel authorization. All they would have to do is leave the country for a day or so every six months (180 days). And of course their life style would include lots of travel elsewhere so that wouldn’t be a problem. The ETA can be renewed after 5 years. They may not be able to work as employees or contractors. But they probably won’t work (apparently Harry is worth mucho bucks, and even Meagan has a lot) except volunteer work for charities. So yes, they can come and stay here in Canada pretty much as long as they want. I welcome them. People here would leave them alone to live their lives. I’m in Vancouver.

      • A Torontonians says:

        I could see him eventually taking on the very rule job of Governor General of Canada. That would mean, he’d be paid and they would be provided with security. I think it’s 100% safe to say that in the event that choose to live in Canada, they’re visas would be expedited. Remember, his Grandmother is printed on our money. His father will be our King. Just saying.

    • Mac says:

      They just announced they are stepping back as senior royals.

      • Sequinedheart says:

        read that. Good for them!

      • ME says:

        Yup just read it myself…they really are stepping back as senior royals !

      • Silas says:

        This is so sad. Their tours and engagements were so full of joy and in return they were driven out of the family. They could have done such amazing work for the UK.

        I’m a POC and while I support whatever is best for them, this breaks my heart a little.

        Oh well. Back to celebrating the white mediocrity and privilege of the Cambridges. Maybe they can have another yacht race.

      • BabsORIG says:

        Nope, not celebrating anything British royal family for me no more. The Cambridges bore me to death, and I have no interest in any other members of this family. The Sussexes are it for me and I’m following them wherever they go. Peace out.✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

      • yinyang says:

        Me, now with Meghan gone I’ll just go back to disliking them further and wanting a republic.

    • Bee says:

      Looks as though it is accurate according to their own instagram…unless they got hacked.

    • Zazu says:

      It’s not that confusing. I think Harry and Meghan are planning to live like the Obama’s currently are and have a role in the royal family similar to the royal cousins, Princesses Beatrice & Eugenie, and Zara. They aren’t full time royals, they work independently, but do participate in select events, like Trooping of the Colours.
      I think H&M will run their own foundation, rather than getting normal “jobs”. They will be paid really well to sit on the boards of (hopefully progressive) companies – perhaps green energy tech companies or sustainable fashion labels, and to give speeches or write books. The Obamas aren’t…can’t…really work a normal 9-5 and neither can the Sussexes.

      I’m sure that they can obtain work visas in Canada through being on boards, appointed as guest professors at a university, or registering their foundation In Canada. I’m happy to have them here!

      • mazzie says:

        I think and only think as I am not an expert on the Canadian Royal Family (We have our own crown and they are considered the Canadian Monarchy) that Harry may already be considered a Canadian citizen via that route.

  2. Loretta says:

    Sure, Jen. I’m sure that Meghan and Harry’s friends talked with Wootton, the reporter who writes every time false stories about them and who works for The Sun who is in the lawsuits with them.
    Nice try to write a fanfiction Dan!

    • carmen says:

      Exactly. If they provided the Sun with this tasty tidbit, why was the Sun – and everyone else – in the dark about where they were for several weeks over the holidays?

    • Modiglia says:

      Turns out he was right though

  3. Wilma says:

    I just stopped believing anything most of these royal reporters report. It is clear who has credible sources and who hasn’t.

  4. Jaded says:

    When will they stop making up these BS fantasies? First, they can’t just set up house in Canada, They would both need work visas which take a minimum of 3 months. A Canadian employer making a job offer must obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the federal human resources authorities. The purpose of the LMIA process is to demonstrate that there is no Canadian worker available for the employment position before the company hires a foreign worker, thereby protecting the Canadian labour market. If Harry were to step out of the line of succession and take up life as a private citizen here, fine, but most Canadians would bristle at the thought of having to finance a lavish life with loads of security for a member of the BRF to live here. And what would be the point? They have more than enough to do back in the UK and in some of the poorer commonwealth countries in Africa so no, the Sun is, as usual, full of shite.

    • Godwina says:

      It’s adorable you think those rules will apply to them. I’ve been through the immigration process and seen how…flexible it can be for the “right” people, firsthand. And I’m a rando.

      Beyond that, Canada has enough assclowns as it is. I WISH our border rules actually mattered.

      • Jaded says:

        No need to be condescending – they applied to my ex husband when he emigrated here from the UK. As for assclowns, every place on the planet has them. They’re called politicians. Lighten up.

      • BabsORIG says:

        @tcbc and @Godwina, you both full of it. No the rules are not different in the Canadian immigration system. I’m an immigrant and I’ve sponsored my niece and nephew to come here so I know what I’m talking about. There are different categories of immigration yes, but claiming that the rules are different based on wealth and status is just a complete lie. What @Jaded says is correct; please go to to educate yrselves about this.

      • tcbc says:


        Unless you are also very rich, no honey, you don’t know.

      • Layla Beans says:

        I am an immigration lawyer in Canada right now, and I can assure you all – H & M will have ZERO issues breezing on over whenever they want.

    • tcbc says:

      Godwina is right. My sister-in-law married a VERY rich Canadian and her paperwork was a breeze. The rules are different for the 1%.

      • Bettyrose says:

        I don’t know anything specifically about Canadian immigration but im general non-refugee immigration involves demonstrating an ability to support oneself, and is thus understandably easier for rich people who don’t require employment.

      • mercury says:

        To erase all doubt, the rules of immigration are DIFFERENT for the top 10%. I’m telling you this as a (former) immigration lawyer in Canada. I practice corporate/commercial and entertainment law now.

    • Sam Louise says:

      To say nothing of the fact that Meghan is still in the process of becoming a British Citizen. You can’t just up and move away from the UK during the process.

    • Redgrl says:

      @jaded – ditto to all you’ve said, I just posted something similar upthread!

    • Star says:

      You only need an LMIA for a specific job offer. They have a special rich person visa when you want to immigrate but you’re rich so you won’t be seeking traditional employment. I know someone who moved here on that and he’s just a barely known music producer. Harry and Meghan will have no problem whatsoever.

  5. Albright says:

    Why is the original reporting about William wanting to exile them true and believable, but this reporting is not? You have no idea who has real royal sources and who does not. You have no information to validate either way.

    • In a nutshell, if it suits your pre-existing bias it’s true. If it does not, obviously PR or a plant from the other side. You must pick a side.

    • Nic919 says:

      Tim Shipman, who is not a royal reporter aka court transcriber, is the one who first reported that William has issues with the press attention Harry was getting and he is credible and not linked to any of the royal factions.

      • Becks1 says:

        And, the surprisingly strong pushback to that story from camp Sussex via BP. they don’t respond to every rumor so the fact that they did almost immediately shoot down the notion that they were going anywhere and that if they were, it would be anybody’s decision but theirs – was very telling.

    • Tourmaline says:

      Yeah, I have problems with the ongoing narrative that the Sussexes have been and will be sent to exile, against their will, by Will. Who knows what will happen but why can’t it be accepted they might have some agency and control over their own lives and decisions about their future? And the story that they were going away for six weeks was claimed by many on here to be fake news and fiction too, it turned out to be accurate.

      Dan Wootton is a total tool, and other than the Sun I don’t see other outlets independently reporting the imminent Canada possibility. I see on DM a story that Tom Bradby of ITV (the guy who did their interview in Africa) saying today on Good Morning Britain that he doesn’t know what they will do but “They could go to Canada.” The bit Wootton writes about them going back to Canada in the “next two months” is rather specific.

      But Wootton’s claims from a ‘friend’ close to them that the recent portrait of Queen, Charles, Will, George was some kind of a slap in the face to the Sussexes “making very clear by the institution that the Sussexes are not central to the future plan” is weird.

      • Becks1 says:

        To clarify, its not that most of us think William “could” exile them, its that he may have “wanted” to – hence the response from BP that Harry and Meghan would make their own decisions about their lives. That statement made it very clear that if they do leave the UK, it will be their own decision. (I don’t think they are leaving though.)

    • flaviaoctiavia says:

      @ Albright Because it is on here? Funnily enough I can fairly accurately look at the heading for a new article and tell in advance what some posters are going to say. 😆

      And of course William has absolutely no power to do anything like that.

  6. Guest2.0 says:

    Sounds like some serious fan fiction. Another commentator remarked that a lot of this “Sussexes are leaving Britain” is related to the lawsuits. And that seems to be true…,get them out of Britain and the lawsuits go away. And it’s always conveniently overlooked that Meghan has to remain in Britain in order to obtain citizenship. I guess certain people lap this nonsense up, but anyone astute enough can see through the media lies.

    • BabsORIG says:

      @Guest it’s also conveniently overlooked that this banish/exile/push out the Sussexes agenda started way before the lawsuits. I hate when the racism towards the Sussexes is excused and dismissed as just “,wanting the lawsuits to go away”. This exile them agenda far out dates the lawsuits; it has nothing to do with the lawsuits but more to do with forcing out Harry and his biracial wife and son. Some people in the BRF and them RRR are furious about the Sussexes for whatever reason. They all were alright with the situation when the hair/Cambridges were being credited for the spare/Harry’s personal achievements until he met his wife, fell in love and got married. Horrible people.

    • Arpeggi says:

      Except that they’ve just made it Insta-official.
      Darn! I never thought they’d do it. And I really wish that they completely step down, as a Canadian, I’m happy to have them move here, but I don’t want to pay for them

      • Misty says:

        Everyone is assuming a move to Canada but they said North America and with Meghan being a U.S. citizen, it would make more sense for them to spend a chunk of time in the States.

      • Virginia says:

        How are we gonna pay for them? Is the government going to raise our taxes? Please!

  7. Gil says:

    I agree that all of this “possible moving to Canada” is because of Williams machinations but Harry is sixth in line for the throne. I can see this happening. I mean what are the chances he will really get to become king? I would totally ditch that toxic family ツ

    • huckle says:

      It’s still his family though. That’s a hard decision to arrive at even for regular people.

  8. Mumbles says:

    This isn’t going to happen.

    If this is coming from Kensington, they know it’s not going to happen and when it doesn’t happen they can whisper, “See? For all their talk they *do* love their aristo British life and their titles.” That is, of course, if the Kensington branch can think that far ahead.

  9. smee says:

    They could set-up their own world there (as Royals or not) bc they do have “star power” unlike the other two…..I hope they do it. They’ll do Good and make $ while living on their own terms. Win-win

  10. Peg says:

    You can apply for British citizenship after five years of residence (sooner in some cases) if you have been a permanent resident for 12 months. You are only allowed so much time out of the Country.
    These RR are getting on like Meghan is not an American Citizen.
    All this talk about Meghan and Harry moving abroad, is just talk.
    The British Government would have to be stupid to think they could stick two Royals in any Country without protest from their citizens, who (some) don’t mind the Royals visiting.
    What a way to start the New Year.

  11. mk says:

    Why bother to link to vile lies/fantasies of daily fails/sun/express/etc and kensington palace? Why not just tell the story of the lies, and not link? tell people they can go search for it, why make it easy for british media to make $ from clicks?

  12. aquarius64 says:

    I said this in another post: the tabloids want the Sussexes to go away so they would drop their lawsuits. If William is pushing for the leave he’s afraid the suits are going to call these “reporters” to the stand and be compelled to name their sources. None of these media hounds are willing to catch a perjury charge for KP. They’ll give them up. The Fail’s worse nightmare is Toxic Tom being called to the stand. That rag has to discredit Bad Dad. Meghan’s lawyers said he is exploited by the media; the Fail counters by showing emails with Tom negotiating prices for stories and pictures and images of canceled checks signed by Tom.

  13. Peg says:

    Well Meghan is back to work (if she ever Stop) today visiting The National Theatre.
    Maybe they will put on a play call ‘leave the Sussexes alone.’

  14. Maxie says:

    The provinces are more divided than ever and Trudeau has a small minority.

    There’s also a strong nationalist movement in Quebec with the new government and people will lose their mind if the federal government foot the security bill.

    It’s pure fiction.

  15. perplexed says:

    Why does anyone believe this story?

    • Amy Too says:

      This is super similar to the whole “they’re MOVING TO AFRICA!” stories that we got when the reality was that they spent like 10 days there for a tour. But leading up to it all we heard was “the Sussexes want to spend a large chunk of their time in Africa. They’re considering spending most of the year in Africa. They’ll be setting up a base in Africa from which to work out of for the rest of the year.” I think KP knew there would be an African tour and they told the press that the Sussexes would be going to Africa and then the press exaggerated it into the stories we got about them moving to Africa for the next several years.

      I bet what’s happening now is that they’re considering a Canadian tour, or something else like Invictus games in Canada, where either Harry or all three of them will spend maybe 10 days tops in Canada, and the press is turning that into “They’re MOVING TO CANADA!!” It’s the exact same thing that happened with the Africa BS, and yet people are STILL falling for it. They’re not going anywhere unless they’re on tour for the BRF.

  16. Becks1 says:

    Its almost hilarious how much they keep pushing this narrative. They are not giving up their titles and they are not moving from the UK full time.

  17. minx says:

    Yeah, I doubt it.

  18. Username2 says:

    Tom Bradby also spoke about this and basically said the same thing. I am much more inclined to think he’s speaking from genuine knowledge, rather than Dan Wooten.

  19. Mary-Jo says:

    Obvious bullshit. Why do you keep reproducing idiotic tabloid fodder?

  20. lanne says:

    This is complete and utter bullshit. I don’t for one second believe this story to be true. For one, the RRs DO NOT want the Sussexes exiled–that means they have even LESS access to them than they do now. They need to write stories about the Sussexes, and we saw how hsamstrung they were when the Sussexes were on leave. No articles they wrote got the kind of commentary that the Sussexes get. They need the “rivalry” with the Cambridges. That’s their bread and butter for the next few decades.
    Second, to have the Sussexes give up their HRH would be TERRIBLE optics. The Sussexes are Royal representatives for the Commonwealth. Are they really ready to say that the President and Vice President of Youth Affairs will be stepping down? To be replaced by whom? The Yorks?
    Third, there’s royal work to be done that the Cambridges don’t want to do, and that the older royals won’t be able to do forever. The Queen’s motto is “I have to be seen to be believed.” The Royals need to justify their privileges with the work that they do. The Sussexes are willing and able to do that work.
    Fourth and most important: there is no way the Sussexes could leave without it being reported WORLDWIDE that racism pushed them out. How’s that going to play in the Commonwealth, which is made up of POCs, mostly? Even if the Sussexes get a HUGE financial settlement and claim they left on their own accord, no one will buy it (except racists). It’s a bad look, especially with Brexit on the horizon. The RF is willing to keep Pedo Andy as HRH but not the Sussexes? Diana’s son? Nope. I’ll never believe it.
    Fifth: check that: even more important: if the Sussexes leave, ultimately Prince Charles and William have NO CONTROL over them. It will be Diana times a thousand. The Sussexes will get all the attention. They will be everywhere doing everything. How can the Cambridges compete with that? Their kids won’t be relevant for at least another decade. They need the Sussexes within their control, full stop. Racism makes people stupid, I realize that. But I can’t believe the RF could be that abominably stupid.

    • Brit says:

      All of this.

    • Aria says:

      Very true. If they leave its worst than 100 times than diana. With west increasing becoming hostile to people of color and Brexit being pushed as racist it’s not very optics for them. Plus if harry and Meghan leave gave up their title and then they are private citizen which means press cant go after them. So press will turn against cambridge and they will become the punching bag which they dont want.

      • flaviaoctiavia says:

        Believe me, if they gave up their titles the press wouldn’t stop going after them.

  21. S808 says:

    This still being a matter of discussion in the tabs is ridiculous. AT BEST, they’ll get a house in Canada to stay in during the royal off season. Meghan was seen visiting the national theater today, probably for a brainstorming session. It’s clear that they have no issue doing their jobs for the firm, they just don’t want to sacrifice their PERSONAL privacy for basic decency from the press.

    • dilettante says:

      It’s clear that they have no issue doing their jobs for the firm, they just don’t want to sacrifice their PERSONAL privacy for basic decency from the press.

      This is what it’s all about.

  22. yinyang says:

    Yeah right

  23. Brit says:

    All because they went to Canada. First it was Africa, America and now Canada. This is how you know the media has no idea what this couple is doing. Nobody wants this couple to leave because checks will stop coming and coverage will go back to being a dull affair. Look at how happy the media was when they saw them yesterday, LOL. Body Language experts, columnists, broadcasters are making money again 😂.

  24. L4frimaire says:

    Every time the Sussexes go anywhere, it will be their new home base according to the tabloids. Wooten is a hysterical idiot.

  25. nicole says:

    From the DM (yes, I know, I know): “Bradby, who spoke to the couple about the pressures they felt as members of the royal family in an ITV documentary in October, told GMB: ‘I don’t ask what their plans are. They keep that pretty close to their chest and understandably so. I don’t think it’s a done deal, that would be my impression. There is a lot of talking to be done. ‘There is a million possibilities. They could go to Canada.'”

    Also: ITV News at Ten host Tom Bradby, close friends with the couple, told Good Morning Britain today that it was ‘no big secret’ that they have been considering what their future roles within the royal family will be.

    Meaning: he knows nothing…..and people latch on to this as fact when it’s just speculation. I don’t think it’s any secret to the world that they want to figure out their role in the RF…shocker. They are newly married – and now a team – and need to determine their priorities.

    How about – when something actually happens AND is confirmed by H&M – then we get our knickers in a twist? 😉 *shrug*

    • Brit says:

      They had him on to fish for information. They know Tom is friends with the Sussexes. I can only imagine the amount of questions he and others like Byrony Gordon and Omid Scobie get from their colleagues. The media knows they need the Sussexes.

  26. Lummy dee says:

    Tom Brady of ITV actually confirmed on GMB today that the Sussexes want to live in Canada permanently. I believe if they tell the queen that they will cater for themselves, pay for their houses themselves and their security and give up their titles, the queen will readily give her consent. If i were them thats what i will do.

    • Guest says:

      …and GMB is always so very accurate. Not happening. Run back to Tumblr. This nonsense talking point isn’t going to stick any better than the others you and your megxit pals toss on the wall. Get used to seeing them or stop looking for them every day.

    • Tourmaline says:

      Nah, look at what he (Tom Bradby) really said. It’s quoted in the DM and he didn’t say ‘the Sussexes want to live in Canada permanently’. What he said was much more vague and equivocal than that

  27. TheOriginalMia says:

    Aww…we’re back to they want to move away and live their lives as opposed to jealousy and racism forcing them out of the U.K. storyline. They aren’t going anywhere. Will they vacation with backstabbers? No. I think they will fiercely guard their downtime, but will continue to perform their roles as representatives of the Queen until their roles are taken from them by King William.

  28. Texas says:

    I don’t see any perks of being a royal other than money. If I were them, Canada would be looking great to me. It is beautiful there plus you could live your life without all the bs.

  29. tarynfox says:

    Why is it so hard to believe that M + H would want — of their own agency — to move to Canada? It’s not like Meghan has received an especially warm welcome in the U.K., and they’ve been pretty open about their fondness for the country. Their role is also pretty murky, given Charles’ plans to slim down the monarchy. They see the writing on the wall. They want more than what the Royal Family can offer, and who can blame them?

    Tom Bradby has access to them and, as a reporter, wouldn’t burn that bridge to talk out of his a$$ about this unless he was absolutely certain, and most likely, even had permission to do so.

  30. Busyann says:

    There’s part of me that knew this would happen after the Rose pics from Sunday came out. Will and his foolery are becoming predictable.

    On the other hand, I hope that this is true. Meghan glooooowed during their visit and I kept thinking it was a glow that comes from working something that’s been bothering you out and having a plan, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used their hiatus to map out their plan and look at potential properties in Canada. Good for them. At the end of the day, they are wealthy and are already able to cultivate their platform globally. The BRF will only hold them back.

  31. Dorothy says:

    I LOATHE EVERYONE IN THE BRF EXCEPT THE SUSSEXES . After almost 50 years of being a complete Anglophile I hope that whole house of Winsor shizzz burns to the ground.( figuratively, as in the whole monarchy should be abandoned)

  32. JudgyMonaLisa says:

    uh, has anyone read SussexRoyal instagram today?

    • Olivia says:

      I just have en woow! This Is insane! I never thought they would actually do it. But I support their decision

    • Coffee says:

      Guess its all true.

    • Gingerbee says:

      I just saw that on IG, and was about to comment about it. Good for them.

      • S says:

        Ironic giving all the “this is BS” upset in this thread.

        It seems they were/are really unhappy working for “the firm” and hopefully they can find a balance that works for their family.

      • Becks1 says:

        @S – its like I say about babies/pregnancies/baby names. If I’m insisting on something, the opposite will happen lol.

    • Becks1 says:

      HOLY SH!T!!!!!!!!

      Did not expect that AT ALL!

    • a reader says:

      YEP! I saw it and had to come see if anyone was discussing it here.

      Good for them. Get away from those vipers!

    • JudgyMonaLisa says:

      They mean business when it comes to the media. Follow the link in their bio and read the “media” section.

      • Belli says:

        Well that’s a slap down and a half for the royal reporters!

      • JudgyMonaLisa says:

        Read the financial parts too. They laid it all out.. They’re about to make BANK off of their brand.

      • Becks1 says:

        Wow they really had that website all ready to go, didn’t they??? This has been planned for a WHILE.

  33. Twirlingred says:

    OMG…their latest Instagram post… stepping back from senior royal status… financially independent … splitting time between UK and North America … Wow. Good for them.

    • Chica1971 says:

      Good for them!! It’s all on Kate and Wills now. Great choice. Financially independent and hopefully no shades of Edward and Wallis from press

  34. kerwood says:

    They WISH the Sussexes would move to Canada. Certain people (William) are so jealous and desperate to get them out of the way, they will say anything.

    Haŕry is a prince of England. Why would he give up his heritage because a bunch of tabloid assholes and his pathetic brother? Why would he and Meghan give up their son’s heritage?

    Certain people want to ignore it but the Sussexes are as much a part of the royal family as the Cambridges. Being a second son doesn’t make you trash, even if people want to treat the Sussexes that way.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      William now has no one to throw under the bus to persuade the press to hide his cheating and am convinced the lawsuit will expose that some of the leaks came from the Cambridges. The media basically admitted that William fanned the rabid press against Meghan.

      Be careful what you wish for William – you and Katie Keen are forever going to be known as the petty jealous babies who forced the Sussex’s out as everyone knows that they have fallen out over who Harry choose to love and marry.

      The Cambridges have no choice now but to step up – there is no one else to support Charles.

      The Monarchy as we know it will end after Charles – I cannot see William making it to the throne,

      • Becks1 says:

        @DU – I wonder if that is part of this – if something came out during the lawsuit about where the leaks were coming from and they were like, yeah we don’t need this. I would love to know what actually happened behind the scenes.

        My current feeling is that it is half family related (William etc) and half press related. I think they tried to gain privacy for Archie by not giving him a title, making it clear he was a private citizen, and when that didn’t happen, there was a sense of “we need to get out.”

  35. Charfromdarock says:

    Good for them. The RRers were never going to let up. Plus, Harry and his family were always going to be thrown under the bus for William and the other senior royals.

    ETA. I’m only a 5 hour flight from London and I have two spare bedrooms. They can stay with me! 😆

  36. Liz version 700 says:

    Wow !!!! Good for them. They are serious about protecting their family. I hope they continue to be global stars for their charities on their own terms. Good Luck Cambridge’s you wanted all the attention you can have it. Every shrug, every weird look you are going to have no one to throw under the bus. The bus left and is spending part of the year on another continent to get away from the drama.

  37. Princess Caroline says:

    This explains the glow about the two of them. Good on them for taking the reins of their lives and doing what’s best for them

  38. Roserose says:

    Just seen the press release: it’s really happening. I’m genuinely shook. On a personal level this is a good decision and I wish them good luck. But I’m also really sad that this is happening. It sort of feels like the bad guys win, you know? However, I guess the best revenge is living a great life…

    • ME says:

      She’ll be able to adjust to “regular life” outside the UK because she’s done it most of her life, but I’m not sure Harry will. He’s only known life as a Royal and nothing else. This will be interesting to see…

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Totally get your feelings Roserose, but at least the bad guys will be loosing a lot of money. The Sussexes have shown they can go dark and not give them one single picture to sell those newspapers. And I genuinely feel the Karma bus is heading for William one day.

    • February Pisces says:

      I feel sad they even had to do this. Meghan was such as asset and she approached her role with so much enthusiasm. I’m never gonna forget that this was pure racism and that the royal family should be held accountable for allowing this. I hope they can now eventually live in peace and have a happy life away from that toxic family. I hope the first thing they do it book a private jet out of here and celebrate their freedom with a billionaire yacht party, whilst the rest of them are cutting ribbons in the rain.

  39. Beach Dreams says:

    They just made the announcement on Instagram and I think it’s an excellent decision. They’re clearly taking their family’s future and well-being into consideration. To be frank…I also think H&M have been seeing the writing on the wall when it comes to the royal family. Take a look at 2019 (particularly the last 6-8 months) and there’s been a lot of turmoil including:
    -Andrew’s relationship with Epstein/Maxwell and his abuse of girls who were victims of sex traffic trafficking
    -Elizabeth’s multiple (tone-deaf) shows of public support for Andrew
    -Elizabeth’s hiccups with politics (the Boris conundrum *and* Cameron’s recent blabbing about her role in Scotland’s independence referendum)
    -The insinuations of serious turmoil in the Cambridge marriage, from the Rose rumors to December’s odd headlines and PR blitzes

    And of course, there’s the mounting evidence that the smear campaign against Meghan was at least partially sanctioned by members of the BRF. The institution has made it through many scandals and periods of instability, but invincibility is not guaranteed forever. You never know when or what could topple what appears to be a monarchy that’s too entrenched to fail. Harry and Meghan are doing the right thing and carving out an independent path for themselves.

  40. Sofia says:

    Didn’t expect this tbh

    Well at least the Cambridges have the spotlight back on them like they’ve always wanted

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Yep the Cambridge’s got the spotlight back on them full time. I wonder how well they will hold up as the new “Charles and Diana.” I for one don’t see them doing a lot to inspire the British to want to keep this lot around through Will’s rule. And no one will be there for him to blame but himself. I hope Harry and Meghan are global superstars doing work for charity and living a wonderful life.

  41. Becks1 says:

    I’m sorry, but i’m completely laughing at “Kaiser is at the gym.” I know she has said on the podcast she goes to the gym in the PMs, so when this broke I just thought, “what a time for her to be on the treadmill!” (or whatever) lol.

  42. Huggy says:

    I am shook!

  43. Abby says:

    Great job BRF and royal media! Chased them off. Are they happy now?

    I’m glad for Harry and Meghan. They endured so much terrible backstabbing and press. I hope they get to live the kind of life they want, making a difference in the world and raising their son without constant vitriol.

  44. Molly says:

    They decided that their mental health was more important than dealing with the RACIST Brits and the RASCIST British media. Good for them. I will never look at the UK the same. The entire country should be embarrassed. Look what you’ve shown the world about the content of your character….

  45. CK says:

    Good for them. If I were 6th(?) in like for the throne, I’d abandon that toxic family as quick as I could.

  46. Feebee says:

    Since reports are breaking confirming this and hard on the heels of the Cambridges’ being repositioned as the new Charles and Diana (sideeyes aside) it appears part of a larger thing. Especially as reminded of the whole Exile oopsie.

    I don’t think the BRF can afford to lose them to the private citizen life. They are their rock stars. But of course life and “the Family” will go on. They both have private money, the best connections, a massive supporter base and Canada will skip them through any immigration process in a heartbeat – while both sides talk about no special treatment of course.

    As long as Harry can carry on with his Invictus Games I can’t see him too unhappy about leaving it mostly behind. Obviously his wife’s and his own mental well-being is at the forefront and not having to deal with his brother so much…… well why wouldn’t he say Sayonara?

  47. Callister says:

    The Canada move seemed pretty obvious after they headed straight to the Canadian Embassy (with everyone beaming) upon returning to the UK. They looked deliriously happy.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      That’s what I thought yesterday as well. And I got ripped into by nut jobs in the comments for expressing my opinion which turned out to be true. I had a feeling they were sick of all the racist nastiness from their family and the press and they seem like very genuine people who want to live a genuinely happy life. Its a huge loss for the royal family. Meg and Harry are too good for them and sweet little Archie deserves a normal childhood away from the British press.

  48. Aang says:

    “Work to become financially independent” poor pets. Must be hard striking out on your own at the tender age of 38.

    • Maria says:

      Way to show exactly what you mean by only referencing Meghan’s age. Get over yourself and quit trolling.

    • Scorpio ♏️ Rants says:

      LOLd at that, True enough. Although he inherited plenty from mummy, so all good.👍🏼

      • Bunny says:

        Does he control it, though? Who controls Harry’s wealth? His father? His brother? Himself?

      • Becks1 says:

        Harry controls it. He and William came into their trusts at 25 I believe.

        And I think Harry inherited a fair amount from the queen mother.

    • Elizabeth says:

      It’s more likely a reference to the money the queen receives from the government. They want to stop burdening taxpayers. Meghan worked all her life, and Harry served in the army. They aren’t worried about their personal financial independence (they’re already millionaires personally), but rather the monarchical institution leeching off the people.

    • carmen says:

      Meghan has been financially independent for several years!!!

      • Aang says:

        That’s why I thought the statement was so bizarre. They both have enough money to live well. Why even say that? And it came from the Sussex IG.

      • Jessica says:

        Maybe they’re saying this to head off the criticism that they know they would receive if people assumed they’d still be living off the royal family?

      • Bettyrose says:

        Jessica that was my take. It needed to be said for clarity so they said it

    • Becks1 says:

      I think it means they want their work to be financially independent – i.e. no money from the sovereign grant to support their office – which gives them more control and more freedom.

      • Aang says:

        Yes Becks I get it. All they have to do is say no thanks to the money. I’m commenting on the weird wording. Why do they have to work at it? Just don’t take the money. They are both millionaires. Makes it sound like they are kids just starting out.

      • Becks1 says:

        My guess is that there are some things that are entangled with the royal family that they need work out, especially with some of the big initiatives like Invictus. I agree its worded weirdly, but I don’t think its just about their personal finances.

    • Susan says:

      There’s Harry sitting on an inheritance of over £10 million pounds and he can’t even manage financially independent yet.

  49. Scorpio ♏️ Rants says:

    I am about 2/3 through a bio of Wallis Simpson that is wonderfully detailed and sourced, and more generous toward her than most (by Greg KingJ. It gave me a sense of how the BRF worked, and how outsiders are frozen out, It has made me a tad more sympathetic toward Meagan than I was previously, admittedly. (FYI, I just think the whole BRF concept is ridiculous, and I equally was NOT a fan of anyone in it really.). All that said…..good for them to do their thing…..but really, I do contemplate how much of it was “we can’t be number one, we will never be number one, runner up is BS, so we don’t want to play.” 🤷‍♀️ Personal Choice, a valid one, and lucky they have the resources to make it. (Thanks to his mum largely.)

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Harry never wanted to be king (AND he wanted to leave the BRF before meeting Meghan) so I don’t understand where you’re conjuring up that last bit of nonsense from.

      • Scorpio ♏️ Rants says:

        Oh……friends with them, are you? He could have left at any time before Meagan….and didn’t. Had several GFs that didn’t want any part of it either. They left, he stayed. He chose it over them. Sure, he loves her, I get that totally. But cmon…. Timing is everything, eh? 🤷‍♀️

      • Guest says:

        @scorpio It was reported years before he met Meghan that he wanted to leave the royal family, and the queen talked him out of it. He stayed because of a sense of duty. Maybe once he saw that his family didn’t have his back, that sense of duty didn’t mean as much any more.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        He didn’t because he was asked not to, and at the end of the day the Queen is also his dear grandmother. But what about YOU? Do you know them personally to be making bold claims that they’re sulky about not being “number one”, as you crassly put it? What makes you think YOU have any idea what they’re like, other than your admitted bias against them?

      • Scorpio ♏️ Rants says:

        My opinion is as informed (or uninformed) as any poster here. The book I referenced is helpful as to how it all worked in the queens most formative years. And I said I had a bias against all of them…..and really, they are all pretty transparent at the end of the day.

    • Kristin says:

      What is the title of the biography?

      • Scorpio ♏️ Rants says:

        The Duchess of Windsor: The Uncommon Life of Wallis Simpson.
        As I said….it is way more supportive of her than most, and the BRF looks like crap. I am very impressed with its detailed-ness.

    • olive says:

      it’s important to keep in mind that wallis simpson was a nazi sympathizer, she wasn’t an innocent outsider freezed out just for being an outsider. the freezing out she experienced was completely just and isn’t comparable to what meghan has experienced.

      • Scorpio ♏️ Rants says:

        The book explains that without whitewashing it. The story was exaggerated, and concurrently her husband was more dominant than previously given credit in how they lived their lives. He could be quite dogmatic in decision making. It (Their Germany activities) came when they were outcast from England. After they both were frozen out, That wasn’t the cause but an outcome (at least per this well sourced book). All told, that time period wasn’t a good look on anyone in the BRF. My only relevance in bringing it up is in its context of a) the queens approach to the BRF and b) it’s treatment of outsiders that don’t fit the profile, Pretty ugly stuff.

  50. HeyThere! says:

    Omg good for them!!!!! Just read their Instagram post. People are being so unbelievably rude in comments! Too many racist people and they want to protect their son and future children from them!!! Go be happy Meghan and Harry!!!!!!

  51. Elizabeth says:

    So surprised to hear this, but I’m so proud of them for living their own lives on their own terms. They are free adults with many resources. They can and should do what they want. Life is short. Nina Simone: “You’ve got to learn to leave the table / When love’s no longer being served.” Wise words.

    Side note, it is weird to hear people worrying or snarking about their ability to earn money. They’re set. Worry about yourselves!

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Yup, they have a LOT of earning potential on top of the money they already have. I think they’ll be quite fine.

    • Kebbie says:

      All she has to do is sign a book deal and she’ll earn enough to support a lavish lifestyle for decades. They can do what the Obamas are doing, a production deal with Netflix and multiple books. They’ll be fine.

      • Ali says:

        Seems very similar to the Obama’s transitioning to private life. They have the same charisma and drive to do good things in the world.

      • Mego says:

        Exactly Ali. I see the similarities too.

      • toro says:

        yes, this. they will be able to be so much creative with their work from now on. it will be great for gossip too. i have new respect for them.

  52. M says:

    I am so happy they made the right decision to distance themselves from the dumpster fire that is the BRF. I think this 6 week break was them scoping out where to live when not in the UK and also setting up the foundations needed for future business and charity works.

    Now Bill and Cathy Cambridge can have the spotlight for themselves. Just don’t expect them to work any harder. Remember, the password is KEEN!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      M “the password is Keen!” That Gave me such a good laugh. I suspect that Harry will not miss his Keen brother all that much. I said to much trolling be careful what you wish for William. You got it now it is all on you. Good luck with all of the additional scrutiny. No one left to chuck under the media bus. You will be remembered as the petty man baby who chased his brother and his mixed race wife out of England. My opinion of that family was ambivalent but now I fully despise what they have shown us. Good luck to the recent BRF escapees.

  53. Faye G says:

    I’m happy for them, this seems to be the right move for them and I’m sure they will make the most of their celebrity status to support the charities they care about. At this point they truly do not need the BRF, Harry has millions and Megan is independently wealthy I’m sure. They’ll have a million opportunities in North America, as long as they have financially good managers they’ll do great.

    I wonder if they see the end of the monarchy coming, and want to get out well they still can. Or maybe more likely this has to do with the lawsuit in the racism against Megan. Either way, I’m excited to see what they’ll do next. I’m sick of all the other royals except them.

  54. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Best comment I read: “First time I’ve seen someone quit their family, in order to spend more time at their job.”

    This is a big loss for the royal family (I note they only promised to support “The Queen,” not any other royal). But I think it’s the best thing for *them.* And without the limits placed on royalty, they could create an empire like Oprah. Good for them.

    • Becks1 says:

      YES I just retweeted that lol.

      And yes, they are without the limits placed on royalty now. I think that is what they want. They don’t mind the work. But now they have more freedom and more control – over how their work is handled, over how their office is run, over who they give access to, press-wise.

    • Nibbi says:

      DEFINITELY a big loss for the Royal Family. I think it’s totally true, as some said at the time of their wedding, that Meghan kinda made them relevant again. Now they’re back to just being the crappy, outdated, apparently cruel, undeservedly spoiled people they were before.

  55. Katy says:

    Wow! When I saw the pics of them yesterday at Canada House, they were beaming and holding hands, I knew something was up. They looked like they were so giddy and relieved. I’m so happy for them. I hope the rest of the royal family are ashamed of themselves for creating the toxic environment that lead to this.

  56. Nibbi says:

    I think this is amazing news. Good on them, for one thing, as they seem like genuinely decent people in a genuinely loving relationship who genuinely want to do good in the world, and the British Royal Family is a sinking ship. I think their long-term prospects for happiness and peace are greatly improved by distancing themselves as much as possible from those people. I think, actually, that it’s frankly rather kind, not to mention gracious, of them to “stay supportive” of the Queen and all that. If it were me, I’d probably be chomping at the bit to rid myself of those kinds of obligations, to say nothing of the history of filthiness and corruption related to that family going back ages. The wealth and privilege and fame is one thing- but look how they have been treated, both individually before and after the wedding and as a couple- a pretty high price to pay. Good on you, guys. Get the hell outta there, make your own destinies.

  57. Bunny says:

    This leaves the decidedly mediocre, incredibly lazy Cambridges to twist in the wind.


    I wish H&M&A all the very best. They deserve it.

    • Silas says:

      This is why the line of succession has been stressed so much lately. Pay no attention to Harry and Meghan leaving! Look at how cute George is! Together at Christmas, indeed. Awful. Absolutely awful.

      • Becks1 says:

        ooh Silas good point. That was all set up to ensure people understood who the next three kings are.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Yep Silas right on point. Don’t look at the folks we terrorized into leaving. Look at this kid in the Peter Pan collar stirring pudding!

  58. KG says:

    I wonder how this will affect the Cambridges long term after it’s a fait accompli. The burdens of work will fall more heavily on them as time goes on, much more so without the Sussexes.

    Whatever the Cambridges may try to minimize or get out of now, in essence there is no escape from their eventual fate unless the whole thing goes kaput. I wonder if they are really visualizing what it will be like to do this job without the extra support.

    • Silas says:

      Karma is those two getting the full scrutiny of the press. Harry and Meghan have changed the game.

      • ChillyWilly says:

        Yup, The Cambridges just shot themselves in the foot by chasing the Sussex’s away. Not very smart.

    • greenmonster says:

      First the hateful attention of the British media will even grow bigger against H&M, but it will die down and then it’s all eyes on W&K. And it won’t be pretty.

  59. Belli says:

    Good for them. They didn’t want to endure any more of the press abuse and certainly didn’t want Archie to go through that.

    The Cambridges now get to pick up the slack and have the spotlight all to themselves…

  60. Leigh says:

    Are they really giving up their titles or maybe just the HRH? I think the writing is now on the wall for the Royal family. They should all focus on becoming financially independent…

    • Becks1 says:

      They don’t say anything about their titles or the HRH.

      I think, as you read more of the releases, its clear this is about the press (and probably the family’s lack of support against the press) – they are going to stop accepting sovereign grant money for their office (so its not a public office, the press has no rights to it), they’re opting out of the royal rota, etc.

      They’re still going to work, they’re just taking away the press’s claim to them.

  61. Susan says:

    Why do they need to “work to become” financially independent? Just do it. Harry inherited more than £10 million from his mother and everyone was going on about how much money Meghan made as an actress. Seems silly that two middle aged people have to work at being financially independent.

    • anon says:

      Wrong. He’s worth far more than that. That’s just what he got from his mother’s estate. You forget what he got from the Queen Mother’s estate. I’m sure he’s been investing, or had it invested for him.

    • Mego says:

      I think it was their way to say they will be making their own money and not be on the royal payroll.

    • Silas says:

      Is this the new talking point? It’s about the cost of their security and the administrative cost of their Foundation.

    • Tourmaline says:

      I think they included that wording to acknowledge there will be some sort of financial disentanglement process that will need to happen as they separate from the Royal Household. They probably brought it up themselves in the statement preemptively to counter the expected squalling about taxpayer money blah blah.

  62. Bee says:

    Clearly the stay in Canada was a trial run of sorts.

  63. Sophie says:

    I saw the headline and immediately came here to see Kaiser’s reaction!

  64. Myra says:

    Sometimes you need someone from the outside to come in and say “This shit is CRAZY” I think after all of the FAKE pretense wore off Meghan realized the RF wasn’t what she thought it would be and on top of that she was expected to take the abuse from the press. Good for her and good for Harry. They will continue to do great things but on their terms. 100% certain William and Kate wish they could do the same. Those of us that have been following them from the beginning are really happy for them and will support them even more. Today is good day for the Sussex’s!!!

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Lol. Kate and William have NO desire to be regular people and have real jobs. Kate spent ten years AVOIDING having to do this before Will married her.

    • Kkat says:

      Ha W and K absolutely do not want to lose the titles and privilege.
      And Carol would kill Kate if Kate doesn’t toe the line after all the work Carol did to get her there

  65. anon says:

    Well well well. So Dull Bill finally got his way. Now he and Kate get to stare at the York sisters over holiday dinners. How fun.

    Good for them. They’ll no longer be under Dull Bill’s thumb and can chart their own course. Harry gets to keep his Invictus Games and she can roll out whatever projects she wants and they can live (hopefully) in peace in Canada. I mean, come on. They’re millionaires in their own right. They don’t need HRH titles to do their work.

    Well done, Sussexes. Well done.

  66. Mego says:

    I have to weigh in and say that I am happy about this. The situation was untenable with the rampant media abuse, the mexiters. There also isn’t enough room for them in that family with William and Kate’s giant egos.

    I am happy they are choosing to forge their own path, get off the royal dole and live their lives.

    The last couple of years the BRF have proved themselves to be garbage human beings with the deafening silence over Meghan’s abuse and sex offender Andrew . Why would any decent human being want to be a part of that?

    Good for Harry for choosing Meghan and Archie over that lot! I hope this gets the press of their backs as time goes on.

  67. Well-Wisher says:

    Petulant Bill strikes again.

  68. Myra says:

    By the way…They will have that HUGE CHECK from the Daily Mail from their lawsuit….So ironic

  69. Betsy says:

    I will caveat before I speak: I largely view the Royals as a real life soap opera. They’re a constantly source of entertainment as most of them just can’t seem to behave themselves. And so long as Willy didn’t push them out, if they’re happy with their new lot in life, I’m very happy for Meghan and Harry.

    But –
    We’re watching the GOP quiet-loudly dismantle the United States – and not the bad parts like the fact that we’re built on white supremacy and misogyny, but the few protections afforded to those groups. We’re seeing the destruction of the enviroment. Those are two things I actually care about, not the BRF, but this is still just shocking news.

    • Myra says:

      Betsy…which is why most of us need the distraction. What’s happening in our country is so unbelievable that escaping into the make believe world of Royalty is the only way to cope.

    • dilettante says:

      ” I largely view the Royals as a real life soap opera. They’re a constantly source of entertainment as most of them just can’t seem to behave themselves.”

      +1. That’s why I’m here. For me, it’s a relief from all of the #$%^& going on in the world.

      Celebitchy, and all the commentators, thanks for being here. You all help keep me sane.

  70. Can’tbe says:

    Now this has been proven to be basically true I hope people can realize Meghan and Harry don’t really want to be senior royals. It’s a dumb job with dumb rules. Plus it seems no matter what you do you are criticized beyond belief. She bucked the crazy status quo so hers was worse Even when the press is on your side they turn eventually ask Charles, William, Kate or any of them. It ping pongs so much no matter whether deserved or not. Harry even before Meghan often said no one wanted to be the head of the monarchy. Meghan who didn’t like it either gladly showed Harry a different way. Good for them. I wish them luck and am sure they will be happier.

  71. Kk2 says:

    Good for them! I think now we know why they were glowing in these photos and it has nothing to do with her uterus. That’s the sweet glow of freedom.

  72. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. I completely get why they decided to step away. Especially for Meghan who has been dealing with next level racism and from all sides. For her own sense of well-being and the well being of their family. But I cant help but feel like the RRs and KP got what they wanted. And the RF threw them to the wolves. F*ck the RF for life.

    • Maria says:

      They got what they wanted….for now.

      I believe karma is going to come for them in a big way.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        Oh – I completely agree. Will and Kate didn’t want to share the spotlight? Cool. Now it’s all theirs again. And they will be found to be the lazy bums they are. Meghan won’t be there for them to use as a shield.

    • Becks1 says:

      @VV – that’s why I’m torn about this. I think this is better for H&M in the long run. I think they are going to do amazing things this way. But, it kind of bums me out that their enemies “won.”

      I just keep telling myself that Meghan is going to be the winner in the long run.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        They have won but like the above poster stated. For now. This shows just how Will and the RBF in general aren’t very bright. Will was so jealous if the attention Meghan and Harry got and now ALL if the attention will be on him and Kate. And once again – the press will go back to talking how lazy and useless they both are. This actually makes the RBF look even more useless and irrelevant in 2020 and on.

    • Allergy says:

      They got what they wanted but what they wanted is not good for them, but they are too dumb to understand it!
      Meghan and Harry are freeeeee! Yay! Hehe.

    • Monette says:

      This is the exact opposite of what the BRF wanted. They wanted to be able to throw them under the bus any time they needed to cover something up and H&M to just take it like Kate does. H&M leaving is a huge blow, they are now exposed. With no H&M to rip apart they will turn on W&K and boy is it going to be sweet when that happens…

      • ChillyWilly says:

        I agree. The Family and the press wanted them to stay and be their whipping boys and M&H said eff that noise, we’re out.

      • greenmonster says:

        I agree as well. I don’t think the BRF or William in particular wanted H&M to leave. They needed them to throw them under the bus. Now they have to turn on each other.

  73. Brooke says:

    What a topsy turvy world we live in where CDAN’s doomsaying about MM’s goal to monetize her position and become the Clinton Foundation v2.0 is this unpalatably feasible.

  74. Whatnow says:

    Question: how does this affect Megan’s bid for British citizenship or does that not matter anymore?

    • Becks1 says:

      They said they are going to split their time between the two regions, so I guess she will still get her citizenship. But maybe not if she doesn’t want to give up her US….

      • anon says:

        She doesn’t have to give up her U.S. citizenship. She can be a dual citizen, as can Archie.

  75. YankLynn says:

    Wow, the current headline, right ? I imagine there will be a new thread now that this isn’t speculation but ‘for reals’. I wasn’t really expecting that decision already. You know they have to have been talking about this before their holiday break too.

  76. tealily says:

    FINALLY a story about the royals I can get behind!

  77. Z says:

    Meghan and Harry have more charisma than the entire royal family combined. Shame of the RF for treating such a big asset so terribly.

  78. Rachel says:

    F*** YES! GOOD FOR THEM!!! I love it!

  79. TheOriginalMia says:

    This is an incredibly bad look for the BRF. They allowed racism and jealousy to push the first biracial duchess out. I’m happy for Meghan & Harry that they will be free of the pressure and scrutiny of being royal. They can work for their charities on their own, using their own resources and keeping their own funds. And Archie can truly be free of those vipers. William, Kate/Carole, the RRs, the Grey Men and the racists who all wanted them gone have gotten their wishes.

  80. Danielle says:

    Has anyone else seen their new media policy on the new Sussex Royal website? It throws so much shade on how the Royals do things in regards to the media and their treatment by the media. Fair play to them. This whole thing has been very well thought out and executed by the Sussexes.

  81. Margo Smith says:

    I’m not surprised that they want the leave (regardless if William wants them out or not). A lot of the UK is extremely racist (Brexit, treatment of Meghan in the press, etc.) She wouldn’t face that here in Canada. Example, in Toronto, white people are the minority here. It’s an incredible place, and Archie doesn’t deserve to be subject to the cruel UK tabloids you know?

    • sunny says:

      Canada is good but as solid a country as it is, it is also racist(especially towards Indigenous people) and very anti-black. Signed a black Canadian who lives in Toronto and works in the social justice space.

  82. Allergy says:

    Smart move! I love this couple, wish them the best!

  83. Coffee says:

    So it seems like they’ll continue to receive funds from the Duchy of Cornwall but stop taking the 5% from the sovereign grant.

    I think the goal is to work now and become financially stable independently and then stop taking money from the Duchy once William
    Is king.

    From the QA, it sounds like they really wanted to get away from the press and stop giving them access to which they’re required to do so based on the Royal Rota. They now get to control Who they invite to their events.

    Solid move. The best of both worlds.

  84. becoo says:

    Now’s as good a time as any to leave. Who wants to stay on the sinking ship that is Britain post Brexit other than those orchestrating it? I just wish that those who will suffer most from Brexit, the poor, also had the same opportunity to leave.

  85. Well-Wisher says:

    Prince Harry and his wife are decent people. They are interesting and relatable and most importantly competent and skillful in enacting their endeavors.
    I hope they win the lawsuit.
    The royal family seems worst for wear. Pettiness and petulance is so apparent. This is not a competition.I hope the Cambridges go back to their dull selves and stop trying to give us a better version of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry. If the last 6 weeks were any indication the onslaught of copying will intensify to the delight of the trolls. Keen Kate and Bill are the afficanideos of the far right. The rest of us will always have King Archie.

    The savvy media consumers will continue to ignore the British tabloid press with their silence and lack of engagement- no clicks to limited advertising.

    Prince Harry is/was not the “evil” prince in relation to the “good” one.
    Bill was always like this and his soul mate is no better.
    Karma has given the Cambridges the faces they deserve.
    There is more to the story. It is time to ignore the royals.
    There are two parts to the demonization ,the media and Kate and her mother.
    She won the prize – marriage and status and yet is as insecure as ever. The prize – Bill is spoiled, petty and petulant and also insecure. He has little or no regard for his brother and his family but the extended Commonwealth nations should believe he has our best interest?

    The lazy and insecure Cambridges will always be a problem to the Sussexes by colluding with the toxic British press to become the singular threat to the Royal Family as an institution.

  86. MrsBump says:

    Such an interesting turn of events.

    They wouldn’t have done it if they didn’t believe they had the ability to capitalise on their fame, via speaking engagements, fund raising events etc.

    The difficulty in their case, would be to sustain this celebrity till the end of their lives.

    Unlike former politicians for example, who bring a wealth of experience to the table, H&M mostly bring the glamour of royalty, and the more they distance themselves from it, the more that aura will fade. Harry & Meghan Windsor, without royalty are just nice, moderately successful people. What they have to say isn’t particularly ground breaking outside of the bubble of royalty.

    Unlike celebrities, they cannot afford to tarnish their image via advertisement which would have been a huge source of revenue. I also don’t see Meghan going back to work, so keeping themselves in the spotlight will not be so easy in say 5-10 years from now without the humdrum regularity of the royal parade.

    Hopefully this will work out for them. They deserve to be happy.

    • Msiam says:

      Doesn’t Zara still shill for that baby buggy company? Euginie’s husband for the liquor company? Would anybody know or care about them if they were not related to royalty? So stop with the “how will they make money?” shtick ! Trust me, they will have offers lined up left and right.

  87. Mtec says:

    Ugh the comments under their announcement on instagram are awful and also unsurprisingly sexist, blaming everything on Meghan, even though Harry is a grown-ass man fully capable of making choices and decisions on his own. I wish trolls would just leave them alone.

  88. aquarius64 says:

    I’m sad to hear this. It came on CNN. I look forward to see the new chapter of their lives. Meghan is getting Yoko Ono’d on this, being blamed for separating Harry from his family. I bet the Markles aren’t going to eager for a family reunion after this.

    I hope the British media is shaking in their boots because the Sussexes can put foot to @$$ to it in court. And the Cambridges and the Yorks will have more focus on their scandals. Karma’s a b.

  89. Andrea says:

    They look happier and more relaxed in these photos, It sure looks like they are at peace with their decision, no matter how it came about. I think they can do great things, and they can certainly monetize their star power more freely this way, so it seems like a great decision for all involved, and in line with a “trimmed down monarchy” which is an added benefit.

  90. Ann says:

    Oh my gosh, way to seize the narrative! AND, they will be loved and admired as a charming celebrity power couple. Love it love it love it as a subtle middle finger to the establishment! Harry and Megan are too good for the royal family (though I still like Charles . . . kind of . . . but yes, William is SO BORING)

    • Faye G says:

      Exactly, they don’t need the royal family, they are a powerful force in their own right. They will go on to do great things here, and in 10 years the royal family will probably regret pushing them out

  91. S808 says:

    I feel like if BP or KP or SOMEONE in that god damn family had uttered a WORD of support it wouldn’t have come to this. I FULLY expect for them to bow out if William makes it to the throne.

  92. JaneBee87 says:

    So pleased for them!

    The phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ could not be more apt for Bill and Cathy right now. Bill will forever be known as the Prince/King who drove his brother away to another continent. Welcome back to the spotlight, Cambridges, hope you’re keen to pick up the slack.

    Also, now would be a great time as a hot shot lawyer to join the Sussex team. They are going to be suing RR ass and winning cases for the next two decades.

  93. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I’m floored but happy for them. I can’t wait to see what they do without the strings of the RF attached.

  94. JaneBee87 says:

    To those of you who think regular immigration rules apply to the very wealthy, that’s cute. If you bring a certain amount of wealth and can prove a minimum investment in a country (whether in property or a business), then you qualify for permanent residence. In the States, it was $2 million a few years ago. In Malta (i.e. access to entire EU) it’s only around $450K. These rules exist in virtually every country.

  95. Darby says:

    Prince Charles has reportedly been trying to “streamline” the monarchy for a while. I can’t imagine this was dropped on the Queen and Charles without their full knowledge. The Swedish royals also just did something similar. In theory this should make W&K happy as they can now stand alone, however I’m sure they will find a way to spin the narrative to make H&M look bad. Good for H&M for stepping away from financial support and forging their own path. I hope they go out there and and make the world a better place.

    • olive says:

      but charles’ plans to streamline would not have removed harry & meghan from the list of working royals, it would’ve removed the york sisters. however, harry & meghan would’ve eventually been edged out by william streamlining the monarchy in the same way charles wants to, to have the royal family be himself as the monarch, his wife, and then his children.

      • Nic919 says:

        But William could have removed them, so Harry is just doing things about 20 years early.

  96. JaneBee87 says:

    Also, not to be a bitch, but is anyone else waiting for a mea culpa update from Lainey? First article on her site today stated the Sussexes were most definitely not moving to Canada.

  97. one of the Marys says:

    I figured this would happen eventually, closer to when William took the throne. I’m shocked it happened so soon but Meghan appears to be confident, ambitious, decisive. I guess she couldn’t imagine living with that stress for years so good for her. I’m a bit sad for Harry, I imagine he expected a very different welcome from his family and different treatment of his wife. That’s a hard choice for anyone to make. I echo the sentiments already written, this is a very, very bad look for the royal family. I’m going to follow the whole situation with interest.
    I wonder what will happen to the embiggening of Kate? Does the RF need her more? Will this turn of events give her some food for thought to her own situation???

  98. LB says:

    Hmmmmm……. that is a strange statement as their website sussexroyal dot com is VERY detailed about what the split means and how it is going to happen. I am sure that is a result of the American PR firms that they were reported to have been working with.

  99. potatoe says:

    This woman puts the devil to shame. Incredibly selfish and toxic. Now she has cut Harry off his family, she brainwashed him into moving to Canada, she doesnt care to pretend anymore to have some ounce of respect for the Queen and RF. Disgusting.