Jamie Lee Curtis says Facetime is scary and she doesn’t do it

Jamie Lee Curtis is awesome in Knives Out, I highly recommend it. There’s one scene where her character turns and shows her personality, if you saw it you probably know what I’m talking about, which made me go “damn!” There are so many other great performances and it’s a truly entertaining murder mystery with excellent characters. Jamie did an interview with Jenna Bush as part of her “Open Book” series where celebrities talk about their favorite books. Curtis writes children’s book and I didn’t realize she has 14 books out until I saw this. That’s impressive. Curtis did say that she’s not going to write a memoir, and also that she’s scared of Facetime! This was funny to me.

Why she didn’t think she’d write a book
I barely got out of grade school let alone high school. Academics did not work for me.

As a child do you remember the feeling of reading?
[I remember the book from my childhood] Go Dog Go. It’s a book about opposites. In the middle of the book [a dog asks another dog] “do you like my hat?” My sense of humor was born with that bizarre non sequitur. If I write a [biography] which I never will, I will title it “Do you like my hat?”

On why she’ll never do a tell-all book
I will tell nothing. I am going to write a tell nothing book called “Do you like my hat?” Just funny stories, but still I’m never going to write it.

On Facetime and videochatting (it came up in the context of being away from children)
I did find it a little scary. It scares me. I did it once recently with a friend who called me on Facetime. All of a sudden it was on there and I was like “ahh!” But I understand the great benefit of Facetime.

Do you read mysteries [and horror]?
No I’m not a fan of the genre, I’m not a fan of those movies. I’m very sensitive. I have a startle reflex that has made me a lot of money. It’s an irony that I would be known for that genre. I’m really quiet.

Her top three favorite books
Stoner by John Williams, Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner and East of Eden by John Steinbeck.

[From The Today Show video]

She talked a lot about children’s books she loved and it’s clear why she became a children’s author. Curtis is an actress who does TV interviews and videochatting a friend is scary to her! I sort-of agree about Facetime and video on your phone instead of the computer, though. Everyone looks like crap on their phone. I prefer video chatting on the computer, especially when it’s with new people or you’re in a meeting. You can set up the angles and make the lighting perfect ahead of time. On your phone it’s all jerky, your chin and face look wonky, and it’s hard to control how you look. When it’s just a friend who cares though?

Look at this gorgeous bitch. Oh and Jamie Lee posted on Instagram that she complimented a woman at the airport on her hairstyle and that woman pulled out a photo of Jamie she gave to her hairdresser! That photo is below I love that story.


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  1. Sean says:

    1. She looks gorgeous and sexy in these photos.

    2. I agree Facetime is scary
    But then again, I find all of social media to be scary but not because you look bad while video chatting.

    • jenner says:

      She does look great, aging with grace.

      I used to be horrified of Facetime til I tried it and got used to it. Now I live for it, so much better to see people when we talk 🙂

  2. Ali says:

    East of Eden is on my top three books list, too!

  3. Paula says:

    I once randomly found her private Facebook profile and from what she posts it’s so clear she is living her best life!

  4. Macscore says:

    Always loved her – but even more so now. The first celebrity I’ve heard of who admires John Williams’ quietly brilliant “Stoner” – interesting, as she refers to her non-academic talents and the book is about an academic life (amongst many other things).

  5. Lucy says:

    The airport story is so cute!! JLC is the best.

  6. Nicegirl says:

    Love Jamie Lee

  7. Other Renee says:

    That photo in the airport is awesome!

    Ironically, last night my daughter called me on FaceTime which was really unusual as she usually just calls on the phone. My immediate reaction was, “Oh no! I look like crap!” But I picked up anyway and she said brightly, “Can you FaceTime?” so she and her boyfriend could both talk. Then she said, “Wow! You look so pretty!” She always says what she means, no BS with her. I was so happy! The point is, we can be so hard on ourselves unnecessarily. Even if the truth is that I looked like crap at least in my own mind, she was so happy to see her Mama’s face that I looked pretty to her.

    • Léna says:

      That’s a sweet story!! Adorable daughter. I will forever the first time and last time I face timed my mom and she told my I had a huge forehead lol forever haunted with this thought

  8. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    No sir, don’t like FaceTime either. I don’t like being forced to be ‘on’ lol. Even friends or family. I wear shit on my face so it’s easy to see my never-ending sarcasm and cynicism so really, I’m giving a gift. 😆

    Curtis is unmatched.

    When, in the movie ‘Knives Out,’ are you referencing? I started it about ten minutes ago lol.

  9. shells_bells says:

    I agree. I will NOT use facetime.

  10. minx says:

    I just hate FaceTime, I hate looking at myself that way, the whole thing is awkward.

  11. JanetDR says:

    FaceTime is like being caught out by paparazzi! Awful.
    Go Dog Go is the first book I ever read by myself, Do you like my hat? is kind of an internal earworm for me too. 😆